Energy Cliff

MONTHLY WRAP-UP June 5th: Metals & Markets With SRSrocco & Tactical Trader

In our Monthly Wrap Up, the Tactical Trader and I discuss the importance of understanding the difference between the short-mid term cycles and the long-term fundamentals.  We also explain why we believe the market is heading more towards a disinflation or deflationary cycle, rather than the massive inflation…

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GLOBAL SILVER PRODUCTION CLIFF: Falling Mine Supply As Precious Metals Become Leading Stores Of Value

As the world heads over the Energy Cliff, it will negatively impact global metals’ production.  Thus, we are also going to experience the Silver Production Cliff.  The industry is not prepared for the collapse of silver production.  So, it will be quite impossible to ramp up GREEN ENERGY without enough…

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THE U.S. OIL PRODUCTION ENERGY CLIFF: How Much Will Supply Decline By 2030 & 2035?

With the illusion of U.S. Energy Independence soon to be a memory, Americans are not prepared for the ENERGY CLIFF that will hit the country’s domestic oil supply over the next 5-10 years.  Unfortunately, the Shale Oil Boom is now turning into a Bust.  As U.S. shale oil production plummets, it will also negatively…

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