(by roguefaction) In the daily build up of the expectations of the baffled and bemused precious metals investor -now constantly whiplashed tween hope and despair -…and  wherein the final breakout is always just around the corner – according  to this GOFO reading, or that BACKWARDATION statistic… – we see something akin to this poignant Ecstasy of Gold clip from my favorite “Visual Guide to Holding Gold in the West!” A runabout ritually re-enacted…  by your modern species of treasure hunter… through a field of schemes… and the inevitable agony that follows!


PART 2 #1


by roguefaction,

Part One of this series promised a later “examination of the interlocking network of hopes, prayers, assumptions, and demands by which the [western]gold\silver community staves off that cold, measured re-appraisal of their situation”… to be done in the manner of Hermes, messenger of the Gods to the Greeks of antiquity. Your ‘average Joe’ need not be unnerved by such an approach… after all, as the creators of coinage  like the Electrum stater pictured here,  the people of those ancient times had ideas of importance to anyone in the present who wishes to understand what the precious metals really mean to humankind.

Simply put, hermeneutics is the study of ‘sacred texts’ with the aim of interpreting their meaning via appraisal of the background and context in which they were written. There are, of course, no ‘sacred texts’ to reference when studying the mind of the metals meister… although there may be many a ‘sacred cow’ precious to those who approach the subject of owning the metals with the passion of the religious zealot! Likewise, there are no scholarly qualifications necessary for driving that herd of hoary hogwash to market, for the close inspection of potential buyers.

All that is required is a position not too close to, yet not so far away from the psyche of the precious metals holder. You aren’t going to grasp that critter by using a set of calipers to measure cranium size… it’s necessary to crawl into the interstices… and learn to ‘think like a gold/silver bug.’ By chance or design, I’ve had the opportunity to do just that… and get out alive, the better for it! Over the past few years I’ve plugged into enough blogs and forums which cater to metals investors to get a good sense of how they think – and why they think it.

It is in the flow of commentary on those sites where the textual material for this exegesis can be best studied. What I’ve noticed is that those whose ultimate strategies and rationales seem the least well thought out often have the loudest of voices – and use them with depressing frequency to drown out all others! While their passion for their pastime is admirable, it seems to involve a triumph of faith over reason. But it’s not just the resistance to dispassionate analysis that is the mark of this self -endangered species. What’s far more interesting is the degree of investment they seem to have in preventing the rest of us from the public pursuit of that careful fact checking which they disdain for themselves. For some reason, it seems, thinking through what the future may hold for metal holders, -by way of testing out the assumptions & assertions common to their kind, is nothing less than a heresy worthy of excommunication!

It’s easy to understand this ostrich-like attitude on the part of those already invested in the metals – the recent dip in prices dictates that exit would be painful, and besides, alternative investments are decreasingly worthy of interest. For them, sticking one’s head in the sand may indeed be the only way to travel. But dissecting the follies and foibles of that strange subspecies is not reason enough to go through this exercise. Rather, it’s simply because there are so many people who could benefit from the opportunity to consider the merits of the metals, without all of the hype and histrionics that have become the norm of this small community.  Indeed, I think it overdue to override those who militantly oppose the checking of their own presuppositions, so that both those already committed to the metals, as well potential investors, can do just that!

As part of a personal investment strategy which anticipates an end to the current debt-based dollar system happening sooner rather than later, I own physical silver and gold. I’ve done as much as I can to prepare for that end game, probably as much as anyone has been able to do, relative to their resources. But truth is, no one really knows what unfolds after that event. What’s become apparent to me in the interval of waiting, is that many of those who hold precious metals – with a view likewise – to protecting themselves from economic turbulence, have a far different regard for factors which can affect the security of that investment than I. So different in fact, that I’ve sometimes wondered how to account for it. Ergo, this series!

After all, there’s not likely ever been a time in human history when a person of means did not regard investment of their savings as a matter worthy of much ‘due diligence’. In deciding whether to take a share in the upcoming seasonal caravan to points far East, the potential trader/investor of ancient time was well advised to seek out the latest word on who controlled the passages, and how light or weighty were the excises levied along the way. Likewise, the medieval investor with the means to take a share in the profits(and risks) of a sailing to distant ports, would have gleaned all they could about the threat of piracy, or the reputation of the captain involved. As always, the risk of capital requires the collection of all available intelligence before proceeding. That maxim has never changed in millennia, but in times of war, or socio-economic malaise, it’s been doubly true!

That’s why it’s so puzzling, in this age of globalized markets and instant information, to behold the precious metals market, and the psychology of its investors. Here, a narrative more suitable for the romance novel takes precedence over the mundane duty of data collection and interpretation – making investors blind to a world of potential perils – any one of which, in the past, would have dictated caution, and deeper examination!

In the daily build up of the expectations of the baffled and bemused precious metals investor -now constantly whiplashed tween hope and despair -…and  wherein the final breakout is always just around the corner – according  to this GOFO reading, or that BACKWARDATION statistic… – we see something akin to this poignant Ecstasy of Gold clip from my favorite “Visual Guide to Holding Gold in the West!” A runabout ritually re-enacted…  by your modern species of treasure hunter… through a field of schemes… and the inevitable agony that follows!

Life can be cruel for the unwary! It might therefore do to ask ourselves the question… Who… is Arch Stanton?

Are we searching for a reliquary of those objects sacred to our lives and well being…or digging up the dead bones of another phantasm of the manipulators? Metalheads(of the precious metals kinds) needs know that it’s much easier for a METALHEAD BAND to reenact a Morricone soundtrack than it is to do the careful spadework necessary to find out where the ‘main chance’ lies!

The perceptive and well connected European energy analyst Andrew McKillop has recently focused on the psycho-social underpinnings of how people and cultures respond to change – technological and otherwise. In adapting to the loss of old ways of handling things, and to bridge the chasm of uncertainty, they often resort to creating comforting imitations of things of the past. In his Skeuomorphic Culture we can very much see the nostalgie of the pm bug. Hankering after past ways is indeed a normal human trait. One can have every sympathy for those who would choose, if they could, to turn the clock back to simpler times! Unfortunately, when cataclysmic change occurs, it makes little difference whether one is reenacting rituals of the past or not. Likewise hoping to save a failing social model such as is the west, by means of a return to gold/silver is a losing proposition

The rest of this series is designed to demonstrate why.

The pervasive narrative of metals mythologists… which is always directed towards the re-creation of a fabled “Golden Age” of the GOLD STANDARD… keeps the sheep suitably sheared… but alive n well enough to be able to continue to believe in their quest for their golden fleece. It is therefore beyond their belief  that a putative ‘golden age’ of perfect currency and trade equilibrium –  for whatever short time it may have existed -was the creation and creature of the same banking power which figures as the chief ogre in their current, romantically doomed, David and Goliath struggle of good”[precious metals holder] vs “evil”[bankster dudes]! The same power, in other words, which relies upon the services of a select group of pseudo-historians to maintain the special rose-colored view of reality which, even in the toughest of times…like now.. will keep the flock free of doubt bout who is pulling their strings!

Suffice to say, when and where it existed, in strictly limited times… this GOLD STANDARD of myth n legend was as much the cause of cycles of boom & bust as any of the fiat regimes which have followed. Whenever and wherever usury-debt banking has been allowed to flourish, a concentration of monetary metal in the hands of the beneficiaries of the compound interest cartel allows them to dictate money supply and access to capital both… giving them a chokehold over the lifeblood of economies that require a circulation of trade via the networks of innumerable small scale entrepreneurs who are always the first victims of the deliberate contractions of credit. Those who followed the link provided in Part One here – how to Think like a Bankster – will understand the mechanics of this cyclical process.

By using the sleight of hand of a magical deus ex machina called the Invisible Hand of ‘Market Forces’ to act as ideological counter weight to the real actors in all monopoly capitalist systems -state planned or otherwise – gold backed or not – an army of paid apologists for the non-productive rentier class of society has created a myth of “market capitalism” which runs completely counter to actual free enterprise. Under these conditions, gold\silver cannot but serve their purposes … at the expense of the rest of society. The notion of freeing gold/silver to act as monetary currencies without freeing enterprise from the grip of debt-usury klepto-capitalism is a pernicious and deluded fairy tale.

The ascendance of the state-planned, corporate controlled variety of communo-fascistic hegemony that we are witness to of the moment in all of the formerly “free world” is the harbinger for a collapse of the west which no currency system … hard or soft… has any means of preventing or assuaging. Holding precious metals as a ‘hedge’ to that end game is not much different than using kilo bars of precious metal to ballast a Zeppelin adrift at the mercy of the winds and cross currents of geopolitical change!

There are no ‘laboratory conditions’ under which to run through the various scenarios that can unfold post-collapse. It is possible only to use a reasoned speculation on future probabilities, combined with an examination of patterns from the past, to make an informed guess about how to act in the present moment. For the true believers amongst us however, their prescription for the future –eyes wide shut – starts and ends with the value of their metal investment going higher by multiples, and their lives and property being somehow mysteriously insulated from what might go on in the wider world! I take an alternative pill to that prescription: in the same way that I prefer not to drive at high speeds with my eyes closed, I decline to bury my head to facts about holding gold and silver which may conflict with, or run contrary to the hopes, prayers, wishes and/or demands of those who, in the words of Steely Dan …. already bought the dream. Eyes wide open to the empirical data is the only way to maneuver safely through the coming storm…. and come out, like the Crimson Tide, a winner in this world!

