Silver Price Best Setup In Years & Update On Continued Meltdown In Stock Markets

This update is by far one of the most important as the silver price setup is the best I have seen in years.  According to the data, the silver price is by far in much better position to outperform gold when the precious metals market takes off.  Also, I do an update on the stock market as well as the continued disintegration of the U.S. Shale Oil Industry.

While most investors will be interested in what is taking place in the silver market, it’s very important to understand how much the situation is deteriorating in the U.S. Shale Oil Industry.  Without cheap and abundant oil, the value of most stocks, bonds, and real estate would collapse.  Unfortunately, falling stock and real estate prices are precisely what is going to happen to 99% of the public’s investments as only 1% hold precious metals.

The reason I believe the gold and silver prices will start to take off when the stock markets begin to really plunge lower is due to the setup of these assets since the Fed’s Q3 policy at the end of 2012.  Because the precious metals sold off from 2013 to 2016 and are still close to their lows, they are ripe for much higher prices.  However, the real estate and stock markets are near their highs.  Thus, we are going to experience one hell of a disconnect between the stock and real estate market and precious metals.. quite the opposite that took place after 2012.

In my newest youtube update, Amazing Silver Setup & Stock Market Meltdown Update, I show why the silver price is at the best setup I have seen in years.  Furthermore, I discuss the ongoing meltdown of the Dow Jones Index and stock markets due to companies being severely overvalued:

In the latter part of the update and show why the oil price is not back towards its high and that much lower prices are on the horizon.  When the stock market meltdown continues, the oil price will fall precipitously along with it.  Unfortunately, a lower oil price will be the DEATHKNELL for the already weakened U.S. Shale Oil Industry.

I provide the evidence to support my claim by using the largest Shale Oil Field (Permian) and the top shale producer in that field (Pioneer Resources):

According to the U.S. EIA, Energy Information Agency, the Permian Region is the largest oil producer in the country.  If we add the other three shale oil fields, they equal about the same as the Permian.  Now, as I mentioned, the largest operator in the Permian is Pioneer Resources.  In 2016, Pioneer produced nearly 60 million barrels of oil and 118 million MCF of natural gas:

We would assume that if Pioneer were the largest producer in the Permian, it would be making money HAND-OVER-FIST.  However, their financial reports show otherwise.  I would advise ALL PRECIOUS METALS INVESTORS to watch this part of the video because energy is the primary driver of our economy and it’s also the factor that will push the precious metals back to being the best HIGH-QUALITY stores of value.

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Some followers wondered why I hadn’t posted any new videos in the past few weeks.  I had to go out of town to assist my family with the recovery after an operation.  No worries as they are healing quite well now.  Why I missed doing updates, it is very important to take a break away from the rat race and spend quality time with family and friends.  This will be especially true when the U.S. stock market and economy disintegrates as many Americans will be losing their jobs.  The family will be the savior, not the government during this time.

Lastly, I don’t take enough time to mention to my followers how much I appreciate their support of the SRSrocco Report website.  Because I believe the information is too valuable to put behind a Subscriber Paywall, those followers who support my work through Paypal and Patreon provide me the necessary funds to keep the site an ongoing concern.

I can tell you from what I have heard in the newsletter industry, many of the Big (and even smaller) companies have switched from analyzing resource and precious metals and their stocks to focusing on Marijuana stocks and Cryptos.  Even many of the precious metals analysts have jumped ship into cryptos.  I believe this is quite a shame because the precious metals have never stopped being the NUMBER 1 go-to asset.

Even though the Crypto Market has taken attention away from gold and silver… this will not be a long-term trend.  Why, because crypto-analysts and investors fail to understand the negative ramifications about the Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Invested & Thermodynamics of energy.

Please stay tuned for my next article because it shows the FRAGILE NATURE OF CURRENCIES and is a must-read for individuals confused as to what assets to hold in the future.

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62 Comments on "Silver Price Best Setup In Years & Update On Continued Meltdown In Stock Markets"

  1. Partially agree Rocco, Silver is in the lift off stage as is Bitcoin and Litecoin
    Have steered well clear of the energy sector and am predominantly cash.

    Guess we’ve seen this time and again and each time they find a way to prolong the fall – this may be it? But don’t hold your breath(keep stacking)

    • Maurice Miner | March 25, 2018 at 9:46 pm |

      Jezuz. BitCoin and LiteCoin? What is it exactly, when they promote pictures of golden “coins”, but you don’t actually get a “coin”?

