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One of the biggest concerns gold and silver investors have is the fear that the Fed & Central Banks can keep this fiat monetary system going for a great deal of time.  Fortunately, we are at the last stage of what Mike Maloney calls “The Seven Stages of Empire” explained in the second episode of “The Hidden Secrets of Money.”

I have actually watched the video three times and each time I learned something new.  This video is a follow-up to their first episode “Money vs Currency.”  This is a MUST WATCH VIDEO for those who are invested in the precious metals… or are considering to do so.

VIDEO LINK HERE: Episode 2: Seven Stages of Empire

The greatest enemy the precious metal investor faces is not fiat money or the banking elite, but rather the lack of critical monetary knowledge.  If more people understood the fundamental reasons why gold and silver have played the leading role in the world’s monetary system over the past several thousand years, we wouldn’t be facing the largest economic collapse in the history of mankind.

Mike Maloney does an excellent job explaining how and when money first started and why it continues to go through the same cycle of  “Quality money” to “Quantity currency” and back again.  The screenshot from the video below explains how deficit spending and hyperinflation first began back in early days of money:

Seven Stages of Empire Debasing Currency

Many precious metal investors lose faith in gold and silver because it seems as if the Fed & Central Banks are able to control this fiat monetary system for quite some time.  However, the opposite is the case.

In the video, “The Seven Stages of Empire”, Mike explains how history just keeps repeating itself and why countries make the same mistakes over and over again.  He discusses each stage and what stage we are in currently:

Seven Stages of Empire post

One of the biggest misconceptions the American public has is that “War is good for the Economy.”  I am amazed at how many people who I get in the discussion about the economy who tell me that “We need a war to get our economy healthy again.”

First of all, don’t they realize that our young men and woman are dying to create this supposed economic growth?  Secondly, I find it appalling that individuals are that narrow-minded and selfish to think that people need to be sacrificed in a war so we can sell more cheeseburgers and automobiles.

To understand gold’s vital role as money, Mike explains the last 140 years of monetary history in less than 10 minutes.  He takes us from the 1870’s when Germany went onto the Classical Gold Standard, then through the 1920’s-1940’s Gold Exchange Standard and finally to the current fiat monetary mess that we are in currently:

Seven Stages Of Empire 140 year history of money

The video “Seven Stages of Empire” also contains some excellent commentary from guests such as David Morgan, Jim Rickards, James Turk and Max Keiser.  Rickards does a great job explaining why gold is still the highest quality of money even though “Two generations of scholars don’t understand gold.”

I have to say, the second episode is just as good as the first… even better.  I highly recommend this video as it does a great job explaining why societies and countries swing back and forth between the stages of high quality money (gold & silver) and high quantity currency (debased currency & fiat money).

The world is approaching the End-Game of its present fiat monetary system.  Investors would be wise to understand the historic and fundamental reasons why gold and silver are money and excellent stores of value.

Even though the present market conditions don’t seem ideal for gold and silver, this is only a brief pause on their way to the greatest transfer of wealth in history.

Steve St. Angelo

VIDEO LINK:  Episode 2: Seven Stages of Empire

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  1. Maloney just keeps getting better and better…And he is sooo likeable too.

  2. 491.8 tons!

  3. after gold jewelry retail cartel in shanghai was fined by the govt, premium didn’t budge. gold bullion is 25% higher than comex spot price.

    a lot of ppl in mainland china would rather travel to hk to buy gold. 100 grams of price difference could cover the air tickets. 200 grams could cover a nice weekend trip!

    • judejin.. how interesting. Looks like the silver stocks at the Shanghai are only heading in one direction… DOWN.

      Furthermore, I am surprised that the Chinese government isn’t doing more to crack down on the Gold Jewelry Cartels.


  4. Thank you for posting this on TFMetals.. err

    Wait, which one is it?


  5. SRS what is going on with tfmetalsreport? For the last two days I am getting a message that website cannot be found. I have gotten this message using different browsers. Do you know why the site is down?

    • silverwood… I think they have been doing work on the site to make is a Subscription based site. That may be why you couldn’t get in. I just tried, and it works.


  6. guess i need to ween myself off turd’s website now that he asks for money.
    it’s more like a habit than a necessity.
    his technical analysis is very lousy to say the least.

  7. I am really torn about the subscription business at TF Metals… I do not subscribe to the notion that TA works to predict price movements except to suck technical traders in that do…And they get fleeced every time…At the same time unlike most TA pundits Turd is unique in that he is an interpreter of that very process…But I do not need it; I’ve been doing it myself for years…But it is the peripheral interpretations – like his work revealing patterns of interventions and delivery months that are my attractions…He is positively wonderful at this….And now I would have to pay for these insights; on the other hand, I am getting a little mentally lazy these days and perhaps I will have to think harder for myself…

    Right now, we are at another crucial point where JPM has to decide to support the short side, or not….Does it work for the FED and Washington or is it pure rogue and seeking its own corrupt path at USA expense – or a combination of the two?…I think it is decision time…Does JPM decide to loot with impunity and run off with the metal goodies, or initiate another cycle of paper shenanigans by going short? Do we end up running up this year and double topping for the high – followed by another so-called CONsolidation? Or is this the big one that sees the metals keep climbing at the expense of the COMEX institution? Again, we don’t know how much metal is really left or required to carry on the game for another round….


  8. ever since july, silver longs at shanghai gold exchane have most often been receiving penalties paid by shorts who don’t have enough silver to deliver or are unwilling to deliver at current price.

    this is another sign physical silver is tighter than ever.

    it’s never been like this since silver contract started trading at shanghai gold exchange in 2006.

    silver longs at SGE are thus positive carry trade, much better than silver futures.

  9. I am still getting an error message that “server cannot be found” for tfmetalsreport. Does anyone have any idea why this occurring? I have used different computers, different browsers and different internet providers, wtf?

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