Believers in the consensus precious metals narrative hold in common a couple of articles of faith which I am quite happy to go along with; a) that the effect of socio-economic collapse in all or most of the ‘developed world’ will lead to widespread misery for the majority who are unprepared. b) events such as hyperinflation, and/or deflation, resource shortages, and civil unrest will greatly reduce the chances for most of us to maintain our default lifestyle. So far, so good. We are reading from the same script it would seem. And as I have no quarrel with this part of the story, I have no critique to offer of it.

But it’s at this point that we begin to part company; what follows in the thinking of most of my fellow gold/silver holders seems more based upon hope n spare change than clear analysis, or even reasonable assumption. The third tenet of most precious metals based financial strategies is that c) by holding them, in physical form, the bearer will be insulated from all that affects the society around them. Instead of losing one’s assets to inflation, bail-ins, or government intervention, the westerner lucky/smart enough to have converted their wealth to the metals will –at minimum -have preserved their purchasing power. And possibly see it greatly increased, as metals get revalued against everything else.

In a nutshell, followers of this consensus narrative believe they will be protected from the depredations of the state, and the voracious greed of the financial class.  Both of these dangers are diagnosed as being avoidable by holding precious metals, and by staying clear of the banking system. With assets transferred into gold/silver, held at close hand, the move to safety has been accomplished – and liberty preserved. End of strategy. Sounds like quite a compelling case! At first glance.

Of course, there are many permutations to this basic theme. Some will advise you that, after ‘the Great Reset’ things will be looking brighter, the economy finds its feet again, and you’, as a goldbug, will be on top of the heap. Use your stash to “buy real estate cheap!

PART 2 #2

With the ‘bad’ banksters all rounded up… life returns to its idyllic form… for the happy Scrooge McDuck of the new Golden Age, at least!

Yes, incredible as it may seem… the optimist school is convinced that a return to “honest money” is inevitable – after the bad guys are kicked out, the new gold standard will be ushered in, and all of the evils of contemporary civilization ushered out! Take for example… Bix Weir, who on the basis of an illustrated booklet published by the Federal Reserve, swears that Alan Greenspan is the Magician behind the curtain, secretly fighting for the little guy, with the aim of making a new Yellow Brick Road. Very imaginative, that fellow!

Others, of somewhat darker vision, swear by a complementing layer of further steps to ‘freedom’ from the forthcoming OBAMANATION– from bug out kits to hideout shacks, to full blown compounds with all the survivalist bells and whistles inside as optional add on to the SHTF plan. The pessimist school sees social chaos on the road ahead, and seeks to prepare for it by imaging a personal refuge which will somehow insulate them from all the death and destruction around them. Also very imaginative, if not particularly bright!

But all of these scenarios still completely depend upon the premise that the wealth they’ve stored in metals will be AVAILABLE -AND- USEABLE to the western gold\silverbug, as a daily means of exchange for other wants. If that premise collapses, then the rest of the strategy will be rendered void, and they will be joining the ranks of the penniless campFEMA registrants who never prepared at all. Caveat Emptor dude!

Most, if not all, adherents to the gold n silver bug post-collapse meme believe themselves better informed about their socio-economic reality than the majority around them. In this, they are surely right – by seeking out interpretations of events different from those of the MSM, they show evidence of critical thinking and independence of mind. Yet from that admirable starting point, the ability of the pm bug to continue thinking truly outside the box shows sharp deterioration… and is often accompanied by a psychological slide into a kind of cultic fanaticism which belies the critical thinking that chaotic situations demand of those intent upon survival!

What was initially a wise and far-sighted perspective has become a petty, insular and self absorbed doctrine of faith that bears uncomfortably close resemblance to the mindset of the religious zealot….for whom, as mentioned above, all competing narratives are heresy!

In PART THREE – we undertake the heretical, but manifestly necessary task of deconstructing the myths and legends of the eCONomic dissimulators who the moneypower uses to inveigle the potentially prosperous purchasers of the precious metals into losing their savings, as voluntary tax collectors/bagholders  in the new “you didn’t build that” Amerika  which the Kenyan and his Kronys have in mind for the formerly free denizens of the once might Republic… and its subsidiary satrapies of the western world!

In the meanwhile… for those who appreciate concision… I leave you with this bullet point list of assertions to ponder…and rebut – as the spirit moves thee!

The destruction of the west is planned… methodical… and so well advanced as to be inescapable. One by one, the motors vital to any living economy are being shut down, and are not now capable of being restarted.

In this regard… A kind of malicious incompetence has been bred into the handling of our financial affairs. The primary intent of this seems to be to punish and/or extinguish any outbreaks of small scale, petit bourgeois enterprise which might still occur – so as to facilitate corporate monopolies’ in the buying up or destruction of those remaining parts of the economy which they don’t already control.

The current state of the technology available to the parties running the above-described planned take down of the western world is already all-pervasive in scope. If you own gold/silver… and have ever communicated the fact in any way to anyone at all –barring whispered backyard conversations – it is now on record somewhere.  That most certainly includes supposedly “anonymous” contributions to on-line sites such as this one!

The intent of those in charge of the alleged “governments” of all western nations is to redistribute the wealth of their citizens… in favor of the accounts of those who have bought and paid for their “election.”  No stone will be left unturned in the process of completing this wealth transfer… whether by means of taxation, confiscation, or any other method of sequestering the assets of individual citizens… most certainly including outright fraud – a la MFG!  Those who believe themselves somehow immune to such a programmatic ‘socialization’ of their hard earned assets are at this point most likely beyond anything I might say to help them. As you might infer… this includes holders of… gold/silver… as well as caches of long life provisions…small scale gardening and livestock operations …and weaponry/firepower of all degrees of magnitude. Any form of personal freedom is inimical to the vision of those who now control the organs of the state.

After just one week of posting on my latest platform for the expression of these decidedly ‘rogueish’ ideas… I have been shut out of my own site – a signal compliment – since it serves as proof of the potential accuracy of the ideas humbly conveyed by your rogueish messenger. The modus operandi is exactly the same as what has happened to some other rogueish bloggers with agendas that challenge TPTB  …the site is left up, but the owner locked out… Apparently the subject of gold memes and phony oppositionalist movements has an equal threat value for the string pullers as the exposure of pedophile networks amongst the highest echelons of those I have referred to as “in charge of the alleged “governments” of all western nations.”

PART 2 #3

Most definitely something to ponder …brethren of the bar n coin.

Till next time!

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83 Comments on "HOLDING ON TO GOLD IN A POST WESTERN-WORLD “The Ecstacy Of Gold”: PART 2"

  1. And yet …
    * China is buying physical gold at volumes never seen before in human history.
    * The US is printing dollars at a rate never seen before in human history.
    * The US deficit has risen to a level never seen before in human history (in any country, ever).
    * The rate at which the US deficit is increasing is unlike anything in pre-Obama years.
    * The world’s economies are rapidly approving currency swap agreements that circumvent the dollar.
    * The Fed now buys over 70% of the US debt issued by the Obama administration.
    * The world’s banks collectively have over 700 Trillion (with a T) in outstanding derivative liabilities.
    * Over 93 million working age Americans are unemployed and the labor participation rate is collapsing.
    * Poverty has doubled under Obama and food stamp participation has skyrocketed.
    * The US tax base is rapidly collapsing as deficit spending marches relentlessly onward.
    * Etc, etc, etc.
    Hmmm. Guess gold bugs did the math. Did you?

    • Garsh! … I got’s to admit …flunked out at “math” …instead

      … I learned ‘rithmatic’ … Ol Skool! But, served me well as a “petit bourgeois” trader of the style of Norte Merikano “get er done” type free enterprise[Ido all my sums in my head]system.-and set of values-now DEAD.

      how but “you” Lisa? How do you make yur daily bread?

      p.s. – re “China” … Please rejoin the discussion when you have had a chance to catch up on some of the current data points freely available to those interested in interpreting geo-political strategies. Michael Noonan’s latest @marketoracle.com would be a good starting point!

      China’s situation vis a vis gold has a completely different, umm, ‘import’ than the one which you apparently subscribe to!



      • Nofaithnewe | May 26, 2014 at 3:35 pm |

        re. China : so china hoarding all the gold it can is good, but for the little guy it’s “bad”.
        OK, since my geopoliticalness is rusty I would appreciate any insight I can get or just forget about it all since I’m not capable of comprehending barbarous reliquary?

    • Nofaithnewe | May 26, 2014 at 3:27 pm |

      Lisa your points are spot on and I noticed Mr. Rogue has declined to address any of them…I’m all about fair so I can wait until he gets around to it.

      • ” I noticed Mr. Rogue has declined to address any of them…I’m all about fair so I can wait until he gets around to it.”

        Your supposition is misplaced sir. As is apparently, your own attention to what I did write!

        The points made by Lisa are all data points … were you to have taken note of this: ” the mundane duty of data collection and interpretation” from within the article…

        you might have better understood my response to “Lisa” – whose ability to list points of fact has unfortunately no followup in that critical additional layer of …. interpretation.

