Silver Investment Demand

Metals & Market Update OCT 19th: Silver Investment Demand Will Be Main Driver Of Future Price

With the broader markets selling off today and the precious metals being off their highs, I thought it would be a good idea to do Metals & Market Update.  I also include charts and information on why silver investment demand, not industrial demand, will be the leading driver of the silver…

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Silver Investment Demand Surged Higher Than Industry Forecast

According to the recently released 2019 World Silver Survey, silver investment demand was significantly higher than analysts forecasted.  How much higher?  A lot, especially since the analysts stated that silver coin and bar purchases were expected to contract due to falling demand globally. However, when the data was finally collected,…

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INVESTMENT DEMAND: Still The Largest Growth Sector In The Silver Market

Even though interest in precious metals has fallen over the past few years, investment demand is still the largest growth sector in the silver market.  Yes, it may be hard to believe, but physical silver investment has grown the most since the 2008 financial crisis compared to the other sectors. …

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