“Wrecking The Silver Monetary System”: Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2

(by Charles Savoie)

The organization responsible for destroying the role of silver as money, is documented in this article.  This organization makes the Bilderbergs look like pikers.  If you think you know the true story of Silver, this article will surely DESTROY many myths and incorrect assumptions.

To understand our present situation in gold and silver, you MUST KNOW what happened in the past.  Charles Savoie describes in great detail how Indian silver was dumped on the market to depress the price instigating the Great Depression:

Earl of Reading

(The Earl of Reading)

The Earl as British Foreign Secretary starting in 1931 backed up British India in its global silver dumping campaigns to destroy silver as money. He was a founder of Palestine Electric Corporation. While Ambassador during 1918, he played a central role in getting 200 million silver ounces for distribution in British India to suppress mutinous tendencies of native soldiers who demanded payment in silver.

We already mentioned the Pittman Act of 1918 in this regard. You ask, why did the British need 200MOZ silver at the close of World War I for British India, when they started dumping even more silver than that beginning in late 1927 after the Royal Commission on Indian Currency’s hatchet job against monetary silver in 1926? By late 1919 the British had moved more troops into India to control the situation, and were able to execute a jiu-jitsu turnaround against the people of India.

Indian Rupee Silver

Here’s a photo taken in 1919 of Pilgrims Society executive committee member Benjamin Strong, first president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, with a mosquito’s parasitical attitude about its impending blood meal—

Benjamin Strong

This Pilgrims Society member, who was a Bankers Trust official, was the emissary of J.P. Morgan Senior (Pilgrims Society) to the Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting where the Federal Reserve Act was planned. Strong exerted great influence over the policy and actions of the entire Federal Reserve System.” Then in the 1974 Pilgrims list, his grandson surfaced as a member of The Pilgrims finance committee. Earlier he chaired the committee on admissions (1969 roster). The “middle” Benjamin Strong was also a Pilgrims member with offices at 45 Wall Street, and was a member of the anti-silver Bankers Club.

Also in PART 2, Charles describes how the 1873 Coinage Act that demonetized silver and destroyed millions of Americans ability for land ownership:

John Sherman, who was Treasury Secretary (1877-1881) and a silver antagonist of notable stature in his own right, who also had gold dealings on behalf of the Rothschilds. The Shermans had another brother whose name may add to the groaning—Hoyt Sherman, who was Lincoln’s Union Army paymaster!

Sherman defended the Coinage Act of 1873 (the Crime of ’73) claiming it didn’t demonetize silver, while the entire time this immoral conspirator knew full well that it placed a ceiling on using silver in transactions—it could be used for a payment of up to $5 only—meaning, the Money Power ruined millions of small folks, whose mortgage payments were thereafter demanded in gold. The small folks were forced out of land ownership into mere tenant status, exactly as in Crown feudalism. That’s what The Pilgrims Society is all about!

One last excerpt from Charles Savoie’s Silver Suppressors Hidden In The Dark – PART 2:

The Pilgrims Society set things up to be that way, so they could scoop up mountain ranges of profits from another World War, and so they could set up the United Nations organization at the end of the war as another attempt to make themselves rulers of the planet.

This Pilgrims official spoke of “fundamental institutions” that were being built for the last 1000 years. But that included British colonialism that nearly engulfed the world, for certain, it surrounded it, hence the old expression “the sun never sets on the British Empire” and its companion phrase “Britannia rules the waves.”

It also included British tyranny over the American colonists, the slave trade, the Chinese opium “trade,” interference with the use of silver as money, causing literally millions of deaths by starvation in China, India and elsewhere, preventing nations with silver resources from achieving their own independent currencies, while languishing under central banks fastened on them through British bankers subversions, and many more awful things that this Butler was proffering as “enlightened civilization.”

Full Article Here:  Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2

This is a must read article.  As Charles states, many of the present gold and silver analysts don’t even discuss what this organization has done and continues presently to manipulate and depress the value of silver as money.

Here is the link for PART 1 for those who did not get a chance to read it yet.

I will release PART 3 at the end of the week.

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20 Comments on "“Wrecking The Silver Monetary System”: Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark — PART 2"

  1. Charles Savoie will never know how wide our eyes have been opened to permit us to connect the dots how our leaders have been planning to enrich themselves while ruining this planet as best they could. To promote and keep us in a fish bowl of chaos, hate, war, turmoil, all to keep our eyes OFF the prize: gold and silver.

    • James B,

      Yes, Charles is the only individual that I know who has put together the TIMELINE and the WHO’S WHO on Silver manipulation and suppressing over the past several hundred years.


  2. Brian Scrocca | July 21, 2014 at 2:41 pm |

    How much time do they have before they are deemed irrelevant when it comes to the price mechanism used? Possibly when the East says so. This is all going to collapse on a grand scale. Think Rome = Western Finance.

