SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 2: Assassinate Silver & Gold To Bring In Fiat Money

Bankers Savoie

(By Charles Savoie)

The path towards fiat is always the same. First, assassinate silver. Second, hit at gold!   Recall in the first episode of this series we documented the hostility of the N.Y. Clearing House Association to monetary silver.

Manufacturers Hanover was in on the frenzy to winnow silver coins out of the nation’s largest banking district in 1964 to 1967 for shipment to the Treasury for processing into bullion to feed to the Silver Users association in order to routinely attack silver prices—it was of course the same at J.P. Morgan under H.C. Alexander, at Chase under Pilgrims Society member George Champion, and so through the other New York megabanks and the New York Savings Banks, also run by Pilgrims Society members.

Continuing with number 2 in this series, as we progress towards the present, we will consider another 15 Pilgrims Society members from the leaked 1914 rosters. Unavoidably we will mention others significantly connected to them. Not all members of this nearly unknown organization have been, or are, precious metals suppressors. The organization is concerned with many other spheres—medicine, science, diplomacy, the military and war industries, insurance giants, universities, big media, and far more.

This group remains present at this moment behind the scenes and traces to conspirators active in the Crime of ’73, the Panics of 1857 and 1837, both United States Banks, and much more. It can be anticipated that as they were in earlier times the source of precious metals price and monetary suppression, that the ringleaders in this arena today are also members. That’s why it’s important to maintain pressure on them to post rosters to public view. None of the nine rosters from bygone years were voluntarily released.

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41 Comments on "SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 2: Assassinate Silver & Gold To Bring In Fiat Money"

  1. Steve,

    This is what I don’t get: America gets away with EVERYTHING. Look, Russia’s economy is now tanking like Venezuela’s did when we cut them off from SWIFT. The Ruble is crashing. The Russian stock market is going nowhere. And we continue to do anything we want to them while they just sit there. Oh…….they made a deal with China to send some gas. Big F’ing deal. Russia is getting mauled. People are starting to feel the pain from the Ruble crashing……

    Meanwhile over here in America our dollar is strong our stock markets rips higher every single day. Gold and silver continue to crash. We continue with are *strong* ZIRP policy and we seemingly get away with any damn thing we want. While Europe takes the blows, while Russia takes the blows. while EM’s take the blow…….

    I mean it is really amazing isn’t it? I guess that’s what 900 military bases set up all over the world can do for you eh?

    But my question to you is sincerely this: Why doesn’t Russia do something that actually harms us? I mean they just bascically are sitting back and taking it in the @ss.

    Oh……and the Fed is showing they are still in firm command of all market pricing which is why gold and silver are getting slammed even though we have a negative real interest rate policy.

    In other words, TPTB are in complete control.


    • Jack,

      It’s always darkest before the dawn.

      Believe me, I understand your frustrations, but the USD is closer to a watershed event than you realize. The current geopolitical climate is proof of it.

      Yes, the Fed can pump liquidity into the market for years and, yes nations do have to still hold dollars,and, yes, Brussels and Wall Street can swap currencies and bonds, but the Fed cannot manipulate free market forces forever. Nor can it magically eliminate recession and depression(risk) from economic business cycles. All it will take is one black swan, one terror attack, one more Lehman, one flash crash, one cyber attack,one natural disaster,etc to expose this ruse for what it really is. Nobody saw 2008 coming in 2007,did they? It was the same bluster about home prices have to go up, the U.S. economy is the most resilient in the world,markets are liquid, fundamentals are sound, blah, blah ,blah.

      The dollar is strong, so what? Compared to what-the Euro,the ruble? What kind of organic growth has a strong dollar achieved? A strong dollar is problematic for the Fed in 2 ways:

      1) It KILLS U.S. Exports. How long do you think that will be allowed to last?

      2) It KILLS the INFLATION the Fed so desperately craves. It’s mandate cannot be achieved with its present policy,so rates will have to go up- if only to achieve some bogus inflation number. Besides, the hot money from emerging markets is seeking refuge in dollars for now. This is a temporal event. QE has never been tapered. Belgium’s treasury holdings are a precursor for destruction in the U.S. bond market. Very soon there won’t be anywhere to put all of these digital zeroes.