      What you get is a fiat belief that you can sell to a greater fool. Nothing more.

    • I would really enjoy any articles by Steve on Platinum as an investment in PMs. I own some, it is a good diversification as far as I am concerned. It is very rare, expensive (and energy intensive) to produce, has industrial uses, yet a different set of uses vs. Silver.

  2. I stack silver and use cryptos to fund my business.

  3. The masses ignored the thefts and hackings, but last week’s revelation, that the blockchain (transaction ledger) was always an open book, essentially kills Bitcoin and its spinoffs as purported “safe havens.” Economics of energy are the nail in the coffin. All the lies are gradually being exposed. Final proof of fraud is the way critics are attacked, now more vehemently than ever. It’s a musical-chair jungle out there, full of psychopaths looking to take advantage of others.

    • Lore – Just because you are discovering that an open source, decentralized ledger, which has its primary feature as being an open book, and therefore trustless (not relying on a centralized authority, but on the trust of the network – and all individuals looking out for their own interests) – doesn’t mean that it is news to anyone who has been paying attention for more than 10 minutes. Bitcoin isn’t a “safe haven” as you are implying it (for only criminals or privacy advocates). It is the only safe haven currency that separates the control of money from governments and banksters. It is the only one that can’t be inflated away by corrupt politicians AND isn’t majority owned by central governments and banks (like gold is). Instead of acquiring bitcoin or gold, why not a bit of both? It isn’t an either/or decision.

      • knowshitsurelock | March 25, 2018 at 4:31 am |

        SD, you left out silver in your rant. They can’t inflate away my silver coins either…

        And yes I can spend them locally just like cash here in SWMO Ozarks. Plenty of mom and pop and Amish stores here have signs up accepting silver coinage at 15X face value.

        I know crazy, right!?!

        • DisappearingCulture | March 25, 2018 at 9:44 am |

          “Plenty of mom and pop and Amish stores here have signs up accepting silver coinage at 15X face value.”
          Are you saying they are accepting 90% silver at 15X face value? That’s interesting, since they can buy it at less than 13X face value. But I guess it removes steps & complexity [like seeing a PM dealer or using internet] and builds a future relationship with customers.

        • The Amish are smart. By accepting less than the going rate they will get more silver than they normally would. Savy customers will change their fiat to silver and that silver will flow to the amish. Im sure the amish will keep 100% of that silver and trade it amoungst themselves.

        • knowshitsurelock
          Just cked at SD Bullion. $10.00 face of dimes costs $177.29, so the Amish are giving you $150.00 worth of goods for which they gave $80-90 fiat for ten dimes which costs $177.29 fiat?
          Hummmm not a bad deal for them. Hope your buying by the bag.
          The only time I would sell or trade silver is when paper or plastic is no longer accepted. The whole idea of stacking is to stack not sell.

          • DisappearingCulture | March 27, 2018 at 7:02 am |

            “Just cked at SD Bullion. $10.00 face of dimes costs $177.29,”

            Go back to SD Bullion: $10 face value mixed dimes/quarters is $122.44 at the moment

          • Yes, that’s why I said hope your buying by bag.

          • But hey, our little discussion here concerning the Amish shop keepers brings up a real concern for the future,,,,,,how to arrive at value.
            We see a large range in the buying power of silver, 122-177 based on volume alone.
            It would appear the guy holding the largest bag of silver has an advantage, but what does that tell us? Buy cheap? Maybe.
            Could be the future holds a time when we must all become comfortable with a barter system.
            Many now express displeasure in having to barter when buying an auto, just think if that level of bartering will be required over the simple purchase of a dozen eggs.
            I think I have the answer, Used Car Salesmen will rule!

