FUTURE MONEY TRENDS: Silver Will Break $50 In 2016

Future Money Trends believes silver could break $50 in 2016 due to three reasons.  They put together this short video detailing the reasons why the market could see a breakout in the silver price.  Will it happen?  That’s a good question.

While I believe the value of silver will surge in the future, it’s hard to determine the timing of this event.  That being said, Future Money Trends puts together high-quality interesting videos with a lot of good information and data.  I highly recommend watching this video and it contains valuable information about the silver market and industry.

I believe the huge leverage, debt and derivatives in the world markets will cause serious volatility in 2016.  Just as David Collum stated in his interview with Chris Martenson, The Next Recession will be a Barn-Burner.

Yes, it’s true… precious metal investors are tired of the four-year downturn in the price of gold and silver.  However, who would have thought the Federal Reserve would have propped up the banks with trillions of Dollars of monetary Hocus Pocus?

This present highly leveraged debt based monetary system is not sustainable.  Each passing day, it grows weaker.  Several of the items discussed in this video will happen.  The world will peak in global silver production and investment demand will skyrocket.  It’s important to buy and hold silver before this occurs.

You can check out more Future Money Trend videos and articles a their site, FutureMoneyTrends.com.

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77 Comments on "FUTURE MONEY TRENDS: Silver Will Break $50 In 2016"

  1. A measly $50 ???

    • If you look at 100 year silver chart, you see that silver has to fall to around 10$ before it resumes its bull market. Of course there are always problems with inflation. Adjusted for inflation 100 year charts show that silver is going nowhere.

      • eva,

        LOL.. I happen to have been the first one that produced a SILVER-OIL Price chart since 1900. I think the problem with most people is that they continue to look at the markets with CONVENTIONAL THINKING. You need to throw that out the window and start looking at the world OUTSIDE THE FRICKEN BOX.

        Silver’s price movement will surprise investors going forward. Forget about all that “Resume the Bull Market” nonsense. That sort of thinking is completely worthless.


        • Silver down .38 to 13.93. It will be 50.00 in no time! Just you wait!

          “When you wish upon a star.”

  2. That figure is extremely disappointing, I was kinda hoping for 200 dollars myself. However, 50$ is a start.

    • getting back to $20 would be a start, too.

      • common fellas, lets break $15 first.

        $50 in 2016? gimme a break.

        • lastmanstanding | January 7, 2016 at 10:16 am |

          The longer they hold it down, the more they lie about and suppress the true earthly value, the more explosive the upside will be.

          don’t EVER loose sight of simple supply and demand.

          That my friends is honest and “is how the planet works.”

          Eventually, it will be cataclysmic due to those who have destroyed a good thing…Those of us who believe in real, honest things must eventually be in charge of real earthly value to set things right.

          Frankly, I believe we will see this in our lifetimes and that we have been awakened and put her for that reason.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  3. tinfoilhat davy | January 4, 2016 at 3:46 am |

    OOO his voice is so urgent! The message so fraught with peril! I took from this pump prophesy that silver will probably go down, and go perhaps go down a lot this year. We appear to be headed into a deflationary death spiral. I know anyone who bought at $48.55 in 2011 is praying this drama queen is right about it getting back up there, but it might go to $8.00 and stay there for years! Silver is not money, not now, and may never be money again. Like the copper plumbing scrap I have been hoarding for years my silver stash has lost lots of value. Now here is a swan of some color. New houses used to have hundreds of feet of copper pipe installed in them for potable water and heat loops. Now it is virtually all plastic. If silver goes to $200. oz. manufacturers will find substitutes, and the market will be flooded by folks like me paying off our mortgages with our monster boxes. I’m not holding my breath.

    • tinfoilhat,

      Using a famous line from the movie, AS GOOD AS IT GETS, “Why don’t you go sell crazy somewhere else… we’re all stocked up here.

      I gather you have no idea just how over leveraged and disastrous the current economic and financial system has become. When the value of gold and silver rises, it will happen quite suddenly and with violent force.



      • sorry, but he’s right. remember, bad money drives out good – as long as the dollar is functional then it’s dollars all the way down. and remember, money is a medium of exchange – if ever the dollar goes away it will take the world’s economic, industrial, and agricultural system with it, meaning everyone will latch onto whatever they have and no-one will be exchanging anything for anything.

        silver won’t be money again for decades, maybe generations, while we pass through some kind of mediaeval barter economy. instead of silver you’re better off buying beans.