      You are absolutely doing the right thing by buying metals. You aren’t buying them as a speculative investment.You are buying them to protect your purchasing power. DO NOT MAKE A CHOICE BASED ON EMOTION.That’s what TPTB want you to do. It’s hard to do the right thing in times of universal change. STAY STRONG.

      The DOW at an all-time high won’t matter if the currency has no real purchasing power for the average man on the street. And as we’ve seen, all the subterfuge in the world cannot transform debt into growth or stimulate spending in an increasingly hostile and impoverished nation devoid of any rule of law. The day of reckoning can be postponed but it cannot be avoided.

      Keep Stacking, my friend. You will win the day!

      • I don’t know Scott but I do appreciate the reply. I’m not a stacker But I’m an American and it is just insane what is going on

        The stock market needs to crash But it never is going to I think the S + P 500 will hit 4000 before silver hits 22 and I think inflation will run north of 10% while silver sits in the low teens,

        Welcome to the most egregious social and financial experiment in history.

        It’s time to start praying. The people running the show from Jim Cramer to Janet Yellen to her predeccors are truly psychopaths.

        Good luck, we are all going to need it


        • Good enough.

          I would still rather have something of value instead of a piece of paper printed on a whim, being debased by the hour.

          For me, its all about ounces owned not dollar price. The manipulated prices are a perfect opportunity to buy more. This post-2008 fiat induced high is ending and I don’t want to be in worthless paper. That’s just me, and you know what they say about opinions. Take care.

    • Jack,

      You sound like a frustrated silver investor who bought into silver hoping to make a quick buck. You have a very naive perception if you truly think that nothing is going to change. Do you honestly believe the Fed is in total control. They are trapped and they know it. They are in panic mode trying desperately to hold things together. And if you honestly think Russia is just sitting back and taking it in the @ss you are even more naive than you sound.

      The one thing I can say for certain is that things will not stay as they are. China and Russia are planning and scheming behind the scenes and they are simply waiting for an opportune time to strike. They are forging alliances throughout the world while we continue to alienate everybody. The world sees what you are describing and they are sick of it. They have had no reason to strike because they have been busy accumulating all the Silver and Gold from the West. Heck, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least that China and Russia through proxy hedge funds are the ones who have been heavily shorting the precious metal silver markets in order to pick up the physical on the cheap. That will continue as long as long physical is available.

      The decades of silver manipulation was only possible because there were massive silver stock-piles. Those are now gone, so we are coming to the end of the line and sooner or later the physical exchanges in Asia will take over. But first China will crash the Comex. They will have a massive long position and demand delivery and force a default that will make the Comex completely obsolete.

      Sure some of it is speculation but I guarantee you one thing, China and Russia are not going to take this much longer and since they have all the Gold (and Silver), THEY, not the US and Fed will make the rules.

      What that means for Silver or Gold prices is anybody’s guess but I know one thing, when that day comes I don’t want to hold any paper assets with counter-party risk.

      • “China and Russia are planning and scheming behind the scenes and they are simply waiting for an opportune time to strike.”

        I’ve never liked silver and still don’t. In the bible people are throwing silver into the streets because it’s worth nothing….and that is what is and will be happening.

        Per your statement I put in quotes, good luck to that one. The strong dollar is now hugely benefiting China’s exports and their currencies reserves which dwarf their entire gold stash by multiples. So this is playing out perfect for China and the USA. For Russia, not so much.

        Russia is screwed.. Almighty US of A is killing them economically.

        You see, unlike many here, I’m not as concerned at this point about this investment or that investment. What I’m concerned about is the entire system is getting so bizzarre and so criminally run against true market forces that whatever happens, and I don’t know what it will be this time, but whatever happens is going to be EPIC.

        We are in for something else I just wish I was someone who didn’t know shit and feed off the Bread and Circus show For all of us, AK, I feel very bad for. I wish we didn’t have to go through life knowing that our fate is something very wicked in the future. It is frankly scary and no one can do a fucking thing about it.

