The “New” Silver Fix & The Powers That Be

(by Charles Savoie)

Just to make reference to this alleged “new” silver fix, and how bogus it is, I offer this brief report.  It appears that HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, and Mitsui & Company are the London based ringleaders of the “new” silver fix, along with Thomson Reuters, corresponding to their USA associate the CME Group. Ever hear about a dog being “fixed?”

This is a mere matter of a group of gangsters who tossed the ball to others in their racketeering organization………..

The “New” Silver Fix and the Powers That Be!

With Remarks On Texas Governor Rick Perry & Texas Gold!   Accompanied by a Warning to Jewelers!

Effective mid-month August 2014, the old silver “fix” has been replaced by a new silver “fix,” run jointly by the CME Group, owner of the COMEX, and Thomson Reuters. But has anything of real substance changed? It certainly has not. The new “fix” was awarded by the LBMA, London Bullion Market Association, composed of neer-do-well entities including Barclays Bank, HSBC Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase Bank, and additionally Bank of Nova Scotia, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Mitsui & Company, and Paris based Societe Generale.

For 116 months I’ve routinely made details available about a unique organization known to few as “The Pilgrims Society.” Persons who haven’t become aware of this group can find details on Google search. If you especially want the monetary details relating to this group and precious metals, add my name to theirs in the search box or read “The Silver Stealers” documentary. Therefore, I won’t go into another basic explanation of The Pilgrims Society here.

The ringleaders of the megabanks above have all had heavy representation in The Pilgrims Society. The rest have been and remain represented in interlocking groups such as the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg conferences—groups founded by Pilgrims Society members. I am not among the commentators you can read the fastest, because of the nature of these presentations, in depth examinations must be made to substantiate my claims.

However, just to make reference to this alleged “new” silver fix, and how bogus it is, I offer this brief report. An oft repeated phrase most have heard, and which drives home how dismal this old world often is, has it that “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” We will not get into a long documentary such as “Who Controls The Gold Stealing New York Fed Bank,” released last February, but will let a few points suffice.

This is a mere matter of a group of gangsters who tossed the ball to others in their racketeering organization. Mitsui Global Precious Metals, a Silver Users Association member, is a subsidiary of Mitsui & Company—a Trilateral Commission interest. The Mitsuis and the Rockefellers have been associates since before 1907 when the Japan Society was founded by Rockefeller-Vanderbilt liaison Lindsay Russell as another offshoot of The Pilgrims Society.

The Japan Society in fact was forerunner to the Trilaterals, founded 66 years later, but represented an expansion into Britain and Europe, in response to Bilderberg not including Japanese industrialists and bankers. Meaning that Bilderberg is over-rated compared to the Trilaterals! However, they both sprang from this older organization which remains in the shadows.

It appears that HSBC, Scotia Mocatta, and Mitsui & Company are the London based ringleaders of the “new” silver fix, along with Thomson Reuters, corresponding to their USA associate the CME Group. Ever hear about a dog being “fixed?” There is the parallel here that those of us invested in silver producers are continually seeing our finances neutered, while shorts and industrial users are swarming all over the diamond beaches of the Southwest Atlantic African coasts in the 1890s, so to speak, loading up wheelbarrows full of gems.

Will we ever see aggressive silver prices on a sustained basis? Yes. Will we have to be around for 969 years like Methuselah, to see it? Not 969 days from this point. When it transpires, look for Tiffany & Company to screech like someone being executed on the breaking wheel in Regensburg, Germany, in 1544.

The Rockefeller interests, an inner circle family well represented in The Pilgrims Society, are represented in the CME group by William P. Miller II, a CME board member who is associated with the Rockefeller Foundation. Other CME directors present “interesting” (meaning—shady) aspects, but for now mentioning Miller will do. As for Thomson Reuters, it traces to a 2008 merger. Reuters was founded in 1851 in London by a German immigrant, a man who became fully accepted by the British Royal family and English nobility—a community well known for sucking stunning quantities of silver out of China in exchange for opium, an addictive poison.