        • gman,

          Okay… this is an open debate here and all comments are welcome. You say he is right… fine. Let’s just keep in touch over the next several years and see how this all plays out.

          Lastly… this idea that gold and silver won’t matter only BULLETS & BEANS needs to be thrown out the window. If where you live or anyone else is no longer a viable place to remain… do you really think folks who are selling land and homes in places that are sustainable are going to take beans??? People need to start waking up here.



          • “do you really think folks who are selling land and homes in places that are sustainable are going to take beans???”

            huh. now that you mention it, yes, absolutely, given 1) most people’s success, or rather lack thereof, at farming and ranching, and 2) the utter uselessness of silver to somebody living in the backwoods or up in the mountains or down in the hollar. just what does an isolated country boy do with silver anyway? put a few coins in his water barrel I suppose, but that’s about it.

            “Let’s just keep in touch over the next several years and see how this all plays out.”

            sure. I predict it’ll play out the same way as when silver dropped from $45.88 to … what is it now, $13.89?

          • gman.

            So you think everyone is going to be living in the mountains or bumf*ck boonies? Come on, broaden your noggin. I am saying that even though I live in the boonies.

            LOL… Steve

          • “So you think everyone is going to be living in the mountains or bumf*ck boonies?”

            by the time people are coming out trying to buy land with silver, yes, all of it will be boonies. real boonies, not hobby camp-out boonies.

          • The whole system has been based on credit from the top down. From govt to individual they just get a new credit card to pay off the one that’s tapped out.

            I’m one of those farmers in the back country rasin’ da beans and at some point will no longer exchange them for someone else’s credit instrument denoted on paper because it’s still just a promise to pay.

      • tinfoil hat davy | January 4, 2016 at 7:43 pm |

        I’m sure it will, but I thought things were headed south (and north) in 2009. I’m glad I didn’t bet the house on silver, and I missed a 300% return by getting out of the stock market. I have no agenda here, calling me crazy is no insult. (I’v been on the crazy train for years). Japan is over 200% debt to GDP, we are merely 106% and we have the world reserve currency and the petrodollar and the biggest baddest military. Things might stay status quo for years. Also, I don’t agree that silver and gold will rise in value, just KEEP their value (we hope) while every thing else collapses.

  4. Silvrwillwin | January 4, 2016 at 5:21 am |

    You appear more like a govt. paid shill then a tin foil hat , davy . It was very amusing reading your paid per every letter paragraph.
    It’s not even worth arguing.

    • tinfoil hat davy | January 4, 2016 at 7:47 pm |

      Don’t I wish! Honestly I’m flattered, I’ve never been accused of shilling before. If you think your ASEs are $$ bring them over I will give you a dollar apiece for them.

  5. Sounds like More PUMP AND DUMP to me! Silver is following commodities, like OIL, and OIL is on the FLOOR! Silver will most likely stay at 14bucks or LOWER during 2016

    • Most commodities rot rust tarnish spoil, fatigue – or hyperinflate
      There is a reason gold and silver have been precious for millenia. They have a reasonably inelastic supply and they are impermeable. People – wealthy people – are determined to pass their wealth down to following generations. They cant do that with commodities. And certainly not beans, or currencies, or digital promises by counterparties that may or may not be in existence when their will and testament is being read out to their loved ones. Many ‘new money’ folks dont understand this, but following a large crash they will, and they will be the momentum chasers for when the old money swings its equity back into gold and silver.
      This is no great revelation, its a baked in clay historical cycle. Tell me why the current age differs from all history?

  6. The ONLY reason Silver production is Down, is due to the pitiful price. IF Silver rises in price, Production will be back up in FULL Swing because it will be more profitable to mine it. DUHHHH

    • Jonathan,

      You seem a bit confident with your assumption that higher silver prices will put production back to FULL SWING. I would like to remind you that 70% of silver production is a by-product of lead-zinc, copper and gold mining. The reason silver production will be down in 2015 and even lower in 2016 is more due to falling base metal prices… not silver.

      I don’t see overall global silver production rising after peak. Yes, primary silver production will actually increase with much higher prices, but not base metal mining. That will peak… and peak for good.


