SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 10: Crushing The Hunt Brothers Silver Play

(By Charles Savoie) —

The destruction of the Hunt-Arab silver play was a warning to the new rich in the USA and the world to not go long silver!  Not only the Hunts, but regiments of small investors were burned in yet another Pilgrims Society monetary inferno.


Beyond Greed—The Hunt Family’s Bold Attempt to Corner the Silver Market” (1982)

The unstated definition of price manipulation in silver is that it can only transpire on the long side.  Try passing an economics course in a university if you mention shortside silver price meddling.  That may even apply in Idaho and Nevada scholastic institutions. I’ve seen faculty get red faced with hysteria!

The author worked first for Lord Astor (Pilgrims London) then for Lord Thomson of Fleet (Pilgrims London) —

Astor was directly descended from John Jacob Astor who as a director of the second United States Bank (1816-1836) was a silver suppressor!

Page 71 has this—“In 1976 the Hunts attracted the attention of the CFTC, which was concerned at the concentration of so much silver in so few hands.” Again—concentration in silver is an issue for regulators only if on the long side! The gold and silver shorts created the CFTC to cover for them!

Brew on this item from The Spokesman-Review, Spokane Washington, April 19, 1980, page 7—

“He (Nelson Bunker Hunt) said he was afraid the U.S. Government would expropriate silver.” A memo from CFTC official John Mielke said about an October 23 (1979) meeting. Hunt, at that session, explained that he arranged trades with foreign silver owners to avoid shipping tons of the precious metal abroad.”


The Hunts knew there was an organized monolithic financial structure they were up against—and it defeated them.

Herewith I present for those who missed it in previous offerings, an excerpt from the American Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902, page 557, as to the founding and goals of The Pilgrims Society—


(three founding goals of Pilgrims Society)

Hunt feared another Roosevelt style silver grab, and it’s definite he knew of the New York money bloc being behind the government end of their troubles. They’ve been using the government (CFTC) for years to steal and “seize” wealth (silver output) from the mining companies you’ve had your hopes pinned on. It’s not past them to manufacture a crisis and announce “Uncle Sam needs silver, don’t be an unpatriotic hoarder, turn it in.”

Dozens of Pilgrims Society members over the years who’ve been trustees of blindness research groups now have their successors expecting to charge people their entire life’s savings when retinal restoration treatments become possible—and they will. These are wealth seizers and wealth absorbers—not altruists.

The 1980 rosters for The Pilgrims London and New York are the most recent rosters to have slipped into the public domain. Some outsiders like secretaries may have seen these and figured “just another high powered social club.” 1980 was the year the Hunt-Arab silver long play was smashed. So it appears appropriate to focus on members in the 1980 lists who one way or another had a role to play in the Hunts being crushed.

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6 Comments on "SILVER SQUELCHERS PART 10: Crushing The Hunt Brothers Silver Play"

  1. Mr. Savoie, I don’t doubt your silver price manipulation story to the downside and I happen to think, that after the american civil war silver was demonetized and replaced by gold in a very murky international collusion/conspiration. I don’t even doubt the wealth seizure aspect of your post.
    But what is “their” end game ? Do they think, that silver will snap back into the monetray role, it has lost 150 years ago ? Methinks the best silver stealers can hope for, ist that physical silver is so scarce, that it will go through the roof as a commodity, when its price is discovered in a real market.
    But then, I wonder why there is still physical silver supply if the paper price is so out of step with the market price (demand/supply). Half of the silver production goes to industry/jewelry and it must be a lot more difficult, to mobilize physical silver than gold (which has a higher – theoretical – “pent up supply”, bc. 100 per cent of gold has been going into hoarding for centuries. You just have to “persuade” the owners, if you know what I mean ;). Andreas

    • Someday silver will hit a stone wall and none will be available besides at a price far disconnected with today. That day has been longer in coming than most have expected. A masterful job has been executed for many years of scouring silver all over the world at toss away prices and bribery doubtless has played a role, military intervention threats, actual application of economic sanctions and give-aways to entice it into so-called leasing arrangements. People who leased silver out, if they expect to get it back, are crazier than a woman who leaves a gold chain in a busy public restroom and returns to seek it the next day. I believe much silver came from China in exchange for military technology and industrialization assistance. The days of China silver leasing “sniff” to have ended once AIG passed the silver short corner to Bear Stearns. The Bank of Mexico has been a great ally of silver shorts, and is much resented by Mexicans who want silver restored as currency there.

      • Thanks a lot for your answer. China would be a possibility, as they were the last to abandon a silver based currency. So there must have been left a lot of it (if Mao communists did not squander it after ’49). The problem is that the physical “market” – who owns what ? – is completely opaque (as with gold). Regards, Andreas

  2. It is most amazing that the uses of silver are so diverse, that it is found at a ratio of between 8 to 1 and 15 to 1 vs. gold and is ‘valued’ at a ratio of 70+- to 1 to gold.
    On the “medicinal’ side it allows people to make their own broad spectrum anti-bacterial-viral-fungal solution of ionic/colloidal silver for little cost and a little effort. Refer to the EPA for toxicity and not the FDA (which because it is grandfathered and non-toxic/poisonous cannot be made illegal, try as they might).
    With 95% of all the silver ever mined throughout history gone, and usually used in such tiny amounts that reclaiming/recycling at these price levels is largely uneconomic.
    Yes we have enough for now, but the low hanging fruit is being/has been picked and the uses are ever expanding and we have used so much in the last century.
    The Canadian Maple Leaf has a nominal value of $5.00 cdn, is 99.99% (medical grade) pure should be the silver investment of choice.
    The SLV is a poor choice to play silver as it is possibly a vehicle for the collection of physical and then removal (minimum amount of 500,000 oz) for the purpose of suppression of the very market invested in by continuing the physical supply, which supports the paper shorts of the market.

  3. If Mexico ever decides to halt silver exports it would be a game changer. If you look at the 2013 Silver Institute stats they produce about 20 % of global supply and so it could be said they are the Saudi Arabia of silver and the swing producer. . For a number of years now their oil production has been declining and recently the price has dropped. In a financial crisis I can easily see Mexico and other silver exporting countries halting shipments. Existing supplies would dry up quickly. The Swiss made
    a surprise announcement recently and I believe other countries will take the same approach in monetary policy for their own self interest. Why was the silver Libertad mintage in 2014 so low and late in the year ? Maybe it means something and maybe it doesn’t.

  4. James Cheung in HK | January 20, 2015 at 8:58 am |

    Besides supply cut off. I think some gold bugs or silver bugs should think out how silver can claim back its money role. Think about $100 we use gold, $0.1 we use silver and $0.25 , $0.5 and $1 also use silver. Can some one say Sprott Money or make this? Many people cannot fully trust bitcoin, because ounter party risk still there!

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