(by Charles Savoie) Does anyone doubt we reside in the most financially corrupt country in the world?  We are in deep trouble from many angles.  Precious metals investors who have ordinary emotions have long felt like they’re living underwater, wanting to come up for air; meaning—we wait year in and year out for the dawning of a freely traded market in gold and silver—one without undue short-side influences—and still it brews to happen.  Butler had an item several years ago, “Living In A Blind Man’s World” on this exact situation.  None of us have ever witnessed the likes of a free market in metals.  We’re like blind men, wondering what it would be like to have sight and be able to visually reckon our physical sensory world.

We had gold and silver nationalization in the Franklin Roosevelt years, especially March 1933 to February 1937.  I made a 312 page report covering this tragic history on a week by week basis, available at http://cache.silver-investor.com/charlessavoie/cs  We must exert ourselves now to insulate against a repeat in any form.

SRSrocco:  This is a guest post by Charles Savoie.  Charles provides some interesting data from behind the scenes on the ongoing silver manipulation story.


by Charles Savoie,

There are several items I wish to review which hopefully will be helpful.  Does anyone doubt we reside in the most financially corrupt country in the world?  We are in deep trouble from many angles.  Precious metals investors who have ordinary emotions have long felt like they’re living underwater, wanting to come up for air; meaning—we wait year in and year out for the dawning of a freely traded market in gold and silver—one without undue shortside influences—and still it brews to happen.  Butler had an item several years ago, “Living In A Blind Man’s World” on this exact situation.  None of us have ever witnessed the likes of a free market in metals.  We’re like blind men, wondering what it would be like to have sight and be able to visually reckon our physical sensory world.

 Savioe #1

Have you kept informed as to the loss of civil liberties in this country?  With such trends, why should gold and silver ever trade in a free market here?  The consensus I notice is that when insufficient metal is available to dump for price control, that’s when prices will precipitously gravitate steeply upside.  However, we are dealing with the dirtiest players in history.  They intend to change the rules just as market forces start to overwhelm them.  I want to convey to you some suggestions you can act on, which will tend to obstruct these plans.  It has recently been expressed that gold and silver mining shares will be seized from investors, because we won’t be allowed to hold title in a $500 per ounce silver price scenario.  Whatever high figure you may be comfortable with postulating, there is no question that by rights, gold and silver miners should enter into a long period of undreamed of profitability.  The powers that be are well aware of this.  They are bitterly opposed to average people achieving huge financial success—because we aren’t in on the scurvy globalist plan.  I am even less psychic than most of you, but no such mystical ability is needed to understand the nature of this beast.  They are always out to block capital formation outside their circles of influence—that means certain specific membership organizations—the most dangerous of which are the by invitation only type—and the sold out politicians at national and state level they payoff and get legislative favors from.  People reading me for some time are aware which of these groups I regard as most dangerous.

We had gold and silver nationalization in the Franklin Roosevelt years, especially March 1933 to February 1937.  I made a 312 page report covering this tragic history on a week by week basis, available at http://cache.silver-investor.com/charlessavoie/cs  We must exert ourselves now to insulate against a repeat in any form.

Savoie #2

The conspirators are champions at covering all bases, therefore being ready for all eventualities.  Let’s briefly look at just two of the top silver mining holding companies—Pan American Silver and Silver Standard.  Many of you are invested in these.  I was part of a private placement with one of them.  As these companies experienced growth by acquiring mineral sites, more globalist influence asserted itself in these companies.  Silver Standard once had Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce as its primary bank.  Later they switched to HSBC, which caused me to wince, but only to a slight extent, because they went from one Pilgrims Society megabank, to another Pilgrims Society megabank.