        In FACT… responses of both the two first correspondents here somewhat IRONICALLY BEAR OUT the precis of my piece… for those who can apply their skills of comprehension to what was written! THEIR interpretation of their chosen FACTS is -IN FACT -a demonstration of what I wrote in the piece which they clearly DECLINED TO READ before critiquing… as to how investors are inveigled into believing narratives that serve interest inimical to there own. I certainly don’t object to them proving my point!

        They… of course… do not realize ANY of this… as I fear may be equally true for yourself. In addition, in your own case… you have asked me to both repeat myself… and do your own remedial homework for you! An invitation/demand I politely decline… as much as I appreciate your committment … “fairness”///

        but thanks for comin out.

        • Nofaithnewe | May 27, 2014 at 11:12 am |

          Well Rogue i will begin by stating that i did indeed read your entire article ( both of them actually before commenting ) and if it wasnt for all the unnecessary verbage i would have left you quite content amusing yourself. Sad, now that is no longer the case. Last FACT first…you are not permitted to decline any such demand for you squarley have initiated this contact by typing your thoughts and position for all to see. Ill be blunt…im not at all impressed. Ive seen windbags like you before, very pompous little peacocks in full plumage display carrying on about their self importance while ALWAYS skirtting the truth…you dont even do it well for your lack of any factual data buttressing your opinion is more than enough indication that luck and not skill has been too kind till now. Feel free to continue your diatribe sans factual references and be preparred to be rebuked over and over. I do this as more than community service…i take you to task because i can. You claim omniscience in the land of finance. I simply requested you give one concrete alternative to artificial markets or realestate bubbles and you give me some hogwash about my lack of commitment to read what you wrote.I did read what you wrote and i take umbridge with every letter and then you hide behind the ” i told you so if only you would have understood me by bothering to read me” defensive posture. You comment that Lisa cannot interpret data points… i claim you cant defend your position in any cogent way so you attack anyone who dosent fit your idea of intellectual. Im a patient and financially well off man. Ive got time pal. Lets see what you have.

          • a) i did indeed read your entire article…. reference was to two previous comments.. not yours.
            b)you are not permitted to decline any such demand… logic fail.
            c) very pompous little peacocks in full plumage display carrying on about their self importance… slightly better than the usual run of invective… in style… but not intent.
            d)of commitment to read what you wrote… inaccurate… witting or unwitting total misread.
            e)i take you to task because i can. You claim omniscience in the land of finance. …by this point you’ve pretty much lost it. Make up whatever you want…

            But its all good. You have demonstrated with unique effect what I had begun to suspect from reading other failed attempts to vent frustration in my direction… it’s ironically cute that the great majority of pejoratives cast turn out to be much better applied in the direction of the sender. I’ll let you ponder that.
            When you’ve retrieved the calm and patience you claim to possess… go back over the dialogue you quote from and see who was polite … and who has been on the attack.
            I’m sorry to have aggravated you… but as best as I can see… it is unavailable element of returning your poorly played polemic thrusts… in a manner to which you seem unaccustomed to dealing with. I enjoyed the hint of threat in the last line, by the way!

          • Nofaithnewe | May 27, 2014 at 1:45 pm |

            Still no substantive retort…expected as much. Until such time that you may post something of merit you are to be ignored. Gods speed to you and good luck with the windmill chasing.

          • I get the impression that you are used to being in a position of some authority… where your demands are obeyed without question… or delay. Perhaps… that has even made you a “well-off man!” And even a “fair” one … through the lense by which you view the world. Perhaps you think of me as some wretched journo… to your Rupert Murdoch! I have no need to dissuade you from such fantasies.

            While I am extremely flattered that you have given so much of your attention to one of so little consequence… it surprised me to no end that you have managed to work yourself up into a spluttering rage to such an extent as to lose all touch with the written record of the conversation. Please keep in mind… I did ask you to review it when returned to a calmer state. Since it cannot be erased, in addition to ignoring me… you will have to ignore it, as well… in order to achieve the equilibrium that you clearly seek. I have no problem with either that prospect…

            or with you! You’ve already done me the signal service of allowing me a “eureka” moment of insight into the reason people have posted long.. and longer… lists of data points here. I had been baffled by that exercise… and no longer am.

            And while I am in no way ‘at your service’… in the manner you have so crudely posited above… I am surely in your debt for having gained that insight! Knocking heads is in no way a fruitless exercise… for me! I’ve gained a considerable benefit from this exchange with you… which I will be applying to the refinement of my next stage of this developing precis. My thanks for that is sincere!

            Though I find your final effort at snark(I assume that I can take you at your word when you say you are retiring from the ring now!>?!?) a degree below what I would have hoped from a man as clearly intelligent as yourself… I will reciprocate in the best wishes – and encourage your consideration that a) I am simply immune to your species of invective… and …b) the virtues of that territory of debate which lies outside of STRAWMAN arguments!

  2. a picture is worth a thousand rogue’s words.

    a chinese bride in gold: 70 gold bracelets


    • How right you are! And how wrong am I! I was sure you’d be ‘FIRST’ [in the style of certain sites of goldbug infamy!] to comment here… knowing the fervor of your desire to help illustrate my points to the assembled audience…

      as well as being secure in the knowledge that you never actually READ anything that is written fore responding with the fervor of one of Pavlov’s favorite pets! Apparently there is absolutely nothing I can say or do to dissuade you from this trajectory of publicly humiliating yourself! Oh well.. I got it wroing… .but

      thanks for playin!

      • everything is in the eyes of the beholder.

        • tru dat! However… when the eyes betray the ‘beholder’ … by refusing to actually “look” at the data prior to the mouth breather so eagerly engaging their digits to negate the value thereof…

          the result is that species of non sequitur which we colloquially reproduce in English with the phrase -“putting the cart before the horse” – wherein the unlucky disputant plants the seeds of doubt …in both his waiting power unit and the passing spectator….

          as to where exactly lie the real “horses’ nether-regions” in the whole sorry mess!

          p.s. if your inclination is towards the pictorial… I urge your review of the clip herewithin… there’s something about the manic gleam in the eyes of “El Tuco”… particularly after knockin his knoggin on the gravestone… which I am reminded of every time you weigh in here with your timely and relevant insights!

          Unless you can pick up the pace a bit, I fear your stock may soon lose value even ‘in the eyes’ of your own constituency here! May I offer you this small furry key-ring object as a token of thanks for takin a toss at the ring?

  3. planned collape…sure, could be…
    some savings in PM’s a good idea…probably
    will we breakdown societally…maybe
    will somebody tax you or rob you or take from you your property…could be
    can we learn from history…yup
    will that give us foresight…maybe
    will this foresight or PM’s or arms keep us safe…maybe not…maybe they’ll be the very things that make you unsafe

    But not today—so prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and live for the day

    • Record highs in equities, record lows in bond yields. “no inflation”, PM’s prices collapsing…How has this been achieved? And even more importantly…is this the Fed…and still even more importantly, is there reason it will not be sustained???

      First, the HOW…

      The US created massive new debts to sustain present very slow growth and sold these Treasury’s…but to who?

      US Treasury / Economy trends
      •Jan ’00 – ’07 – Mar ’14
      •$1 T —> $1.6 T —> $5.95 T (cumulative “foreign” held US Treasury debt)
      •25% —> 40% —> 57.5% (% of total outstanding public notes / bonds held by “foreigners”)
      •5% —> 5% —> 22.5% (% of total outstanding public notes / bonds held by Fed…Fed primarily held Bills until ’08)
      •70% —> 55% —> 25% (% of total outstanding public notes / bonds held domestically (non-Fed))
      •6.6% —> 5% —> 2.4% (net interest rate on debt)
      •$300B -> $270B —> $223B (net interest paid on national debt)
      •$9.2 T –> $13.7 T –> $16.2 T (US GDP = 75% increase)
      •$5.7 T –> $9 T –> $17.5 T (National debt = 305% increase )


      $17.5 T in US Treasury debt


      $5.1 T intra-gov holdings (perpetually rolled over SS and like w/in gov) =

      $12.5 T Public debt


      $500 B in “other” debt (Hope Bonds, State / Local Series, etc.)=

      $12 T Public outstanding (tradable)

      Breakdown as follows…
      •——————- FED ($2.3T) — Foreigner ($5.9T) –Domestic($4T non-Fed)
      •Bills ($1.65 T) ——> $0 ———–> $600 B ——->$1 T
      •TIPS ($1 T) ———> $95 B ——> $300 B ——->$600 B
      •Notes ($8 T) ——–> $1.4 T ——> $4.5 T ——->$2.1 T
      •Bonds ($1.45 T) —> $750 B ——> $400 B ——->$300 B

      For those 100% of economists wrongly calling for higher yields on bonds in ’14…read and ponder…and realize why doing the exact opposite of what logic dictates has been correct.

      Treasury accumulation seems to have radically changed since ’07, particularly interesting due to:
      •A- collapsing yields
      •B- significantly lower US trade deficit since ’06($250 B /yr fewer dollars to be recycled back into Treasury’s).
      •C- Declining use of dollars in global trade (Euro, RMB, etc. bypassing dollar)
      •D- QE taper has had no negative effect on “foreign” buyers in ’14

      Fed swaps or ESF or some Fed agent buying???

