IMPORTANT NOTICE: SRSrocco Report New Site Upgrade & Interesting Info

The SRSrocco Report will be receiving a facelift and upgrade over the next week or so.  The upgrade is necessary as the old site was out-dated and overdue for an update.  In addition, site traffic has increased forcing us to move up to a faster virtual private server.  No complaints here…  that’s a great problem to have to deal with.

The look of the site will be quite similar to the old site, but there will be some minor changes and improvements.  However, I am not a big fan of totally changing the look of a website.  Matter-a-fact, I like websites that are simple and clean.  The more cluttered a website, the less appealing it is… in my opinion.

That being said, the SRSrocco Report site is receiving a lot of new visitors each month.  The site receives between 200-300,000 viewers a month… sometimes even higher when the precious metals market experiences a surge in interest and sentiment.  In the past 30 days, 42.4% of the site’s traffic was from “NEW” visitors.  That is one heck of a lot of new eyeballs.  So, people are getting fed up with the Mainstream media and are looking for their news, analysis and information elsewhere.

Another very interesting and welcome trend at the site is that more and more people are reading our ENERGY articles.  When we first starting publishing energy articles, they would receive maybe a tenth of the views (at best) compared to the precious metals articles.  Now, some of our popular energy articles are receiving about the same amount of views as our precious metals articles.  This is an excellent sign.  Which means, more and more precious metals investors are waking up to the fact that energy is the most important factor which runs the entire economy.

For example, THE BLOOD BATH CONTINUES IN THE MAJOR U.S. OIL INDUSTRY, had the highest amount of social activity (Facebook hits) than any other article published to date and more views than some of our recent precious metals articles:

Moreover, I continue to receive comments on the blog and through emails that individuals come to the site just because of the energy articles.  We try to put out information on the precious metals, mining and energy industries that you can’t find anywhere else on the internet.  We like to take a “Birds-Eye” and “Fundamental” view in these various markets to see trends, data and information that most “specialized” analysts overlook.

2017 Will Likely Be The Year The Markets Finally Crack

Of course, no one has the perfect “Crystal ball”, but if we look at the political turmoil, market volatility, MSM insanity and massive Central bank intervention, 2017 will likely be the year the system finally cracks.

I can’t believe the Dow Jones has hit 21,000.  Sure, some folks saw it coming, but it is by far the biggest bubble in Dow Jones history ever.  Everything is leveraged well above our heads now.  The entire U.S. Retirement and Pension Plan Market is about to hit a BRICK WALL.  The Falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment is gutting the entire system.

Because there isn’t a high enough EROI to sustain our technically advanced society, we are stealing energy where ever we can.  Thus, the energy is being sucked from Pension Plans and soon, the U.S. Retirement Market and Social Programs.  We just don’t have the profitable energy to run everything anymore.

Which means… we are cannibalizing the system to keep from collapsing.  This isn’t a LONG TERM sustainable business model.  Rather, it’s just a matter of years, at the most, before we enter into a collapse that we can never print or grow ourselves out of.  As my favorite cartoon suggests:

No, we haven’t had the GUTTING of the Dow Jones yet, but when it comes, I plan on bringing this cartoon out of the archives… for good use.

I Wanted To Say A Few Things To The SRSrocco Report Readers

I really appreciate the folks who leave comments on the site as well as contact me via email.  There are many long-term readers who contribute a lot to the site by their interesting and information comments.  In addition, I receive emails from new and long-time readers all the time.  Sometimes, it takes me a while to respond, but I try to reply to everyone.  However, the amount of emails I now receive in my INBOX is becoming overwhelming.  It’s nearly a part-time job… LOL.

That being said, I also receive valuable information from individuals (some high up the chain) from many different industries.  This information confirms what my research has led me to believe… WE ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE, and the majority of the public has no clue.

Unfortunately, the postponing of the inevitable by leveraging everything at a larger and grander scale, will result in one mother of a SENECA CLIFF.

I Appreciate The Support By The Kind & Generous Donations

When I first started the SRSrocco Report site, I considered providing information via a subscription service.  However, I believe the information is so important, I decided to publish posts and articles open for the public.  That being said, I did elect to offer a “DONATION” button for those who wanted to support the site.

I want to thank everyone who has been very kind and generous in supporting the site.  The donations really help with the costs, maintenance and now with the upgrade of the site.

If you have been reading and enjoying the articles on the SRSrocco Report site and have considered donating, your support would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate, you can find the DONATE BUTTON at the end of this article (actually every article has it at the bottom) or on the upper right hand side of the site.