Savoie #3

 I do dispute the recent spate of coverage on Bilderberg that this is the top globalist group.  The B was founded by several Pilgrims members including grand champion David Rockefeller—over a half century after The Pilgrims were founded.  Before digressing more along such comparative lines, let’s take the look at these two top tier miners.  It’s not as if these are the only ones affected; but a pair of examples will do.  The SSRI link to HSBC is seriously questionable all by itself.  Several years ago, HSBC US was on the Silver Users Association roster.  HSBC is the old Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, which became Britain’s main opium and silver bank for China.  How’s that for someone to bank with?  Of course, if it isn’t one globalist bank, it would be another one—that is understandable.  The top exec at SSRI was trained at Imperial College in London.  There should be no question as to the expertise of education a mining engineer or geologist could acquire there.  However, here again we encounter the word “Imperial” in relation to an SSRI connection.  Imperial refers to the Crown or the British Royal family.  These are the sponsors of The Pilgrims Society.  The Queen of Spain was at Bilderberg 2014, but not Queen Elizabeth II.  The Crown has representation everywhere it cares to have it, underlings alone being adequate to attend the B meeting.  Tomsett of SSRI was with Placer Dome, founded by Pilgrims Society member Jules S. Bache.  Just who do any of you think was running the world from behind the scenes before the B was founded in 1954?  Did the globalists suddenly decide they needed an organization—and never had one beforehand?  Who do you think founded the Federal Reserve, managed both World Wars, caused the Great Depression, the League of Nations, Bretton Woods Conference and the United Nations—all before Bilderberg was started?  Can an inkling be conveyed to the doubter?

Sir Alfred Lewis Jones (1845-1909), known as “the uncrowned King of West Africa,” surfaced as a member of The Pilgrims in The Times, London, Wednesday, March 4, 1903, page 10, along with other names of earth-shaking influence, including The Earl of Balfour, godson of the Duke of Wellington, Lord of the Treasury and Admiralty, who authored the Balfour Declaration in 1917, leading to the creation of Israel.  Balfour’s maternal ancestry traced to the first Earl of Salisbury (Robert Cecil), one of Britain’s ruling families since medieval times, who later became related by marriage to the Vanderbilt railroad dynasty.  Jones exited regular transocean shipping before it was phased out in favor of steamships, thereby leaving some poor schmucks holding a bag with holes.  He acquired “considerable territorial interests in West Africa and financial interests in many of the companies engaged in opening up and developing that part of the world.”  His minor interests included banana plantations and tourism.  He supplied coal fuel for his fleet of ships from his own mines.  He achieved a monopoly on diamond shipments from the vast Congo region to Antwerp, Belgium, and was president of the British Cotton Growing Association, and chaired the Bank of British West Africa.  The Alfred Jones Memorial Hospital is in Liverpool, England.  The Mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, was at Bilderberg 2014.  Which achieved more power on the world scale—Jones or this transitory big city mayor?  There are many such examples.  Jones had “predominant control over the entire merchant shipping trade from Africa.”

Savoie #4

Power brokers like Jones always control front politicians like Reed—not the other way around.  Pilgrims members who never attended Bilderberg wield many times the power of Bilderberg attendees who weren’t/aren’t Pilgrims.  The most strategic Bilderbergers are also Pilgrims, including David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, and Sir Peter Sutherland.

Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson in the Congressional Record, August 19, 1940, referred to an address by Joseph H. Choate, Vanderbilt family operative, one of the founders of The Pilgrims, as saying that those members who would many years later celebrate the start of the second century of The Pilgrims in 2003—

“…will have cause to bless their fathers that they founded this Society and kept the world on the right track.”

It was not Bilderberg, but rather it was The Pilgrims Society, who “kept the world on the right track,” and in 1954 formed another key subsidiary organization, primarily for indoctrinating transitory heads of state and political contenders—Bilderberg.  The Pilgrims remain the superior organization.  Elite status of organizations is not reckoned by which has the fewest members, because there are more king makers than there are kings.  Inner circle Pilgrims members probably amount to less than 100 people in both branches.  Key mainland European industrialists and bankers have Bilderberg as a substitute for Pilgrims membership, and they’re frequently also Trilaterals.  The Pilgrims are the exceptional group for many reasons including fantastic genealogies, and also unusual in the sense that up to date data on them is fairly scarce, due to the absence of rosters for the last 34 years.

Savoie #5

As chief justice of the Supreme Court, Taft decided against American silver miners in 1928, stealing $14 million that was lawfully due them under the terms of the Pittman Act of 1918.  Details are in “The Silver Stealers,” a free access 505 page documentary on The Pilgrims Society stealing precious metals from the world.  My speculation regarding the transfer of gold to China and Russia is along the same lines as the old Opium “trade.”  The Anglo American plotters intend to have these overseas powers face off, after which, their world power will again be comparable to that of fall 1945.  The best hope for world peace is that China and Russia don’t go to war against each other.