        • knowshitsurelock – I left silver out of my rant for 2 reasons. Fiat functions well as a currency, a medium of exchange (not a store of value). The problem of course is the unlimited fiat which can be printed/generated. Gold & silver are limited in nature, but the problem is that due to all the industrial uses of silver now, it won’t be a pure currency as it is needed in so many other facets of life. This might make it good from a store of value perspective, but it makes it worse as a currency (not to mention how it would be used in a modern digital global economy). Second, instead of “inflating away” silver as a currency, historically governments have merely diluted the amount of silver in a coin, from 100% or 90% down to almost zero. This has basically the same effect as inflation. Obviously laws don’t stop a corrupt government from doing this, and nothing would stop a new set of lawmakers from doing the same thing if we went back to a hard money standard. This is where bitcoin shines. It can act as a store of value (albeit currently volatile in its infancy), a medium of exchange (globally), and years from now also as a unit of account. Because it doesn’t have additional industrial uses as a metal, it is a purer form of currency that also can’t be printed/generated by corrupt politicians no matter what (this is the best feature!). It is better than fiat in almost every way, and better than gold and silver in many ways.

          james r – The beauty behind an open source, decentralized crypto currency is that no person or entity is forcing you to use it (unlike fiat currencies). It does not matter that others can fork/copy/invent new cryptos. The free market determines the supply & demand. You could create a new “facebook” or twitter tomorrow, does that mean that your new company would have the market cap of facebook? Of course not, because the network effects of a superior platform with millions of users is not easily replaced. It takes a superior product + time + resources to create adoption. If/when a better bitcoin comes along, we can all slowly adopt to it. Instead of fearing change, perhaps we educate ourselves and ask how this technology could really change the world.

          • SD – My point is there is nothing unique about cryptos. All it is, is a piece of software that can be replicated at a very low cost and very easily. (Cryptos is not some “new” technology it is just software). On the other hand precious metals are rare and must be mined (very costly) to increase the supply. This is what gives precious metals its value, plus its inherent properties.

            So the real test is going to be when the dollar collapses will cryptos have value? Will people run to cryptos as a save haven?

            At this point we can only speculate. But my bet is silver and gold will be the true safe haven. And those holding cryptos will be holding very little value.

          • SD – One more important thing.

            Cryptos are measured in dollars. When you cash out of cryptos you receive US dollars. I guess if you are in the US.
            Now when the dollar collapses you will be cashing out in worthless dollars. Good luck in trying to exchange some gold and silver for worthless dollars buddy.

            No, the only thing I will be trading my precious metals will be something tangible like real estate, homes, cars.

          • Hey SD – get this Russia will not accept crytpos from your favorite country Venezuela.


            You millennials crack me up with all your stupid talk.

      • SD, – ” It is the only safe haven currency that separates the control of money from governments and banksters. It is the only one that can’t be inflated away by corrupt politicians AND isn’t majority owned by central governments and banks (like gold is)…”

        The fallacy of your thinking is that anyone person or group can create many “inflated” crypto currencies.

        • Yes james r. Cooperation. Between you and me. Between .gov and you and me. Without taxes, .gov wouldn’t exist. And the world wide web wouldn’t exist. So, decentalized ‘money’, in its digital form, cannot exist, except within a few hardcore manipulators and early adopters. Physical gold and silver are one of the components to get you to the other side. If there is one. Crypto’s is just another, more visible, sign of failing fiat currencies, aka failing growth, aka failing cheap energy.

        • james r – “just software”

          Bitcoin solves the digital double spending problem, while also solving the centralized authority issue of money creation. You can call that “just software” but I call it the greatest invention since the internet.

          Cryptos are currently measured against fiat currencies because that is
          what we are all used to. The USD is the standard unit of account, even as it slowly loses actual purchasing power year by year. The key is NEVER cashing out to USD. Only trade your crypto for goods and services (or PMs).
          Also, with a little vision and foresight, it is easy to see a world where items are priced in both fiat terms, and bitcoin terms. One day, perhaps 10 years from now, you might see a new car priced at $75,000 or 350mBits (0.35 BTC). Then as politicians continue to inflate away the currency, 10 years later that same new car might be priced at $175,000 or 200mBits. The anchoring bias of fiat will vanish and people will gain awareness of prices in crypto. This isn’t that difficult. People who live near international borders already do this. They understanding pricing in several different units of currency.

          Admittedly, the US is on the bottom of the list for countries that need to adopt bitcoin immediately. It is much more useful in Venezuela, or Greece, or all of Africa – first. But being a global currency, it can be used most where needed first as a testing ground and develop from there.