      4 small EU banking center nations have accumulated nearly as much US Treasury debt as China or more than double that of the Core EU and OPEC combined since ’07??? Is this credible?

      ’07-’13 net Treasury purchases vs. net trade surplus…
      •Banking EU 7-1 ratio ($700 B – $70 B)
      •Core EU 1-3.5 ($117 B – $380 B)
      •China 1-2.2 ($870 B – $2,000 B)
      •OPEC 1-6.5 ($135 B – $700 B)

      BANKING EURO (Treasury holdings)
      •————- Jan ’00——-> ’07 ——> Mar ’14
      •Ireland ———$5 B —> $19 B —> $113 B
      •Belgium ——$28 B —> $13 B —> $381 B
      •Switzerland $18 B—-> $34 B —> $176 B
      •Luxembourg – $5 B—–> $60 B —> $145 B
      •TOTAL ——-$56 B—->$126 B —> $815 B (650% increase from ’07)

      These nations ran a net trade surplus w/ the US of approx. $10 B/yr since ’07…$70 B net surplus and bought nearly an amazing $700 B in Treasury’s.

      CORE EURO (Treasury holdings)
      •——– ——–Jan ’00—> ’07 ——> Mar ’14
      •Germany –>$54 B —> $50 B —> $67 B
      •Italy ———>$20 B —> $14 B —> $30 B
      •Netherland $13 B —-> $15 B —> $37 B
      •France —->$27 B —-> $10 B —> $54 B
      •Spain ——>$20 B —–> $5 B —> $23 B
      •TOTAL —>$134 B —-> $94 B —>$211 B (225% increase from ’07)

      These nations ran a net trade surplus with the US from $70 B/yr in ’13 to $60 B/yr in ’07…$380 B net surplus and purchased $125 B in Treasury’s.

      Compare this to China (Treasury holdings)
      •Jan ’00 —> ’07 ——>Mar ’14
      •$60 B —>$400 B —> $1.27 T (320% increase from ’07)
      •China ran a trade surplus of $300 B/yr in ’13 up from $250 B/yr in ’07.

      Stated otherwise…$1.95 T net surplus but “only” purchased $800 B Treasury’s.

      Or compare to “oil exporters” (Treasury holdings)
      •’00 —–> ’07 ——> ’14
      •$45 B —> $112 B —> $247 B (220% increase from ’07)

      OPEC ran a $100 B/yr trade surplus w/ the US…net $700 B surplus but only purchased $130 B Treasury’s.

      Or cast the net of interesting Treasury accumulation a little wider…

      GLOBAL BANKING CENTERS (treasury holdings)
      •————- Jan ’00—> ’07 ——> Mar ’14
      •“Carribean banking centers”
      •—————$35 B —> $68 B -—> $312 B
      •UK — ——-$50 B —> $100 B —> $176 B
      •Switzerland $18 B —> $34 B —-> $176 B
      •HK ———– $39 B —> $52 B —> $156 B
      •Singapore —$30 B —> $30 B —–> $91 B
      •Ireland ———$5 B -—> $19 B —> $113 B
      •Belgium ——$28 B ––> $13 B —> $381 B
      •Luxemburg —-$5 B ––> $60 B —> $145 B
      •TOTAL —– $210 B –> $376 B —> $1,550 T (410% increase from ’07)

      Nearly a $1.2 T increase in US Treasury debt ownership among these nations w/ minimal trade surplus…

      Or stated otherwise, the Fed / “Foreigners” now own $7.1 T of the $9.5 T public note/bond market (the market on which all interest rates are derived)…this means the float of domestically held notes/bonds rolling over plus lower new Treasury issuance is less than Fed’s $25 B QE plus continued “foreign” demand…otherwise known as a short squeeze on the largest debt market in the world pushing yields lower and lower (and stocks ever higher by squeezing ever more old money out of low yielding bonds into higher yielding risk).

      I’m also saying that the “foreign” bid from financial centers of EU and Asia looks and acts an awful lot like the Fed…buyers who don’t care about yield…buyers who act totally opposite their US based competitors who can’t afford to be paid 2.5% for 10 yrs when planned returns assume 7-8%. Foreign buyers who have dollars despite no clear means to have those dollars? Buyers who hold 5-10x more than in ’07…nonsensical.

      fyi – All raw data from TIC and Census…

      Here’s the rub…without QE and big budget deficits (thanks to higher taxes) there is no GDP or economic growth…but the Fed / “foreigners” are coming close to owning all public note/bonds and working their way on the MBS front.

      That is the edge of the world for me…no idea what happens as we crest the centralization of media, money, government, debt, peak cheap oil, peak population, blah blah blah. All sorts of outcomes become equally valid from here…and there is no known panacea from the potential pain that may be coming…but I won’t pre-empt that by living in darkness now.

      • I found your comment more worthwhile and factual than the rambling nonsense above. I am sure there was some point to all that ramble but I am also sure it could have been easily said in a few sentences. From what I did read, there is a remarkable sense of self-importance. I guess it is justified – at least in his own mind.

        With so many streams available to us out there… “get to the point” is a helpful guide. Thx for your post.

      • @nobody – would you have a link to this data in published form? TIA

  4. Very sobering stuff. Relieved that the closer you got to the heart of the subject the easier it got to understand your message.

    I hope the scenario never arises but if it does, like you, I believe that anyone who thinks that their carefully collected ’emergency’ assets are not potentially at risk has not read any history. If the ‘great reset’ occurs any store of wealth, including PMs, is at risk of nationalisation or appropriation (both at fair Fiat paper exchange prices of course!).

    In the case of PMs no doubt he easiest targets will be the first and can you think of a better one than a secure bullion vault! Your PM in it may be safely identified as yours by S/N (Fiat cheque in the post) but that isn’t much use if the next day it is tucked up in Fort Knox or a Fed/central bank bunker. Mining companies will follow. Then, armed with confiscated customer lists from bullion dealers, anyone who has purchased PM should expect a dawn raid by government agents armed with their latest weapon, the metal detector. The hoards of overcareful PM owners maywell be found in a 1000 years time just like the ‘safe’ Roman and medieval caches that are found now in Europe. I don’t have much but it isn’t at home, but if you have to keep it at home you could tuck it away in a still working metal cased consumer durable.

    Then, as you point out, if you have somehow kept your PM how on earth do you convert it into something useful without access to State resources or a criminal gang under your command? Today’s total surveillance society makes it very difficult for a black market to start up and operate.

    There will be a new world currency, those who do best will be those who are able to identify and use the routes into it and move their assets. The ‘in-crowd’ are probably on the way already. Why is the world’s longest store of wealth, PMs, moving East now? Would you bet against some of it still being ‘in-crowd’ owned?

    For the rest of us I suspect that it is the timing of the exit strategy that is key but, if the price differential between PMs and other assets does not move in PMs favour, we may have well been on a fool’s errand.

    Looking forward to Part Three and thanks Steve for letting this roll here.

    • petedivine | May 26, 2014 at 6:12 pm |

      When SHTF the gov’t will be in chaos. The Dollar will be another footnote of history. No one will be paying attention to you from some super gov’t entity in the sky. They will be defending themselves when the mobs and insurrection hits the street. It will be chaos. The PMs are for life after chaos. The trick is surviving when SHTF. You think it can’t happen here. Just like all the peoples of history. No one is ready, no one saw it coming, no one thought it could happen to their city, to their country, on their doorstop, during their lifetime.

      • Actually my fear is that the gubamint will not be in chaos – just the opposite. They will have a well oiled and armed plan to corral, control and seize. (Recall Posse Comitatus has already been cast aside…so the military planner will be running the show for the Washington oligarchics – like that corrupt scum Harry Reid).

        And seizure could be many things – including land, guns, gold, food stocks, crop production as the socialist totalitarian elites move us sheeple into their utopian state – ruled by them of course. They will get the Dachas and we will get the breadlines and EBT cards whose value declines the second it is electronically updated…akin to other hyper-inflationary events of recent history when workers race out to spend their newly printed fiat before the ink dried. (Note with EBT cards, wheelbarrows of old worthless fiat won’t be as prevalent as in past events. Just EBT accounts that buy a few loaves a month – the rest will be handed out a the circus.)

        Naturally, I pray these events don’t happen but the likelihood far more possible than a mere 10 years ago. All Hail Obama and Hillary his Bilderberg chosen successor. 🙂 Bow to our Emperor!