The Review of Reviews, May 1902, page 557, mentions “the first organization,” meaning, the first organization as of that time, which would be the preeminent globalist group, The Pilgrims being formed soon after, on July 11, 1902 in London.  “The first organization,” meaning that others would follow—all under the direction of “the first organization,” including the American Society for International Law in 1906, the Japan Society in 1907, the Pan American Society in 1910, the English Speaking Union in 1918, the Royal Institute for International Affairs in 1920, the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921, Bilderberg in 1954, the Club of Rome in 1968, the Trilateral Commission in 1973, and so on with dozens of others.  Centuries ago Britain achieved colonial dominance superior to that of continental European powers, therefore Britain became, through the British Empire, the world powerhouse.  They realized that to prolong their influence, America had to be drawn into the plan, resulting in the two dominant world powers at least until well after 1945.  Therefore the top globalist organization is strictly British-American—not USA/UK/Europe as Bilderberg is.  However, a great deal of mainland European ancestry is represented in The Pilgrims of Great Britain so—Europe is well represented in this group predating Bilderberg by over a half century.  “The most distinguished international organization in the world.”

Savoie #6

Steven Reid an SSRI director was also beforehand with Placer Dome, which was acquired by bad boy Barrick, a corporation with abundant Crown connections.  This means linked to the Crown of England (which was not directly at the 2014 B meeting) whereas the drastically less wealthy Crown of Spain, was at that over-heralded meeting.  B has been issuing attendance lists for many years.  The Pilgrims remain the last major globalist group to refuse to do this.  I have no answer to the cult of personalities focusing on Bilderberg.  It should be focused on, but what an error to do so to the exclusion of this vastly more powerful group.  It may be that in the minds of most, Bilderberg sounds spookier than Pilgrims.  That is an emotive irrelevancy I also cannot provide a remedy for.

Another SSRI director, Gustavo Herrero, had a long association with Harvard Business School.  Harvard overseers have always been well represented in The Pilgrims Society.  Additionally, he received a Fulbright scholarship, named after a Rhodes Scholar, Senator Fulbright of Arkansas.  Fulbright is another globalist operation, of which there may be more such than quills on a porcupine.  John Smith of the SSRI board was an executive with Pilgrims connected megaminer BHP Billiton, and in a joint venture, BHP Billiton-Mitsubishi.  The Mitsubishi entities are well represented in the Trilateral Commission, of which we hear relatively little from the raft of websites harping about Bilderberg—and I will again say, they should be “harping” about it—but please keep a balance.

What of these other groups?  In my opinion the Trilaterals are of greater power than Bilderberg, because they represent the same general interests, except that Bilderberg largely excludes Japan (there was a single Japanese bureaucrat there in 2009), while the Trilaterals include the top Japanese bankers and industrialists.  Michael Anglin, SSRI director, was also with Crown connected BHP Billiton and attended the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College in London.  None of these situations are mere chance.  SSRI is a Crown associated enterprise.  A new director joined SSRI in May 2014—Beverlee F. Park.  According to various sources, Park has been a director and executive of several “Crown corporations.”  In case the embedded link won’t activate, here’s the url http://www.marketwatch.com/story/tee  The official line about Crown corporations is that they’re owned by the Canadian government, but function somewhat like private enterprises.  If there were no actual connection to the Crown in London, this word wouldn’t even be used.  There are almost 50 Crown corporations—the Bank of Canada, their counterpart to our Federal Reserve—being the most important one.  Major holders of SSRI include various Pilgrims identified entities as Wells Fargo—Toronto Dominion Bank—Vanguard—AXA—and Van Eck Associates.

Savoie #7

Another Crown corporation is the Royal Canadian Mint, which hideously stamps silver maple leafs with $5 and gold maple leafs with $50.  These people are definitely price suppressors.  The Royal family approves of these hypnotic price suggestions about gold and silver, else it wouldn’t be so.  Alan Greenspan, ex chief of the FED, was knighted by the Queen—for service to the Anglo-American world empire.  If I had a recent Pilgrims list—his name would be within.  Bilderberg lists are as easy to come by as a mouse click.  $10,000 to any of you who can get me a Pilgrims list of 2005 or more recent.  An intermediary will be agreed on.  You will forward to me all the “H” names by way of the go-between, which I will verify by reliable methods.  If they confirm, you forward the rest of the list to the intermediary while I forward the $10,000 to the liaison, who will then remit it to you.  If you break any laws in an attempt to get a list, that will be your consequence entirely, so be warned.  Be advised the New York Public Library has already been “prospected.” This offer is good until December 31, 2014.  If I offered The Pilgrims $10,000, it would be like offering a beach goer a grain of sand.  Why would it motivate him, when he has instant access to infinite grains of sand?  I believe a Congressional subpoena is the only approach with any chance of success.