      • and it takes many years to get decommissioned mines back into operation. Especially afte rthe current penchant for high grading

  7. Happy Silver Year 2016

  8. Chinese Economy on decline….Manufacturing in U.S, is in a deepening contraction….Today the Stock market fell 300 points at the opening bell…..In 1922 in the Whymier Republic of Germany (please excuse the spelling of this word..WHYMIER….never can remember how to spell it right) Bread sold for 4 million marks a loaf….People were selling their Gold and Silver and Jewels just to eat and live…Including other barter Items. I have to laugh watching the FED..Prop up the economy with massive amounts of debt….The Ponzie scheme is not sustainable…The FAT CATS…Are adding to the depression of physical Gold and Silver by buying Contract Futures in Silver and Gold…That is so they the FAT CATS (BILLIONAIRES) and the Banks, And great exchange Houses can buy up the other end…Physical Gold and Silver at artificially created depressed prices that THEY HAVE CREATED THEMSELVES….Contract Futures Cannot hope to fill those contracts and they know that too….Right NOW: Supply can only furnish 1 OZ of PHYSICAL Silver per 325 OZ. CONTRACTED FUTURE DEMANDS…..THE SUPPLY DOES NOT Exist…LOL…LOL…AND THEY (FAT CATS) know that too…THEY CREATED THE DEPRESSED VALUE AND SHORT SUPPLY…WHY WOULDN’T THEY KNOW…..In the mean time…ANYBODY and EVERYBODY who understands what is going on..”IS” buying as much GOLD AND SILVER with their WORTHLESS FIAT CURRENCIES AS THEY CAN…China, Russia, INDIA, THE SWISS….The list is as log as there are NATIONS…..The mints do not have a huge supply because the MINES are not producing….with cost OF PRODUCTION BETWEEN $17.00 TO $23.00 PER oz. DEPENDING ON Which it is..gold or silver and in which COUNTRY (Silver closed at $14.40 Friday)…Depending on the cost of man power and of coarse ENERGY..(YES OIL IS DOWN..PROBLEM IS FIAT CURRENCIES HAVE LOST 60% to 95 % of their value so…Costs of equipment and everything else has doubled) ….Comex and Shanghai supplies are as low as they have EVER BEEN…INDUSTRY IS FLAT AND FALLING…MASSIVE DEBT is INCREASING…The U.S. alone has 20 TRILLIONS IN DEBT and 65 TRILLIONS IN UNFUNDED LIABILITIES….AND the U.S. HAS LOST THE COVETED AND SINGULAR STATUS OF…”THE WORLDS ONLY CURRENCY RESERVE.” WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? IT MEANS THAT THE U.S. CAN NO LONGER PRINT WORTHLESS FIAT CURRENCY PAPER TO PAY THE INTEREST ON IT’S MASSIVE DEBT…FOR THE first time in U.S. HISTORY…IT’S DEBT HAS SURPASSED IT’S GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT (GNP)….THE CHINESE WAS GRANTED STATUS of “THE WORLDS CURRENCY RESERVE” by the IMF and WORLD BANK…..RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE DUMPING U.S. TREASURIES BY THE BILLIONS..10’S of BILLIONS…100 OF BILLIONS…AND NOW DEMANDING PAYMENT IN REAL ESTATE ON U.S. SOIL…GUESS WHAT? THE U.S. PRESIDENT IS DOING JUST THAT…SELLING OFF OUR REAL ESTATE AND MINERALS TO PAY OFF OUR DEBTS TO THEM and THE REST OF THE WORLD…YES!!! HE IS DOING THAT RIGHT NOW. EXAMPLE..(AND THERE ARE MANY)….PLATORO GOLD MINE IN COLORADO IS OWNED AND OPERATED BY A W SWEDISH COMPANY…WHY IS THAT IMPORTANT?…ACCOUNTABILITY…ANY BODY KNOW FOR SURE HOW MUCH GOLD THEY TOOK OUT OF OUR GROUND, OUT OF OUR COUNTRY? THE U.S. SOLD 56% of it’s GOLD AND SILVER OVERSEAS…..YES…There are still Mines producing…and a by product of Copper and Zinc mines is Gold and Silver….In fact a huge discovery in Guatemala and Mexico are in reserve and in the beginnings of production…..Propped up in production by their Government…So yes there is a small amount of Gold and Silver making it’s way into the Supply System. The U.S. had about 1,700 tons of Gold in Reserve (THESE NUMBERS ARE APPROXIMATE)…The Chinese has just unloaded into their RESERVES over 2,000 tons of Gold (Silver numbers are unknown)…Problem with the Chinese numbers is that MILITARY CONVOYS ARE BRINGING IN EVEN MORE TONNAGE THAT NO ONE KNOWS WHAT THOSE AMOUNTS ARE….No wonder the IMF and WORLD BANK ACTED AS THEY DID…LOL….LOL…The Chinese has long been maneuvering to get THE U.S. DE THRONE’ D as the ‘WORLDS CURRENCY RESERVE.” GUESS WHAT? THE CHINESE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES…THERE IS A CONGLOMERATE OF NATIONS THAT ARE POOLING OR SINGULARLY SEEKING TO ADD THEIR CURRENCIES TO THAT LIST TOO.
    The average life span of a nation holding the coveted title of “WORLD CURRENCY RESERVE IS 40 years….The U.S. has had a run of 44 years. Usually a NATION HAS IT’S proverbial ass kicked in debt and misery when they loose that title.
    So the CONCLUSION: The world is drowning in debt (U.S. is the biggest indebted of all)…The economies of the world cannot continue to prop up that debt..All are turning to cover their ass with Physical commodities Such as Diamonds, Jewels, Gold, Silver: This includes Nations and private Brokerage Houses like J. P. Morgan (Who also by the way is buying tons of Survival food for it’s employees and building under ground safe havens for the same…GOES WITHOUT SAYING…YOU MUST HAVE A REAL SKILL TO BE SAVED: DOCTOR, CARPENTER, ENGINEER, SCIENTIST…ETC.) Every thing I have typed here can be checked and cross referenced through CHARTS and RELATED Authors and commentaries. The infrastructural to many Countries are breaking due to war and influx of INSURGENTS bent on Destroying those countries..Sucking up their monetary reserves…Nations are coming unglued at a furious pace….SO!!!….SO!!!!…IF YOU THINK THAT THIS CAN GO ON AS IS…THEN YOU MY FRIEND ARE DELUSIONAL AS HELL….THE MOTHER OF ALL BUBBLES is about TO BURST AND THE PRICE OF GOLD AND SILVER MAY BECOME “PRICELESS.” I SAID “PRICELESS.” I WISH ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR…2016 is going to be one to remember…Even surpassing 1015….I just hope we are all here safe and sound to “REMEMBER” and
    celebrate 2016’s end.