    • I would like to add that the citizens of the U.S. hold very little gold compared to other countries. I don’t think confiscation will result in the “saving grace” that some doomsayers suppose. And if confiscation ever did arise, It would not be “worldly”. You must understand that the entire world is not one “matrix” network. Sure the bankers are networked, but the governments of the world are not. If India attempted to annex the gold from it’s citizens, not only would there be lots and lots of bloodshed, but shortly after the initial seizure of assets, all others would hide their lots of PM’s probably followed up by continued citizenry strife and chaos (which would destroy that country’s GDP on a short term basis) yeilding very little gold in the process, which then would likely stagger itself into the banks of foreign “gold friendly” countries through smuggling, and be laundered into foreign currency, likely followed by Visas into those countries. I believe the only reason why FDR got away with it, is because the U.S. had little surface govt corruption at the turn of the century, the people were zealous for their country, loyal, and fairly “Untaxed”. A LOT has changed since then; political corruption is the cause for the lack of love and faith in the U.S. We stood for peace, we fought wars to protect others from invasion ONLY as a last resort. Today, our weapons are everywhere, we are killing phantom enemies everywhere, it’s all so draining and exhausting with no end in site. This is NOT what America was designed to be. One only has to read letters of our founding fathers, their good hearted intentions, and desires not to be pulled into the conflicts of foreign countries. Peace to all men, and the persuit of happiness! This does not include getting involved in global skirmishes and manipulating markets on behalf of political supporters, or using tax dollar to pay special interest contracts. THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING IF TAX DOLLARS WERE NOT AVAILABLE TO MISUSE. Nor would it be possible without the ability to print fiat currency until our solvency collapses.

  5. It is my opinion that every society has experienced economic growth in direct proportion to its access to cheap and easily obtainable natural resources. It seems these are waining in America.

    It very could be that the main purpose for the US in the grand scheme of things was the reestablishment of Israel.

    Man has no more control over the history of the future than over global warming.

    • Yes, Olegig, not only in the re-establishment of Israel, but also in our unwaivering support through the decades… until recently. It’s likely that in the grand scheme of things, we have out-lived our usefulness, and retribution will come home to roost. And I suspect it’s going to get ugly.

      • Nonsense – After WWII the world didn’t want the Jews so the re-establishment of Israel was the easiest way to get rid of them as refugees. And that’s what they wanted anyway. So – hard it that as a solution???

        Global Warming – seriously!?! That is just too f-ing funny. Every IPCC “model” failed to model the recent global cooling since the last major El Nino that the alarmists used to skew their data so much so their models are worthless to science because they don’t “model” what happened over the last 15 years…what does that say about the next hundred?

        Laughable nonsense fed to the sheeples. Global Warming is all about global gubamint ala the socialists at the corrupt UN. Also see Agenda 21.

        • JerseyJoe, it’s been said that the continual presents of the Jews proves the truth of the Bible.

      • We’ll Rando, at least someone agrees….
        It’s hard to know the next move one should make, unless one knows what game is being played.

  6. Did I miss the part where something helpful was given? If gold/silver and preps are bad, what should people do with their money?

    • I dunno man!

      But I suspect that you may have missed the part about the “Barbarous Reliquary SERIES” ///

      It’s actually RIGHT UP THERE AT THE TOP OF THE PIECE… before you can even get bored and return to some more appropriate outlet for your attention!

      If I were to pack too much into one segment… I would be accused of going on too long. If I divide it up into easily digestible portions… the intellectually BULIMIC amongst us seem to be equally discontent!

      As Stever is wont to say: “Please check back for updates at the SRSrocco Report” !!!

  7. Nofaithnewe | May 26, 2014 at 3:22 pm |

    Question 1 : if you play a game and don’t know the rules whose fault is it if you loose ?

    Q 2 : if you do win are you being set up for a bigger fall or did you get lucky and now think you’re special?

    Q 3 : even if you know the rules what happens when the rules are changed and someone forgets/ willingly neglects, to inform you of the change?

    Q 4 : do you think that any of this matters when you’re dead or is it the “he who dies with the most toys and lack of compassion” wins?

    Q 5 : instead of all the verbosity, euphemisms, grandstanding, sarcasms etc. etc. if you have a better way or clearer vision wouldn’t sharing be paramount to self aggrandizement?

    I’m thinking my points been made. So a simple request I feel is not too forward.

    Instead of thinking that you’ve figured all of us out Rogue why not take the high road and plainly explain what one does with ones hard earned money so as to maximize return with minimal to no risk. I for one would welcome such a discussion and am certain so would everyone else. Spotlights on you bud…time to shine.

    • His case & point is simple:

      YOU DON’T.

      The morale of the story (long as it may be) is “YOUR NOT SAFE” (let me continue to summarize)

      * Your pm’s as your end all defense is short sighted
      * He also has pm’s but isn’t quite sure why, he thinks they “may” help hime survive
      * You will not maintain or gain wealth if currency is destroyed by holding pm’s
      * The destruction of the U.S. is planned
      * Your pm’s, your food, indeed everything you have saved will be taken from you
      * You will end up in the food line at your local Fema camp no matter what you do.
      * Your blind faith in prepping is futile. You cannot resist the STATE.

      That is his summary, or what I gleaned from it. It’s quite depressing because not only does he say the end is near, but there is nothing you can do to fare well through it. Your pm’s MAY support survival, but in the end you will end up like everyone else. He furthers by saying “they” know everything you have, and they’re coming for it when its time. They intend on giving your wealth and food etc. to the wealthy bankers, and after any reset, the bankers will own it all again- there’s nothing you can do from stopping this inevidability.

      Kind of sounds like the King of Britian telling the colonist they stand no chance and to succumb to the unstoppable oppression he has planned for them? No one thought the colonist of America stood a chance against the “powers and seasoning” of the royal army. Funny how that turned out?

      Look man, life is short enough as it is. If U.S. tears itself apart from witnin, it’s enemies will pounce on it like a cougar on a lamb. If it’s all planned with China etc. Then China will revalue gold, and it can be laundered through greedy bankers to China. They’ll take a cut, and you’ll maintain your financial health. There are endless scenerios, but prudent planning will always reap the best results. Building your house upon the rock with REAL assets will ALWAYS yeild the best results under any circumstance.

      Thats my take- take it or leave it.

      • Series… man… Series…

        like umm, World Series>>>???


        don’t get depressed till the fat lady sings… (ain’t the bottom of the 9th yet Sluggo!)(

        an author cannot outstrip the comprehension level of their audience…and we have an unusually large number of Cap City Goofball impersonators running onto the field here!(this thing may go into extra innings…!)

      • Thanks for the summary…he could have said all that without all the fluff and self aggrandizement.

        And this argument is nothing new. So the alternative is go quietly into that dark night and pray for the best. How useless and ill advised is that?

        • Joe!

          “self aggrandizement”??? What exactly does that term mean to you?

          Somebody with sufficient sense of self worth to be willing and able to express themselves in a coherent manner? Did you vote for Obama or somethin?

          This was an article about gold…n silver. The only place the personal pronoun was used was in describing the relationship of the author to that subject.

          REACH EXCEED GRASP there Joe! Might be best to stick to the more run of the mill petty insults employed here for purposes of venting!

          Snark is good… when done well. Likewise.. sniping can be fun.. but you gotta have some bullets in the gun! Somebody seems to have snuck up and emptied your chambers …
          you dig?

  8. Brent Eamer | May 26, 2014 at 3:50 pm |

    I wonder what the resource requirement will be for the powers to go to every single home after getting such a list and confiscate the metals. When one pillages resources, it is the least amount of effort for the most amount of gain. Animals do it, humans do it. The lions attacks a herd, it does not expend the energy going though the Serengeti picking off one animal when it’s hungry. The powers that be will nationalize and go after the mining companies, the big fish. In future economic times, the effort required to go from house to house will simply not be worth the EROEI.

  9. Brent Eamer | May 26, 2014 at 3:52 pm |


    Chris Duane outlines quite well why they ‘wont’ confiscate your pm

    • Although I don’t plan to deal with the mechanics of the ‘WEALTH TRANSFER’ that will be performed in all or almost all of the western world – via the already fully formed POLICE STATE apparatus which the more mind-controlled amongst us appear to be unable to perceive – till a later part of this series…

      I must salute your response, for being …with the notable and noble exception of “John MK”…THE FIRST in over a dozen comments so far…to actually address anything do to with what the article actually explores! If you make it over… full jug o Duffs for you! [redeemable only @Moes!]

      Without a written transcript of the quoted youtube piece… it’s hard for me to give a detailed, point by point response to Duanes’ argument…but here’s the best I can do on the fly…

      “they would not likely give up their metal… anymore than they would give up their guns, food, or….”

      were it a matter of volition… in the sense that WERE WE LIVING IN 1934-35 instead of …post 1984/2014… the topic at hand would be totally different… than what the prescient and informed individual already knows we will have to deal with.

      Anyone who prefers to believe that the ‘resources’ available to .gov of the moment in any way resemble those available to FDR… is living in a time capsule… and SHOULD MAKE A POINT of not ever reading anything written here by yours truly …ever agin! This message ain’t fur yu, freend!

      As a postscript to that salient FACT… allow me to add…
      DUANE also mentions that silver was not confiscated in the thirties… and goes on to talk bout why.

      The single most important part of the “WEALTH TRANSFER” to which I refer… which potential survivors needs get their heads around… is that it is the studied intent of those in control of the organs of state TO DISABLE ALL individual citizens from enjoying ANY personal liberties… which of course includes personal assets. The people who back the obamanation are those same who backed the KHMER ROUGE…

      do yourself a favor… if you choose… n find out what that was all about! Or hit the snooze button! It’s yur call!

      • Brent Eamer | May 27, 2014 at 3:31 am |

        I feel comfortable enough with your response to continue stacking and take my chances. I can’t stack blueberries, alas my freezer is full

        But at 50, I hope to be long gone dead before things get really ugly, since I agree with most of your post. It was well written.