Two Pan American Silver execs were previously with Coeur ‘D Alene Mines.  These guys never said anything about silver being hyper-shorted.  I’ve reviewed sources including the Wall Street Journal and New York Times and God, and is there ever a scarcity of silver execs saying anything about this “verboten” subject.  Rob Doyle, a PAAS exec, was with Standard Bank in New York, subsidiary of Standard Bank, London—a Pilgrims Society entity.  Ross Beatty, chairman of PAAS, has however publicly insisted there is no silver manipulation.  He graduated from the ROYAL School of Mines in London.  PAAS director Noel Dunn was managing director of the Goldman Sachs office in London, and appears very possible to be a Pilgrims Society member.  The Pilgrims don’t release any roster as Bilderberg does, and no Pilgrims list has leaked now in more than one-third of a century, and people are revved-up about how secretive Bilderberg is.  The Pilgrims annual meeting is in January.  Does anyone care to cover it or make an attempt to determine the site?  I suspect that many of these sources still haven’t heard about the senior organization.  Neil DeGelder, a PAAS board member, “has served on a wide variety of corporate and Crown boards over the years.”  Another director, David Press, graduated from Nottingham University.  Van Eck, Morgan Stanley and others are major PAAS holders.  The primary bank is—I decided to not ask them due to my notoriety (?)  It would be the same type of megabank as SSRI uses.  Many investors, either stopped out of or having thrown in the towel, have exited such silver companies.  I believe this is as the planners wish—they don’t want the small folks on board when a gargantuan price jump transpires.  Silver and gold are supposed to be an auction market, not one in which those who steal it from producers maintain a debilitating price ceiling.

The auctioneer song.

It has been expressed (by someone with a “swing-set,” it’s OK, I had one too) that the government will grab mining shares because it will be deemed to be unconscionable profits to be allowed to the small folks, especially since the government is in a bind and we’ll be told silver is strategic, and gold is monetary, therefore—only the government may derive income from these, and own these.  Petroleum is strategic, probably more so than these metals, and the government didn’t nationalize it in World War 2.  If a nationalization is planned, don’t you think that just immediately beforehand, many shares would be sold, not all in a week, but spread out over perhaps two months—allowing the conspirators to exit at favorable prices?  Share volume and price action may not be certain give aways that this is happening, other possible indicators may be interpretable.  We must figure that unless we enter a state of absolute tyranny, we won’t witness an announcement stating “only members of globalist organizations may retain title to shares in gold and silver mining enterprises” or “unless you’re a pre-existing member of a globalist organization, you’ll pay a 90% windfall profits tax.”  Conditions like that were in effect in medieval times.  Today being surreptitious is necessary.  There’s also the matter of the Canadian based miners being screwed over by United States law—how can the USA so offend a major trading partner as to seize mineral properties, or hit them with a 90% windfall profits tax?  However, Canadian government officials are easily as much in the grasp of the Money Power (“Pilgrims”) as are USA officials.  Canada rapidly followed suit with the US in going off silver coins.  Is one of the reasons the bad boys are in the silver companies, to have a way to offset their potential COMEX losses?  However I feel that no matter how outrageous, Federal intervention may occur which totally trashes longs and just expunges any shorts obligations.  Perhaps Bronson will go in and recover our funds?