Reuters over the years has had ample representation in history’s most elite organization—The Pilgrims Society. Let’s just look at only two examples. I am known for long researches which have a role in scholarship but feel this one may be concise. From page 406 of the 1969 “International Year Book and Statesman’s Who’s Who” (Burke’s Peerage, London) —

Savoie 1

Henderson’s name surfaced in the leaked list of The Pilgrims of Great Britain (1969). The Pilgrims Society has had deep involvement with news organizations since its founding. That would be a whole other presentation and of length exceeding 40,000 words. Sir Harry Brittain, a founder of The Pilgrims in 1902, also founded the Commonwealth Press Union, organized the first Imperial Press Conference in 1909 and was president of the International Association of Journalists, 1920-1929.

These Pilgrims connections to big newspapers, big broadcasting and big media held and hold true in the USA and Canada as well. Just two examples from this same 1969 volume, page 434, Jack R. Howard, Pilgrims Society, was president of Scripps Howard Newspapers, Scripps Howard Broadcasting and an executive committee member of the Inter-American Press Association. The other on page 819, Arthur H. Sulzberger, Pilgrims Society second generation member, was chairman of the New York Times.

The Thomson Reuters organization has as the more important of its names, “Thomson.” It’s named for Lord Thomson of Fleet (1894-1976). In “A Look At Establishment Newspapers” by near-legendary author Gary Allen, which appeared in the September 1970 issue of American Opinion Magazine, we note on page 15–
“The mysterious Lord Thomson of Fleet (Roy Thomson of Toronto) has added to his international publishing empire some fifty-six American papers.

Thomson is also owner of the London Times, traditional voice of the British establishment—where the Royal Institute of International Affairs is controlled by the same people who control our C.F.R. Thomson is a member of the elitist Pilgrim Society, which seeks to merge the United States into the British Commonwealth as a base for World Government. The major international banking firms on both sides of the Atlantic are well represented in the Pilgrim Society, and recently made it easy for Thomson to lay out $72 million for a dozen Busch-Moore newspapers in America.”

Gary Allen committed the same error as I once did (by following his lead)—the group is called the Pilgrims Society (plural), which in this case isn’t splitting hairs, as another group, the Pilgrim Society, founded in 1820, is based at Plymouth, Massachusetts. It too is under the control of The Pilgrims Society via assorted trustees over the years including the Hornblower family of Wall Streeters. He mentioned the Royal Institute for International Affairs, founded in 1919-1920 by assorted Pilgrims members including Lord Arthur Balfour, whose actions in 1918 directly led to the modern re-creation of Israel. Here was the jovial Lord Thomson—

Savoie 2

Due to continuing unavailability of Pilgrims rosters for many key years, it cannot be said with certainty that Thomson’s son and grandson, David, were/are members also—it is extremely likely. David Thomson, head of the Thomson-Reuters organization today, was recently rated as worth $23 billion—around $9.6 billion beyond the same 2013 estimate for Rupert Murdochvery likely another Pilgrims member—same as gun grabber Michael Bloomberg. Here was Lord Thomson’s listing on page 838 of the 1969 volume by Burke’s Peerage—

Savoie 3

It’s typical of these operators to also be board members of global megabanks—in this case, the well known precious metals antagonistic Royal Bank of Canada, and a major insurance entity, giving them control over still more vast funds. Here’s a photo of the current Lord Thomson, grandson of this Pilgrims Society member—

Savoie 4

Would this guy be a party to suppressing silver prices? His demeanor isn’t suggestive of St. Francis of Assisi, is it? Nothing has changed. Nothing will change as far as TPTB (“Pilgrims Society”) is concerned. I don’t see them maintaining gold and silver at toss-away rates for years to come.

Many voices on the long side forecast the price suppression would have ended over ten years ago. In my earlier neophyte fervor, I was one of those voices. I recently heard about a man who had eight children by seven wives. If only the metals suppressors had morality equal to that lowlife.

The identities of current members of The Pilgrims Society for its sole branches, London and New York, remains obstructed by lack of available information and by the Society’s refusal to post rosters at its site. This organization has a very, very great deal to hide. I have in mind a series of ten presentations entitled “Silver Squelchers and their Influential Associates,” each item in the series to consist of two major silver suppressors and a baker’s dozen of other members of this Pilgrims Society, showing the unique levers of power they had/have their hands on. Watch for this series at the usual sites where my work is posted. The proposed series will cover the time of their founding up to the present.

