The Royal Canadian Mint just released their figures for the quarter showing record Silver Maples sales for the year.  Sales of Silver Maples weren’t as strong in the third-quarter compared to the same period last year, but they outperformed Silver Eagles in percentage terms.

Sales of both the Silver Eagles and Maples were quite strong in the first half of the year, but declined during the summer months.  If we look at the figures below, we can see just how much purchases of Silver Maples and Eagles declined compared to the prior year:

Q3 2013 & 2014 Silver Eagle & Maple Leaf Sales

Q3 2013 Silver Eagle Sales = 11.055,500

Q3 2014 Silver Eagle Sales = 8,202,500 (-26%)

Q3 2013 Silver Maple Sales = 6,700,000

Q3 2014 Silver Maple Sales = 5,400,000 (-19%)

Most of the weakness in sales of these official coins took place in July and August.  However, Silver Eagle sales picked up significantly in September reaching 4,140,000 surpassing last year’s monthly figure of 3,013,000. 

The Royal Canadian Mint does not break down its sales figures on a monthly basis (quarterly reports), but I would imagine Silver Maple Leaf sales picked up substantially in September paralleling the huge demand for Silver Eagles.

In the first nine months of the year, Silver Maple Leaf sales reached a record 20.8 million compared to 20.7 million during the same period last year:

Canadian Silver Maple Sales Q1-Q3 2013-2014 NEw

When I first opened the Royal Canadian Mint Q3 2014 Report, I thought sales would be higher… however, I forgot to consider the large drop in demand during July and August.  I believe the fourth quarter sales figures will come in substantially higher pushing Silver Maple Leaf demand to a new all-time record.

Looking at the chart above, Silver Maple sales were very strong during the first quarter at 8.2 million oz — largest quarterly record ever.  Then in the second quarter, sales declined slightly to 7.2 million oz, compared to 7.4 during the same period last year.  However, the 1.3 million oz decline of Silver Maple sales in Q3 2014 compared to Q3 2013 was the reason overall sales figure year-to-date wasn’t much higher than last year.

But, sales of Silver Eagles increased substantially during the last paper take-down reaching a monthly record for October at 5,790,000.  The U.S. Mint had to suspend sales on November 5th due to its inventory being totally wiped out.  The Royal Canadian Mint also put the sales of its Silver Maples on limited basis due to high demand as well.

If the U.S. Mint provides another update for the last few days in November and sells at least the same number of Silver Eagles in December (1,200,000) as it did last year, we could see nearly 43 million sold for 2014… another record year.  I also believe demand for Silver Maples will increase substantially in the last quarter of 2014 also leading to a new record year.

I estimate Silver Eagle sales for 2014 to be 43 million, while Silver Maples will reach 28.5 million.  The chart below shows total sales of these official coins in 2013 compared to my estimate for 2014:

Silver Eagle vs Silver Maple Sales 2013 & Est 2014

Again, the reason 2014 sales may not be even stronger than 2013 has to do with the large drop-off during July and August.  However, if we compare the estimated 2014 sales of Silver Eagles and Maples compared to 2007… IT’S OFF THE CHARTS:

Silver Eagle Sales vs Maples 2007 & Est 2014

Prior to the U.S. Investment Banking and Housing Market collapse, the total sales of Silver Eagles & Maples were only 13,870,000 in 2007.  Hell, Silver Maple Leaf sales were only a paltry 3.5 million compared to the estimated 28.5 million this year.  In just seven years, sales of these two top official coins are 5 TIMES LARGER at an estimated 71.5 million.

THIS IS A BIG FIGURE and now represents nearly 9% of global silver mine supply in 2014, compared to 2% in 2007.  Basically, total Silver Eagle and Maple Leaf sales in 2007 represented 2% of global mine production and now almost consume 10%.

