MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Federal Reserve – Largest Check Fraud in History

Federal Reserve Check Zero Balance

One of the most important videos on the greatest check fraud in history is a must see.  Any individual who fraudulently writes bad checks is known as a criminal and is prosecuted with the full force of the law.  However, one of the largest monetary institutions in the world does it on a regular basis without so much as a peep from the Justice Department.

VIDEO LINK:  The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind

In the most recent Episode 4 of the Hidden Secrets of Money series, Mike Maloney explains the Greatest Scam in History.  This has to be one of the best (if not best) videos that explains the whole mechanism on how the Fed & Member Banks fraudulently shuffles bad checks and Bond IOU’s back and forth to each other criminally counterfeiting money and making nice profits while do so.

Basically, the FED writes checks with no funds in its account whatsoever:

Federal Reserve Creats Money with Check Writing

Again, this activity of writing checks with no money in the account is illegal and criminal, but that isn’t the worst of it.  Mike Maloney goes on to explain that when the Federal Reserve was set up, it had Stock Holders to this private institution.  These stock holders of the Federal Reserve receive a 6% a year on the money they create out of thin air.

Mike goes on to describe the 7 stages of this scam in a way that is easy to understand.  If more people realized how the Fed & Member banks were destroying and stealing their wealth, their would be a huge public uprising similar to the outcry of Americans against the recent shut-down of the Government.  He also mentions that BONDS which are nothing more than IOU’s paid back by Americans in the future stem from the word — BONDAGE.

Many think the power will always remain in the Elite’s hands as they control the system.  However, there is a hidden factor that will destroy the ability for the Elite to continue this fraud in the future.


Many precious metal investors have become disillusioned as they have seen a good portion of the gold and silver gains washed away by the Fed & Member bank market rigging policies.  There are still some analysts in the precious metal sector who believe all this talk of manipulation is pure HOGWASH.

One individual that ranks up there is Jeff Christian of CPM Group, who will be speaking at the Silver Summit to make sure that everyone knows that sub $20 is coming for the next few years.

I gather Jeff doesn’t read or watch the news that there was this thing called the “Libor Scandal” or that GATA found out from the assistant to the Sec. of Treasury that the U.S. Govt is allowed since 1934 to rig the gold and silver markets — or any markets for that matter.

That being said, Jeff Christian is probably unaware of the KEY FACTOR that will destroy the ability for the FED to continue its CHECK KITING OPERATIONS.  Furthermore his CPM GROUP’s supply and demand forecasts will become increasing worthless once this key factor becomes known.

VIDEO LINK:  The Biggest Scam In The History of Mankind

As Mike Maloney states, the Fed & Member banks are shuffling IOU’s back and forth to be able to counterfeit and create money out of thin air.  However, IOU’s are debts that have to be repaid in the future.  The only way to settle these debts is with a growing economy.  A growing economy can only occur if we have a growing energy supply.

A Peaking Energy Supply is DEATH to the BOND IOU SYSTEM

Fiat Money, Bonds & Debts are IOU’s that get their value from an increasing energy supply.  Basically:


Maloney coined the term for gold and silver as a store of “Economic Energy” which I now use all the time because it’s a perfect definition.  While the precious metals store Economic Energy, Fiat Money-Bonds-Debts are nothing more than PAPER ENERGY CLAIMS on future energy production.  They are ENERGY IOUS.  Once global oil production peaks and declines, these IOUS cannot be settled as the source of their power depletes and declines.

I will be writing more articles at the SRSrocco Report in the future showing how the world is already peaking in oil production and will soon be heading down the slope of depletion.  Shale oil & gas are being promoted as the ENERGY SAVIOUR because they give the illusion that energy production will continue to rise which would allow the Fiat Monetary System to continue as well.

Precious metal investors better educate themselves on ENERGY as it is the straw that will break the Fiat Monetary Camel’s Back.

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10 Comments on "MUST WATCH VIDEO: The Federal Reserve – Largest Check Fraud in History"

  1. What if someone had invented a REAL perpetual driving force that would turn generators as long as they ran….

    Not releasing this invention would allow the fiat system to fail, bring about hoest money, but would sponsor the worst war ever, bringing about a body count of frightening proportion.