    • “2016 is going to be one to remember”

      dunno man, been hearing that since 2007 ….

      nice doom porn though.

      • The opposite of “doom porn” is “prosperity porn” I guess, a greater fantasy for 2016 and beyond in my opinion.

  9. silverfreaky | January 4, 2016 at 10:41 am |

    I hope that all the big bangsers will hang at a tree.

  10. Juergen Heil | January 4, 2016 at 12:49 pm |

    The amount of bad sentiment for silver expressed in some of the comments here makes me confident that buying silver must be a tremendous opportunity now. It’s like an inverse hipe.
    Fiat is the Bubble not PM

    • Juergen,

      I see there are still a few individuals out there with their BRAINS SCREWED on correctly. Glad to see you are one of em.


    • “buying silver must be a tremendous opportunity now”

      if you wait a few months it’ll be an even better opportunity!

      • You might be right but the opportunity to buy silver at these prices will virtually close over night. At that time you either have it or you won’t. People tend to be so shortsighted and only focus on price. There is so much happening right now that should make it clear to anyone with a few functioning brain cells that we are near a major event that will forever change the financial landscape. It’s clear from the numerous capitulation comments that we are very near a bottom.

        • “There is so much happening right now that should make it clear to anyone with a few functioning brain cells that we are near a major event that will forever change the financial landscape.”

          completely agree. but this is single-variable analysis. it won’t be merely the financial landscape that will change, it will be the economic, industrial, political, social, and legal landscapes as well, to keep the list short, and all these will feed back into whatever remains of the financial. sure silver might help here and there but it will be lost in the overall situation.