The more the metals community allows coverage of The Pilgrims Society, the safer our ownership rights will become, because this single group uses government power to effect “the seizure of the wealth necessary.”  It has used the CFTC since 1975 to seize wealth from gold and silver mining investors.  It uses Federal judges, appointed by kept Presidents, to rebuff court action against Pilgrims Society entities such as Morgan Chase, HSBC and the lot of them, for attacking metals prices.  Contact your Congressman and Senator, regardless of how compromised they very likely are, and insist that American not enter into any state of war overseas.  In wartime is when The Society can trump up the greatest excuses to revoke our Constitutional rights, and to nationalize precious metals.  Contact your State senators and representatives and insist that your State governments buy and hold gold and silver.  The more we can get the States involved in such “can’t go broke” investments, the more resistance there will be to Federal grabs of metals and mines.  If you have entry into regional Petroleum Clubs in various cities, spread the word about diversifying into gold and silver, with mention as to how these metals are of increasing interest in Middle Eastern oil producing nations—as actual currency to pay for petroleum exports.  Explain also to any interested oil and gas operators that in addition to buying metals and holding them off the market to place additional strain on the bullion banking conspirators (Pilgrims Society members in Goldman Sachs, Morgan Chase, HSBC, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Bank of Nova Scotia et al), they must additionally contact their State representatives and officials insisting that they start protecting State finances by buying gold and silver, and refusing to allow any metals to be stored out of state.  Contact regents and trustees of State operated university systems, and the corresponding alumni organizations, asking that endowment funds be reallocated into gold and silver.  This should be convincing as so much production is by high grading only at present, and miners are still hemorrhaging losses.  Contact pension fund systems of teachers especially, suggesting funds be shifted into metals.  Other pension funds representing persons of vile character—I won’t state which here—but if you follow Brother John F’s site, you can figure it out—should be egged on to go short silver.

Savoie #8

I don’t know if metals dealers have advertised in petroleum club publications.  Some of these accept advertising.  It might be worthwhile to inquire.  Very likely some large oil and gas operators and real estate investors have also invested in metals.  More of this is needed.  These type of people have their spheres of influence which would be exerted on our side in case of nationalization discussions on the part of such as Nevada sellout Senator Harry Reid—a phenomenally dangerous politician will ill intentions towards his State and our national future.  I hope Father Time will accelerate on Harry.

State lawmakers and potential investors from petroleum and real estate who you will also ask to contact said legislators, should have included on their agendas, bans against Federal nationalization of metals and mining shares, as such actions would harm residents of the States they purport to represent.  These lawmakers should be given a full plate of legislative action curbing any attempts to freely trade in hard metals and mining shares.  Obnoxious provisions of the Patriot Acts must be curtailed by the States.  State legislators should be encouraged to personally invest in PM’s.

Let’s say a word about cash.  We are hearing a wearisome and offensive amount of malarkey about cash.  “Only drug dealers, terrorists and tax cheats want to use cash.”  When we hear such statements, yes in some cases there may be some truth, however the wider net it casts is to act against privacy.  It is not only irresponsible persons who desire privacy.  The biggest rotten egg all over the faces of tyrannical boors repetitively insisting that “only drug dealers, terrorists and tax evaders want to use cash” is—then why is the Government printing cash?  Why do we have currency printing plants in America?  Why do we routinely see, by way of mass hypnosis, scenes of currency notes whizzing off Government printing presses—on national news television broadcasts?  It is to remind us that what the government spits out is in fact “money.”  Yet they prefer that we not resort to its use, as if we come into a gas station with four lit cigarettes in our mouth, ready to pump fuel!  People who are members of government agencies who have become outright, criminal thieves, are ecstatically yammering “only drug dealers carry cash,” as excuse to rob the public.  These oppressive laws didn’t happen by chance.  We are being dragged backwards towards medieval Crown feudalism.  Is the situation hopeless?  Yes, if we wait for others, always others—to act.  An alleged “public servant” was pressured out of his unmerited position after a large phone and e-mail campaign against him.  A similar atrocity took place in a neighboring State at about the same time.  Again, only after a large public pressure campaign of phone calls and e-mails, not only was this misbegotten, wicked buffoon pressured out, he has since been indicted on felony charges.  Nor are such incidents limited to the Southern tier of States.  Want to see conditions worsen rather than improve?  Just don’t take any action then.  The public often does get constructive action when enough voices clamor for it.

As of June 3, 2014, three Obummer nominees to be CFTC commissioners have been approved and are spoken highly of by Democrat Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, who is on the take from JP Morgan Chase http://www.opensecrets.org/politicians/sum  One of these is Sharon Bowen, who comes from SIPC, Securities Investor Protection Corporation, which refused any compensation to victims of disgraced bully boy Allen Stanford, who cost investors $7 billion and intimidated reporters with his height and size. Another is Treasury official Timothy Massad, who was with Cravath, Swaine & Moore for 25 years (a Pilgrims Society entity).  Christopher Giancarlo, the other new CFTC spook, was with Curtis, Mallet-Prevost for six years (another Pilgrims connected Wall Street law firm).   Reaching for a 2005 Who’s Who In America volume, I note on page 4451 Stabenow is a “mental health” cultist/activist/monger.  We will now briefly address this meddling, interloping, self-serving faction.