        TPTB are in complete control. And that isn’t going to change. For that, I wish us all luck. This is going to be one fuck of a nightmare I feel very sorry for the Youth of today. They are fucking doomed

      • Jack,

        I agree with most of what you saying. Tough times await us. But I firmly believe that the power is shifting from West to East. The US will gradually descend into a third world nation while China and Russia will emerge as the new superpowers. They will form a new, powerful economic bloc that will include the BRICS, most of Asia and parts of the Europe including Germany.

        Yes, Russia is suffering right now but they are taking the short term pain for the long term gain. China will not let plunge Russia into the abyss because they know that is what the US wants and if the US succeeds they will go after China next. No, the rest of the world is catching on and we will be gradually isolated economically starting with rapidly increasing non-dollar trade. The big question remains, will the US psychopaths push for an all out war to mask the coming collapse. All indications are that this is exactly what they are pushing for which again is an indication that behind the scenes things are falling apart.

        I disagree on your outlook on Silver. If the world is not destroyed, we will still have the need for Silver. Also, when all confidence in paper currencies is lost, Gold will become too expensive for most people so Silver is the most likely alternative and at some point the Gold Silver ratio will likely shrink to a more sustainable ratio.

        In the end you need something that will retain value during a global economic crisis/collapse. Gold and Silver have historically fulfilled that role but perhaps ammunition, whiskey or toilet paper will be a more practical bartering tool if things get really bad.

        • We’ll see what happens AK but we really have no idea what is really happening behind the scenes. The truth is just about every country is so deeply in debt, while running such monstrous ponzi schemes, that who really knows what is really happening. Maybe they just want you to think that there is an West versus East thing….something to keep the plebs busy thinking about, while their ultimate plan is something completely out of the wood works.

          I would hate to own silver. It is much better to take your precious fiat and buy things NOW that people truly need and will want: Water, food, whiskey, cigarettes, antibiotics, etc etc. etc

          Silver may or may not have value. But no one can argue that necessities don’t have value. And for whatever is coming–a lot of whiskey is going to be needed.

    • “In other words, TPTB are in complete control”.

      Yes they are…for how long who knows. When they aren’t the changes may be like a sudden shift of the polar North and South, which has happened in geologic past

  2. Jack

    Where do you see silver prices going from here? We’ve broken to 4 year lows without the slightest hint of a bounce from any level during the last 2 months.



    • I think TAS that the Powers That Be let silver bounce around between today’s price and 20-21 for years. But I think it’ll hit a spike low of 12 first at some point. Every once in awhile it’ll probably fall out of the 18-21 range–which would be merely a trade to take advantage of..

      The all-in costs are somewhere around these prices and as a by-product large gold producers, etc. seem more than happy to unload their silver at just about any damn price.

      In other words, I don’t think silver has any chance at all of doing what all the raging silver bulls have been claiming forever and being really wrong about it to boot. If you really want to own silver, just buy it when it becomes blatantly clear that TPTB have lost their pricing ability on the COMEX (but I’d never hold my breath–silver has been in a 35 year bear market). Until then, which might be another 40 or 50 years since America is in charge of the world, expect the prices I laid out above to come true for perhaps decades.

      Sure, this will get the silver flamers to retort ridiculous stuff. But think about it? Who has been right all these years? Me or them?

      • Of course the “silver flamers” comments will be ridiculous, they are not Your ideas or point of view ONLY YOU KNOW what’s up right,correct,and going to happen. With all the respect a man of your stature deserves,and as politely as I’m able to convey it, GET OVER YOURSELF.

        • Oh HYMN, I guess you’ve missed why I’m such a cynic when it comes to the raging silver bulls points of views! It is because when it was in the 40s and i called it a huge bubble I was laughed at from here to kindom come. Same thing when it was in the 30s. And when it was once in the 20s I said the same thing then: a bubble. I have been ridiculed all the way down by the Silver Bugs So excuse me if i seem to lack a wee bit of respect for these people.

