Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Drop Sharply Due To Central Bank Intervention

Thanks to the Fed and Central bank intervention, sales of Gold and Silver Eagle sales declined sharply over the past year.  Yes, it’s true… precious metals investors have lost interest in gold and silver as the stocks, real estate, and crypto markets reached new highs in 2017.  So, who wants to continue purchasing gold and silver when many cryptocurrencies were experiencing 10% increases in a day.

Historians will look back at 2017 as the year that asset prices went utterly insane.  Of course, the cryptomarket enjoyed the highest gains compared to most assets, but many stocks hit bubble territory last year as well.

Here is a small list of Big Gaining Assets in 2017:

  1. Dow Jones = +26%
  2. Nasdaq = +29%
  3. Netflix = +55%
  4. Amazon = +67%
  5. Caterpillar = +73%
  6. Bitcoin = +1,500%+

Now, let’s look at the gold and silver price increases in 2017:

  1. Silver = +6%
  2. Gold = +14%

While gold did go up more than double silver last year, many investors became frustrated with the metals and turned to making big gains in stocks and cryptos.  Furthermore, the motivation to protect wealth by purchasing precious metals didn’t seem to matter anymore because the Dow Jones Index is supposedly going to 50,000 and Bitcoin, $100,000.  So, with these sorts of gains in the future, why on earth would anyone want to buy precious metals?

Investors and the public today have become totally irrational.  Also, no one wants to work anymore.  Instead, we rather put $5,000 in Bitcoin or the other 1,500 cryptos so we can retire to Tahiti with our massive Blockchain profits.  Furthermore, if we watch some of the videos by the crypto aficionados, that is precisely what they are doing… well, at least on a temporary vacation basis.  Nothing like learning about cryptos from someone sitting on the beach drinking cocktails.

And, if an individual isn’t making $millions in cryptos, then the next best thing is the exponentially rising stock prices today to make money hand over fist.  If an investor was smart enough and invested a mere $10,000 in Amazon at the low of $50 in 2009, they would be holding on to $300,000.  Yes, I realize this isn’t like making $millions in the cryptos, but not everyone can be a millionaire.

So, why can’t everyone be a millionaire?  During one of my conversations years ago with retired NASA engineer, Don Arabian, he said that if the government gave everyone $1 million, then the next day, no one would show up for work.  Just think about that for a minute.  If you are a waiter and you just received $1 million, are you going to show up to work at the restaurant the very next day?  Hell no… LOL.  You are going to go shopping and maybe buy a new car or go to your favorite high-scale restaurant… because, you deserve it.

Unfortunately, when you go to the Auto Dealer or restaurant, you are going to find that no one is there to sell you a car or bring you a rack of lamb with mint jelly.  Why?  Because, all the Poor Unworthy Slobs that were broke are now looking to spend that $1 million.

NOTE:  when I use the term “Poor Unworthy Slob,” I am not making fun of the public, but rather in the Bankers’s vernacular, as they see the public.  Thus, I am also a poor unworthy slob as it pertains to Wall Street.

The very notion that an individual is going to get rich owning Bitcoin or Amazon is like winning the lottery ticket.  It would provide the individual with a way to get out of the CRAZY RAT RACE.  So, I can see the appeal in jumping into the crypto market with Dollar sings in one’s eyes and images of sitting on the beach drinking Blue Hawaiians garnished with pineapple and the little umbrellas.

But, we must remember, GOD, HATH A SENSE OF HUMOR.  While the crypto market has begun another leg higher, I would warn those that cryptos that trade up and down 10-15% in a day are not assets that can be relied upon to be used as a sound financial instrument.  However, the lure has blinded crypto investors, so I doubt individuals will heed this warning until it is too late.

How Are Central Banks Impacting Gold & Silver Eagle Sales?

The Fed and Central Banks have funneled investors into Stocks, Bonds, and Real Estate.  It’s that simple.  If we look at the next two charts, we can plainly see that ALL IS NOT WELL in the markets.