        It is a challenging time, perhaps one should start living below ones means, that may be a prudent choice.

        • I fully understand your position. But do think about getting a back up power unit for that freezer with some of that allotted ‘stackin’ loot! Six 80 watt panels… a mid priced controller… and a couple of top quality storage batteries… you should be in like Flint! Till the Ozombies arrive, anyways!

          Unfortunately, frighteningly few[of those who respond here at least!]understand mine. Anyone who believes that I have advocated NOT OWNING PM’s has drifted so far away from the lifeboat as to be no longer reachable by the length of line in my possession! For them… Hail Mary’s are pretty much the only option left.

          The main enemy is into “continuity of gubbernment” ….

          I’m into “continuity of the rootstock” – even tho us ‘melatoninally-challenged’ folk have pretty much disgraced ourselves over time… with serial crimes against others… in the end, it’s equally true that almost all the advancements in the philosophy and practice of ‘freedom and [real] equality have come from within our ranks. This ol world still needs a few of our haplogroups left alive to carry on

          I’d like to see as many get out as are able. Whoever chooses to stay put… and is ready and prepared to live – and be hunted – as an outlaw… in their own homelands…
          Ain’t nuthin left to say after that.

          • Brent Eamer | May 27, 2014 at 7:46 am |

            As a final follow up. My situation is that I grow quite a bit of my food seasonally Zone 5b. I have a 1.6kw Photovoltaic array with six surette S530 batteries, an Outback VFX2812 Inverter Charger. I heat with wood and live on four acres of wooded land. I have a multitude of Inverters (pure sine wave) and SLA’s. Two generators (One propane). Berkey Water filtration system, a dehydrator (Excalibur) and an All American pressure Canner.

            I think Im ready, and as you say, until someone comes along and steals it. But I am not living in fear


          • Finally a ray of hope – If anybody’s ‘ready’ … and has a fightin chance… its you!

            Great setup… great attitude…

            hat’s off!

            You Da Man!

        • I fully understand your position. But do think about getting a back up power unit for that freezer with some of that allotted ‘stackin’ loot! Six 80 watt panels… a mid priced controller… and a couple of top quality storage batteries… you should be in like Flint! Till the Ozombies arrive, anyways!

          Unfortunately, frighteningly few[of those who respond here at least!]understand mine. Anyone who believes that I have advocated NOT OWNING PM’s has drifted so far away from the lifeboat as to be no longer reachable by the length of line in my possession! For them… Hail Mary’s are pretty much the only option left.

          The main enemy is into “continuity of gubbernment” ….

          I’m into “continuity of the rootstock” – even tho us ‘melatoninally-challenged’ folk have pretty much disgraced ourselves over time… with serial crimes against others… in the end, it’s equally true that almost all the advancements in the philosophy and practice of ‘freedom and [real] equality’ have come from within our ranks. This ol world still needs a few of our haplogroups left alive to carry on

          I’d like to see as many get out as are able. Whoever chooses to stay put… and is ready and prepared to live – and be hunted – as an outlaw… in their own homelands…
          Ain’t nuthin left to say after that.

          • “I’d like to see as many get out as are able”

            Get out of where or what to ___?

            This is not a flippant comment. Are you referring to getting out of the U.S.? Canada? The entire Western world?

            And to where?

          • I know very well that your comments here are not flippant. But I must try to be as inclusive here as possible. I can only gauge how fast or slow to take this series along by the feedback of the respondents…

            some of whom are still back on the opening chapter. Were I talking only to folks such as yourself… we would have taken this already to the point of answering the question posed….and well beyond.

            I also very well know that some of those respondents are merely venting personal spite and envy… but even so, they help me to understand the extent to which the memes I have mentioned in this piece still dominate and control the understandings of good people who could use some help in getting their independence of thinking back. Whether or not I succeed in furthering that… I’m sure gonna try!

            Some folks here seem to think that, if THEY try hard enough, they will succeed in lowering the tone to the level at which THEY are comfortable…

            with this slow but steady plodding… I can safely predict that sooner or later, they will realize that RAISING their skills of comprehension is actually …the only option!

            I very much look forward to discussing the matter you raise here!

  10. Thanks, SRSRocco, for adding a few words to my Vocab.com learn list.

    Perhaps I’m oversimplifying, but the only criticism of PM that I was able to reduce this down to is, what good is PM if you don’t have freedom. (Ron Paul makes the same point.) Freedom is more important than wealth. Fine.

    But how does that change the game plan for PM holders? If we’re moving into a world without personal freedom, is there ANY way to be wealthy without fear of confiscation, redistribution, etc? And doesn’t gold/silver remain the optimal way to hold wealth with the way things are going?

    The only modification I can see to the PM game plan with these ideas in mind is to have a plan to exit the US and move to a part of the world not ravaged by fascism.

  11. petedivine | May 26, 2014 at 6:24 pm |

    Hello Steve,

    Love your site. Invaluable info. Help me understand why you’ve given Roguefaction a voice on your site? I’m curious. Is he a counter to your concise “just the facts please” expose on the metals market? I’m not a fan and plan on skimming if not skipping future Rogue articles. I find his verbosity too hard to read. His message: Don’t buy metals because the Gov’t is going to kill you or your confiscate wealth. Okay…got it. I’ll worry about that when its 03:20 and a laser beam is pointed at my chest.

    • I agree Pete. Not only does Rogue lack substance. He is also rude.

      • Returning your volley of snark with an improvement on the concept is not “rude” Sir:

        it’s hardly becoming of you to complain bout being beaten at your own game…

        indeed/// It somehow lacks “substance!”

  12. You have two choices:

    1) Hold an asset that everyone wants so badly that those in power will attempt to steal it from you.


    2) Hold an asset that those in power can devalue.

    If you can’t figure this out (and it appears you are struggling) then you deserve your slavery.


    • Mike, I like your dissection of the issue. I choose door #1 because daily I come in contact with those who set the value and I can participate.

  13. To quote the author: “GOLD STANDARD of myth n legend was as much a cause of boom and bust as fiat regimes”. I would like to recommend Mike Maloney’s 5 part series on YouTube which details how the gold currencies were debased.

    Furthermore James Rickards has two books that together will give a very clear recent history of the “gold standard” and are heavy on facts (unlike this fluffy author). Also… Jim’s books do a vastly superior job of delivering content.

    While I do feel that some points were good (which is a funny thing to say because there aren’t many points made here) I am again left feeling empty… A little like sitting through a Catholic mass.

    I will follow this Series a bit longer to see if there is going to be any valuable information but I’m speculating that egotistical huffing and puffing is all we are in for.

    • Do yurself a favor… and follow the advice given in my response to the respondent above…

      this message ain’t fur yu freend….

      I’se speculatin that there is nothin of interest for you here now… or later.



      • Quite the contrary, RF. You’re ostensibly addressing topics of interest to me, and I assume to everyone here given the themes Steve deals with. At first I thought you were a troll, here to waste peoples’ time and thereby dilute the utility of the comments section. I still consider that a possibility, but think it more likely that you are just pompous. And pretty nasty on top, given that even people who offer quite measured and constructive criticism are treated with large servings of contempt.

        Go ahead and keep thinking that if we don’t all want to jump through the convoluted hoops of your verbal Rube Goldberg machine, that we’re either stupid or ADD. And I’ll go ahead and keep making my view clear. I have to echo an above comment and ask why Steve gives you a platform from which to pontificate.

        • And Bix Weir?? Nothing against him personally. But it’s very fringe stuff. I believe that the vast majority of people who see precious metals as one tool for protection in these times have no interest in Weir’s theory, and most are probably not even aware of it. If the believers in this kind of stuff are your target group, I would suggest you’re probably just not really talking to most of us.

          • While I appreciate you forwarding your point of view GJH…. I learn something from pretty much every comment here…

            I also fear that you have jumped one hoop too far with “if we don’t all want to jump through the convoluted hoops of your verbal Rube Goldberg machine”

            by apparently positing that the advice I specifically gave to Josh was sent to the entire mailing list. Careful review of that(and other of my comments here) should dissuade you from that particular rhetorical indulgence. To be honest, GJH… that mans comment irked me to a degree that no others here have …

            because to suppose that what Jim Ricards two books contain can be duplicated or compared to what can be achieved in a 3000 word article is so specious an argument as to be simply beneath the belt. A recent Ricards interview with Willem Middlekoop would go far to showing interested readers here how close his position and the one I am enunciating here are in some key respects. But I’ve also learned that most of the critical voices here don’t go the the trouble of searching out such evidence of a world outside of their own… increasing bitter and insular… weltanschauung. I don’t consider my problem in the least… any more than I worry about whether you might consider me a ‘troll’… or not. It’s all good dude!

            To combine that faux pas with quoting a section of my piece… and then failing to follow up with a rebuttal to it… other than a link to youtube clip is a degree of laziness on the part of someone posturing as a legitimate critic as to leave me in no doubt that the BOTTOM LINE intent of their comment is to simply regurgitate rather witless ad homs THAT HAVE ALREADY been used here by others WITHOUT EFFECT!

            Now THAT’S dumb.