In closing, I want to address something else related to the type of country General Washington had in mind when he opposed the British over 200 years ago.  Second Amendment protections are being eroded by “mental health” activism.  The very subject is alarming, that in modern times, the Inquisition and the witch hunts and the Salem witch trials are still taking place—under other nomenclature.  I do not accept the concept of mental “illness.”  A very successful landmark book was very cogently composed on this matter, “The Myth of Mental Illness” (1984) by Hungarian psychiatrist, Thomas Szasz, with whom I once corresponded in a three way conversation with another European immigrant psychiatrist.  Using the typical “mental health” activist statements, let me clearly show you some of what is seriously erroneous with this entire conceptual framework.  A marketing phrase that has been used on an innumerable basis is, “mental illness is like any other illness.”  Oh really?  Everyone who does not die by means of accident or murder must die by other means, usually called “natural causes.”  Meaning—we are all subject to Father Time and the deterioration this curse causes.  Yes—a curse—something medicine can never ultimately overcome.  Another catch phrase we regularly hear, in variations, is “mental illness can strike anyone.”  Deciphered, this means, “a psychiatrist can slap a mental illness diagnosis on anyone he dislikes, or on anyone a third party, such as the State, has paid him to do.”  If this fabled mental “illness” were a class of bona fide medical issues, how is it that we have entire classes of people who absolutely almost never, are labeled as “mentally ill?”  How often do you hear of psychiatrists, social workers and psychologists being defined as “mentally ill?”  How often do you hear such accusation made against judges and policemen?  Again—virtually never.  Psychiatrists must have the power of the State to back them up, and the State readily resorts to psychiatry as a weapon against anyone, when they haven’t broken any criminal statutes!  Does cancer have an ability to know, “this person is a psychiatrist, therefore, I won’t strike him”?  Do cancer specialists—oncologists—ever get cancer?  They most definitely do.  What about cardiologists?  Do any of them ever have troubles with cardiovascular diseases?  Indeed they do, and many die of such diseases.  Have any ophthalmologists ever had corneal lasering?  Do any of them wear eyeglasses or contact lenses?  Very likely.  Would a doctor of dentistry be protected from tooth damage by his framed wall plaque degree in the event a professional boxer decided to assault him?  How does this vaunted mental “illness” never strike psychiatrists?  If a psychiatrist made it known that he was undergoing “treatment for his mental illness,” what would that do to his gullible client base?  Would insurance companies finally admit that mental illness is a systematically fraudulent concept?  They do routinely alter the farcical terminology they use.  For example, in the 1910s to 1950s they spoke of “mental hygiene,” and later massaged that catch phrase, changing it to “mental health,” suggesting to the credulous that they’re making “scientific progress.”

Clifford W. Beers, who was a member of the Berzelius Society of Yale, founded the “mental hygiene” movement.  Like its counterparts the Wolf’s Head Society, Skull & Bones, Book and Snake and Scroll and Key, it’s another occasional conduit upwards into The Pilgrims Society.

 How is it then, that if mental “illness” is “like any other illness,” that there are these classes of individuals who have been (connivingly) defined as “immune by reason of degree, diploma or occupation” from mental “disorders?”  How is it that “mental health professionals,” judges and police (and a few other groups, like so-called business and community leaders) are just naturally immune from the lengthy list of mental “disorders” which psychiatry has so artfully conjured?  Are any psychiatrists admitted to a hospital for cardio or cancer treatments or surgeries?  Have any psychiatrists ever needed to have a broken bone set?  It’s very likely.  Yet we never heard of a mental “health” professional being “treated” for “mental illness,” which they themselves continually rattle away, is “like any other illness.”  How can they be immune to this mental “illness,” when they clearly aren’t immune to (real, actual, bona fide, de facto) illnesses?  See the fraud involved?  The definitions they’ve crafted are all self serving.  They can “evaluate” almost everyone around them, yet no one may “evaluate” them.  What a way to gain supremacy over almost the whole of society with this “he is insane whom we so deem” position they’ve crafted.