At we read—

“Crucially, the LBMA statement said that the seminar would take place under the Chatham House Rule. According to Wikipedia, the Chatham House Rule “is a system for holding debates and discussion panels on controversial issues.”

“Under the Chatham House Rule, anyone who comes to the meeting is free to use information from the discussion, but is not allowed to reveal who made any comment.”

Chatham House is the site of the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, correctly described by Gary Allen (1936-1986) as “controlled by the same people who control our C.F.R.” (Council on Foreign Relations—more metals antagonists). Allen authored—

Savoie 5

The suppression of precious metals prices is a highly organized, multi-generational conspiracy. It is orchestrated by persons belonging to “globalist” membership by invitation only organizations. The metals longs who haven’t acknowledged this situation are either stubborn, dense—or “controlled opposition.” The more discussion there is about these groups, the more public focus shifts towards them, which tends towards diminishing their power.

While the “BRIC” countries are fighting these Anglo-American metals suppressors in their own powerful ways, we should be exerting internally against them here at home. One way is to contact your State legislators asking that at least five percent of state funds be held in hard gold and silver, in secure vaults within their own state boundaries—emphasizing the matter of Federal Reserve dollars consistent history of fading in purchasing power.

At we read about Texas State representative Lon Burnam chiding Governor Rick Perry’s request that Texas gold be returned to Texas— saying the matter of some $1 billion in hard gold owned by the State of Texas in the form of 6,643 gold bars stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is not a “real problem”—

“We’ve got plenty of real problems—let’s deal with them.”

In relation to a bill introduced in the Texas legislature mandating the return of Texas owned gold, Burnam also declared himself as being “skeptical that it addresses a legitimate problem facing the state.”

Here was Burnam leaving room to put his foot into his mouth—

Savoie 6

If Burnam’s local convenience store was hit with a $6,643 robbery he’d be concerned, but when bankers owe his state 6,643 gold bars, he’s skeptical it’s a “legitimate problem.” You are a disgrace to your State, podnuh! The November 20, 1961 episode of “The Rifleman” featured this line—

“I ain’t your citizen Mister Loco!”

The Associated Press reported on January 7, 1998, about hordes of South Koreans donating their gold jewelry to their government to help payoff loans from the International Monetary Fund. This was another fleecing of the small folks by the globalist financiers, under cover of misguided patriotism, like the trusting souls who leave their money to the U.S. government in their wills “to help pay down the national debt,” a debt which banker owned politicians have no interest in capping, let alone reducing.

Will Burnham and his wife emulate South Koreans and donate their gold jewelry to the State of Texas to restore a micro-fraction of the gold owed by the Federal Reserve to Texas? Texas Governor Rick Perry was recently indicted on felony counts by a Grand Jury. I submit that there is every possibility this Grand Jury acted on input from the Federal Reserve! Perry’s Presidential hopes took another hit in the wake of the indictments, with 77% of those polled saying it damages his chances.

The fact that his actions were those of exercising legally valid veto powers, and that his intent was to remove a district attorney who admitted to drunk driving—what has that got to do with justifying Perry’s stance, anyway? Help, abet and comfort the bankers every way possible, is the credo of corrupt politicos! Since Perry wants the FED to return gold owned by Texas, to Texas—he is not acceptable to The Pilgrims Society as a United States President! Grand Juries are another monster among us which appear impossible to reform—they must be abolished entirely.

Accounts of the “bank wars” between President Andrew Jackson (1829-1837) and the second United States Bank and its despicable backers show how low, vile, and devilish are the loathsome tactics resorted to by bankers to maintain their hold on power—including assassination attempts.

On January 2, 2014, Aurcana Corporation, who acquired the Shafter silver mine in West Texas from Silver Standard Resources, announced the layoff of 170 employees, due entirely to the huge drop in silver prices from April of 2013 when prices were over $32 the ounce.

