Well, it looks like the Wild West in Crypto-currency Land just got a lot more Wild.  The Crypto-currency, CloakCoin, mentioned by Clif High during his interview with Greg Hunter on USAWatchDog shot up a stunning 300% in two days.  Before Clif’s interview was published, CloakCoin was trading a for a little more than a buck… $1.029.  However, today, its trading over $4… LOL.

Actually, I am not quite sure exactly when Greg published the interview (it shows June 3rd on youtube), but I would imagine most people started watching it early the next day on June 4th.  During the interview, which focused on the Clif’s forecast that the Crypto-currencies would continue to experience a great deal of interest going forward, he mentioned two “Dark Horse” cryptos that he thought were good to keep an eye on.  One of them was CloakCoin.

Several hours after I listened to the interview, I thought I would check out this CloakCoin and see how it was trading.  On one of the main exchanges, it was ranked as 101st in the group.  Bitcoin and Ethereum were in the first and second spot.  However, later that day, I noticed that CloakCoin continue to move up the rank and was trading at 200% higher… LOL.

Yes.. it is the Wild West out there.

Now, I am not saying that Clif had anything to do with the movement in CloakCoin, but it just goes to show that when some of these more “unknown” crypto-currencies gain a little exposure, they can experience some serious movement in their price.

What was also interesting about Clif’s interview was that he said the price of Gold & Silver would likely take off by the end of 2017 and into 2018.  He has stated that the crypto-currencies would experience huge PRICE MOVES first and then the precious metals as the financial and economic markets continue to disintegrate.  We will see if his forecast is correct.

Of course, one can debate whether crypto-currencies are a GOOD or BAD Digital Asset to own or invest until the cows come home, but it seems highly likely that a great deal more funds will be moving into them in the future.  However, this does not take away AT ALL from the BIG MOVES coming in Gold & Silver. 

I will be writing a great deal more about the PRECIOUS METALS, MINING & ENERGY, but I will also be including information on the crypto-currencies as they will likely experience more exposure as the Fiat Monetary System and Broader Stock & Bond Markets crumble.

One more thing… the total crypto-currency market cap just surpassed $100 billion today.  With $160 trillion in Stocks and Bonds currently, and with the $13.4 trillion in U.S. M2 money supply, there’s a large supply of of funds that could likely move into Gold, Silver & Cryptocurrencies as the global markets fall over the cliff.

We ain’t seen nothing yet…..

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I am just reporting on these cryptos and not promoting them.  So, please understand these low price and high volume cryptos will be very volatile.  Again… I am just explaining what is going on… and I would imagine it will get a lot more INTERESTING & CRAZY as time goes by.

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40 Comments on "CRYPTO CURRENCY… CLOAKCOIN: Up 300% In Two Days"

  1. Currencies do not go up and down such huge amounts – they are relatively much more stable. These are pure speculations. And as I outlined in a previous article comment, they MUST be banker and government controlled since nobody has passed a single piece of legislation to outlaw them or arrest these currency counterfeiters. They COULD stop it if they wanted… but they don’t. It is not the escape from bankers as some have claimed. It’s a temptation to enter into a cashless currency just like they ultimately want. Plus IMO it’s a huge psyop against gold: some have gone higher than gold, making it appear as though cryptos are valuable and gold is just a worthless relic. Sure, you might be able to make fiat on it but it might be highly risky too. Gold and silver are 100% safe.

    • Thank you for that Dave, I have thought about the Krypto’s but have held off something doesn’t “feel right” about all of it…I have a nice stack have for several years… thought about selling some (worth slightly more than I paid several years ago) and buying Krypto…Had my finger on the trigger with bitcoin @ $1,000.00 and just could not bring myself to do it. Gold and silver…thousands of years…has anything changed? Just gonna sit on the stack and wait…nothing to loose as far as I can see…Seems to me the Ancient of days whispers in my ear…Just be patient my son!

    • Please forgive my directness, but this comment is 100% ignorance of how crypto works. First, most cryptos are NOT currencies. They are traded on exchanges, and many act more like securities. Many have a business model and will yield profits to investors. So all of these DECENTRALIZED cryptos are banker controlled? Hogwash. They control Ripple (XRP), and want their fingers in smart contract platforms like Ethereum because they can see the future of where the world is heading.
      Also, how would the government outlaw crypto exactly? Would it be illegal to transact a digital asset? So in order to take down bitcoin, they would take down all the new tech and opportunity that blockchain is solving. Seems like a stupid move to me as China, India, and others would surpass the US (or any country) that shortsightedly outlaws crypto usage. To outlaw crypto is to expose the fiat con game. If they do it, you’ll know the end is getting close.
      If you want a huge psyop against gold, you invent a gold ETF – oh yeah, they did that already.

      • “First, most cryptos are NOT currencies. They are traded on exchanges, and many act more like securities.”

        Amazing what you can get them to admit when you push them hard enough! Okay, so it’ NOT a currency. It’s like a security. With what backing? Oh yeah, computing power and wasted electricity in mining those things. A solidly backed “security” I can see. A fraud.

        Repeat: if you or I make ANY currency we would be jailed for fraud and counterfeiting. Nobody has been jailed and none of them have been outlawed. You gotta ask why… (We would also be jailed for creating “securities” which is backed only by consuming electricity to generate them.)

        I do agree however that SOMEBODY will make obscene profits on those “currency/security” whatever things. Just not most people.