          And now that I say silver will see a spike low of the low teens I’m still being lauged at and not taken seriously. The problem with the silver bulls is that they have become a cult that is no different than the FRN cultists of the Federal Reserve.

          Any views that get too extreme are clearly ridiculous. The silver bulls views have been way extreme.

          • Are you lost jack?

            What are you doing here?

            What contribution are you trying to make worshiping a Krugman fuckdoll?

            Realities a bitch…you want to go back to the nest under mama?

            Sorry all, these trolls are just ridiculous.

            Put your money on the table, lets play.


          • Jack,

            You are making a mistake to put all the silver/precious metal bulls in the same camp. Sure, there are a lot of misguided “investors” who completely miss the point of owning precious metals. But there are also many of us who are much more level headed and don’t think Silver will spike to $200/oz tomorrow. We own Silver and Gold because there are few better alternatives. Who in their right mind still wants to own stocks knowing that the markets have been elevated solely by stock-buy backs and massive buying from the Fed. Bonds are in a massive bubble due to suppressed interest rates.

            I have bought my share of items that I can barter with so the rest has to go into tangible assets that won’t just disappear as the entire paper markets go up in flames. I am not trying to get rich owning metals I am just trying to survive financially when TSHTF, and it will.

            In the meantime it is anybody’s guess where the PM prices go. Could Silver drop to $13? Absolutely, that’s only another $5/oz.and I hope I am smart enough to load up with whatever I’ve got left. At some point we will see a generational low in Silver and Gold and things will turn around. But as long as the bad guys are in charge and can push the price around in the paper markets at the push of a button anything is possible. One thing is for sure, the lower they push the price the faster the physical market will dry up and put an end to their paper manipulation.

      • for décades now !!! Funny.

        Silver will most probably hit 12 again or even lower but assume that current trends will last several more décades is in my opinion wishful thinking, several years quite surely indeed.

  3. From ‘what does the Tard say?’ to ‘what does this tard say?’:

    No doubt some small marginal-cost-of-production mines have shut down. So what? Bull markets in all raw materials bring forth high-cost producers. But the addition and then withdrawal of such producers has little impact on overall global production output. The commodity markets do not guarantee a profit to “Johnny-come-late” producers.

    Even if Silver prices fell below the cost of production of the large international mining operations, mining would continue, and perhaps even accelerate. Why? There are two factors at play. First, the cost of shutting down a huge mine only to re-start it in the future is an extremely expensive proposition. Second, during periods of low Silver prices, mining operations attempt to become more efficient — and this efficiency can include increased Silver production.

    Then there is the matter of production cost itself. Silver bulls claim that the cost of producing Silver is well above $20 per ounce. recently reported a production cost of $24.05 per ounce.

  4. Thank you Steve for your post.

    To the above posters you may want to familiarize yourself with exponential function, environmental carrying capacities and the impact of ignoring both.

    Finite resources = Reality
    Infinite resources/currency = Fiction

    When all other debt coupons and receipts wont even clean your ass properly…do you think anyone’s going to give you anything real for them? What would you take at that time in exchange for your value created, if not paper? What value could you create…besides criticism…which was no value at all. Guessing by your posts you would try and buy food and water and protection…cause you put your trust in fiction.

    So what are you going to give someone for that…..should/when you ever need it.

    Maybe you would be better off just worshiping an infinite asset? You may be right, I dont think so …but whatever.

    Maybe you could barter your hot wife, hot daughters or own ass for value in a hypermonitary inflation event. It happens time and time again.

    Id rather have value to trade on hand. I appreciate the chance to get more for paper promises.

    I cant believe that im commenting to someone that thinks that fiat, that costs 8 cents to make a 100$ bill, is the save all.

    Now back to reading something of value.

    Thanks again Steve


    • Guy, I get what a finite resource is versus digital dollars that aren’t worth the paper that they are not even printed on.

