INVESTORS RETURN: U.S. Silver Eagle Sales Surge Over Past Two Days

While interest and sentiment in the precious metals have been depressed compared to the preceding month, this all changed during the past few days.  This trend change is particularly the case for silver.  Even though Silver Eagle sales have been much weaker this year, positive signs show that investors still believe in acquiring the shiny metal when fear and uncertainty enter into the markets.

Although, Silver Eagle sales for Jan-Aug 2017 are nearly 50% lower than they were during the same period last year.  I believe the biggest factor that hurt Silver Eagle sales was the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President.  Many individuals in the Alternative Media think that because Trump is in the Whitehouse versus Hillary Clinton, it translates to a lot less FEAR as it pertains to the control by the elite.  Thus, the motivation to continue purchasing precious metals, bulk food, guns-ammo and survival goods has diminished considerably since the election in November.

However, when serious geopolitical events arise, investors still want to rush into owning more gold and silver.  And they did so in a BIG WAY over the past few days.

According to the updates on the U.S. Mint website, Silver Eagle sales surged by 300,000 on Monday, August 28th and another 300,000 on Tuesday, August 29th:

As we can see, Silver Eagle sales for the first three weeks of August were only 425,000, the slowest trend compared to all the previous months.  But, after the N. Korean nuclear threat, the massive flooding in Houston Texas, and the U.S. debt ceiling issue over the past week, the U.S. Mint sold 600,000 Silver Eagles in two days, surpassing the 425,000 four-week total (Aug 1st-25th).

Again, the U.S. Mint sold 300,000 Silver Eagles on Monday, August 28th and another 300,000 on Tuesday, August 29th.  They may have another update today for the past two days, but sometimes they wait until the next month to list those sales.

Regardless, that is a great deal of Silver Eagles sales over those two days.  I would imagine the crazy events over the past week were instrumental in pushing up not only the silver price but also demand for Silver Eagles.

What is also extremely interesting about the recent U.S. Mint Gold and Silver Eagle sale figures, is that the silver to gold buying ratio is now above the 100 to 1 ratio.  The U.S. Mint sold 1,025,000 Silver Eagles vs. 9,500 oz of Gold Eagles in August (so far).  Thus, the Silver to Gold Eagle sales ratio is now 108 to 1.  Which means, investors are purchasing a great deal more Silver Eagles than Gold Eagles during these tumultuous geopolitical, natural disaster and upcoming financial events.

It will be interesting to see what happens with precious metals demand and prices when the U.S. debt ceiling debate becomes an issue next month.  Also, there is speculation that there will be a significant correction in the broader stock markets this fall.  If we do see a significant correction in the broader markets, I would imagine we will see a surge in the price and demand of gold and silver.

This is exactly what happened to the precious metals at the beginning of 2016 when the Dow Jones fell 2,000 points in a relatively short period.  In just two months as the Dow Jones sold off just 2,000 points, the silver price increased 17%, and gold jumped 20%:

While the overly-inflated U.S. stock market could continue to rise even higher, at some point, it will suffer a substantial correction.  Because the U.S. govt has been propping up the markets, when this correction finally arrives, it will likely be the BIG ONE.

Thus, it is important to own precious metals to protect against falling paper asset values.  Furthermore, this will only be PHASE 1 of the upcoming U.S. economic and financial collapse.  The market correction will be the WARNING LIGHT.  However, most won’t pay attention to this warning, so business, as usual, will continue for a while longer

When the REAL CRASH comes… then if you don’t hold a good portion of your wealth in precious metals, you will wish you had.


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16 Comments on "INVESTORS RETURN: U.S. Silver Eagle Sales Surge Over Past Two Days"

  1. I was a buy, again…..just yesterday.

    • Palladium (a platinum-group metal; like Pt, Pd is a catalyst and a PM) is up some $43 / oz, a huge move for a commodity. Does anyone have any idea?

  2. Do not care I have some f**k token coin with an IRR of 370% in less than 24 hours : capitalism at its finest !

  3. Quayle screaming the sky is falling might not be able to get silver rooked me to by at 43 An Oz I hope it goes back up

    • We have entered a multi-year bull market in stocks in 2009. PMs can flourish in this sort of environment if there are shortages of phisical PMs or paper money start losing purchasing power.

  4. JP Morgan still hoarding

  5. Investors return? Silver is not an investment. Its money. Its a commodity. And it is an insurance against fiat failure.

  6. Tell 7 different people to buy 7 troy ounces of silver. And tell those people to find other 7 people who would do the same. When it reaches 11th level, price will be quite different than what it’s these days. It is that simple.

  7. It’ really astonishing how weak the whole PM-Investment is.The miner stocks at a level 20 years ago.In cryptos you make at one day more than in PM in 10 years.
    Fundamental datas has now worth as long the central banks can shift money with the unlimited paper printer press.
    Ok.Many people are complaining about the low prices(inclusive me), but what is really astonishing are the results of those low prices.Waste of resources, the enviroment pollution…
    Like always,politicians are really stupid people.They had the behaviour always do exactly the wrong thigs.

  8. With a ratio this big why buy gold over silver? Everytime I think about buying gold I remember how much silver I can get.

    I can see a tenth ounce gold coin here and there but really you are going to forfeit 50 ounces of silver per $1000 you are spending towards gold? Really?

  9. I was recently watching Mad Max II, I haven’t seen it in decades.. I have a fascination with comparing my views of today with the perceived future from prior decades. Mad Max II was released in 1981 when I was in grade school and growing up near D.C. At the time, I was very concerned about a global nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Anyway, I remembered very little of the movie other then my 13 year old self thought it was visionary in a apocalyptic way. The movie starts with how it all started. Our political leaders talked endlessly and talked some more until it all fell apart. Well, at 49…I’ve got to say Mad Max II still seems to be prescient. I wish we had a good solution to the world’s energy problems. To simplify our situation I’d say nations were playing a game of musical chairs. As the cheap oil becomes less abundant the music stops and a nation goes without cheap oil. Then the game continues. Looks like the ring is closing in and the chairs are fewer in number. lots of crazy stuff in the media. If I didn’t know better, I’d say we were fighting for a chair at the cheap oil table.

  10. There is approx. 1 billion ounces of silver mined/recycled each year and only 800 million ounces is used for industry, so there is a 200 million ounce of silver SURPLUS every year that dealers have to sell by using fear and panic and greed and future chaos propaganda in order to get rid of all the surplus silver.

    • I read the article and basically this is what I learned:
      All this talk about us living off our grandkids future is true, the only thing is we are the grandkids.

  11. All I need is for someone to wake me up so I I can watch the sparks fly when everyone wants to buy silver but it goes no offer.

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