Silver Investing

PRECIOUS METALS & MARKET UPDATE DEC 1st: Dollar Dump Pushes Gold & Silver Higher

The surge in the gold and silver prices today was the result of the large Dollar sell-off.  The U.S. Dollar has been trading off an important support level for the past four months, but finally broke below it today, causing a nice really in the precious metals.  Gold was up $40…

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Gold Retested $1,800 As We Forecasted Over Two Months Ago & Silver Eagle Sales Top 4 Million

Disregard all the hype, manipulation chatter, and the silly mantra stating that “Gold is now Dead.”  The gold price was going to retest the $1,800 regardless of anything to do with Bitcoin’s price rise or Janet Yellen becoming Treasury Secretary.  If investors understood the gold fundamentals and technicals…

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The Silver Chart That Has The Federal Reserve & Central Bankers Extremely Concerned

For the first time ever, this silver market dynamic has the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers extremely concerned.  While gold may be the most important sound monetary asset on the central bank balance sheet, they hold relatively little silver.  Thus, the majority of investment silver held in the world is…

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