      Here’s an equation: what would happen to inflation if instead of the Fed sending credit to the banks they simply printed the money to the people? Right, inflation would go crazy Instead, the credit to the banks have simply created inflation in their preferred asset classes: bonds, stocks, and real estate. So QE is deflationary. That is why silver is a turd investment and the dollar isn’t under inflation. But trust me, if the banks cash assets begin to decline due to a lending boom, I’ll be all in on silver too. But the peoples proclivity to borrow when they have no money and no credit is so far off that it is laughable. That is why oil is tanking, why gold is tanking, and why silver is tanking


      So you might want to write this down: printing money that goes into the stock market is Deflationary, not inflationary. No one benefits except the uber rich insiders that get to sell their stock options and Wall Street. Everyone else: you get nada–nothing, except a good sock in the eye.

      I know what has value. And silver is nearly valueless as velocity plummets along the great depression

      Good luck with your Chris Martenson thesis. YOU WILL NEED IT.

      • Gold and silver prices got slammed at 2 pm today as the fomc minutes were released. It seems that 8,863 December 2014 gold futures contracts were dumped on the comex “market” in 2 minutes. I guess that’s another of those quirky symptoms of deflation, right?

      • Jack,

        You obviously have not heard that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) recently posted a piece that suggested that Central Banks should give money directly to the people (no joke). This is how desperate they are getting. They will do anything to keep the paper Ponzi scheme going!! Got physical?

  5. Jack,

    I hate to break this to you but QE is an expansion of currency to pay for things, not a reduction in currency. When free markets are manipulated shortages do arise..but not of currency..of real things.

    You may be confused here. Ill assert that as the dollar is/and is going to be rejected, because it is an unknown counterfeit fiat and the debt is unsustainable, you may see things getting more expensive like beef up 30+% since December, or shrimp up over 60% since December, milk…i could go on. Yes this is inflation, not deflation.

    I would welcome deflation, name a country that collapsed because of it?

    What you are basing your thesis on is financed assets like homes and cars..which is easy money lent from banks created out of signatures. Does the seller of the real estate just put the currency up his ass…no he spends it. That is inflationary. More dollars chasing finite assets.

    Your argument could start to hold water if things being sold have no equity…maybe that is the plan. I dont think so ..but maybe.

    When interest rates go up, and they will, the buyers all go away. This will crash these financed assets prices. Does that mean its deflation? Again means easy credit created a bubble was popped.

    So for a recap of the lesson, we have financed assets going down and real assets (the ones you need to live) going up.

    In your suggestion that I write it down, what happens when no one has any money to bid on open offers? Yes, that would destroy capital. You are aware that these glitches are the fed backstopping the market..right? With freshly created devalue other dollar credits…right?

    The crack up boom begins the same way…real assets go down while financed assets go up. Then read Adam Furgusons “when money dies” top see what happens next.

    PS oil and gas is getting cheaper because ISIS (aka syrian rebels) is selling it for 50$ a barrel to turkey (NATO member) and they are selling it to their friends for cheaper. A stolen almost naked short to lower price.

    I respect Chris. He is taking responsibility for his life, instead of trusting a strangers promise. I think the world would be a better place if less people depended on a fraud. If you want to depend on fraud, its your choice.

    Ill be fine either way. I buy the silver now. I like not depending on strangers.

    Thanks for the time of your response.


  6. @Guy,

    “I hate to break this to you but QE is an expansion of currency to pay for things”

    I don’t have time to reply to your whole post tonight so I will tomorrow. But QE is so misunderstood by most PM bulls and it’s just weird that so many people say they understand monetary history but then claim this over and over and over again as though it is gospel. QE is and in itself is NOT an expanpsion of currency. It is an expansion of CREDIT. Which CAN be redacted. Japan has been QE’ing and then redacting their credit from the system for over 10 years. You really need to look at Japan’s banking cash asets to see this and I wish I could post a chart but I cannot here.

    When the Fed buys an “asset” like a MBS from the banks and the banks get cash it only becomes an expansion of currency if then the bank lends this money out. But almost every ounce of QE is sitting on the banks balance sheets as excess cash—almost 3 trillion dollars. Excess cash above deposits isn’t supposed to happen–but since Lehman that is what is happening. The FED QE’s and the money just sits on the banks balance sheets.