No, Burnham wouldn’t give a flip about the loss of those Texas jobs either, because he doesn’t care about this huge gold hoard being pirated from its owners, and the same gang of racketeers that runs the New York-London-Chicago silver fix also runs the gold stealing Federal Reserve. Real Texans have a basis for outrage against gold and silver price fixers and thieves—

Savoie 7

Silver Standard owns two mining sites in Nevada. Will Senator Harry Reid decide he wants them, and use the Bureau of Land Management to seize them?
In order to prolong the reign of the Federal Reserve dollar, the conspirators are undercutting their own base—supplies of gold and silver are hindered due to the collusive price suppression.

Message to subscribers of National Jeweler Magazine, Jewelers Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine and Retail Jeweler Magazine—you best strain your finances and buy all the gold and silver you can, because there is nearing a sharp demarcation between these prices and those of tomorrow.Understand?  How will you be competitive if other outlets in your area loaded up on gold at $1300 and silver at $20 and you must buy at twice those prices?

On March 4, 2014, Burnam lost his reelection campaign. Unfortunately, the gold issue wasn’t made a campaign issue, but for a man to trivialize a matter of this nature shows he’d have been invited to a duel by the Father of Texas, Sam Houston.

It’s widely known that Rick Perry attended a Bilderberg meeting in Turkey. If he hadn’t been there, and was a Pilgrims Society member instead—he’d have not even brought up the gold issue. That’s why Bilderberg is a distraction and the real problem is elsewhere. Is it time for aggrieved parties including Texas and Germany to send Luther Sledge to recover their lawfully owned gold?

Article by Charles Savoie, where you can find more of his work at the


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25 Comments on "The “New” Silver Fix & The Powers That Be"

  1. Vampires hate silver, it’s no secret really.

  2. As someone who has invested in silver for over 10 yrs., I have to say i’m losing interest. The manipulation shows no sign of ending. This can go on for decades. As long as the idiot miners continue to mine silver for these prices I see no change. All these ridiculous price estimations of $100 silver or more make me laugh. Let’s get to $25 first. I’ll be happy as a clam if we can hit our old nominal highs of about $50. At $50 I may just dump the whole lot. Silver sucks. Years of nothing but flat to down movements for the one 6-8 month up moves. Silver was higher 7 years ago.

    • Mark,

      I understand your frustration. However, I don’t see the manipulation lasting for decades… similar to gold and silver falling after 1980 and languishing until 2005. Going by an average annual price, 2010 was $20.19 and so far this year, we are at $20.17. Even though the price of silver hit $20 in 2008 briefly, the average annual price was $14.99.

      I have always stated that the BIG MOVE UP in silver will be due to the decline of global oil supplies. The world hit peak conventional crude in 2005, thus pushing up the price of oil substantially over the next 5-6 years. This allowed expensive unconventional oil sources to be extracted such as tar sands and shale oil.

      Unfortunately, very few energy companies are making money producing shale oil and gas. So, I don’t see it as a long-term supply. With the 96% downgrade of the Monterey Shale in California, the United States lost a good amount of its supposed shale oil reserves.

      It looks like U.S. shale oil production will peak 2015-2016 and decline 40-70% by 2025. Furthermore, other countries show signs of peaking…. which makes for a very interesting situation by the end of this decade.

      All bets are off for continued shale oil production increases if the Dollar finally succumbs to the BRICS leaving the dollar is a big way. We could see a chain reaction collapse of 10-20% of global oil production during a deflation due to the lost in faith of fiat currency.

      Even though it’s been frustrating to see the price movement in gold and silver over the past 2-3 years.. the BEST IS STILL YET TO COME.. and I don’t think its more than a few years off at the most.


      • “I understand your frustration. However, I don’t see the manipulation lasting for decades… similar to gold and silver falling after 1980 and languishing until 2005. Going by an average annual price, 2010 was $20.19 and so far this year, we are at $20.17. Even though the price of silver hit $20 in 2008 briefly, the average annual price was $14.99.

        I have always stated that the BIG MOVE UP in silver will be due to the decline of global oil supplies”.