Typically, the markets experience a correction about every seven years.  You will notice in 2015-2016, the Dow Jones Index was rolling over and should have corrected lower over the next 2-3 years.  Instead, we had a huge spike higher, especially in 2017 and beginning of 2018.  The MACD technical level is screaming a “Very Extreme” reading.

Then if we look at Amazon, it’s even more irrational than the Dow Jones Index:

Now, while I have mentioned Amazon several times in articles and videos, I would like to add some new information that David Stockman shared in a recent article from his blog when the company released its Q1 2018 results, Jumping The Great White Shark Of Bubble Finance:

Last night Amazon reported a whopping 41% plunge in free cash flow for the March 2018 LTM period compared to prior year. Yet it was promptly rewarded by a $50 billion surge in market cap—-with $10 billion of that going to the guy riding topside on the Great White Shark of Bubble Finance.

Fully 96% of Amazon’s $5.0 billion of LTM operating income was accounted for by its cloud services business (AWS).

The e-Commerce juggernaut, by contrast, posted just $188 million of LTM operating income, which am0unts to, well, 0.1% of sales on a computational basis. But we’d round that to zero—especially because Amazon’s e-Commerce business was already almost there in the year ago period when its margin on sales came in a tad higher at 0.6%!

What I didn’t know until I read David Stockman’s article was that 96% of Amazon’s net income came from its internet cloud services, not from its e-commerce sales.  Only $188 million of Amazon’s net income or a pathetic 0.1% of total sales came from its e-commerce.  Which means Amazon’s massive online retail business is barely breaking even.

So, why would the country’s largest online retailer, which is just breaking even, have a $1,550 stock price??  Who knows, but I would imagine the Crypto aficionados may provide a good answer.

If we look at the markets today, they have become totally irrational.  Even though the gold and silver prices were at their lows in 2015 and 2016, precious metals investors still were motivated to purchase Gold and Silver Eagles.  But, with the massive move higher in the stock and crypto markets in 2017… then enough was enough.

Now, if it weren’t for the low-interest rates, money printing and the massive increase in credit and debt by Central Banks, the markets would have POPPED several years ago.  So, once again, we can thank the Fed and Central Banks for funneling the public away from sound investing in the precious metals and into the biggest bubbles in history.

We can see the damage of Central bank intervention in the following chart:

When the stock market fell off a cliff in 2008, along with the collapse of the U.S. Investment Banking and Housing Markets, Silver and Gold Eagle sales surged.  As we can see Silver Eagle sales continued higher until they peaked in 2015 at 47 million oz (Moz).  Even though demand fell to 37 Moz in 2016, it wasn’t until the stock and crypto markets went insane in 2017 did Silver Eagle sales drop to a 10-year low of 18 Moz.

Currently, Silver and Gold Eagle sales for the first four months of 2018 are down considerably versus last year:

Silver Eagle sales (Jan-Apr) of 6 Moz are down 32% versus the 8.8 Moz sold in 2017.  However, Gold Eagle sales of 72,000 oz (Jan-Apr) are down significantly more at 58% lower compared to 172,000 during the same period last year.

I don’t see Silver and Gold Eagle sales increasing until the stock markets start to unravel.  Although, if I didn’t own any physical gold or silver, I don’t know if I would try to time the downturn in markets to make my first purchase.

Regardless, precious metals investors who continue to hold or acquire more gold and silver will be holding some of the best assets when the markets roll over and crash over the next 1-2 years.


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54 Comments on "Gold & Silver Eagle Sales Drop Sharply Due To Central Bank Intervention"

  1. Cryptos continue to explode higher and BTC at nearly 10 000 !

    • DisappearingCulture | May 3, 2018 at 1:54 pm |

      Just like Steve said above:
      “I would warn those that cryptos that trade up and down 10-15% in a day are not assets that can be relied upon to be used as a sound financial instrument.”
      On the days Bitcoin implodes RD is noticeably absent with his comments.

      • DisappearingCulture,

        Yes… if we look at the Bitcoin chart, it resembles the typical Bubble. The next level of resistance is $11,500. I wasn’t surprised to see this new leg higher. However, this is not something to BUY, but an excellent opportunity to SELL.