    The market has gone up not because THIS money finds its way to it, but because the market acts like it will be the sponge that eventually mopes this currency up. But what happens, as it has in Japan, is that the central bank will merely begin to pull this CREDIT from the system as any hints of inflation take hold. Japan did it We’ll do it too. And it is exactly why gold and silver have been going down and rightly so…..because the CREDIT on the banks balance sheets never truly make it into the economy.

    Even Chris Martenson should know this BUT HE DOESN’T. Chris KNOWS there is no way to grow our debt at the same pace that we have–which is what keeps the standard of living going. But we have hit a debt limitation already, and that is why the banks CREDIT sits idle and useless.

    And that is why there is little in the way of real inflation. The food inflation we have seen, and there has been some but over all it is around 3% or so, is has NOTHING to do with the CREDIT in the system. It has had everything to do with while weather has been affecting nearly every crop in America, including meat. I could go on and on about this but the sad truth is is when Bernanke or Yellen calls this transitiory they aren’t actually lying on this one, though they could be wrong about transitory, but the Food inflation has been a direct result of the industry that has had NOTHING to do with any currency getting debased. The currency CANNOT get debased unless it actually enters the system. And it hasn’t–it is CREDIT that just sits there

    It’s why I said if the Fed printed money and sent it to the people directly than, yes, I’d be all over gold and silver That is exactly what happened during the Weimar. That is where you see the wheelbarrels of fiat being used as a source of winter energy. But are you getting stacks of new dollars? Am I? Our neighbors? NO. We are not We don’t see any of the CREDIT. For us to get any of this “printed money” we need to become debt serfs and take out the loans, which is taking from future demand and is ultimately deflationary–like the housing burst.

    So NO. There have been ZERO helicopter drops today. And QE can be redacted if inflation started to take hold at all. BUT IT WON’T. in fact, I see nothing but deflation ahead of us as the plebs can’t get off ground zero and there is no reason for them to take out gargantum loans and no one willing to give it to them now anyway.


    • Jack,

      Indeed, you sound like you know what you’re talking about, but you are as clueless as you say the precious metal bugs are. We all know that QE goes on the bank’s balance sheets and sits there… my dead grandma knows that.

      The world will be a much different place 2020, and NO… you don’t seem to have a clue as to why that will be. So, please continue spending a great deal of time here posting comments, I welcome it.

      You keep my site busy with activity….LOL.


      • Ah….poor little fella. That’s the best response you have? That sounds like a defeated guy to me. And you have been defeated. YOU LOSE.

        That is all,

        The only clueless one is you. You have BEEN WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING to date and it is just KILLING YOU to know I’m right about holding a lot of DOLLARS here while you lose massive amounts of wealth against the value of, yes, paper. Again, I’m not so dogmatic that perhaps gold and silver can have their day: but there is no way the QE can find its way to the people. Therefore, and that is why, when QE stops the stock market will stall, and the economy will tank. That is a big negative for gold and silver.

        • In fact whatever happens in the world, it can only be negative for gold !

          • “In fact whatever happens in the world, it can only be negative for gold !”

            That is because despite contrary to popular belief every central bank in the world–except for maybe Russia–has an agenda that works better when GOLD IS DOWN. You are fighting every central bank int he world by being long gold now. It is why EVERYTHING is a negative for gold.

            China is more than happy for the U.S. to remain stable against other currencies AND gold as China gets to continue to have a huge account surplus that allows them to buy huge pieces of the rest of the world. That is why Chinese are buying everything in sight in the U.S. and Cananda.

            The Chinese accumulation of Gold is probably one of the most overrated things ever in regards to these markets and gold itself. The ONLY reason why the don’t release how much gold they have is because THEY WANT GOLD to be irrelavent to the world. The Chinese are VERY VERY HAPPY with the current arrangement of being the huge EXPORTERS of the world.

            And now they even get more energy on favorable terms from Russia. In other words, the current status quo works GREAT for China. So China is probably working with the Fed, ECB, BOJ, and eveyr other central bank to make DAMN SURE GOLD NEVER GOES up again.