However, this only includes demand from a very small portion of the investing public.  95% of the public invested in the markets have their wealth tied into the biggest Paper Ponzi Scheme in history.  Right now, Silver Eagles and Maples are totally unknown by the majority of public, but I would imagine this will change in the future as the COLLAPSE OF ASSUMED PAPER WEALTH takes place in earnest.

If the Royal Canadian & U.S. Mint have difficulty now trying to meet demand for the 2-5% of public demand… what happens when the GREAT RUSH INTO GOLD & SILVER BEGINS??

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52 Comments on "SILVER EAGLE & MAPLE LEAF RECORD SALES: Five Times Larger Than 2007"

  1. Turk showed up at KWN yesterday, so that means that PMs MUST GO DOWN HARD TODAY.


    Record demand for silver eagles only means the price of Ag goes down more. There must be ONE PM pundit around who knows what’s going on. Once more, the end of 2014 will show that NOT ONE PM “expert” – from Embry to Nenner – had it right once again. ALL 2014 PREDICTIONS are in the crapper. It’s even worse than 2013.

    This is so f***ing pathetic now.

    • cpnscarlet,

      Actually I agree as I am included in that group. However, the amount of DEBT & LEVERAGE in the system is several orders of magnitude greater than it was in 2008 — the year the entire financial system nearly imploded.

      Even though I am frustrated that the FED & CENTRAL BANKS continue to prop up the STOCK, BOND & FIAT CURRENCY MARKETS, this is not something that can continue for years.

      The decline of West Texas Crude (WTIC) below $68 is destroying the already weak Shale Oil industry. Sustained Low oil prices will force PEAK OIL sooner than later. Thus, the collapse of PAPER ASSETS will also come sooner than later.


      • You confess that it can continue for many many years…

        That’s what I fear also…

        • RD,

          Maybe you should read a bit more clearly.

          I wrote this: this is not something that can continue for years.

          Nothing has changed with the fundamentals for gold and silver… they have only gotten stronger. I am not selling one ounce of my physical metal as I realize things are FAR WORSE in the PAPER MARKETS than ever.


          • I hope the entire paper market everything just absolutely explodes. Wall Street, the Fed, the banking cabal needs to be taken out. They are out of control.

          • Sorry, I misread it, however I do think that it can last for several years, let’s say until the end of the decade. Look ar december comex silver : nothing happened : it will be last than 25 million ounces delivered.

        • David,

          Yeah.. thanks, I saw that. I have to say, Americans have no fricken idea of what’s coming. If oil prices continue to decline this will KILL the very Shale Oil Industry the FED and MEMBER BANKS need to continue propping up the PAPER MARKETS. If oil production falls, it will implode the over-leveraged paper markets.


          • So what stops the money changers from creating US dollars and subsidizing the Shale Oil Industry indefinitely? By that move, they can bankrupt foreign oil producing nations, and then move in and take over the oil fields. Same goes for any other industry. If they want, they can capture anything they desire.

            Control of the reserve fiat currency makes them all powerful.

            They are smarter than us. That I admit and acknowledge.

          • NotSoObvious. What WILL stop the money changers / The Central Bankers from continuing to support the Shale Oil system is on multiple levels that aren’t that apparent when first seen. Realize that even without the shale oil in the equation the system is falling apart on multiple levels and you are witnessing the rejection of the US dollar across multiple levels. Sure the US might be able to come into a country like Lybia or Nigeria with its military and narco traffic funded armies and take over the natural resources and help “liberate” these folks but are you really going to do that to Russia? A country with eleven time zones? I mean that’s the way we have been treating them and this will bite us back…rather I think maul us in short order. Putin is just waiting for us to entrap ourselves further. Then again how are they lying in wait for our stupid and corrupted leadership and puppet masters from the banking cabal? China and Russia are continuing to build a massive Eurasian trade zone economic agreements and partnerships world bypassing the dollar, creating massive contracts out of dollar trades with China, accumulating record levels of gold purchases while in the process of being sanctioned.