The SRSrocco Report Wouldn’t Be As Successful Today Without My Webmaster…. Peter

I will tell you from experience, finding a good web designer or webmaster is not an easy task.  I came across my webmaster, Peter, after he let me know I had some serious problems with my site.  Peter had been following my work for quite some time as he has an interest in the economy and precious metals.  However, he noticed the site was not running properly as well as suffering from some serious security issues.

I allowed Peter to work on the site, and he improved it tremendously.  It has been almost two years now, and Peter continues to provide excellent service.  Which is why he advised me that I should upgrade the site.  My site’s theme is very old and the company who designed it hasn’t updated it for years.  Old sites get bogged down with lots of ERROR CODES that destroy the functionability of the site.

So, I look forward to the new site… which should run a lot faster and provide an excellent foundation for several more years of new articles and reports.

If there are any individuals who are looking to start a site or are unhappy with the service of their current web person, you may want to consider contacting Peter at his site here:  WP HELP 365.

Check back for new articles and updates at the SRSrocco Report.  You can also follow us at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube below:

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I hope that you find useful. Please, consider contributing to help the site remain public. All donations are processed 100% securely by PayPal. Thank you, Steve

29 Comments on "IMPORTANT NOTICE: SRSrocco Report New Site Upgrade & Interesting Info"

  1. Steve,

    Congratulations. This is surely a sign that your word is getting out where it belongs.

    Thanks for all your excellent hard work.


  2. Ronald Smith | March 4, 2017 at 4:22 am |

    Steve, Thanks for the thorough writings. I have been reading Casey, and so many sites since about year 2000. Most are, at the end, just trying to sell you something, or are way to heavy on their religions. Common sense should tell a smart person that all is about to crash down…..nothing makes sense anymore, everything is manipulated. Never donated to your site, just started reading a month or so ago. But, I will start, for sure, just gotta get my PayPaul working again. I would rather donate to you, than to a Casey Research or all the others that WE have all made rich. Thanks for the great work. Ron

  3. I’ve been following you since I found you posting on some obscure blog called silvergoldsilver years ago and thought this guy gets it that energy is the key to everything. I would guess 99.5% of the population believes capital drives energy but it’s the flip of that concept which is a very dangerous mistake. The only thing I would recommend to you Steve is to put together a list of companies that will either thrive or survive what’s to come. I think a lot of people would purchase it imo because a lot people are trapped in some type of 401k plan. I do believe most people that visit your sight would understand these are nothing more than your best guesses. Maybe there are legal reasons you can’t do something like that but It would interesting to have your thoughts on this matter.
    Thanks for all you do Steve!

    • LOL, what a gem, the same is true for me… silvergoldsilver… canadian bloke I believe, also made some epic rants on youtube… That’s how I also found out about zerohedge and the KWN-pumpers, as a matter of fact.

      @HOST. Steve, your efforts and work are highly appreciated. THANK YOU!

  4. Thank you for your excellent reports and charts. Keep it coming.
    Congratulation on your success.

  5. Sillvrwllwn | March 4, 2017 at 11:10 am |

    Looking forward to your new format , Steve . Will be sending in a donation to help fortify the cause. There are many times when it is easy to feel like the Deep State has got the world by the short hairs however your window into the future spells out a whole different outlook to where the playing field is more level.
    Thanks for your insight and enlightened efforts.

  6. Charles Shannon | March 4, 2017 at 11:30 am |

    Happy for your success. I’ve appreciated your work since I found you and your site a couple years ago.

  7. Congrats Steve, well deserved.

    Peak oil barrel, Ourfiniteworld, Cassandra’s Legacy, The Hills Group, David Korowicz, Doomstead Diner, Peter Goodchild, Charles Hall, Tim Morgan and last but not least SRSRocco.

    Funny part is, they don’t agree with eachother but they share the same conclusion.

    Thanks Steve.

    • I am the mom of 2 surfers and I thank the LORD that he has sent men like yourself to touch, love and minister to surfers. Thanks for sharing your heart with us3&82#0;… I read your devotionals every week. So just know, you have even reached the heart of this surfer mom!

  8. I discovered Steve’s website a few years ago. His concepts were completely new to me BUT when you read his reports they just seemed to make sense. I have read that much in the last 20 years I just get sick of reading sometimes because of the same old same old. I copy Steve’s reports and paste them to MSWord so I can read them over breakfast (No I don’t have a iPad) and I generally read them more than once which is very unusual for me.I am not of the finance industry BUT from what I read in his forum many of you are and I can say I have learned heaps from you people also.

    Whether you think or believe Steve is right or wrong, makes no difference, this is a quality website and they are hard to come by and you get it all for nothing, if you want! We are allowed to express our opinions right or wrong and learn from one another as well as enjoy the professionalism Steve has to offer in his reports.