        Please briefly explain the “why”; why decline in global oil supplies would precipitate the next big move up in silver or another PM?

        After the 2011 run-up the HFT and other tactics to suppress the price of PM’s took on a much higher level of sophistication…and priority.

        • David,

          If you read my article THE UNKNOWN FACTOR and watched the presentation by Roger Boyd, you would have learned that the Financial System and Energy are Co-Dependent. As Roger states, the realization that the world’s energy supply has peaked and is declining, destroys the valuations of Stocks, Bonds, Treasuries and etc.

          Basically, financial assets are as Boyd states “sort of like a time machine”… they take future earnings growth and calculate it as a present value. Once the market realizes Growth is no longer possible… due to peak oil, valuations disintegrate. Thus, the move out of paper and into physical such as gold and silver

          This is the CAUSE & EFFECT.


          • We are most surely years away from a change and not months or quarters away as Bill Hotler is touting on a daily basis.

            WS have still a very high number of tricks in their dirty bag !

          • But for now the Comex action controls the prices in the West, regardless of oil supplies, cost, or any fundamentals.

      • Steve, what if a crashing economy holds the price of oil down, just as it seems to do at the moment. Then silver could be mined “cheap” for many years still?

        Best regards Markus

        • Markus,

          That’s actually an even better situation. We must remember, a crashing economy will also destroy the shale and tar sands industry…. falling energy prices will kill future supply. Furthermore, a falling global oil supply also kills economic growth. When the world realizes economic growth is collapsing due to a contraction of global oil production… it also DESTROYS THE VALUATIONS OF STOCKS, BONDS and INSURANCE ASSETS. Just as was explained in the article including Roger Boyds presentation.

          Thus the Energy-Financial Economy is Co-dependent and will disintegrate due to self-reinforcing feedback loops…. which is very good for gold and silver valuations and bad for paper assets.


          • Ok, Steve, so that would mean that mining-shares value may not be threatened by exploding energy-costs in the near future?
            Do you see other threats for the miners other than declining ore-grades?

          • Markus,

            I don’t see energy costs exploding in the future. We may have a price spike in energy, but I don’t see SUSTAINED HIGH PRICES for a long time. In my opinion, I see the primary gold and silver miners as some of the best Stocks to own in the future during the collapse of the broader stock markets and fiat monetary system.

            It’s impossible to tell how the values of the mining shares will react during the initial collapse of the stock markets, but I can tell you that OWNING PRODUCERS is better than JUNIOR EXPLORERS. Of course, we also don’t know what happens if there is nationalization of mines… so there are some threats in that fashion.

            This is how I look at it. Best thing to own is physical metals. After that, if someone has surplus capital, then it is wise to consider investing in the mining stocks. Yes, there are no guarantees… but I believe the miners are much safer than most of the stocks in the DOW JONES, S & P and RUSSELL 2000.

            The biggest threat to the miners going forward is the threat of nationalization. I don’t believe energy costs will matter much when the prices of gold and silver finally see new highs. Again, I don’t see a doubling or tripling of energy prices in the future as they did from 2000-2011. The world can’t afford high oil prices.

            I believe the miners will prosper for a while during a peak oil scenario. I WOULD NOT OWN BASE METAL STOCKS at this time. They will suffer the most out of all the metals.


          • Thank you Steve for ýour answer, which is very interesting, because many of the peak-oilers do invest in energy/oil-shares. But as you think, I think investing in real money (monetary metals) is the only safe way to ride the coming storm.
            Thanks again for one of the best blogs!

            Best regards


          • Markus,

            I actually believe those who understand PEAK OIL are not investing in the energy sector.
            You see the problem with many of the energy stocks (especially shale companies), is that they are not making any real profits. Basically, the shale energy industry in the United States may be in the same boat as was Lehman Brothers in 2008.

            The only safe energy companies to own, are those that are invested in LOW COST OIL & GAS PLAYS. I do believe we are going to see a BIG FALL in the price of energy when the broader stock markets collapse. In my opinion, this will destroy a great deal of the Shale Energy Industry when interest rates rise and the availability of credit dries up and blows away.