            No they are not smarter than us, they just had the ability to accumulate control on the ignorance of the masses and though their covert, repulsive, and nonhuman actions ranging from disgusting to horrifying. If you had no consciousness, access to political power, unlimited free money and were willing to sacrifice millions of lives in the pursuit of your own greed and control then you to would have the same level of “intelligence”, intelligence in the service of madness.

            Intelligence that choose to follow is called “practicing patience.” Knowing all FIAT currency systems in the History of the world have failed and this one will the the historical record to be certain.

    • DUDE…
      cry urslef a river….
      if u dont believe in the merits of accumulating real money in either of the 2 forms then sell them and buy fucking stawks or bonds…

      u think the moneychangers r goin to give up the system they created that made u a debt slave fo life without a fight????

      if this war is too much for u then fold and run away…
      or as u say of Turk – shut the fuck up.

      • LOL “Stawks and bonds” sounds like you are from Baahston.

        Watch the junk bond market…Shale Oil/Tight Oil may not be able to service their debt pile with $66/bbl Oyel. Investors looking for return, pension funds, annuities and probably some high flying money funds could get smacked if junk bonds tank.

  2. Frankly these numbers are very weak, not enough to change anything on the paper front. If and when paper scheme will collapse, their fiat will have just disappeared, they will not and will not be able to buy much precious metals…

    • RD,

      I know your type very well…LOL. There’s plenty of PAPER GARBAGE to buy out there. I am sticking with 6,000 years worth of gold and silver monetary history even though that LAME CITIGROUP BANK ANALYST says otherwise.



      • That’s excatly what I posted ! People will wake up after the crash and not before : I know more than 10 people with good wages who are able to save quite a lot of money regarding median or medium wages : they have nor bought one ounce of gold or silver except their wedding rings !

        The silver coin sales have risen but not enough to chanhe anything except that if they were weaker, silver will be already at single digit while it can be next week indeed…

  3. If you look at all of the silver products produced and sold this year by the US and Royal Canadian mints it is probably approaching 100 million ounces by years end. Last year according to the silver institute total silver coin and bar demand was about 245 million ounces. So with a little arithmetic these two mints alone will compromise about 41% of investor demand in 2014.

  4. “Nothing has changed with the fundamentals for gold and silver.”

    Steve I beg to differ, something has changed. They look even stronger now, with an even brighter future.

    Don’t know if you have seen this article, which the MSM has not even hinted at!

    Talk about painting yourself into a corner from which there is no escape!

  5. Interesting info …. but I think it’d be even more enlightening to see what the volume of Paper Silver in the various ETF’s and Futures Contracts have been over the past couple years.

  6. Apologize for an apparent bad link above. Let’s see if this is better:


    It was communication with and posts from Steve that made me aware of how expensive it is to produce shale oil, and price per barrel has to be high…much higher…unless the Fed wants to start giving currency to the U.S. oil companies they will close down production rather than go bankrupt on oil production they are losing money on. And they have been bleeding before this current price drop.

    Energy costs and production directly and indirectly relate to silver production and investor demand.

  7. I thought the Royal Canadian Mint started rationing silver Maples in September. That would skew the results some for the 3rd quarter.

  8. Who is buying all these coins? It doesn’t appear to be the American public at large as they seem to be not interested in buying, My question is, are these foreign buyers?

    • Probable big buyers who know silver’s real value to industry, and priced in dollars, Like JPM…the big manipulator of silver on the Comex…when they allow the price to go up. They have gone net long in futures contracts after being historically short.

  9. Of course, this farce will end eventually, even soon perhaps. But there was a time when I was willing to send a gold ounce to whoever postulated the correct time it would end. But NOT now.

    At this point, whoever gets the date/timing right will be relegated to the “broken clock” class of being right.

    • cpnscarlet,

      I actually agree with you. Back in the beginning of 2013, after the big take-down in the precious metals, I told myself not to consider any Technical Analysis or Short-Term timing of price. Unfortunately, I went back on my word and published some articles this year (information from credible sources) that we could see a nice move up by the end of the year.