      • Juergen Heil | January 5, 2016 at 12:19 am |

        There are people out there they would wait to buy it even at USD 0.20 per oz.
        Let’s wait til i can exchange my iron scrap 1 to 1 to silver bullion Lol.

        Let’s just let them wait forever!

        Found on Dave Kanzlers Blog:

        • heh. I remember when the bar was worth $450. and that was before food increased by 50%.

          • Juergen Heil | January 5, 2016 at 3:37 pm |

            I never bought an ounce of silver when it was over 27 USD. 2011 i though that’s it my stack won’t grow anymore, but then the attack on silver and gold brought the price down and i begun to acquire silver again. Only brain dead people don’t buy an investment what the bought at 20 USD when it has fallen to 14 USD. The fundamentals didn’t change, so when silver was a buy at 20 then 14 is a much better buy. At 14 USD i don’t think even a minute doing something else than get more Silver from my free money.

  11. Hi Steve,

    Today I heard a very interesting point about shale oil from my colleague at work.
    He asked me if I wasn’t surprised about the fact that the US is suddenly pumping/fracking oil out of it’s soil and sell it? Because this has never happened before. He said the US always imported its oil from the Middle East.
    Could this sudden selling of oil be happening because there is a big change coming to the world of energy extraction/consumption? A change in which the US believes its now safe to sell its oil because in the near future it won’t be needing it anymore?

    Wonder what your thoughts are about this.


    • Gaengphed,

      Interesting assumption. I don’t know if Congress is all that smart to come up with something that clever. I believe it has more to do with trying to get someone on the open market to buy that worthless high API Crap Shale Oil that is closer to the quality of Condensate than Oil. Problem with high API gravity Shale Oil is that it has been combined with that low quality low API Tar Sands to make an average Blend they thought the Refiners in the Gulf would want.

      Unfortunately, that garbage mixture doesn’t have much in the way of middle distillates such as diesel. I hear the Gulf Refiners are turning this away as they have enough of it up their the eyeballs. However, it is wonderful for exploding when rail cars go off the track. Regular oil doesn’t blow up to smithereens when it derails. Again, I think this is just a way for some players to sell this garbage overseas to some poor unworthy slobs. Actually, some refiners who might need this higher API blend.

      By the way, the EIA estimates U.S. oil production will be down 1 million barrels per day by Sept 2016… and that is an official estimate…. LOL. They forecast it down to say 8.5 million barrels per day from peak. How much worse will it get and how much will we really be able to export going forward as we experience the collapse of the U.S. Shale Oil Industry???


      • But if the US sells its oil because they won’t be needing it in the near future they might not care about the drop in barrels. Heck…they could even stop fracking for a while until prices go up because of another Middle East war…look at Saudi Arabia and Iran…and then start up all the works again.

    • “the US is suddenly pumping/fracking oil out of it’s soil and sell it? Because this has never happened before.”

      the reason it hadn’t happened before is because shale oil is very expensive and profitable only at >$100 and only after high investment costs are paid. when so much qe money was available and people were so desperate for any kind of “investment” yield that it became possible to fund shale development, and the price of oil exceeded $100 allowing profitable shale oil operations, then shale oil was accessed. nothing mysterious or conspiratorial about it.

  12. TRUST ME I’M YOUR GOVERNMENT … ROFL… You can debate the pros and the cons as much as you like the bottom line is this, “If you haven’t read the history and understood the results of PRINTING TOO MUCH MONEY then you have no idea what your talking about”. If for no other reason FEAR will drive people into Precious Metals once this Bureaucratic House Of Cards starts to crumble. Hey BUT I am THE GOVERNMENT I will look after you … ROFL…and…PMSL.

    • “If for no other reason FEAR will drive people into Precious Metals once this Bureaucratic House Of Cards starts to crumble.”

      sure, absolutely. the problem is that once that “bureaucratic house of cards” starts to fall down all the other systems will fall down too. yeah, you might see $200 or $2000 or $20000 per 1ozag, but those dollars and that silver won’t buy a loaf of bread or a gallon of gasoline. it will be like the alaskan gold rush, where miners were finding nuggets the size of a hen’s egg and that was how much a hen’s egg cost.

      taking about $xxx per oz xxx shows a lack of understanding about money.