        But, of course, if Bix Weir is sitting on a Beach in Hawaii bragging that he is the Smart One, then you had better make sure you acquire a SECOND OPINION… LOL.


    • RD,

      LOLOLOL… you wouldn’t know a BUBBLE even if it burst on your head.


      • In the meantime, FANG just broke another resistance !
        If oil consolidates FANG will buy all several times the russian market cap.
        Still waiting the petro yuan clowns like this pathetic jim sinclair “artist”…

        • Fang is just as CIA as yourself

          • T-You are right, the only competitors (as you probably love competition and free markets) are chinese ones which are clearly not in bed with chinese oligarchy and chinese deep state ?
            Do not fall into the jim willie’s masquerade : everything he can say against the west to simplify can be said from the east, but he refuses to consider that both camps are two sides of the same coin…

  2. DisappearingCulture | May 3, 2018 at 1:50 pm |

    “Amazon And Tesla Reflect Deep Fraud Throughout The Financial System”

  3. Millennial | May 3, 2018 at 2:36 pm |

    My friend told me he sold all his precious metals a few months ago and put everything into crypto. He said it is just way too easy to make money. He just follows a few techy guys to see what they are buying, then he buys the same coins, then when they go up 300% he sells. Then repeat on the next new coins that come out. He doesn’t do a buy and hold long-term strategy though, just holds them usually just a matter of months. precious metals investing is a totally different mindset imo. its the only thing that is real. in the end, a time of crisis, the flood of capital may shoot back out of crypto and back into PMs. It is just herd mentality.

    • According to Box Weir, people who have been buying physical gold have been empowering “the bad guys”, while those who have been buying cryptos are supporting the struggle of “the good guys” to bring down the global financial slavery system run by lizard people from the other dimension.

      • Bukharin,

        I would imagine Bix is an alright guy, but his Road To Roota theory fails miserably in so many ways.


        • What do you mean “alright guy” ? He basically said that gold is the tool for financial enslavement by the bad guys (lizard people).

          • Bukharin,

            What I mean by that is he’s probably a decent guy to have a beer with, but if we are talking about analysis…. LOUSY.


    • DisappearingCulture | May 4, 2018 at 7:14 am |

      If your friend bought a few months ago, it is not likely he has made 300% like you are relating. A few “coins” [what a joke to call them that] have gone up this year; Bitcoin is down for the year. Yes it is up in the last few days, but I don’t believe he went into crypto a few months ago and is making 300%. I hope he has the timing down [luck] on when to get out.

  4. I am buying silver at 16-17 per ounce. No, it is not a quick profit now, but unlike bit-coin and the stock market there is no risk. I don’t like following a herd of sheep.

  5. Steve, I know you hate cryptos, but they paid for one of my houses. The silver and gold I sit on, and yes I still continue to buy has done nadda, zip, zilch. Here’s the thinking. What’s to keep them from incorporating a special tax when we all go to cash in to make all this hard work of stacking a fruitless venture in the end. One must make it while he can and that’s just plain common sense.

  6. I am doing the same Steve. I will admit I know nothing about bit-coin and I just don”t trust bit-coin. Maybe I have lost a lot of money by not buying bit-coin but I have probably
    saved more in the long run. PMs have been around for 5,ooo yrs. I”ll stick with something I know a little about. I have just a little common sense and it tells me stick with PMs at the moment. Pay off all debts and stack.