      Now, I realize this can take a bit longer, especially if the SWISS vote NO tomorrow on the Gold Ref. We will see.

      Fundamentals always win out in the end. It’s just been quite amazing to watch the FED & CENTRAL BANKS continue to levitate a DEAD ELEPHANT in the air.


      • TA is still very much valid on the paper front : it is bearish short medium and long term and believe me but it does not please me.

        If nothing happen from the east we are going to see much lower paper prices.

  10. Hello, i read a lot of blog about economy and specially PM and i laugh and love when i see people angry that the price are still where they are. They just look at the price and don’t realize the absolute ENORMOUS changes that is happenning right now between paper vs physical. Having red a lot of investors books i realized that a good investor understand the game and buy constantely over time whether it’s real estate, commodity or PM. I made one of my biggest purchase of silver last week and i’m so happy that they pushed the price so low for so long cause i wouldn’t have been able to accumulate what i got now.

  11. RD=Troll

    RD you are a joke, You post here incessantly and its always 90% negative and then some trite comment that your bearish POV is not what you want. LMAO you are not fooling anyone. FOAD! To those that insist that there are no shortages look at Constitutional Silver at Apmex. Premiums $3.49 an oz. and no bags available on most 1/2 dollar options. Not long ago it was readily available and trading at a discount to spot…….Supply is draining and the momentum is still increasing. I must admit I grow sadder each day at the dishonesty continually being displayed and perpetrated by the bands of thieves our government encourages and tolerates.

    Saw Douche Bank Would said Bakken Shale producers were profitable (on average) at $42 a barrel. Had to laugh….the amount of hyperbole in oil right now is off the scale EIA inventories last 3 weeks were -5.3, unchanged, and -4.8 million barrels. Would have been worse but gasoline and distillate inventories were down more than oil so not a true apples to apples comp. Looks like the days of Atlas Shrugged are at hand…no one producing a commodity is supposed to make money. Only the grifters and banksters.

    • I see the paper price falling falling and falling again…

    • Here in Europe there no premium on standard gold coins or ingots but surely on silver I do not know because there are very few.

      I agree what you say ON THE VERY LONG TERM but in the meantime this swiss referendum tells us that westerners will always vote for paper rather for gold and will never buy much… before it’s too late.

      It is obviuously a huge opportunity for the anti gold camp to destroy the paper prices even much and for swiss central banks to dump gold as much as possible.

  12. Kansas

    Thanks for saying it. I always thought the same thing…

  13. This video is worth a watch and has a different take on gold and silver.

  14. It’s official. The Swiss said NO loud and clear. Get ready with your truck, this coming week we could see THE lows in the PM pit. Monday blood bath, Tuesday with a follow through and then the last week hands will throw in the towels. THEN buy, maybe around Thursday. The charts will look f#ç∆ed up beyond believe.

  15. Sales are five times large than they were in 2007, even though an average price in 2014 was about 40-50% higher than it was in 2007. Go figure…

  16. What an asstounding turn of events we have here, sportsfans!

    the much balleyhooed referendum by those alpine Yodelers proved to be as much of a road hazard as just another splatted gnat on the windshield of the banksters’ Ferrari as they drive us all at breakneck speed to the end the world & beyond (TEOFTWAB).

    And in a ferrari, that’s only a few seconds past the sign that reads “TEOTWAWKI”.

    nobody took the strong hint, delivered friday in the half-day trading of the obliteration (again) of the soon-to-be-worthless miners as a sign that the vote result was already pre-dialed in?

    and my go to guru in these trying times, The Tard, (Rawdogletard) hasn’t even issued any free updates for a week now.
    what to do, what to do?

    well, i like my idea of looking for THE bottom by staking out the sporting goods/camping section of every store, watching for sightings of all the not just washed up but washed away top tier “gurus” & “experts” buying pup tents, there to pitch under a rent-free overpass or bridge to eke out the rest of their days and stinking miserable lives in….uhhh….uhhhh….stinking misery.

