The Coming Seneca Cliff Collapse & Exploding Silver Price

The world is facing a Seneca Cliff like collapse in the future.  Ancient Roman philosopher Lucius Seneca stated, “the increases are of sluggish growth, but the way to ruin in rapid.”  Unfortunately, due to the massive amount of debt the world, the economic and financial systems are becoming more unstable.

I discussed this and other topics with Elijah Johnson at Finance & Liberty.  I believe the most important aspect of the market that most analysts (including precious metals analysts) fail to understand, is energy.  I know this to be true because my energy articles receive a fraction of the reads and social media replies than my precious metals articles.

This is quite a shame as the precious metals analysts or investors have “BLINDFOLDED” themselves, much like the Main Stream Media in which we criticize.   If you are a new follower to the SRSrocco Report, I highly recommend you watch the following interview:

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10 Comments on "The Coming Seneca Cliff Collapse & Exploding Silver Price"

  1. More intrest in greed (precious metals) than energy is what us got here in the first place.

    Consumption and materialism instead of a continuous focus on durability.

    Seneca cliff indeed. We never learn.

  2. Craig Moodie | July 30, 2016 at 12:37 pm |

    You are one of the very few analysts out there, that truly understands the predicament we find ourselves in . And by we, I mean the whole of humanity. For this you need to be complimented.
    However, with your deep incitefulness how can you possibly imagine that ”when the chickens finally come home to roost” that there will be anything that remotely resembles a market, even existing(not that we have had much of a true market since 2008 or possibly even before that).
    I somehow cannot see how it humanly possible for industrial civilisation to continue as is, when the energy crunch eventually hits.
    I know this sounds like ‘doomer’ talk, however, I can”t see any other outcome.

  3. “I know this sounds like ‘doomer’ talk, however, I can”t see any other outcome.”

    What you state above isn’t doomer talk; you haven’t expounded on the plausible or probable extrapolation of this information. Details of that would be what some would label as doomer talk.

    Let’s not go there.

  4. Craig Moodie | July 30, 2016 at 10:33 pm |


    You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

    Approximately 6 billion of the 7 billion people on the planet are here, courtesy of fossil fuels. When the energy crunch hits, billions are going by the way of the dodo.

    If you can’t get your head around that, then either you are one of those cornucopians who believe you can invent energy or secondly you are a believer in the abiotic oil theory.

    • You completely missed the point of my post. Read carefully next time.
      I know how bad things can get.

      • Exactly David. In a world of infinite growth believers, the opposite is almost immediately called ‘doom’.

        Let’s not go there. There’s no solution in doom.

        Degrowth however, can be useful. The unmanaged form we find ourselves in, is the bottleneck. The managed form will be too little, too late.

  5. Craig Moodie | July 30, 2016 at 10:45 pm |

    Or to put it another way,

    ‘History shows again and again, how nature points out the follies of man’-Blue Oyster Cult.

  6. I fail to understand why people give a damn about DOOM TALK when it is the center of the truth for millions of ignorant people..Politically correct crap be darned.. What more can you add but the livid truth that we are now at 103% of GNP in DEBT, at 19 TRILLON Dollars and counting…A Muslim driven GOVERNMENT of the United States of America…Even the CIA is headed by the MUSLIM BUTCHERS…And the rest of the world (Japan at 250% of GNP) is just as screwed…YEAH….It is going to be like a fart in a space suit….NO escape when it comes…

  7. Interesting term. Seneca Coal Resources just bought Pinnacle Mine from Cliffs, promising to pay Cliffs’s debt. Well surprise, surprise they have completely blown off their creditors. There go the little businesses.

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