  3. Silver Curious | July 21, 2014 at 3:55 pm |

    Okay …. thanks for the nice little history lesson with all these secret societies …. now how do the people of the world go about convincing their govt’s to go back onto a Silver standard of some type;


  4. “. . . . the nice little history lesson. . .” Have your mother make you a cup of warm milk and continue with the Cartoon Channel.

  5. Thanks for a wonderfully informative article. Keep ’em coming. Please.

  6. Just another BIG ‘OL YAWN article that states silver is being manipulated. Does every PM “expert” write a daily article stating this same fact?? I’m fairly certain anyone that has any interest whatsoever in silver knows this by now. This is beyond old news.

    • I’m still waiting for Steve to answer some basic questions I asked in my other comments such as:

      1) How does gold/silver protect purchasing power when it has declined so much since 2011? Simple example: In 2011 if I have $1900 cash in my hand I would STILL have $1900 cash in my hand. If I had used that $1900 cash to buy 1oz of gold at the peak in 2011, I would now have about $1300. How did that protect me and my purchasing power? Silver is even worse! Even taking inflation into account I would be ahead of gold/silver.

      2) Why are there ads on this website promoting brokers when “paper assets/investments” are supposedly evil?

      Instead, all I got from Steve was that he wouldn’t comment because its “lousy EROI”.

      I don’t expect an answer from Steve but I will say that he is biassed as he is climbling on the “selling of reports” bandwagon to cash in on all this fear. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it start off this way and then watch it grow into something much bigger/profitable later on.

      I’ll say it again: Its more doom and gloom nonsense to persuade people to invest in things where people make commissions from selling products/services.

      If Steve was an open and honest “expert” he wouldn’t mind being asked these tough questions. Everyone should be asking them as part of their due diligence.

      Whats your proven track record? Do you have proof?

      • I have a couple questions for you TJ can you list for all the strong economic fundamentals that have warranted this stock market rally to record highs? Last question what happens when interest rates normalize( not possible) and company stock buy back programs stop?

        • That_One_Guy | July 22, 2014 at 11:45 am |

          I can hear the response now. The regularly scheduled programming coming from my TV tolds me so.


      • Mike Soon Over | July 23, 2014 at 2:41 am |

        TJ if you bought on that April day 2011 at $1900 I’m sorry for you. most sold. However, due to the fight to the death one way or the other. The Fed fiat vs PMs I would still be holding. Yes, its a war on PMs to the death. I believe you noticed the BRICKS are anti Dollar in a new IMF like system of their own with many other countries soon picking up that ball. The Dollar has a life span of 2 to 8 years left before the it dies and something new is born. Now to answer your question even if you bought at $1900 2011 all time high. Inflation in (Real Numbers) is nearly 24 percent John Williams Shadow stats. Just yr over yr food inflation turkey up 33 percent, beef 22 percent, eggs 50 percent, chicken 18 percent with insurance, health care and education etc.etc. So your down less than 20 percent. I cant believe you bought at $1900 maybe 1600, or 1650 but you bought at the days all time high? Or are you like many who have a normalcy bias believing in western paper products the Fed pushes? Last but not least Adam has a few good questions for you. The very best to all FROM ITS SOON OVER.

      • Still waiting for a response TJ!!

  7. That_One_Guy | July 22, 2014 at 11:42 am |


    Not that Steve needs my help.

    Ill give it a shot.

    1). You cherry picked dates to try and prove your point. I could easily refute your claim by cherry picking my date. If I invested 1000$ in 2005 in gold or silver, how is my purchasing power doing? Rather than just shooting down nonsense with nonsense..i will try and add some value. Another thing is that you have the same amount of gold and silver that you had in 2011, so what did you loose? Have you sold it? Thats when a gain or loss is realized, upon sale. UNless you have an emergency or are leveraged, why are you selling?

    Ill keep it simple here. There are fixed amounts of Gold and Silver in the world. They have been and (basel3) are currently the collateral for which currency is issued (read created out of nothing). So one medium of “saving” purchasing power can be infinitely created, the other can not (thats why they call it honest money BTW). This is not an IQ test i think even a small mouse would rather eat/own a piece of cheese rather than an infinite promise for cheese. See how this works?

    2). There are advertisements based on your browsing history that show up on your computer. These are dictated by cookies and data collected from YOUR history. I see links to physical silver buying sites, food and water, defense etc. You know why? Because I like the idea of taking care of MYSELF, not letting someone else take care of me. Im not a pet. So that is what is reflected to me from my history.

    Judging by your attitude you are buying silver promises with currency you can not afford to loose/risk. Shame on you.

    As far as EROI goes, you can apply the same logic with the silver and gold vs infinite currency above. There is only soo much energy available. Energy takes energy to harvest, as the energy return on investment goes down so does the available amount of energy for consumption. Again, there are real things and then there are promises.