    Please post pics. ESPECIALLY if u spot The Rickypoo!

  17. Silver destroyed at 14,5 now.

    Frankly sub 10 is the target for year end

  18. To the people of Switzerland, I say with full conviction:

    YOU ARE FUCKING MORONS!!! Eat shit and die.

    • No need for offensive words, M. People are sheeple, be in in Swizz or elsewhere. The MSM propaganda here was thick and heavy, you would not believe it. The credo was “if the Euro peg falls, our economy is f#@ked”. It is true that Swizz exports A LOT into the EU, with a EU trade surplus. Many Swiss firms were truly scared of the peg falling in case of a yes vote. The downside to this lunacy, that the Swiss Franks fate is not shared with the fate of the Euro which is doomed, was never an issue. The costs of the Euro peg so far, 350 Billion newly created CHF on the balance sheet of the SNB, mostly exchanged for Euros and Euro bonds, stocks et al…. no word. “Wealth transfer” (LOL) directly to the banks and the 1%. And people bought into the BS. Heck, ALL parties, the entire government, pretty much 99% of MSM and all neocon economists warned about the negative consequences of a yes. They all profited handsomely from this, but the burden is payed by the 99%, and they still don’t get it. There was no chance in hell. On the bright side, 22%, yours truly included, did not buy into their lies.

      • Just needed to get that out of the system. Yes – what we’ve learned is that propaganda works. Even with lies as outrageous as within the mainstream media no-campaign – as long as someone with an important name in an expensive suit tells them, the people will buy it.

        If you have a choice, and do not make it, you just cannot be helped. Seriously, if (rather when) at some point in the future the majority of our people suffer, I will not feel bad seeing them suffer. They brought it all on themselves. They will get exactly what they bargained for – to be exploited for all they have by the people and the system they trusted.

    • 100% agree Markus ! Maybe the excat writing of this motion was not very good but they have still a chance to kick the a.. of their nefarious bankers. What a shame this people…

  19. The conficence in the Metalls is totally destroyed.There is no end in sight.
    Soon we have to pay when we want to sale the PM.

  20. I never saw such a fall in any stocks i have.It’s unbelievable.The Minerindex falls 10% a day.
    In the morning the same.
    Nobody can tell me that we payed in 2011 fair Prices.The word Manipulation is spoken very soon.OK.
    But then please in both directions.

  21. silverfreaky | December 1, 2014 at 1:07 am |

    Topic Switzerland Referendum:

    The Referendum for no was correct.The rule tu buy always 20% of the bank bilance is totally wrong.
    The Trader come and trade Schweizer Franken versus Gold.This was defintely a stupid idea.

    Better would have been to increase slowly the Gold amount like the chinese.But to make a direct Ratio to the bilance is stupid.

    • It would have been better than nothing. And since the SNB wouldn’t have been allowed to sell, if at some point gold was to be 100% of Swiss reserves, what the hell would have been so bad about that?

  22. If noone commented on this before – this is crazy:

    You can go all the way back to 1989, when the data started, and not encounter anything like it.

  23. And a thought on the volatility in the metals – let’s see if the CME now raises margins,as it should, and in the process squeeze the overleveraged shorts.

    I just put this out there because we just know it will never happen :D. The bankster CME will not ever work against the naked shorts.

  24. 2007 and the following years were years in which the more prudent parts of the populace in OECD countries really believed that things might change for the better. That certain irresponsible lending and leveraged “investment” practices might be abolished etc. And in the following years they, me included, thought “ok, things take some time”. But by now most have realized things have changed for the worst. Draghi, Abenomics, Yellen, the Chinese forged growth figures, the Swiss National Bank pegging their Franc to an artificial conversion rate to the Euro while that Euro is being debased by Draghi … all point into one direction: fiat money is soon coming to an ugly end and precious metal will reign supreme.

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