    Prior to the internet, I could never ever, have had access to the quality of information I get from Steve and you people within the forum. it is priceless for dummies like me.

    Just one request; a print facility would be a big help 🙂

    Thanks to everyone who contributes to the website.

  9. World debt and derivatives are the down fall of society as we have known it!!!

  10. Northwest Resident | March 5, 2017 at 10:40 am |

    Steve, you provide a very valuable service with your informative posts. Your focus on EROEI is synonymous to shinning a spot light on the colony of termites that are chewing away the foundation of the world as we have known it. BTW, I am a web developer too, and very appreciates of the lack of advertising popups and other web gizmos that only detract from the site. Your dedication to the central issue of our time and your reluctance to distract from that central message by trying to “make a buck” really impresses. A lot of people I talk to about these big issues we are facing tell me “yeah, everybody has an angle and is trying to sell something” — not so on this website, clearly. Can’t wait to see what Peter comes up with.

  11. Thanks, Steve, for the work you do.

    For the new site I just hope it will be more mobile friendly – faster loading and text-to-speech working (via Pocket app).

  12. How can I donate by check ?

  13. silverfreaky | March 7, 2017 at 1:58 am |

    Hoistorical HUI!

    Look to the templates.At 2011 the symmetry at the y-Axis.At 2008 the same template we have now.It’s only at an deeper level.

    Another crash will appear befor the next big upwards wave.So keep some powder try.
    There is no prison big enough, who can take all of this FED criminals.

  14. Keep up the good work! Your stats and empirical data on PM and EROI allow people to digest HARD FACTS and NOT emotional surveys (e.g.. ISM reports, etc.). Which, in turn, allow us to form our OWN opinion, unlike the shills that are constantly screaming “to the moon” every other weekend.

    As a s/w engineer by trade (w/ EE degree), that’s all I need, to see the “writing on the wall” and make logical, fact-based, wealth preserving, decisions.

    We can leave the emotion, speculation, and conjecture to the foolish soon-to-be-irrelevant paper markets.

    Have already Purchased your PM report and look forward to your next “data dump”. 😉

    • BTW, I understand one does not need any type of paper “degree” to understand what you’re conveying. Just wanted to provide a little anecdotal evidence to refute the MSM’s narrative that the people buying these “barbarous relics” are ONLY tinfoil doomsayers (Although I do reside in “earthquake country” and am prepared via planned self-sufficiency).

      Logic-based thinking, i.e. pragmatism, is really all you need. It just so happens, engineers tend to gravitate towards that type of thought process.

  15. joe lindell | March 8, 2017 at 8:01 am |

    After listening to Tom Cloud since 2010 I have this question: Is he ever right? So far the 1.6 billion
    Muslims aren’t buying silver, India is not running to silver, China Solar has little effect. The only
    matter here is supply & demand. And, the demand fopr silver, regardless of what Tom Cloud hype’s
    isn’t there. Unless demand is noticed by exceedingly long delivery times silver will be under $20.
    Steve: Why do you print this guys stuff knowing he hasn’t been right in 7 years?

    • Hi joe, because they dilluted silver with lots of paper promises. Lets enjoy it, it gives us more time to stack and to listen to Tom Cloud.

    • DisappearingCulture | March 8, 2017 at 2:18 pm |

      “After listening to Tom Cloud since 2010….”

      Since Steve introduced him the readers here maybe a year or so ago,you were tuned into him from another source for years before that…and continued to listen despite not liking what he has to say?

  16. silverfreaky | March 8, 2017 at 8:45 am |

    The miner produce and produce.The comex manipulate and manipulate.
    It’s no coincidence that some suggest to give barrick Gold’s managment the award of the most stupid CEO’s.

    Why is there no agreement from the big miners to hold back supply?
    We are short away from a very big crash.When we soon not turn direction i expect 16,5$.

    I suggest Tom Cloud not to phantasy, it’s better to exercize in chart technition.

    Good night ladies and gentleman!

  17. DisappearingCulture | March 9, 2017 at 8:17 am |

    “Why is there no agreement from the big miners to hold back supply?

    Becasue they must have cash flow to survive.

  18. silverfreaky | March 9, 2017 at 8:41 am |

    But not the basic miner.It should be possible that they reduce.

  19. Interesting:

    For those who haven’t read it yet. Oil glut in its last phase ?

  20. silverfreaky | March 9, 2017 at 1:16 pm |

    They found a huge oilfield at a alaska?(1,2 Milliarden. barrel(German notation))

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