      • I’ve got good mates like you gman.. They live their financial lives with their heads jammed up their backsides as well. Maybe you should start up a Facebook page you should have plenty of company… PMSL

        • financially I’m sure you’re very smart and in-the-know. but it’s not just finances that come to bear. there are monetary policy, economics, and logistics, legal (ban gold/silver again?), and market manipulation considerations too, along with many other factors. taken as a whole, silver doesn’t warrant the compulsive hoarding sentiment on display here.

          • OutLookingIn | January 4, 2016 at 7:31 pm |

            In what form and in what location would you keep your (money) wealth?

            In the digital form in an account at a big bank?
            How about bonds kept by a brokerage house?
            Government bonds kept in your home safe?
            Or paper cash kept in that same safe?
            Land ownership in the form of a deed?
            A painting by an old master?
            Or, maybe classical vehicles are your venue?
            A well stocked wine cellar next to your home safe?

            One small problem with all the above – they DO NOT QUALIFY as money.

            Money must be –

            1/ Unit of account
            2/ Medium of exchange
            3/ Portable
            4/ Durable
            5/ Divisible
            6/ Fungible
            7/ Stable store of value

            Down through the ages of mankind there are ONLY two things that truly qualify as money, proven by history and meet ALL the above definitions.
            GOLD and SILVER in their physical form held by their owner.

          • You are working so hard to convince everyone that silver won’t help you. Assuming that you have the basic necessities taken care of and you have plenty of toxic dollars remaining, what other assets do you suggest people should divest into to preserve their wealth? With the tyrannical government we have today there are no magic bullets because in the end they can confiscate anything they want including your stockpiles of food. I am hoping that it won’t get that bad and perhaps burying some precious metals will give me a better chance to start over in whatever comes next.

          • gman,

            You got the first part right but you didn’t follow the thought all the way through because you are stuck in a dollar perspective, Follow the money (real money).

            For about US$15,00 you can buy one ounce of silver.
            For about 2.5 times as much (2.5 x 15=37.50) US$37.50 you can buy a barrel of crude oil.
            With crude oil at $37.50 per barrel you can buy a gallon of gas for US$2.00.
            ( the equation seems to be the cost of 1 gallon of gas = 5% the cost of a barrel of oil PLUS local taxes.)
            The average cost of a loaf of bread is about $2.50 per loaf (depending on exactly where you live).
            For US$15.00 you can buy one ounce of silver or 6 loaves of bread.

            When silver hits US$200 per ounce,
            a barrel of oil will cost US$500 per barrel.
            a gallon of gas will cost about $30.00 per gallon and
            a loaf of bread will cost US$33.33.
            BUT, you can still buy 6 loaves of bread for one ounce of silver.

            So, if you got the silver, you got the bread!

            Buy for cash and stash.

            You are going to need it.


          • “Down through the ages of mankind there are ONLY two things that truly qualify as money, proven by history and meet ALL the above definitions.”

            “I am hoping that it won’t get that bad and perhaps burying some precious metals will give me a better chance to start over in whatever comes next.”

            “So, if you got the silver, you got the bread!”

            worthy considerations all, but what you all are forgetting is that money has no value except as a medium of exchange. keeping this in mind provides a proper perspective. were the events anticipated here actually to occur there will be little available for exchange. you’ll have the silver, sure, but there won’t be much bread to buy, and if a bidding war develops over that loaf of bread then lead likely will play a far greater role than silver.

          • lastmanstanding | January 5, 2016 at 4:15 pm |

            @ OLI. Bam.

            To hard for the younger generations to understand…all they need is a half dozen plastic cards and their iphone 6 they are good to go.

            Every step they take is recorded to be used against them in the future.

      • You are almost there. The dollar denominated price of silver and gold won’t matter when the dollar dies. What will matter is that you have tangible assets that will have value in the next financial paradigm.

        • “What will matter is that you have tangible assets that will have value in the next financial paradigm.”

          new financial paradigms won’t be relevant for a long time. I’m thinking more about the next economic/cultural/logistical paradigm. gods of the copybook headings, “we had plenty of money, but there was nothing our money could buy”, “if you don’t work you will die” and all that.