    • Paul D Anders | May 5, 2018 at 8:06 am |

      Horses have been around for thousands of years also nut we moved on from them. I;m not saying gold and silver won’t have their day, I believe they will, but how much do you want to lose waiting for them. One must diversify, and if that means riding the crypto wave then so be it. They are not that complicated and they for sure as people want ice water in hell are NOT going away…

  7. The crypto disinformation continues…The Crypto sector is not even a mere 500 Billion Total market capitalization and it’s in a bubble LOL. Remember QE?… when the Fed was creating 500 Billion $$ every month for a year or more? One month of QE would equal the entire crypto sector today but it is in a bubble, I have to laugh at the absurdity. The metals only guys are collapsing into a realm of illogic. Their arrogance and hubris and years of wrong predictions have blinded them. The reality is that the crypto sector is an escape hatch to the future. The central banks can manipulate the metals to their hearts content but the wise and intelligent are accumulating digital crypto assets to protect themselves. Stack the precious metals but don’t expect them to protect you yet. Who knows how long the criminal bankers can sustain this corrupt system. Most of all don’t listen to the precious metals experts who have misled their followers down the path of financial destruction. Think for yourselves.

    • 500B for something completely worthless is a pretty big bubble. Besides it’s just the market cap of something completely illiquid that is not supported by a cash flow or cost of production. The bitcoin mining costs are not the same as gold mining costs. If demand collapses it doesn’t become cheaper to mine gold.

      • Your comment is illogical. 500 Billion for something that is worthless? It is obviously worth 500 Billion at the moment. In the future maybe more, maybe less…just like EVERYTHING else.

  8. For thousands of years mankind traveled at 4 MILES PER HOUR!
    From the historical horse to the event of the railroad and automobile the world changed in 40 years, distorting and collapsing financial markets and causing wars.
    Think: Polish horse cavalry against German tanks!
    Farms that produced hay and oats for horses went bankrupt causing the crash of 1929!
    It was the railroad and automobile that forced the world into fiat currency! Because there was more demand for currency then gold and silver could supply.
    The internet has now changed everything again with transactions instantaneously done globally, receipt of payment is preferred at completion, NOT 2 to 3 weeks after!!
    No more does SWIFT receive 10 to 20% because bitcoin side-chained with lighting reduces transfer costs back to pennies no matter the amount!
    There is no bubble unless you say that cell phones are in a bubble.
    There is no bubble unless you say the internet is in a bubble.
    There is no bubble unless online purchasing is in a bubble.
    There is no bubble unless email and texting is in a bubble.
    There is no bubble unless skype is in a bubble.
    Bitcoin is not a thing, just like email is not a thing.
    An application of the internet is not a thing.
    What do you call that which transports value from sender to receiver NOT at 4 MILES PER HOUR BUT at near INSTANTLY?

    • The internet changed everything yet I can’t buy/sell the internet and nobody is willing to pay for my emails. Distributed ledgers have existed for decades and the Halawa system for centuries. There is nothing new here, every bubble is the same. Bitcoin has been around for 10 years yet it’s still only used for speculation. If they couldn’t find a use for it in this much time most likely they never will.

      • Nobody will pay for your email because it can be copied to infinity and therefore has no unique value. Bitcoin solves the double-spending problem online through cryptographic security. So I can spend my (bitcoin) money instantly, online, anywhere across the globe for little cost. But this is “nothing new”? Distributed ledgers aren’t that interesting, but bitcoin takes our double entry accounting system that can be corrupted easily (see Enron) and creates a triple entry accounting system with an immutable ledger. That is the difference. I paid for my last vacation with bitcoin, it is being used as a currency, not just speculation chief.

    • Polish horse cavalry never attacked on purpose german tanks in war in 1939. There were some situations when Polish forces were surprised by tanks.

      • SilverSeeker | May 4, 2018 at 2:29 pm |

        or when they used horse speed to get near tank fast and destroy it with grenades

  9. I am not a gold and silver person although I own them. The reason I own them is that under some circumstances bit coin may make you rich. But under other circumstances gold and silver may save your life.
    Those circumstances are present today in places like Venezuela. It probably won’t happen in the west but if it does it’s a good idea to own some. Gold and silver are an insurance not a money making investment. That is what the futures market is for. Anyone who buys gold and silver as an investment is not financially savvy and will lose big time. There are too many people who bought silver at 40 dollars who have cashed in with huge losses sub 20 dollars.

    • “Anyone who buys gold and silver as an investment is not financially savvy and will lose big time”

      Barry, please provide some arguments. Also, let me know how much we, gold hoarders, will lose. I’d like to get prepared.

