MUST WATCH: How to Test Real Gold & Silver Eagles From Fakes

Silverr Eagle Test

The danger of spending hard-earned currency on purchasing counterfeit Gold & Silver Eagles is increasing substantially.  The Chinese are now counterfeiting official coins of all the major mints in the world.  It is no longer safe to think that if you purchase these smaller denomination coins that you will suffer less of a counterfeit threat than the larger bars.


In the video, James Anderson & Mike Maloney show how to spot the difference between fake and real Gold & Silver Eagles as well as other bullion products.  James Anderson of, actually contacted the Secret Service to let them know how bad of a problem it has become with the Chinese counterfeiting of Gold & Silver Eagles.

It is one thing to produce bogus precious metal bullion products , but another to counterfeit LEGAL TENDER COINS such as the U.S. Mint Gold & Silver Eagles.  The penalty for producing fake precious metal bullion is fraud, but it becomes a Federal offense under the jurisdiction of the Secret Service when legal tender coins such as Gold & Silver Eagles are counterfeited.

Anderson was instrumental in getting E-Bay from selling these fake Gold & Silver Eagle coins once they understood the severe penalties of retailing fake legal tender coins.

I highly recommend the video to new investors as well as those who have been buying precious metals for years.  Things are changing quickly as more precious metal fakes are coming on the market.  It is wise to work with the highest quality and most reputable gold and silver dealers. is spending a great deal of effort in guaranteeing the authenticity of the precious metal products.


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  1. I offer testing services int he San Diego CA area. If you are a buyer, seller, or an average Joe stacker, mention this article and I will give you a discounted rate.

  2. Silver is the best energy conductor – including heat. Take your coin (or any silver object) and hold it in hot water or in the flame of a butane lighter. The silver object will heat up very rapidly, indeed. You might want to practice this a bit to have a familiarity with the process. (And using a lighter to do this in a coin shop might be frowned upon. But this is a highly reliable, low tech test that really works.

    • I might suggest the reverse. use an ice cube. take a silver dollar and a non-silver Ike, or clad vs silver half. push edgewise in an ice cube and the silver one will melt in much quicker (but not vey far) but you will feel the cold in your hand a lot faster with the real silver. works for bars, any silver. much easier on the coin/bar.

      • Yes, that would work equally well as heat…But for practical reasons I think you might agree that acquiring hot water (coffee or tea would do fine) might be easier to handle and acquire, or in the case of a lighter to keep in the pocket. I used to use sterling silver spoons for stirring g honey or sugar into tea and coffee. I had to switch from sugar cubes because the spoons heated up faster than I could stand to stir the sweet into the beverage.

        Sterling spoons for things like hot drinks and soups has always been a little impractical. The same should be said for sterling coffee pots and tea pots – that cool their contents at a very much faster rate.

        For practice in learning conductivity of silver I recommend using spoons – plated brass and steel, and sterling and comparing the heating rates.

        This is one of those kinds of things that just is not mentioned anywhere but will serve the public very well in identifying silver from plated material.

  3. a good and necessary service

    thank you

  4. You have to love how we bash our creditor the Chinese. What makes one sure they are from China? We seem to blame them for all of our troubles. They are currency manipulators yet we sanction Japan to destroy there’s. We bash them for lying about their GDP numbers. They are crashing,slowing down,and in a bubble. Yet we are in a recovery at 1% mostly govt spending. We use to hate “made in Japan”,but today we love Lexus,Honda etc.

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