Silver Price

PRECIOUS METALS & MARKET UPDATE DEC 1st: Dollar Dump Pushes Gold & Silver Higher

The surge in the gold and silver prices today was the result of the large Dollar sell-off.  The U.S. Dollar has been trading off an important support level for the past four months, but finally broke below it today, causing a nice really in the precious metals.  Gold was up $40…

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NEVER BEFORE SEEN ANALYSIS: Why Is Gold Up 4,700% vs. 1,300% For Silver Since 1970??

Over the past fifty years, the precious metals prices exploded higher.  While the gold price reached new highs this year, silver is still 50% lower than its previous high set in 1979 and 2011.  Many precious metals analysts and investors believe that the “underperforming” silver price must be due to…

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MARKET MELTDOWN & METALS UPDATE OCT 26th: Gold & Silver Holding Up Nicely, Oil & Shale Stocks Getting Crushed

What an interesting day as the broader markets are selling off while the precious metals and mining stocks are holding up rather well.  Unfortunately, the oil price is back in the $38 level which is destroying the value of shale oil stocks.  I’d imagine Concho Resources is quite happy today…

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