      I’m looking at chart at and I have to admit that gold has been actually “wrong” investment especially when bought between 1999 and 2005. Those who bought in that period must “really” be hitting their heads against the wall especially when we consider one could buy stocks in 2000 too.

      No matter if you answer or not, thanks for letting me know I’m going to get screwed with gold&silver. Since I like being a masochist I’m going to purchase more of these relics.

      • Because owners of physical gold and silver have lost since 2011 whereas on the futures market one can short and make money. The value of your investment dropped whilst a person who is short increased. You cannot short physical gold and silver you can only go long whereas futures traders can do both on any market.
        I know people who. against my advise. bought silver at 40 dollars who have had to cash in at sub 20 losing their shirt. Buying physical as an investment for them was a huge gamble that killed them financially.

        • Barry,

          True… but I also know people who bought early or those who continue to acquire silver by Dollar cost averaging. So, if we ONLY look at the silver investor who bought at $40, then you are correct. However, not EVERY SILVER INVESTOR bought at $40. And the smart ones continue to acquire.

          BIG DIFFERENCE in mentality.


          • What I am saying is that if gold and silver enthusiasts learn how to hedge on the futures market, which what going short basically is for physical owners, they could buy more physical if they want to.
            Personally I would prefer a yacht, because you can sail a yacht.

  10. Steve’s first mistake is thinking of bitcoin as an asset, and therefore the volatility is too high. The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is eyeing virtual currency as a commodity. The SEC is beginning to treat certain crypto tokens as securities. The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) has stated that certain activities involving convertible virtual currency constitute money transmission. The IRS treats convertible virtual currency as property.

    So is bitcoin a Commodity? Security? Currency? Property? It is the purest form of currency ever invented, due to its trustless nature and consensus mechanisms that don’t require third party gatekeepers. Bitcoin takes the control of money from nation-states, and puts it into the hands of the users/developers/miners/merchants, etc. Governments can print fiat and help guide stock markets. By printing fiat and buying bitcoin, they would inflame the beast they would rather contain.
    Steve believes bitcoin is in a bubble. It was also in a bubble in 2011, and again in late 2013/early 2014, and again in DEC 2017. But this is the nature of currency. It is ALWAYS in a “bubble” because its usage and belief structure depend on the network of users actually using/adopting/trusting said currency. The USD is in a bubble, as is the euro and yen. So what? Those are inflated every day. Bitcoin has a 21 million cap. Open source. Trustless. Decentralized. Does this mean that all crypto is a good buy? Absolutely not. Some are all hype, or flashes in the pan. In fact, most will fail… So choose wisely.

  11. silverfreaky | May 4, 2018 at 4:25 am |

    I would like silver is in a bubble…..
    But it never happen.

  12. Once again I say cryptos compete with paper not metals. Presently cryptos are seeking equilibrium, when they get there the ride will be over and their economic electronic utility will be realized.
    The crypto crowd and pm crowd agree, both dislike debt, inflation, control, and the printing press.
    Personally I’m waiting for another big crypto gain this year so I can stack more pm.
    Those blowing off their crypto gains on trips are no different than when Joe six-pack wins the lottery.

    One should just set back and enjoy seeing one of the biggest wealth transfers in history, from the haves back to the have nots, should be no surprise the have nots can’t handle their new found wealth.
    Rather than degrading those receiving this new wealth, one should consider who lost it and is no longer spending it.
    At least crypto gains are zero sum in that for each gain there is equal loss, no inflation here like when the big boys create wealth the general public pays for through a weaker dollar.