    • Mark: I am in the EXACT same boat as you. Been invested since 2004 and have 65% of my entire net worth in PMs. To say I am annoyed and losing patience is an understatement. When/if there is a spike up in price I am selling all of it. I reckon silver will end the year around $15/oz and gold will be under $1300/oz.

      I really regret buying into all this doom and gloom nonsense. I regret even more telling friends to invest in the PMs. All these so called PM experts have agendas (ie: trying to sell you something).

      All I can say is: I have learnt a very VERY valuable lesson from all this and that is: Don’t believe all the hype and don’t follow doom porn.

      I’m sorry but PMs aint going higher. The bubble burst in 2011 and we are now in a bear trend. I haven’t followed any PM news sites for weeks until today and you know what? They are STILL preaching the SAME message. Its like they are on an infinite loop saying the same doom nonsense over and over again. Eventually someone WILL be right as even a broken clock is right twice a day but think about it: How long do you have to wait for PMs to break their 2011 high?

      I’ll be offloading ALL my PMs when/if we have a mini spike upwards. To think I almost invested another 15% of my net worth in silver and mining stocks…

      • Tbob,

        I understand your frustration, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t invest in anything else besides the precious metals. It goes well above and beyond the DOOM & GLOOM talk of the precious metal community. You must remember, your gold and silver are competing with the $100 Trillion in paper assets globally.

        These paper assets get their value from a growing energy supply which will peak and decline in short order. This will destroy the valuation of most stocks, bonds and insurance assets.

        This is the most critical part of the equation that most in the precious metal community fail to comprehend.


    • Brian Scrocca | August 27, 2014 at 6:31 am |

      Fear not. These price mechanisms will be rendered useless and irrelevant. The BRICS will make sure of that. If you believe the USD is in its last throes as the World reserve currency,what makes one think that the price of silver will not be a life boat against a dying currency.

  3. this guy assuming he really can do charts is picking up on something, but you can tell by his comments he has zero clue about what it really signifies, since he likely spends 80 hours a week charting & looking at others’ charts.

    Commodities move LAST, & with the precariousness of the system, what he sees as some kind of glorious upmove is more likely to be a finality of large degree.

    IF he’s right about specifically the OZ stock market, based on the EWA ETF :

    AUG 19

    OZ is a highlyhighly commodity-based economy, reflected in their stock index, so just how much “deflation” will we see in real life items if this thing is going to go parabolic (his words!)??

    for some kind of signpost, anything, Y not look where no one else is looking?
    not even all those worthless time-wasting “top tier turds” !

  4. They aren’t calling it “The Silver Fix” any longer. They’ve become discreet all of a sudden. They would tell, I’m sure just as Nixon wasn’t a crook neither are the members of the silver pricing board. It won’t change and that won’t matter. They can’t control everything nor can they keep juggling the hot potato for ever. Enjoyed your report very much. Thanks for sharing your work.

  5. plus ca change,as the Empire slips slowly into the ocean,to be forgotten in the mists of time.
    In other words, its all bolux. Stack on if you have any fiat left.I havent.

  6. I also kind of got that sucked in feeling of late. I started “Stacking” in 07. This was based on a friend who was making much sense about peak oil, and the disappearance of silver out of the market thus a rising price also because of industrial necessity. To the point you have a sick quiet cheer when a bomb was dropped as “There” goes even more silver lost.
    I also convinced friends that they were the sheep if they did not se the writing on the wall that silver was the investment opportunity of a lifetime. I was smart enough to spread my buys and sells as in BTFD but never above $25. I sold in the $40 range To recoup my fiat. And now restack off and on when it drops below 20.80.
    It has been a see saw gut wrenching ride. I am outta of major fiat purchases but do continue to pick up 5-10 oz when I get it at cheap, below that 19.50 mark. Then it is put away and forgotten about.
    My kids will or might enjoy some really nice BU and unique coins someday.
    The doom and gloom will always be there, and the silver pushers will still try to convince you it is better than crack. Just say no, or just say Know.
    Open up a pack of your freeze dried mac and cheese and be happy at least you did not spend that fiat on a big ass flat screen. Or worse, LOL a boat or jet ski, which would still be sitting in your front yard pissing off your neighbors because they are fading and ugly, and making you feel like an even bigger fool. At least your stack will always have some value, and if you or, me included really believed we were going to be the last laughers, or new monied class, look in the mirror and raspberry yourself daily. It hurts to be a sheep huh?