            I indulge most of my more cerebrally -challenged critics here. I refuse to indulge outright poseurs…who have the brains… but lack the grace… to make their point.

            As to whom I am talking to…. I would suggest that you consider amplifying the group who you currently consider as “us”…

            on these boards there are roughly a hundred or so ‘silent’ readers for every one commenter… A lot of them are hurting… in silence. Occasionally, here… and in other places… one sees one or another of them try to speak to that pain. The silence/absence of… solidarity and understanding on the part of YOUR ‘us’ is deafening…

            some of ‘us others’ notice that; Steve is one perceptive guy. IMHO. Keep hearing voices dude!

  14. @Petey…

    I’ll let the site owner handle all msgs addressed to himself…

    one item I will address personally:

    “His message: Don’t buy metals”////… Okay…got it.”

    oops… maybe not so much! No Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona for yu!

    but pls accept this furry keychain object as a token of thanks for takin a toss!

  15. Got IT ! You are Bernankes lost son.The twin kept in the attic for all those years,surrounded by barbarous relics. Cartoon character helped you escape.Fifth column is in,way to go Steve. Mirroring comments a specialty from a gamer.Got tired of playing at war did we?
    Nice Fluffy,good boy.
    Sorry,didn’t read article,no time.

  16. Christopher J | May 27, 2014 at 3:42 am |

    After seeing your 1st piece I did myself the favor of going to your site and reading it in full. I am aligned to your way of thinking knowing that there is more to the picture than what is being revealed.

    The mind control program is running deep in amerika and most wont be able to comprehend the message.

    Information overload with just enough data points cull the masses. We are being deceived on multiple levels and were not taught but skooled not to notice.

    Everything is geared to looking outside for the answers when all the knowledge in the universe is on the inside if one cares to look. There is only one repeating story on this planet that runs in repeat mode. Jack and Jill, humpty dumpty or the tortoise and the hare take your pick.

    Seems to be that people have to much invested in this system to a point they are ready to defend it at all cost even though deep down they know this system sucks and is very evil at its core.

    The key is not to fit gold and silver into this system which it obviously does not belong. Gold and silver are not a paradox unto itself but rather a paradigm to the world at large.

    I find your verbose, fluffy, egotistical huffing and puffing quite refreshing in a world of snakes and one eye masonic indoctrinations. Shoot the messenger at all cost especially if he is a diamond in the ruff, willing to share some insight that might just lead to knowledge.

  17. Yo, man? Like, what?

    When does the fruit ripen? When does it strike the ground?

    The tethers are short and I am weary.

    I must go now. My dreams await.

    The guardian is dead.

    The silence awaits. I am at peace.

  18. For what it is worth this was part of an email sent to me:

    How to Create a Social State by Saul Alinsky:

    There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

    1) Healthcare– Control healthcare and you control the people.

    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

    4) Gun Control– Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives. (Food, Housing, and Income)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to – take control of
    what children learn in school.

    7) Religion – Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will
    cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

    • Looks like the Old World is showing the New World the way to a Social State.

      We are well down the path in all 8 areas mentioned. Especially in point 4, there are very few guns (usually shot guns for birds) in the hands of the public and those who have them (apart from criminals) are all known to and licenced by the police.

      Contrary to an earlier comment, I very much doubt that PM holding by the public is higher over here than in the US. As far as I can tell coin/bullion dealers selling to the public only appeared during the ‘Buy-your-Gold’ boom times of a couple of years ago and they are very rare in some countries. We have never had the equivalent to a silver dollar built into the public consciousness and non legal tender, like silver coins, attracts 20% sales tax. What PM there is tends to be in jewelry.

      On another comment, there would not need to be house to house searching for PMs as the government agents would have specific addresses to go to. It will be the good old 80:20 rule, get the most with the least and right off the rest. A large proportion will be in ‘safe against a different threat’ bullion vaults. Bit like the Ukrainian gold. I bet they never saw that coming, all whisked away on a dark night! First the Mongols got it, then Russians, then the Germans and now the banksters.

      Life can be a bitch if you live in a frontier country. In the US you have ‘frontier’ counties, some the Feds will be all over, some (perhaps even State sized) they will ignore. 80:20 again.

  19. There are three time scales to consider for PM outcomes. Short, medium and long. You must fill in the narratives yourself. My opinion:

    For me, short is the price of PMs may go up, down or sideways with not too much up and down because of the manipulation and the prices of both are underwater (from the miners perspective) and gaining increasing buoyancy.

    Medium term. This is when the financial system starts to get messy with bubbles bursting everywhere and a run to safe havens including precious metals. At or by this time the manipulation will end due to real shortages or the realisation that this game is up. Prices of the metals will go up pretty much and inflation will take off. Your wealth is protected as bail-ins and one-off, two-off etc. off capital levies begin. At this point you are relatively wealthy but nothing too serious has happened on the politica front -yet. You could sell into currency at this point as a form of self taxation as your currency would get levied or bailed in.

    Long term. This all depends on what the powers that be at the time decide to do with our futures and that may have already been decided in the actions of Russia, China and the BRICS. I do not think it will be long before the BRICS start a new PM backed trading currency. Between them they are sufficiently strong to ignore the IMF and go for revolution instead of change. Do they really need SDRs as the world reserve? This year China become the world’s largest economy. Aligned in a trading block with Russia, Iran, India (to name a few) they can force the West e.g. Europe to trade in the new gold backed money think Russian Gas, cold winters. Germany would be on board like a shot taking France with her. The EU would get dumped. The UK would jump to the front of the queue before you could say “Perfidious Albion”. We would see NW Europe entering into a New Common Market with the East as the eurozone crumbles. The coup de-grace for the United States Empire would be a move to peg silver to gold through the new international trading currency. This would bring in the world’s biggest silver miners including Mexico, Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Australia would become the richest per capita country as America’s Back Yard finds a new role in a more prosperous world.

    OK I dream. In reality the Banksters have probably got Russia and China sewed up already…

    If we do end up on a new world gold backed trading currency they will expropriate our metals in exchange for some local paper, I have no doubt.

    • Your dreaming is 24 kt.

      “It is possible only to use a reasoned speculation on future probabilities, combined with an examination of patterns from the past, to make an informed guess about how to act in the present moment.”

      I salute your excellence at contributing something of positive value here. It’s exactly the sort of intelligent effort I ‘dreamed of’ when writing this piece!

      many thanks.

      • This is an example of what gives me some hope, RF. You recognize a valuable comment.

        Note how he actually takes care to communicate his message, sans ego.

        • You bring up a good point… re “sans ego”

          It may be a good time to parse some of the common themes that crop up here as rather surly invective masquerading as a critique.

          ego/egotistical/self-absorbed/etc etc…. = possessed of a sense of self worth sufficient to make an argument that is not dependent upon a coterie of supporters in order to have merit.


          verbose/intellectual/obscure/difficult to follow/etc.etc. etc… = facility with one’s chosen language to the fullest degree. Unwillingness to follow a consensus of dumbing down the discussion to the point where those with the least such facility are the most happy.

          we could go on with the list of memes…

          but I know you are smart enough to get the point. What I don’t know is why you bothered bottom feeding. Maybe it’s just a natural consequence of living in an OBAMANATION at this point.

          You have my sympathies. But not my subscription to your pointless arrow… it’s made of silly-putty sir. I don’t live in your neighborhood no more… I suspect that eventually, you will find that to be of greater import than you currently understand.

          • What neighborhood would that be? One hint: I don’t live in ‘Obamanation’.

            ‘greater import than you currently understand’ — You have very little idea of what I currently understand.

            This presumptuousness and condescension, in addition to tortured prose and low info content, are the kind of thing that attracts so many negative comments to your articles and comments.

            As for ‘facility with one’s chosen language to the fullest degree’, that does not imply making things more complicated than they need to be. If you care about the ‘silent many who are hurting,’ I’d think you would want to state your purpose clearly, and follow it up with clear and concise substance that delivers.

          • Might you live in the ‘western world’ sir/madam?

            That of course includes the ‘eastern hemispheric’ satrapies of said OBAMANATION. Did you really think my qualification had anything to do with “geographic” boundaries? If so, might I urge you to think agin?

            “presumptuousness and condescension”… are something that I have learned to most certainly parry with the few weapons at my disposal. To be frank… I don’t think that I have done a half bad job of it so far! I absolutely have come to believe in the principles of homeopathy… both as applied to my livestock… and to the debates my view engender. You seem to be allergic to the dosages I choose to render….

            once again… that is your problem… not mine. Let me once again gently place a [hint] towards you… I am totally immune to the style of invective… ad hom… straw man… and shoot the messenger etc etc., tortured attempts at rebuttal to which you[pl] seem to find comfort in resorting to… in the absence of attention to the substance of debate.

            If you believe that a certain volume of ‘negative comments’ will sway the debate in your favour…

            allow me to suggest that you apply all the pressure you think suitable to the site owner to pull my plug. Unlike yourself… I have nothing to lose personally in that… or any other scenario you might imagine.

            Until then… I will CONTINUE to state my purpose clearly… from a post-western perspective… without the slightest fear of the consequence of your contempt for its presence here!

            I remain…
            your most obedient,
            etc. etc.

