Silver Investing

IMPORTANT VIDEO: Energy Cliff & Why The U.S. & World Are Heading Into A Depression That Never Ends

If there is one video you should watch, this would be one of the most important.  The world has no idea of the coming ENERGY CLIFF and leaders and citizens push for more high-technology and supposed renewable energy to solve our energy predicament.  Unfortunately, “GREEN ENERGY” as they…

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METALS & MARKET UPDATE NOV 8th: Fundamental Values Will Pull Markets Down & Push Metals Higher

This is an important precious metals and market update on why fundamentals drive stocks and indexes’ value.  Unfortunately, investors continue to be deceived by the extremely high valuations and stock market bubble.  Why?  Because they confuse SPECULATION with FAIR VALUE.  Markets and stocks… ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS…

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Metals & Market Update OCT 19th: Silver Investment Demand Will Be Main Driver Of Future Price

With the broader markets selling off today and the precious metals being off their highs, I thought it would be a good idea to do Metals & Market Update.  I also include charts and information on why silver investment demand, not industrial demand, will be the leading driver of the silver…

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