          • Gman

            you quote “we had plenty of money, but there was nothing our money could buy”

            The problem with that is the it wasn’t money but currency just like the Weimar Republic. They had plenty of CURRENCY but nothing to buy because their currency was NOT money and wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

            Why do you think primitive man used cowrie shells, beads or carob seeds (basis of the modern carat) for money – becuase they meet the definition (see Outlooikingin above) of money.

            Maybe bread was an imperfect example. What about the guy that wants to sell a pig or a cow? Do you think he wants 50 or 100 loaves of bread that will be stale in a day or two. No body can hoard enough of everything they want or need because of sheer volume and time problems, i.e. bread goes stale. Man needs money, real money and when all the paper fiat currencies bite the dust, whats left – gold and silver.

            Keep stackin.


          • “Man needs money”

            economies need money. neither currency nor money make goods appear. no economy, no money. I see very little economy, very little selling of bread or pigs or cows or pretty much anything at all, for a long time.

          • gman,

            You are just fighting the problem. It is true that we now have a global economy, we get beef from south america, electronics from asia, fruits and vegetables from southern california, etc. and when the fiat currencies collapse these “economies” will collapse.

            Man has still got to eat. I live in a county with large populations of Amish and Mennonites. They live rather well without electricity, without tractors or cars and beef from south america.

            When fiat currencies collapse big city dwellers will be totally screwed. There will be no goods or viable economies. The food and product distribution systems will come to a halt. In the big cities, the shelves will be empty in as little as three days. Then the looting, riots and general chaos will start followed by marshal law, curfews, the national guard and food lines.

            Butt for the bulk of America, local agrarian economies will be alive and well and they will use the only real money we have – gold and silver. Sure there will be a lot of bartering – bullets & batteries for eggs and butter , but country living will go on and the medium of exchange will be primarily gold an silver.

            Sure the PTB will set up some new system of currency, maybe IMF special drawing rights or, if they are smart, some form of asset backed currency. This will take years before regional market economies are restored and a whole lot of people on the world will die from disease, violence or starvation.

            That small percentage of the investment market that have gold and silver will be the ones to survive and thrive.

            So keep on stacking.


      • lastmanstanding | January 5, 2016 at 3:15 pm |

        Never in the history of inflation on the earth has a hen sized egg of gold been traded for a hen’s egg.

        Now an oz. of gold bought a hotel in post war Germany.

        You had better learn how the earth works…it will be to your advantage in the near future.

  13. Average people give up.Above average people give up 20 percent before the VICTORY.The EXTRAORDINARY have belief…belief from study,analysis ,and then conviction!!!3 businesses built this way.Silver will protect your wealth and IMO increase it,in times such as these.This message board is a microcosm of furthering my convictions of the past 15 years.Regardless ,if they are paid shills to scare the sheep.Steve,don’t fall for their instigating.Your base made you and will follow you and GROW as your convictions come true.Peace,David.

    • “Average people give up.Above average people give up 20 percent before the VICTORY.The EXTRAORDINARY have belief…belief from study,analysis ,and then conviction!!!3 businesses built this way.”

      sounds good, until you realize that you hear from the .01 who win while the .99 who confidently run off a cliff are silenced.

  14. I have a pretty good idea of how things will progress. We’ll become third world. If you’ve ever been to S.A. and C.A. or other places then you will know that the sky did not fall because those nations don’t have the benefit of the reserve currency and the awesome global printing press that goes with it. What you will notice is that most of those nations are bifurcated. They have a wealthy class of people and a working / wage class. You could also say a wealthy class of people with access to energy, education, and economic advancement, and a working class that is deprived of those things. Its great to be in the world with a little reserve currency in your pocket. You get to live very well and you’re reserve currency goes a long way. If you don’t have the reserve currency in your pocket then you have to work for the local currency. Just earning your income in the local currency without the ability to hedge against currency depreciation keeps you poor. Look around the world, do you really think the world is going to keep the Dollar as a reserve currency? I don’t think so. Steve makes many valid points about peak oil which at least to me..means peak agriculture, peak construction, peak transportation,..peak anything touched by easy energy including precious metals. The question you have to ask yourself is what will be the trusted currency and store of value as this new world scenario plays out? Will it be the Dollar that has been abused so greatly since the 1970s or will it be something else..like gold and silver? Life is a gamble, place your bets. Your ability to live well or not…depends on how you position yourself today. If you buy gold and silver early but have it when the time comes, then your family and your offspring will be glad of it. If you are a day late and a coin short then you and your offspring will be pulled into servitude. You and your family will be part of the servant and working class for generations and may never have the opportunity to know a different life. Those are the stakes we are playing for.