Savoie #9

To reduce the incidence of government having this type of disposition—become politically active!

They’ve defined that “only a mental health professional can accurately diagnose mental illness.”  No wonder they just never “diagnose” themselves, nor their peers, as being “ill” this special way.  The only rare exceptions are when a psychiatrist breaks ranks with his fellows and takes a stand against their consensus.  A case in point from around twenty years ago was Dr. Duard Bok, a staff psychiatrist with National Medical Enterprises.  He turned whistle blower to the States and the Justice Department regarding their racketeering practices, including kidnapping, false imprisonment and insurance fraud (of course) —whereupon NME spokesmen declared that Bok had a “personality disorder.”  If these “diagnoses” lacked impact on society, they’d just be a comical hoot!  Psychiatric diagnoses are not medical facts—they are strategies.  On Google search enter terms such as “psychiatrist arrested” and “psychiatrist indicted” and “psychiatrist convicted” and “psychiatrist sentenced” and “psychiatrist fined.”  Repeat the same search using variant terms, “social worker” and “psychologist.”  The frequent criminality of “mental health professionals” is a matter that looms large over the map of America.  How is it that these people commit patient rape, sexual molestation, shoot cows that entered their property by a break in a fence, commit insurance fraud (Mike Reinstein was indicted for submitting some 140,000 bogus, falsified, fraudulent claims to Medicare and Medicaid), inject their wife with urine (Harold Sleeper, Oklahoma City psychiatrist), molest children over a 30 year span—William Ayers, former president of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, was sentenced in September 2013 to California state prison for said offense—how is it these “mental health professionals” commit such vile crimes—and are medically subject to cancer, heart disease, arthritis, wrinkles, gray hair, et cetera—as anyone else, and yet, for all that—they are never labeled as “mentally ill?”  Since clearly mental illness if a real disease, could and would affect any member of any occupation as certainly as arthritis for instance, yet clearly also is a strategized “illness” only, it behooves us to no longer believe any syllable they speak or type.  To those who still want to cling to belief in mental “illness,” yet you are forced to see that psycho-diagnosticians cannot be immunized from it by their degree—you realize if you consult with any of them, you could be consulting with a mentally ill person, and since you don’t have the credentials to recognize mental illness—you could well be consulting with a mentally “ill” person—and you would not know it—therefore—they are best avoided.  If the appearance of psychiatrists corresponded with their predatory mentality they’d look like—

Savoie #10

In all the media and Congressional uproar over the gun rampages and massacres, we note the pontificators are damning themselves and their disgraceful cause by remaining silent on the matter of psychiatric “medications” causing people to snap, go berserk, and start rampaging.  The media is owned by the same interests (Pilgrims) that own Big Pharma (Pilgrims) and naturally are muzzled as to these “medications” causing these berserk shooter sprees.  Members of Congress spewing rhetoric about “mental health and gun laws” are on the take from Big Pharma, so why would these legislators be honest about the problem either?  The Second Amendment is what allows any other Amendment to survive; indeed, it allows the entire Constitution to survive.  It will soon be defined that everyone is mentally “ill” outside a short list, who owns any firearms.  So-called hoarding “disorders” are cited (created/invented/conjured/fabricated) by psychiatry.  Gold and silver “hoarding” is on their agenda of newly created “biological diseases of the human brain.”  Anything that moves—or doesn’t move—could be mentally “ill,” and in need of “treatment,” according to psychiatry—excepting themselves and their necessary associates!  Nidal Hassan who committed the Fort Hood massacre has a degree in psychiatry.  How did his degree immunize him against “mental illness?”  —

Savoie #11

Concussion, trauma caused by external impact, gunshot, poisoning, shock, snakebite, aneurysms, tumors benign or malignant, Alzheimer’s disease, oxygen starvation of the brain, extreme cold, heat stroke, vascular stroke and so forth—are the only “mental illnesses” we should rationally recognize.  Immorality, criminal actions such as arson, assault, vandalism, theft, rape, interpersonal conflicts or disputes, disagreement with laws or government policies, laziness, sloppiness, social nonconformity and many other things are being called “medical illnesses,” when they are nothing whatsoever of the kind!  “But judge, the disorder made me do it,” must be cleared from courtrooms.  I’ve had attorneys tell me they “had psychologicals thrown out of court.”  They must also be jettisoned from the scholastic system.  In junior high a school psychologist informed me I was mentally “ill.”  Her self-assured basis for witch finding?  My socks were mismatched.  One was dark brown, the other black.  What if both socks had been black or brown, yet one had sagged lower at the top than the other due to worn elastic?  That too could very easily be designated as yet another “biological illness of the mind.”