          Because we don’t know the future, I choose to hold both PMs and cryptos. Those who say only one will have any success are merely fooling themselves, and are overestimating their abilities to predict the future. While you can deal in absolutes on a personal level, the markets don’t care and will adjust accordingly. I’ve heard all these same arguments from people since 2014 when bitcoin was under $300 and very few people knew what it was. The bitcoin technology can’t be un-invented. It is here to stay.

          • SD – It is “just software”. The internet was the invention. But by you calling crypto “the greatest invention since the internet” makes me think that you are emotionally hooked on the significance on how cryptos will play in the future.

            As for cryptos ever being a form of currency it will not happen. The reason is simple. Each country’s currency is tied to its domestic economic output control by its central bank.
            For cyptos to be a currency the gov’t would have to adopt the crypto as a national currency. But the problem with that is you have many crytpos and of course it allows people to create money out of thin air without any checks and balances.

            ok let’s move on. You also say the key is to never cash out in USD. ok then how are you going to pay someone in cryptos if this person does not want cryptos? Maybe this person wants precious metals or something tangible to barter with like food or gas. As I mentioned before when the dollar collapses you will not be able to trade your worthless cryptos for precious metals because cryptos will hold no value! The inherent price of cryptos is practically worthless. So your only recourse is to force everyone to use cryptos. And that will never happen!

            As for third world countries using cryptos who cares! Their currency is crap. You give Venezuela and Greece as examples yet both of these countries economic output is zilch. The citizen of these countries would be better off investing in metals since their value will begin to appreciate when world currencies begin to deteriorate.

            And last, just because cryptos are valued now does not mean the markets will continue to give them value. Remember the bust? Or better yet the Tulip Mania? The bitcoin “software” will simply go like other hyped-up company and fade away.

          • James – REQ will make it so you can pay in crypto even tho someone might not want crypto.

            Their mainnet literally launched today and they have partnered with price water house Cooper.

            16 cents right now. I have about 70k request network coins.

            Look it up it’ll be big. Get some on binance

          • Mike – OOH ! WOW !

  4. Steve,

    The latest COT for silver deserves your comment. Banks are barely short, and speculators are shorter than banks. Have a look:

  5. I very well could be wrong but, I believe the government wants us to buy Bitcoin. When bitcoin started in 2009 they wanted people to get use to using it so when the money re-set happens ( the Central Bank will decide when that happens ) and folks are use to using bit-coin they will have control. If you think the government can’t get your bit-coin I have some beach front property in the Mohave Desert I will sell you. You MUST have precious metals in your hands or you have nothing. Bit-coin looks good and that’s what they want you to think. Call me crazy, but I just keep stacking and good luck to all you bit-coin folks. Like I said, I could be wrong and I hope I am. Crap is coming so look out below and keep stacking.

    • DisappearingCulture | March 25, 2018 at 9:53 am |

      “….but, I believe the government wants us to buy Bitcoin.”
      They certainly did, at least for a few years, to “beta test” how a digital currency [to choose one word], that has no inherent value [like something physical or tangible] would be accepted. Would people voluntarily trade their fiat cash [physical or digital] for Bitcoin? It turns out yes some would. Most of those not holding it for the sake of a currency, but in the hope it would go up in fiat currency valuation…an investment.

    • Ray – “the government wants us to buy bitcoin”

      This comment does not match up with the actual history of bitcoin. Bitcoin nearly died several times in its nascent stages. Then the only exchange collapsed in early 2014, again nearly killing bitcoin. The people who kept bitcoin alive early on were the cypherpunks and libertarians [anti-government types]. They were concerned about online privacy, because the government is able to track EVERY single online transaction you make with a credit card or bank account and that freaked people out. Why would the governments who have this power want to enable and encourage an option to go around this ultimate surveillance?

      Bitcoin is pseudonymous. One can be identified if you tie your bitcoin addresses back to a fiat gateway or another identifiable transaction where your name is known – and somebody wants to put the work and effort in to find you. This is much harder than simply mandating credit card companies and banks make all your transactions available to the FBI/NSA/CIA, etc.

      The only way the government can get your bitcoin is 1) if they convict you of a crime and physically seize it in person, 2) if they find your private key(s) – this could be anybody, not just a government, 3) if they shut down an exchange and you have irresponsibly left your bitcoin on that exchange 4) if they invent a quantum computer capable of breaking ECDSA encryption before bitcoin users upgrade to quantum safe wallets (or one can simply buy an already QR-safe crypto like QRL instead). Please describe to me another way the government can “get” your bitcoin. If you take the basic precautions, bitcoin is safer to hold than many other assets, and you can travel internationally with millions of $$$ worth of bitcoin completely anonymously. Good luck doing that with cash or gold.