    • There is a bit of misunderstanding here but that is to be expected because bitcoin/crypto have such unique facets. When we look at different kinds of money/currency there are trade offs between store of value, medium of exchange, unit of account, and even a system of control. Fiat is a terrible store of value while PMs are good. PMs are a terrible medium of exchange in a digital world. FRNs are currently a better unit of account than bitcoin because the liquidity pool is so large that volatility is small on a daily/weekly basis. Expand that to decades and FRNs as a unit of account are poor. And never forget that USD digital transactions (credit cards, checks, bank wires, etc) can always be used as a system of control that old money never used to be.
      The first bitcoin transaction was 10,000 BTC for 2 pizzas. Today we laugh at the lost opportunity cost of that guy, but somebody had to do the first transaction and start a basis of value, which led to the 2nd transaction, and the 3rd. I struggle at times to spend my bitcoin and other crypto when they often behave like assets/properties/inflation hedges because I’d rather spend my dirty fiat first (Gresham’s Law). But I also support the philosophical ideals behind bitcoin and that means I need to support the network and actually use it as a currency from time to time, even though I can (and would rather) hoard it.
      Your idea to stack PMs when they are cheap and cryptos are peaking is the right mindset. Just don’t go all in on either one.

      • The only thing I am all in on is raw farmland, pms and cryptos are only a place to maintain wealth generated from production agriculture. I find no value in any debt based paper storage option.
        I do see a brighter future for cryptos as a working currency than I do for the dollar and hope all libitarian minded folks adopt them before some Chinese currency becomes the last resort.
        I do feel our forefathers would have favored cryptos and see anyone who opposes the parameters of cryptos as clinging to the past fiat world simply because they cannot visualize the future utility of cryptos.
        I say again, cryptos are not a store of wealth like pms, they are simply a currency.

  13. But-coin will crack and fall to zero. PM’s will retain their value when the mighty dollar becomes worthless toilet paper.

    • I agree because in the crypto world one must do some homework and discern the good from the bad because there is no safety net for the ignorant.

  14. DisappearingCulture | May 4, 2018 at 7:31 am |

    Although it has been addressed here before, no one in this thread is discussing the large amount of energy required [and computer hardware; my friend is having trouble getting the processors he needs for building gaming computers] to process Bitcoin transactions.
    This blog has had a central theme of energy as the common denominator of everything of value.

    • True and as I have said before if no energy no grid and we’re all screwed.

      However the owner of this site has shown energy on a down hill slide but he keeps railing against cryptos. It would seem if he believed his own research, he would not waste time concerning cryptos.

    • Bitcoin mining does take significant computer energy. Its consensus model is Proof of Work and is the most secure cryptographic case that we have. That said, there are already Proof of Stake consensus models (ETH is looking to switch to this) and many other cryptos already use it. PoS is not energy intensive at all. There is also dBFT (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) consensus model used by NEO – again very low energy requirements. Bitcoin is crypto 1.0 and if it becomes too energy intensive, we have 2nd and 3rd generation consensus mechanisms that are still decentralized and immutable. Technology evolves.

      • DisappearingCulture | May 4, 2018 at 10:01 am |

        Well what would that mean about Bitcoin’s future value [market cap]? Particularly compared to other cryptos?

        • Bitcoin is a currency. Like any currency, its value relative to other currencies/goods/services will fluctuate based on the number of people who desire it above the other options. If alternative cryptos that use 2nd or 3rd generation consensus models (or solve other market problems besides just money), begin to create network effects similar to bitcoin, then those cryptos will likely eat away at the bitcoin overall market cap. We see this already. In January 2017 the bitcoin dominance (of the overall crypto market) was 87% and the USD price was about $925, with a Market Cap of $14 billion. Today the bitcoin dominance is 36% and the USD price is $9,700, with a Market Cap of $166 billion. There are many more competitor cryptos today but most are trying to solve other problems. So even while bitcoin is losing a percent of the overall crypto market, it’s USD price and market cap is still rising while overall global adoption is still very small and has much room to run.

    • Well, my bet is on energy that’s already mined (stock) and not on flows of energy. Neither is my bet on growth or electronic trade. Collapse happens first slowly, then suddenly.

  15. Now this may be just my take on this but if you are looking for a confirmation sign that things in the PM sphere are about to turn positive then it may have been a very recent (yesterday) promo I saw while watching TV, it was for the Canadian Bloomberg (BNN Business News Network) wherein for the first time the entire promo was premised on Gold and Silver. The background news read started with an announcer stating ‘Gold is up in early trading in Europe’ and the visuals showed currency with gold and silver borders and with a CDN $5 receiving a gold crown and emitting a huge smile on the Dead Prime Minister adorning it.