  7. so this is what a collapse look like…

  8. Who cares what you paid for your ounces? Did you achieve becoming rich counted in THESE currencies? I do not care what I paid for silver in 2012, or Gold in 2013. I´m simply glad I have been informed what kind of raid is going on there. No one will pay our rents here in Germany. We gonna be robbed of all we take for granted.

    Medias and comex play the perfect, satanic game. Everone sells PM´s , noone buys (except of those, who are “playing” with the cheap, fresh money.) Each person here in Germany gets brainwashed by Merkel´s TV, newspapers etc.

    Let me tell you that: the so called physical market decide who the winner is. Noone cares that India bought 5,000to. Silver this year. They, the bad boys, keep on selling paper silver and paper gold, cos they know, no one is gonna be prepared to bet against them. 20-40% bets are between bankers, the rest receives cash settlement. The others were already killed by margin calls triggered “in the early morning”, volumes to achieve the worst price you usually gain when you are selling…

    They want you to lose your FAITH, they want you as a sheep in next future.

    • Umm, was that at me? You missed the point. My point was some of us were sheep. We just followed the wrong flock. I feel for the people that followed the blogs of silver to the moon. I was not bragging at my buy/ sell prices. I do and did read non msm blogs, that did say your Ms Merkel was the evil that included the conglomerate of world rulers that walked us all down the path. Please do not think anything was a brag, that was so far from my point.
      And by the way no one pays my rent either. I wish. I am broken from head to toe because of a lifetime of heavy back work, without any sort of union benefit. I have very little and live on less than $900.00 a month. And that includes cutting my neighbors grass and wood, as they pay $10 an hour. I fix their toilets and put up with the slow tapping of their feet as I guess I move too slow.
      I could list my resume’ but I think your anger will not see through my words or life. My point was lost on you. I have never been on a vacation other than leaving my town for 3 days in the last 25 years. And I had to give up work time and money to do that.

      • @Mark

        First of all: I did not want to accuse anybody of losing faith in PM´s. That´s the ultimate ambition of (Central-)Banksters.

        The point of the matter: the physical market always fixes the price. We could see that in 2011. JPM and so on could not afford push the prices lower, that would have led to a short squeeze. But what people do now is, they SELL their investments in gold and silver, demand nearly zero. You can see that at all coin dealers in Germany, they offer at the lowest prices a lot of “various years”.

        Media and markets fight the same war: regardless of inflation, GDP, unemployment, everything is doing fine, and PM are completely unnecessary. The same case at the markets: Centralbankers money is pushing stocks to a daily all time high, whereas the same money being used to drop gold and silver.

        But the truth is: Centralbankers are caught in a trap. They can never stop this money-printing, nor can they raise interest rates. The best result they could achieve was winning time. My guess is that they never had any other plan. Without trillions of $/€ banks would crash (MBS), budgets would collide. Banks and gov´s are actually out of money, unless “the rest” keeps on smiling and working!

        I wondered why they did not crash prices to 600 and 10/oz. Everybody would be eased “cos economy is doing fine…” “My job too”…. But those who push prices own parts of the mining companies, and indeed, a short-squeeze would be more than likely triggered by Chinese demand.

        Mark, and everybody frustrated (ME TOO): we did the right thing. But we did not see that inability of politicians and unscrupulousness of banksters, both sitting in deep doo-doo.

        If only one had the solution for the problems being suspended since 2008, I would sell all my PM´s at once, irrespective of prices.

  9. I keep hearing gold will be 5.7 thousand an ounce and silver at 125 in a couple of years time and wonder how they come up with these figures. It makes me think those who are in will ride it all the way up and back down again waiting for that magic number. The other thing, how can the price be manipulated? There’s supposed to be regulators checking up on crooked dealings. Well, isn’t there?

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