          • Final comment.

            ‘Sway the debate in my favor’ — I’m not aware that there’s much of a debate here. Certainly not on substance, as I’ve chosen not to engage you on that level. I’m just giving you some feedback on your approach. Feedback that many others have echoed–I can’t remember seeing so many negative comments to an article that all voice the same criticism. But you are, indeed, innoculated.

            Bottom feeding…what exactly would not be bottom feeding? Staying silent? Engaging you on your terms? But I do admit, I prefer not to spend time in the muck like this. So I will gladly go back to taking your advice from our initial encounter, and skip further commentary from you.

          • As a matter of principle… I’d like to offer you the last word here…

            but this: “I can’t remember seeing so many negative comments to an article that all voice the same criticism” ///

            is too choice to leave uncelebrated!

            I gather that you are indeed a denizen of the ‘western world’… and have no idea, therefore, of the degree to which the standards of debate… as well as several other heretofore common markers of civility…. have fallen! Rant on from within the hive mind sire!

            Those individualists untroubled by the “evidence” of numbers will continue to advance their cause… and that of the formerly free world… irregardless of the suasion of your appeal to a consensus of opinion which buries itself by the weight complicity in its own destruction. Please feel free to ignore all further efforts to dissuade you from that fate. I remain untroubled by the ‘threat’ of ignore …ance!

    • I like that analysis.

      Re your long term, Germany will definitely take Poland and the Baltic states with it. France is a problem as it has valuable aerospace, defence and luxury goods assets but not a lot else.

      Logically Perfidious Albion, with as much if not more debt as anyone, should be a write-off but London’s cunning banksters have made it the home for an awful lot of ‘hot’ sorry ‘pre-positioned’ wealth from Russia/China/India. The annual rich list here only has a couple of ‘real’ Brits in it’s top 20. Us Brits do camouflaged/hidden rich better than anyone on the planet.

      It is today’s reserve currency, the US$, that will be the prime target, not yesterday’s, the £sterling, or the failed tomorrow’s, the Euro. All three plus many others will be caught up in defaults etc but some will appear on the other side less damaged.

      Switzerland will remain the banker of last resort (plenty of ‘hot’ money from round the world still there not affected by US IRS trawls).

      When it was poor, Norway was ruled by Sweden and Denmark, now it is rich they will beat a path to its door to form a new Scandinavian block.

      As to North America, will the US be able to keep its hands off the PM mines so near yet so far?

      Even now Australia is actually a very secure place to invest.

    • Outlookingin | May 27, 2014 at 10:48 am |

      The “Great Unwashed” are unwilling, or I fear in some cases recalcitrant and in most, fearful of the abyss and lacking motivation to search for the cause of their fear, through an abysmal ignorance.

      We are on the cusp of a new epoch. Those who wish to survive had best get with it!

      The powers that be are ready. They know of “Maslow’s Triangle, Hierarchy of Needs” which states; “One cannot move up to the next level if there is lack (food, shelter, etc.) and fear at the current level. They have done their homework and stand ready to receive those unfortunates who seek the ‘shelter’ of the state.

      Change is acomin! Those who refuse to see it, or cannot see it and refuse to change, will not survive. Any preparation is better than none. Keep it a comin rogue! Salutations.

  20. Beyondjimwillie is ‘shut down’. Article is on SD as we speak. So when do ‘they’ shut down SRS and/or SD. These sites are more ‘implemented’ in society, and tbtf don’t want to make it too obvious? Just a question.

    • After half a day of fighting… against the ‘hidden foe hackers’ in NSA land… I got it back up houtskool, sometime yesterday. They hate to have their work exposed. So they let up. For now.

      It’s the new net. Fighting ghosts and shadows… who work under the ‘gubbernment’ wings. But it’s clear that this is a limited time option. I need to find a secure server and platform outside of the purview of the moneypowers mandate. If I needed proof of just how narrow our freedoms are getting…

      I got it!

      Tech savvy folk who can suggest what my best option might be at this point … please weigh in. I’ve thought of a China option… but cn has it’s own perils.

      It’s clear that this discussion has hit a nerve in the heart of the beast. On my site(if it’s still working now.. have not checked yet this morning… I’ve placed a link to the similar takedown of another blogger who cut too close to the bone. I purposely left that link out of the article here cause I don’t wish for this site to get ‘the treatment’. . ..

      also … pls review this site..http://www.martinvrijland.nl/ if not already on your radar … apparently he got taken down for the same offense! But back up when I checked last night.

      • Thanks rogue, for your reply. ingoldwetrust.ch has had several problems too, like ddos attacks. Succes with staying in business! There are many roads, yours is without ending. Yet. But that’s good, i don’t want things to end.

      • Thanks for your reply. Ingoldwetrust.ch has had serious problems, ddos attacks and stuff like that. Martin Vrijland, funny you come up with that… I’m more a ‘hard facts’ kind of guy. But i know there’s a lot more then just charts and bugs, looking forward to read your posts and blog. Thanks.

    • I’m not able to post anymore?

      • I am reading you.

        But keep in mind houtskool…
        the barbarians are already well within the gates… as in .. in the hardware itself.

        I have to go through several contortionist steps just to post here… all the usual rss feeds etc. are disabled… and the firefox browser I use for convenience is disabled from showing this article… I had to literally paste it into the browser (from my back up) to be able to get it to show! All of which is merely a backhanded compliment to the significance of what has appeared here.

        Keep trying… they appear to respect/fear an intensity of intent. For now.

        We are truly at war.. at this point… for the high ground of the debate. I am not a geek… so I cannot offer any technical advice. But it’s clear that you too have been identified as a ‘resistor’

        • We’re all resistors now i guess. Some even more than others ;-). Weird shit rogue. I know hard- and software is full of little microphones. Information management.

    • Ok, i can only reply to my own post and not yours rogue. Thanks for your reply. Ingoldwetrust.ch has had problems with ddos attacks. And Martin Vrijland, funny you mention him… i’m more a ‘hard facts’ kind of guy, but i know there’s more then just charts and bugs. Much more. Looking forward to read your posts/blog. Maybe Steve can give you some tips, SRS never goes down as far as i know.

  21. Now this idiot writes articles. Lol.

    • “Now this idiot* writes articles. Lol.”
      Good to see you weigh in ol buddy! Your true to form drop off of the usual bundle of ad homs not even disguised as a critique will leave the reader in no uncertainty about the nature of the debate here…

      and provides a suitable opportunity for summation of this particular chapter of it!

      I’d like to thank everyone who made a contribution: though I learn a lot from assembling a piece for publication… I think that I learn maybe even more from the sparring that takes place the comments that follow! This segment, in particular, has been richly rewarding for the take away of insights.

      I’d also like to encourage those many who read, but don’t comment, to consider doing so in the future – I know, from experience, how hard it is to jump into what may seem like a fire pit, for the first time. But the rewards, of communicating your thoughts, feelings, whathaveyou… and the possibilities of finding a resonance from other similarly disposed… are simply too great to pass up!

      Whilst, inevitably, there will be some amongst us who will bear a grudge… and carry it with them into the future… there is no such leftover residue on my part… I have appreciated all the input. Finally, big thank you to Steve… for ‘giving a platform’ to thoughts that challenge some to re-think their approach to handling their investments… and others to define where they stand stand … in a debate that will inevitably – no matter how bitterly opposed – shake up the world of metal holders, as sacred cows get burned up in the fires of free expression!

      *Tuco….see yu soon… idi…see you soon idio..
      Blondie[seizing the paper]…. Idiots! //// pause /// It’s for you!

    • “Now this idiot* writes articles. Lol.”
      Good to see you weigh in ol buddy! Your true to form drop off of the usual bundle of ad homs not even disguised as a critique will leave the reader in no uncertainty about the nature of the debate here… or your role in it!

      and provides a suitable opportunity for summation of this particular chapter of it!

      I’d like to thank everyone who made a contribution: though I learn a lot from assembling a piece for publication… I think that I learn maybe even more from the sparring that takes place the comments that follow! This segment, in particular, has been richly rewarding for the take away of insights.

      I’d also like to encourage those many who read, but don’t comment, to consider doing so in the future – I know, from experience, how hard it is to jump into what may seem like a fire pit, for the first time. But the rewards, of communicating your thoughts, feelings, whathaveyou… and the possibilities of finding a resonance from other similarly disposed… are simply too great to pass up!

      Whilst, inevitably, there will be some amongst us who will bear a grudge… and carry it with them into the future… there is no such leftover residue on my part… I have appreciated all the input. Finally, big thank you to Steve… for ‘giving a platform’ to thoughts that challenge some to re-think their approach to handling their investments… and others to define where they stand stand … in a debate that will inevitably – no matter how bitterly opposed – shake up the world of metal holders, as sacred cows get burned up in the fires of free expression!

      *…Tuco….see yu soon… idi…see you soon idio..
      Blondie[seizing the paper]…. Idiots! //// pause /// It’s for you!

  22. I also have gold and silver, but I know they will take all the wealth. First the paper wealth, then the tangibles (gold, silver, land). But the real wealth they can never take because it’s within each of us, it’s in our ability to produce wealth in the first place and it’s in our love and compassion and empathy. Those are the things of true value.

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