My father’s attorney was happy to leave her a shipwreck.  The more activities and viewpoints can be classified as “mental disorders,” they more the income and power of psychiatry and the RX drug industry becomes.  Persons admitting to be depressed are proffered very risky pills with all manner of perilous side effects including retinal, liver and kidney damage.  Yet, depression is hardly any medical issue—rather, it’s a predictable, natural response to adverse conditions.  Most depression is due to financial struggles.

If you give a depressed person a large wad of cash (oops, I temporarily forgot that “cash is evil,” even though the government issues it), suddenly he’s way less depressed, and you don’t have a psychiatry degree, nor is cash a psychiatric drug.  They often state that depression affects women more than men.  This alleged “medical” finding is strictly because most psychiatrists are men—and what they want to see coming is women, so they can sexually exploit them, which may have done.  A person’s 7 pound caged Chihuahua dog was blasted by a policeman (concerned with “criminal justice”) who pathetically expressed that he “felt threatened,” and in response, the victim becomes overwhelmed with grief.  “Medications” are hardly any answer to life’s problems.  Make that, they shot a five (5) pound dog, very likely due to “they felt threatened.”  It’s not true that a group can infinitely offend the public before legislative reversals accrue to any such group.  We are nearing that point where psychiatrists will say everyone is mentally ill, and police feel threatened by everyone.  People?  Are you ready to engage in some activism?  And make the contacts I suggested?  If you have other suggestions along these lines, please post them.  We can protect our property rights.  Start today.  We can avoid (see 46 second clip) devastation and hopefully, leave that destiny for those of ill intentions.

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  1. DaleFromCalgary | June 6, 2014 at 6:59 pm |

    Laugh, I thought I’d die.

    Crown corporations in Canada are called that from the dead hand of tradition, and for no other reason. The Queen of Canada (a separate title from her others) has never had any say in the running of Canada, nor any influence backstage. The Bank of Canada is owned by the federal government outright and is not an equivalent to the U.S. Federal Reserve. If they print excess loonies, it is part of the currency war to keep the loonie below the U.S. dollar for trade advantages. It is not because any Europeans still have influence here.

    Canada was hit far harder by the Great Depression than the USA because we were (and still are) a commodity nation, not a major manufacturer. Yet the government never expropriated gold or silver. Many Americans moved their bullion across the border to escape FDR.

    • The Crown, meaning Queen Elizabeth II, is the owner of 90% of the land in Canada under what is known as a “corporation sole”. Crown corporation lands cannot be sold by the monarchy but pass on to the next heir to the throne.

      The UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are among the sixteen “colonies” of the Crown corporation. Wouldn’t surprise me if the DC corporation wasn’t under the Queen’s spell, too…but somehow “off the books” publicly.

  2. Could you provide the link to the source of the “The Pilgrim – santa/monk on a white horse” graphic with symbols of the US and UK? “HIC ET UBIQUE” Incredible. TIA

    That graphic really adds to your points that there is far more here then meets the eye. But I also appreciate @DaleFromCalgary’s point as well. As much as I appreciate your points, realize that the UK does own about 11% of the US…so there is likely more than meets the eye going behind the scenes.

    I cannot help but think that if I had the wealth and connections, that I would not try to achieve something like the Pilgrims – as a global “steering committee” of sorts…the problem with such committees – there is money to be made and power to be obtained as well. Not always as intended.

    “A loose affiliation of millionaire and billionaires…” – Boy in the Bubble, Paul Simon. They exist – I have witnessed them first hand – especially within the Jewish community where there is a competition to out give other givers…competitive givers. This too I have witnessed.

    • Point being – it isn’t all bad but can get very twisted by the whims of the age. And we are definitely in a deep cycle of power and abuse. How it will correct will likely be epic.

  3. SRS is a bit ‘off track’ lately. What about the free and/or paid eroi reports? Kind of weird. Evil sorcerer put a gun to your head Steve?

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