    As EROI goes down and resources are depleted, meanwhile the vehicle for the transfer of value is created ad nausea, the price has only one way to go measuring in the promise. It also has one way to go paying with tangibles.

    Dont shoot the messenger of truth.

    Those that are able to see
    beyond the shadows and lies
    of their culture will never be
    understood let alone believed
    by the masses.

    Hope I added some value.


    • Good reply to TJ I was going to call him out on the “advertisements complaint” but I decided not to because I figured he would eventually learn that on his own.. I am curious to how he answers the second question

  8. I live in the what used to be the “good ol” USA (the good ‘ol part is no longer as far as I am concerned) Anyway I dont think a lot of people realize that silver has NEVER hit $50/oz and not taking into account the 1980 high of $49 and change (because the super rich Hunt family caused that dramtic price increase) we are looking at a single and extremely short event when silver hit $49 and change in 2011. I would bet my entire stack that the “average joe”, just like me, is in at $30/oz or more. I am fortunate that I am in at $25 which if I did have an emergency and needed to sell I couldn’t even break even. My point is that percentage wise most regular working class stackers are underwater on their silver purchases and we get very frustrated with these so-called “experts” calling for $50, $100, $150 silver when silver has lost over sixty percent of it value based on its high. And yes, I believe most people look at its high of the last five years and not its low of nearly a decade ago. You all can state the same ‘ol thing all you want and give all of the scenario’s you can come up with but the fact is silver has lost over half of it’s recent history value and brother… if I had it to do all over again I wouldn’t have bought a single ounce of silver. The last thing I will say is I too am fed up with seeing the “doom and gloom” BUY BUY BUY articles from every single so-called PM “expert” on the net all while the price has been dropping since May 2011. Every major purchase I have made has been around ten percent below spot and I am still losing my butt.

    • Tony,

      I have never stated in my articles that SILVER WAS A TRADE. I do realize there are sites that put out a lot of HYPE, but I try to stay clear of that kind of rhetoric. However, my view on the rise in the value of silver is tied to the ENERGY SITUATION and not manipulation, hyperinflation or the death of fiat money… even though those are very likely outcomes in the future.

      Due to my research and understanding of the ENERGY MARKETS, I realize that PAPER ASSETS have no future. I am not saying ALL, but the majority. Purchasing gold and silver is for protecting wealth when the paper assets lose their value as the PEAK & DECLINE of global oil production begins.

      Things are much worse in the Global Energy Markets than most realize. Without a growing energy supply, paper assets become very risky. Hence… the reason for the FED & CENTRAL BANKS propping up the global equity and bond markets.

      This will not last forever as cracks are already beginning to appear in the Global Energy Industry.

      I can understand your frustration in being underwater currently with your silver holdings… however, this will not be a long-term problem… but a good solution for those who truly comprehend what will unfold in the future.


  9. Life is tough. With the precious metals, in this stage of world history, NO ONE knows when the present manipulation of the precious metals is going to end. Reason tells us that it must and will end, but cannot tell us when. That’s tough, but that’s the way it is.

    If you want to think in dollars and want to turn the dollars you have into more dollars, buying the precious metals today is risky. But, that’s life, today.

    For investing in precious metals you have to have a long-term mentality and the guts and wherewithal to support that mentality. I mean, if you have to make dollars to eat and pay the rent, DO NOT invest in precious metals.

    I have made a lot of dollars in gold and silver. Never sold any of my holdings. But I started way, way back when gold was $35/oz. Silver I bought in quantity at $5.35 US/oz. I’m not complaining!

    Some people are blessed (or cursed?) with a capacity for thinking long-term. Others are not. Life is tough, we are not all created equal. Thinking long-term is depressing, for it leads to the conclusion that we are all f…..d, and the world is likely to become Hell on Earth in the not distant future.

    As I say, investing in precious metals is not for everyone. Becoming rich is not for everyone. Being young and far-sighted is not for everyone – babes and fun are more attractive.

    If you want to make some quick money, go and peddle dope. That’s risky, but – that’s life.

    For precious metals you apply the Swiss policy of “kellerpolitik” – you buy and put the stuff in the cellar and FORGET ABOUT IT.

    Best wishes and – good luck.

    Mr. Droopy

  10. William Baron Graham | July 22, 2014 at 6:38 pm |

    I put my full name here to stand with Charles Savoie. He is risking LIFE, LIBERTY and SACRED HONOR to present this to the world. If people weren’t so damn ignorant, they would wake up and see that the end game is here! There may be no way to reverse the effects of our loss of freedoms that has taken place in the last few years.
    Charles, I thank you for this presentation. I will do what I can to share it.

  11. So?.. This is news?

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