DECODING THE FUTURE For Stocks, Real Estate, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney

(By Mike Maloney)

“What if you knew what the markets were going to do before they did it? What if you knew the ultimate destiny of stocks, real estate, and gold and silver?” That’s how Mike Maloney began his presentation at the Gold & Silver Summit in San Francisco last week.

Because global central bankers continue to print money, drive interest rates lower, run up debt levels, and spend more money than they bring in, we are headed for an even greater crisis than what we experienced in 2008. And because we know the road-map central bankers are using, we know how to invest. As Mike says, “Gold and silver are the only financial assets that come with a central bank guarantee.”
The guarantee isn’t something printed on a coin or bar; the guarantee is that central banks will never stop creating currency.

The next crisis will force central bankers to repeat all of the steps above. They’ll pull out the road-map Ben wrote in 2002 and implement the same strategies.And those strategies from central banks will drive gold and silver to gain more in purchasing power than any other asset. This is a brief moment in history where we know exactly how to position our portfolios.

This is a video by GoldSilver’s Mike Maloney.  I enjoyed the video as Mike presents many interesting charts and graphs on the financial and economic markets.  While I base more of my work on energy as the key driver to the economy, Mike is correct about the massive bubble, upcoming economic collapse and deflation.  So, we agree on those main points, but for different reasons.

I highly recommend the video as Mike does an excellent job pointing out the huge anomalies in our financial and economic markets.

Lastly, I have taken it a bit easy this past week with publishing articles.  However, I will be putting out some very interesting ones this week.

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3 Comments on "DECODING THE FUTURE For Stocks, Real Estate, Gold & Silver – Mike Maloney"

  1. Mike Maloney can see the smoke but does not know the fire. He does not talk about the consequences of energy on the system.
    Debt and inflation are holding the whole thing together, remove them and implement a gold standard and the consequences of falling EROI would instantly crash the system.
    The reality of a falling EROI means that it’s kick the can and collapse later or implement austerity and collapse now.
    No economic system will repair the damage that a falling EROI will inflict until either a new energy source is found or half the world’s population is dead.

    • SilverBullRider | November 28, 2016 at 11:39 pm |

      Check out Dr. Randell Mills and Hydrino energy.

      They are going into production next year with the SunCell the main product of his company: Brilliant Light Power.

      Solar power of 1000-10,000 suns equivalent contained in a unit that can fit in a space about the size of an office desk, and run virtually forever, but will need overhaul of the solar panels about every 20 years with the current technology.

      Best part… the SunCell uses about a pound and a half of silver as the main part of its generation method, and there is silver in the concentrator photovoltaic panels that capture the light energy.


      If big oil doesn’t kill it in the crib.

  2. Good Article. Thanks for the Post

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