  6. Bitcoin has value because of it’s utilitarian use. No other asset can transfer Millions and millions of dollars half way across the world securely in a short amount of time anonymously. A person can literally create a brain wallet, walk through security holding nothing fly to New York, go the Plaza Hotel, fire up his computer and access those millions anonymously. Name another asset that can do that? No? There is Bitcoins value and I guarantee that the governments of the world fear this feature. They want complete control of their currency as they currently have with fiat. Gold and Silver have their own utility aspects so the two classes are not in competition to each other. Own both.

    • DisappearingCulture | March 25, 2018 at 12:09 pm |

      “There is Bitcoins value and I guarantee that the governments of the world fear this feature. They want complete control of their currency as they currently have with fiat.”
      I don’t know how far governments and central banks working together would or will go to control cryptocurrencies. I suspect they can do more than most Bitcoin owners think they can.

    • Tired of this shyte | March 25, 2018 at 6:08 pm |

      And what about the vast global spying network monitoring everything you do: voice recognition on 24/7 in your phone; every email, computer log on, internet site visited is tracked and permanently recorded; all the fancy hi-tech encryption was designed by governemnt agencies to be hackable; etc, NOTHING you do is private any more. Before you leave they know how much you’ve got and where you’ve got it; as soon as you log on again in another country they can see how much you spend/transfer and where it goes.

      Look, your crypto promotion propaganda just does not cut it here. Some of us has researched waaaaay outside the dumbed down stuff put on our TVs.

    • go home troll

  7. Great video. You’ve been amazingly spot on with your prognostications and forecasts. I’ve also been reviewing some of your earlier videos from 2015-2017. You’ve done some great work especially since I’m able to look back with the wisdom of hindsight. I was wondering about housing and the stock market. I’m sure housing and the stock market will decline in value relative to gold and silver, but I’m finding it difficult to contend with the Dollar price. I’m assuming Dollars will continue losing significant value and we will probably see rate cuts, additional QE, helicopter money, returning foreign Dollars etc. Therefore, the housing and even the stock market could decline in deflationary collapse only to be re-inflated by the Fed and its cohorts. We saw something similar in Venezuela. Housing and the stock market made new highs in Bolivars, but declined in price relative to the Dollar and commodities. In Venezuela you can’t buy a house in Bolivars, people want Dollars. In Venezuela prices rise in nominal terms, but decline in real terms. I’m trying to decide if we burn by hyperinflation or drown by deflation or maybe a lot of both.

  8. Arnold Ziffel | March 25, 2018 at 3:11 pm |

    I am surprised that some sovereign fund has jumped all over silver. They could control the market.

  9. HaHa, GLP. Are you a time traveler from the past? Bitcoin is not anonymous, especially not large transactions.

    Regardless, you talk of freedom, yet are championing the ultimate freedom loss. A cashless world which thus requires that you can never leave home without carrying a smart phone tracking device.

    Bravo, Freeman.

    • Diogenes Shrugged | March 25, 2018 at 10:40 pm |

      With brain cancer increasing parabolically, we might at some point witness near total abandonment of smart phones. If a crippling swath of a whole generation of young people dies off, the manifold consequences will be horrifying.

      I thought your comment astute, as I’ve never considered that. I hope your comment is the one that comes true, not mine.

  10. Steve,

    What is your opinion of the Petro Yuan and will it hurt the value of the Dollar? I know all fiat is beginning to go up in flames, but will this hasten it?

  11. Jared,

    * Their is absolutely no proof that JPM has been stacking. Impossible to differentiate in any data whether is theirs or just what holding for customers. Unlike almost everyone else, I have really looked, and regreted the waste of time. One of the many extensive strains of bs threading thru the silver universe. Butler is disgusting.

    * Regarding Petroyuan. Have never stood how a metal backed currency is gonna work cause of the redeemable problem, i.e, the gold gets taken, and aren’t any partial measures here. If not truly redeemable it’s not effectively backed.

