PEAK SILVER As COMEX Has Record Low Silver & High Demand

Now that British citizens have voted to leave the European Union, the DIE HAS BEEN CAST.  It really doesn’t matter if Scotland or Ireland want to veto it or if a few million British want to redo the vote, because the INERTIA for change has been put into motion.  Europe, the United States and in the rest of the world are now in the last stages of financial disintegration.

I sat down with Dan from Future Money Trends and discussed several aspects of the silver market as it pertains to future economic turmoil in the interview below:

00:25 Introduction to Steve St. Angelo
02:10 COMEX silver inventory leverage record high 500:1
05:00 China’s Shanghai Exchange Rapidly growing physical inventory
06:00 Recycled Silver Falling, Paper suppressing physical price
07:20 Above Ground available silver only 2 or 3 Billion oz
09:10 Chinese are jumping into commodities trading
09:40 Mining production; base metal mines shutting down
11:45 Peak Silver Production coming soon
12:30 BREXIT Yes Vote to Cause Higher Gold & Silver Prices
13:10 Massive world monetary changes & chaos coming; NIRP
16:45 Where to buy Physical Bullion from
21:00 Steve’s take on mining shares new bull market

You can also find the original interview here:  Peak Silver as COMEX has record LOW Silver Stock & High Demand – Steve St. Angelo of 

I spent some time at the end of the video talking about the SRSrocco Report’s new association with precious metals expert Tom Cloud.  One of the items I did not cover in the interview is Tom Clouds ability to protect clients payment method by using an escrow account.

We have heard several dealers going bankrupt such as Tulving and the NW Territorial Mint.  Many customers lost their money when the company went into bankruptcy.  This will never happen to any client or customer who uses Tom Cloud’s services.

When Tom Cloud receives payment from a clients payment, he puts the funds in escrow.  Only when the metal is all accounted for and ready to be shipped, are the funds removed from escrow.  Tom is one of the only few dealers who provides this sort of safety service to protect the customer or clients funds.

If you want to learn more about Tom Cloud’s services and precious metals products, please check out our new PRECIOUS METALS INVESTING section or our new LOWEST COST PRECIOUS METALS STORAGE page.

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5 Comments on "PEAK SILVER As COMEX Has Record Low Silver & High Demand"

  1. “Now that British citizens have voted to leave the European Union,…”

    Important to understand this was a referendum only. There are already enough signatures on petition for Parliament to call for another referendum to make sure this is what the voters want…all London Burroughs voted strongly in favor of remaining in the EU…and another chance to rig an election.

    Even if they go forward from here Parliament has to put their stamp of approval to proceed, and then they petition the EU in writing, which could take a year or more. This is not a done deal yet.

    • David,

      I understand the particulars of the BREXIT. However, the YES VOTE was the LINE IN THE SAND.


      • Yeaah I agree some kind of line in the sand was drawn. I don’t know what % of voters for exit were clear on what they were voting on. You may have heard there was a huge surge of Google searches in the UK on “EU” or what is EU”. There may have been more “general dissatisfaction attitude” voting than substantive issue voting. Right now if I was a betting man I would rate the chance of really leaving the EU as less than 50%.

  2. silverfreaky | June 27, 2016 at 6:49 am |

    What not fits they made that it fits.The sheeple must choose as long as the elite is satisfied with the result.

  3. I agree, Steve that the line in the sand has been crossed. I’m not quite so sure on the other hand whether or not this was the “agreed upon” tack that the megalomaniacal sociopathic ubergreedy globalist elites wanted for some reason. I NEVER assume that they are stupid or incompetent in a worldly sense (outside the fact that I believe that choosing evil, giving the finger to God, choosing to hurt or destroy others or this physical world for personal gain, and being driven by greed are ALWAYS stupid and in the end self-destructive), so I will be watching with interest to see what their next move(s) will be. Guess we’ll find out down the road.

    For now, whether it was their plan or not, I hope it blows up in their faces, helped along by the awakening (finally) of some large proportion of WeThePeople of the world, especially of the Western world, to finally see for themselves and understand the existence and the plans of these conscienceless egomaniacal psychopaths (many in high places of influence and power, including many so-called “representatives” or elected officials who are bought and paid for and owned) to enslave them (and even destroy them…via the wars they foment and finance, via vaccines that do much harm and little good [and that “good” is basically making themselves a lot of money], and various other schemes to “depopulate” THEIR “overpopulated” planet for their own benefit and sense of well-being). I at least hope that there is a growing number out there who understand to some degree just how larcenous and murderous of our rights and freedoms–personal, political, financial, and even physical–these globalist elites are that run the politico-economic shows in the US and Europe (and elsewhere).

    PS…I think you mean “momentum” rather than “inertia” (the latter being the tendency/preference of a body at rest to remain at rest)

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