    The narrator was expounding the virtues of receiving sound, leading edge financial information from BNN.

    Never seen one like it before, in fact BNN is much like CNBC, et al and have done nothing other than shill for equities and I have never once heard any positive mention of PM’s although to be honest I barely watch it anymore since the Bloomberg takeover.

    Another hint or a warning.


    • Gord, Canada is in for a rude awakening. Soon there will be a Seeds report on Tim Morgan’s blog. I suggest you take a look at that. Within 2 weeks i guess. Watch out for smaller currencies. The big ones will eat them alive.

  16. OutLookingIn | May 4, 2018 at 11:19 am |


    “Yes, its true… precious metals investors…” article
    Should read; ‘… precious metals “WESTERN” investors…’

    The Shanghai Gold Exchange has paid a premium over and above the price of spot, for both gold and silver since the exchange opened for business. Check out the link and see for yourself in real time, the amount the exchange pays above spot.

  17. SilverSeeker | May 4, 2018 at 2:22 pm |

    silver eagles yearly sales dropped, because they were unavailable to buy since august 2017 till february 2018. Plain & simple.

  18. Gumball King | May 4, 2018 at 6:48 pm |

    Without silver, gold and other P.M.’s crypto’s could not exist.
    All digital based wealth needs servers. Hard drives. Lap tops, cell phones to function.
    You can not have modern electronics without silver, gold and other P.M’s.
    If all crypto were to vanish it would not change anything on earth.
    If all the silver and gold were gone the modern world would soon cease to function.

    Silver and gold have hundreds of industrial uses.
    Electronics, electrical, medical, aero space, chemical catalysts.

    It is estimated that only 20 billion dollars worth of investment silver is avalible,
    If just 5 to 10% of crypto market cap (500 billion) were to flow into physical silver what would happen?

    • “If all crypto were to vanish it would not change anything on earth.“
      LOL that’s like saying the same of cell phones 20 yrs ago or personal computers 40 yrs ago.

      If Steve’s energy analysts is correct nothing much besides living next to live water will matter.
      My best advice is to first, before anything else, get right with the One who controls your eterna future.

    • “Silver and gold have hundreds of industrial uses. Electronics, electrical, medical, aero space, chemical catalysts. It is estimated that only 20 billion dollars worth of investment silver is available”

      This is what puzzles me today about PM bulls that think we are going to return to a silver & gold standard. Pre-1900’s did silver has such an industrial demand like it does today? It would be difficult to find enough silver for the governments of the world to adopt full-on 90% silver coinage again due to silver’s necessary use in industry. Therefore, the option would almost certainly be a paper backed gold & silver certificate….but good luck redeeming your paper certificates for actual gold. This is why PMs act as a store of value, much better than currencies in today’s modern world.
      I have yet to hear how PM bulls believe in an online digitally connected world, they are going to convince the populace to go back to carrying gold & silver coins. Not going to happen. Peter Schiff’s GoldMoney idea has merit, but it requires trust in a 3rd party vault & delivery system.
      The entire argument about silver being in such demand for industrial use actually hurts the arguments for adoption of silver as a currency. This is why bitcoin/crypto are superior. There is no exterior demand or use for bitcoin outside of what it is intended to do.

  19. I have been stacking silver over 15 years. Years ago i used to buy eagles and maples and did not mind paying the higher premium. I sold quite a bit of them when silver went over $40/ounce back in 2011 and the coin dealer only gave me spot value for them. I know silver will climb back up again and more than ever in the next real crisis. Now I only purchase generic silver rounds like RMC or Buffalo. Maybe others are doing the same and this could be hurting eagle sales as well.

  20. Could it be that the Silver Eagle market is being flooded with coins being sold to finance stock purchases? Resulting in coin dealers not buying as much from from the mint. More info is needed.

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