    However on a state/corporate basis this could work. Plan is initially oil exporters test the redeemability many times but after that there exists a kind of gentleman’s agreement to not rock the boat by exchanging for too much gold as it’s in everyone’s interest not to do so. And China has enough gold to handle outflows for good while.

    So seems like could work and anyway, they wouldn’t do all work they have done to set this up if it would not work.

    Assuming this all valid don’t see how can not substantially hasten death of dollar over 2-5 years time. And other countries are substantially motivated to do so in order to avoid nuclear war. Yeh, this is a challenge with real stones.

  12. Schadenfreude | March 26, 2018 at 11:31 am |

    The perfect storm has just arrived for PEMEX,official data just released.
    Refinery capacity down 42.2% for the”primer bimestre”(first two months)
    Proven reserves down 7.3% from the previous year.
    The panorama for PEMEX (Mexico) is absolutely dire for the near future.

  13. Think about this | March 26, 2018 at 11:44 am |

    I just want to throw this out there to all honest thinking individuals. Don’t put all your wealth in just silver. Diversify some into gold. Especially if you are a buy and hold type of saver. Look at Gold on a ‘risk adjusted’ basis. Silver might temporarily outperform gold, but after the spike up happens, and the price of silver starts to drop, all the wealth will be transfered to gold and you will see that Gold will outperform wilver in the long-run. DOn’t be surprised if the gold silver ratio goes above 100:1 and above to infinity. Think about it this way, Silver is sound currency/money, but gold is an investment. It doesn’t matter the gold/silver ratio in the ground/extraction. Once you have like say 1,000 ounces of silver, it becomes to cumbersome to tote around, so the logical thing to do is convert to gold. Thus gold will always have the edge over silver. Assess your own personal risk profile and think about it. Yes, get silver, but don’t neglect gold either. Peace/Shalom!

  14. Debt doesn’t matter. Until it does.

  15. Stupid market may remain irrational longer than we have patience for…

    • DisappearingCulture | March 27, 2018 at 7:23 am |

      The article points to concerns about equities markets going down, and that isn’t irrational, it is rational that stocks should have a lower valuation.

      As for gold outpacing silver, it has history of doing that in the early stages of a run-up. As the article states “….because money managers tend to favor gold when they think markets might turn rocky…”

  16. silverfreaky | March 27, 2018 at 9:43 am |

    All day we see that a true pm-price depends on the good will of the central banks.
    Steve didn’t accept this.Year for year we get this result.

    When i’am wrong i cannot tell each year the same wrong story.It’s misleading!

    Look to the miner index HUI.He is at a 20 year low.

    • But when you are saying the truth, not a story you stick to it for life. But what I am talking to a troll, principles?

  17. Hey
    I’ve been frustrated for a decade – the BANKSTERS have the monopoly money just hope I never see one begging in the street, so until it unwinds – well I guess were just waiting.Waiting.WAITING!
    Always remember – Financial Serivices are NOT there for you, their there for themselves!

  18. A classic nowadays : a “bullish” article on silver here is followed within hours by silver tanking…

  19. Stephan Vogt | March 29, 2018 at 4:05 am |

    Germany storages about 3500 tons Gold in the USA.In 2013 some suspicious german politician decided to check the gold bars.After the visit in the mainstream media was pronounced:Deutsche Bundesbank take back the gold reserves” from the USA.In each press the same headline.

    After a more exact investigation i noticed that we get only 50%.This is it ladies and gentleman.It’s a completely poiticial decission what price we get.
    So this wrong statement was forwarded to the mainstream press to soothe the public.

    So there are 3 parties who are lying.The german politician,bundesbank, and the press.
    At least the USA!

    Who thinks here are free markets is naive.The USA are in financial terms the greatest lyers.
    In the moment they want to seperate europe from russian.Think abbout there is double agent who lys at both side.In other cultures – short process.But Britain,USA and the EU create a new commercial war to weaken the russian.Even without a proof.The ukraine conflict had the same source.

    It think the folk must take a pitchfork and hit it in the back of….

  20. The big issue, at least in short term, is whether production is down mostly because of decreasing price, meaning that if silver was $30.00 an ounce for example, the amount mined would not show a decline vs a more sobering statistic that even if adjusted for price and increased costs to mine, silver production is declining due to declining ore grades and inability to find new deposits, even if exploration funding were increased.

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