    However, releasing this invention would bring about unlimited energy, effectually bringing an end to wars over energy, as all nations could harness this power, yet the banks would rocket into UBER wealth, and certainly BIG BROTHER would launch into unlimited power and control over the people… bringing an end to freedom possibly?

    Both sides have results of monsterous possibilities! such a decision couldn’t be made lightly… what is your feelings on this matter? ….. IF such a thing were possible?



  2. OutLookingIn | October 18, 2013 at 1:52 pm |

    Great link Steve. This video series needs to be as wide spread as possible. Critical thinking requires the populace to be educated.

    This latest video segment is very well done, in as simplistic way possible for anyone to comprehend.

    Fantasy dollars created (quantitative easing) out of thin air and used to purchase fictional promises (treasury bonds) to pay from a bankrupt issuer (US government) and sold at pretend auctions!

    The five stages of collapse;

    • OutlookingIn,

      Yeah, I really enjoyed Mikes newest Episode. He has a great way of taking complex issues and making them easy to understand. I have had an email exchange with Orlov. He is an interesting fellow. He let me know that he doesn’t believe we are going to have the 5 seperate stages of collapse anymore.

      Because the huge amount of QE and money printing, the U.S. has postponed the other stages of collapse. Orlov now believes that we head into 2-4 at one time. Basically, it’s a total collapse within a very short time-span instead of a series of stages.

      A very sobering reality.


  3. Every time I have tried to access this scam video of mikes,i have met a brick wall,and i would like to know why? Access denied ,404,403,forbidden etc. From here just the same story.I have a bad transcript by voice copy,so I know whats on it,but the computer copy is awful,barely understandable.Anyone else in that boat?

    • yuan abet,

      I like to see all views here at the SRSrocco Report, but for you to start off with “Scam videos of Mikes”, gives me the impression that you believe that being enslaved by the bankers is a good thing. So, if you like being a slave… hats off to ya.


  4. I personally think pension is also some form of scam. The government lure us to give up part of our savings (energy) in exchange of tax refund (IOU out of thin air) added into the pension pot. These pension money 1) helps banks book look nicer, 2) most pension funds are reinvested into stocks markets and bonds which are not the best bet at the moment, 3) most people don’t realise that a substantial distribution of pension funds are in banking sector if not bonds. If your (government rescued) bank manage your pension fund, guess which bank stocks are invested within the banking sector.

    However, the biggest sacrifice is that we surrender the CONTROL of our money, i.e. we won’t be able to reclaim it until 60. That is a HUGE sacrifice, especially when a government becomes increasingly insolvent and unstable. Unfortunately, I already have contributed to my pension for 10+ years, stopped earlier this year. Also I have swapped the pension fund into gold allocated pension account, that’s the only best option I can think of. Hopefully, when SHTF, gold has increased its value. Even government has to reclaim a portion of value, it won’t hurt me too much.

    Keep up the good work

    • If you don’t physically possess it and have it hidden or standing over it with an AK-47 or something similar you don’t own (control) it, think MF Global and/or Cyprus.

  5. We seem look at these issues from inside a fishbowl.Their is a bigger world out there and the East knows what is going on. Western Finance is in its final chapter. Due to the inherit flaw in the mountain of OTC Derivatives. They are performance contracts that must be settled. Most are interest rate sensitive. The whole house of cards can not continue without ever increasing QE. As you recently witnessed the taper talk talking the 10yr to 3%. This is not only devastating to the derivatives but also the government. Deficits will explode with mere 1% move. Obama has a unlimited checkbook till Feb7. A formal devaluation is coming.Qe’ing all public&foreign debt.Eliminating interest expenditure.The banks will no longer be apart if frunt running the selling of govt debt. Got gold?

  6. GermanReader | October 20, 2013 at 6:46 am |

    The video is really great, i would like to show it to my friends and colleagues, but sadly is not available in german language. I think the Germans are very deep in denial about the ongoing of this crisis with the german economy by far the best in whole Europe. Some even don’t get that something is wrong.

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