    • “If you buy gold and silver early but have it when the time comes, then your family and your offspring will be glad of it”

      If a reader has the fiat currency units in physical cash or digits and is thinking of buying G or S when it is a better price…

      Your ability to know the absolute low price measured in fiat will be about like your ability to know the absolute high in a stock or stock market index before the coming major correction. Both are highly manipulated markets, away from fundamentals.

    • lastmanstanding | January 5, 2016 at 3:28 pm |

      Excellent post and I believe very accurate on your “peak” everything and anything. There will be simply no spare energy or money for them.

      Economies will become local again and the way many live now will become a memory.

      “Those are the stakes we are playing for.” Spot on.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  15. gold silver conversion rates are also around 75 , should atleast touch 32

  16. I just took another look at the Silver Institute;s Supply and Demand calculations. In 2014 supply
    exceeded demand by 2.6 million oz. Even if there was a 50 million ounce demand greater than
    supply for 2015, it would not do anything. We are talking about 1Billion Oz. of silver a year. In
    order to have the price rise demand must be several hundred million ounces. What silver
    needs is buyers. We stackers have done our part but the marketing of silver is not getting the
    job done. If oil was $5 a barrel but silver demand was up several hundred million ounces the
    price would rise. Our problem going forward is DEMAND. All these numbers showing miners
    losing their butts because production costs are higher than spot price seems to be meaningless.

    • “I just took another look at the Silver Institute;s Supply and Demand calculations. In 2014 supply
      exceeded demand by 2.6 million oz.”

      Even if that was accurate for 2014, which I doubt, it wasn’t accurate for 2015.

      That said for the price in fiat to rise, demand needs to continue to increase.

    • “What silver needs is buyers.”

      talk about a red flag ….

      • It needs more buyers to break the constant price manipulation downward, as does gold. No revelation or red flag there.

        • more buyers won’t fix manipulation. they can print more GLD/SLV certs than there are buyers in the world.

  17. Until Silver is thought of and treated like money again (remonitized) it is not going to change in its relative cost and ratio to gold. The fact that above ground it is much more scarce than gold and in the ground it is only about 10 less scarce than gold makes silver an incredible value. Just sit back and keep on stacking while it is cheap.

    I don’t know about the rest of you all but I can’t buy a 1000 ounce bar or more every month.
    I have about everything else needed to survive a SHTF event so every month I take my paltry SS check and buy silver. I am in no hurry for things to go to hell. The longer the FED and our Gov can keep the music playing the better off we all will be when the music stops if we just keep stacking.

    Based on the FED’s history they will stop at nothing to keep the fiat ponzi scheme running but the tsunami IS coming. Just look at all the signs. There is no way they can stop it. They cannot print enough money to fill the void and, even if they tried, it would not stop the destruction of the world’s trust in the US dollar.

    Silver will shine again.

    Buy for cash and stash.


    • lastmanstanding | January 5, 2016 at 3:36 pm |

      You go Steve! Real things for survival, a sharp mind to plan and negotiate will serve us old bastards well!

      You youngsters listening?

  18. gman…see comex backwardation ok????London and now comex in backwardation.That’s why China pushing hard to be a price fixer in Shanghai…..Say Force majeure.
    It’s all a game of confidence.The rats are starting to turn on one another.See CNBC interview today with former Dallas Fed Chair Richard Fisher.
    SLV and GLD are found out.Just need the saga to play out.
    Are credit markets are toast.

  19. There will definitely be change with the disintegration of the petro-dollar and world reserve currency status/ privilege the USA had ,but those who see opportunity will always be the winners.See knowledge is useless if not applied.Applied knowledge is wisdom and the few ,who can navigate the paradigm ,will not only survive but thrive….G spot you need a better attitude or your gonna get eatin up by the grizzly as your upstream thinking will kill you and your family.

  20. I guess will see Gshill.You paid by JP Morgan??

  21. Ya think Einstein???!!!!LMAO Gman you should start a blog since you got opinions..what do you do that allows such voracity….not

  22. You are seriously a shill,been on many MB’s,or you just like to stir the pot.

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