            And that in a nutshell WHY EVERYTHING is bad for Gold.


          • Jack,

            HEADS UP here. Maybe you don’t know this, so I will let you in on a SECRET. Professional or Top Notch investors might leave a comment or two in a blog, but only WANNA-BES continue to leave a dozen or more.

            Again, you’re free to WASTE YOUR TIME trying to convince people that you KNOW IT ALL, but I have to say… the more comments you publish here, the more it makes you appear desperate.


          • Maybe but who knows it could be interesting for china in the coming years to change its strategy regarding gold, who knows !

        • Jack, just another troll who gives the appearance of useful knowledge, who’s veneer is very thin.

      • Oh….wait, Steve. You have become more bullish indeed on America. First, you said everything would be very different by 2015/2016. And NOW you’ve extended your thesis! Good thing you aren’t a money manager. If you were you wouldn’t have an investor left in the world to invest with you!

        Hugs and kisses,

        • Steve,

          Instead of useless personal comments why don’t you actually try to add to the discussion! You seem desperate–throwing out stones and that is all. I asked int he original post why do you think Russia is just sitting back and taking it in the @ss. It was a legit question.

          Do you have any take on it other than trying to demean my posts that are only fact grounded? I mean if you disagee with my facts please explain why–I’m all ears–and then demean me.

          It seems like to me you are just becoming a sore loser.


        • LOL, I rest my case.

          You are a sore loser with very little insight. You’re a mule piggy backing on Martenson and others that have a completely false paradigms.


          • Why you come here to read this loser web site ? and invest so much time in such a useless place like that, don’t you have something better to do ?
            Please explain me I don’t understand.

          • GermanReader,

            Interesting how you have changed your mind about this site.


          • Steve,

            I didn’t change my mind , I am sarcastic . I would not read your stuff here if I would think like that.

            I have the highest respect for your work here. Sorry I didn’t mark my comment as Sarcastic.

          • Steve,

            By the way, I would love to put my Xmas money into Silver now. sadly I must wait some months more to get it. I scary that Silver might be expensive by then.


          • GermanReader,

            Gotcha. Even though times are rough in the precious metal industry, the fundamentals of the U.S. Dollar, Stock Market and U.S. Treasuries are orders of magnitude worse.


          • Jack

            listen to Gregory Mariano he is a trader he say stock market will rise even more before it will crash and it is good way to earn money on trading it . But the most important trade is to stack PM especially Silver.


            I think every body who want to play the rigged stock markets should do so if he have a silver stack already und understands what he’s doing.

            I don’t trade at all , I don’t like the stress and I don’t have the time doing it.

            I am sure the ultimate trade will be physical silver and that’s what I am doing.


  7. Like so many people have said on this and every other site. We all have an opinion and I feel grateful that I can voice mine.
    My opinion is: Not in the to distant future Russia and Iran will attack Israel. I also believe before that happens gold and silver will rise to record levels. I, like many others would rather own silver and not paper currency. I do not divulge if I have either one online because I no longer trust our government. I’m an older guy (78) and remember when this nation was fairly honorable and that is why I served 4 yrs. in the Air Force. I was honored to serve. This country is not honorable any longer, but, I still love it dearly and would still fight to preserve my country if necessary.
    My advice to the younger generation, especially if you have a family. Find ( if you can ) the safest place to live, preferably close to other family members or close friends. Have on hand in a safe place some silver coins ( lot is better ) About a years supply of food. ( example ) I still have canned tuna that I caught and canned 14 yrs. ago. Ate some 2 days ago and it’s great. Buy freeze dried food if necessary. Have a good way to defend you and your family. Store up water and have a way to make sure you can get clean water. In my opinion, ( and man, I hope I am wrong ) I think times are going to get tough. This crash we are going to have is gonna make the one in 1929 look like a walk in the park. To many bad things ( economically, wars ) all over the world are now happening and will get much worse. Wise people will try to prepare for this and I wish much luck to all. I am ready and I give praise to God for his help.


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