    • There is no question that crypos are speculative but as Steve has pointed out there are trillions of dollars that ultimately will be chasing anything that is not tied to the fraudulent markets. I think cryptos are great speculative tools that could soar or crash while Gold and Silver in your possession continue to be the ultimate wealth protection. If cryptos continue to soar while silver and gold are bound in a trading range I see more and more crypto investors diversifying into precious metals. Imagine somebody who could bought a bunch of bitcoins for a couple hundred bucks two years ago who might be able to directly convert one bit coin for a monster box of silver. Somebody who had that kind of return would be stupid not to take advantage of those gains.

      • ” there are trillions of dollars that ultimately will be chasing anything that is not tied to the fraudulent markets.”

        Crypto currencies is just another fraudulent market. Jump from one to the next. It dies not matter if dollars could potentially be made in that market, it’s still a fraud.. That will not end well for most.

        See this:

        • There is nothing fraudulent about a medium of exchange that can’t just be multiplied at will. The biggest problem with Bitcoin right now is that it is too volatile, but that too shall pass. Yes, there are many fraudulent crptos who won’t survive but a handful will become a relatively safe way to transact in or to transfer funds. I am sure at some point governments will try to intervene and “control” cryptos but in the meantime they can’t really be manipulated.

          I love Mike Adams but he will be proven wrong about the cryptos. Look for the SGT Report interview of Clif High yesterday they discuss where Mike’s assumptions are all wrong about the crypto space.

          • “a medium of exchange that can’t just be multiplied at will”

            But wait. In 2010, there was 1 bitcoin. In 2013, there were about 3 dozen. And now there are a 1000 different bitcoins. It clearly can be and it is being multiplied at will.

            This is digital hyperinflation. And since its new, we haven’t experienced this kind of hyperinflation before, people love it. But the show ain’t over yet.

    • Uh-ohhh , Trouble in paradise : its been reported that bitcoin mining is now using the equivalent of more than 1 million US homes in electricity

  2. The more folks paying attention to Clif, the more self fulfilling his readings. Not what he wants.

  3. Report on Bitcoin from 28 May. The big problem is Bitcoin can’t scale up. Not capable of doing point-of-sale transactions due to the nature of the database.

  4. Thanks Steve


  6. Thank you for all of your reporting! As for crypto currencies, it just all seems so confusing to me! I don’t like not being able to hold something.. but that’s just me. I am illiterate when it comes to most of this crypto and technology in general! Overwhelming to try to research this stuff. I mean, how do you know where to look? Who to trust? Other than you of course, Steve!

    • Terri,

      I spent years brushing off Crypto-currencies as just mere speculative Digital Assets. However, after spending some time doing detailed research, I see them differently now. Honestly, I was being ignorant as well as making invalid assumptions.

      While the Crypto-currencies will continue to be highly speculative, it seems to me that they do offer different INVESTMENT VEHICLES to the market that are likely better than a lot of the PAPER GARBAGE ASSETS, which are mostly backed by debt.

      That being said… there is a ABBREVIATED TIME TABLE for Crypto-currencies. They will not likely enjoy a LONG LIFE. This is due to the rapidly falling ENERGY SECTOR.

      So, I plan on doing research and analysis on how the markets will unfold and how they will impact PRECIOUS METALS, the MINING INDUSTRY and now, the CRYPTO-CURRENCIES.

      Although, the best and safest assets will always be physical gold and silver.


    • Tell me Terri, before you bought your first car did you become a master mechanic, learning everything about the car or did you just learn how to use the car? I still have no idea how a tv or cell phone work.

      Cryptos have the potential to be the chosen method for speedily and cheaply transfering wealth from one asset or location to another depending on a healthy grid of course. Western Union took advantage of this need yrs ago.

      Clif High, who is high on cryptos, says doesn’t matter because if we loose the grid, we’re screwed anyway.

      IMO everyone should learn how to use cryptos even if they don’t know how they work. Take $5,000, split it equally between Bitcoin and ethereum, get a program on home computer that will make you a wallet, transfer your cryptos from web exchange to home computer, make thumb drive backup and put in a safe place.
      Then set and watch. You will obtain $5,000 worth of education from this process and be much further into the future than your neighbor.

    • Emu, the flightless Australian bird which is at the centre of swelling fraudulent investment schemes in Tamil Nadu, last estimated to be at least Rs 500 crore, is slowly finding its way to fresh grounds in north India.

      The birds are being moved in large numbers to places like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bengal and Orissa. Even places such as Bangalore and rural Maharashtra, where emus are not new, are seeing new farms opening up. New investors are being drawn in to these schemes with the same tried and tested model of “get rich quick” promises. “Every time the ship begins to sink, it moves to a new area. That is how it has survived so many years,” said Anand Rangerej, a Bangalore-based farm owner. Regulators have been silent so far, even after the scam emerged in Tamil Nadu in which several emu farm owners lost their money.

      Bitcoin’s LOW price was $2.00 back in 2011. At $1000.00 it was up 51,000%, at $2000.00 it was up 102,000%, at $4000.00 it will be up $204,000% and at $8000.00 it will have reached the grand exponential price of 408,000%.

      I think the EMU story and its eggs are a great analogy.

      People will believe anything…….LOL

      • And BTW, the Daffodil or Tulip or what ever it was reached the grand old exponential height of ONLY 51,000% or thereabouts. BUT hey BITCOIN is different isn’t it ROFL!

  7. I agree Steve. When the internet and electrical grids become unstable then holding onto mathematical equations as a form of tokens will cease to exist.

  8. Bitcoin crashed $800 in a few days not long ago and now its $2875 and ready for the next crash very soon. If you own Bitcoin, smart money sells and you can buy 2 ounces of gold for each Bitcoin. What a wonderful and massive bubble and many will lose their money by being the last buyers/bag-holders at the top of the Crypto ponzi-scheme, deceivingly believing they will only go higher. Cliff simply makes up numbers and guesses and of course, he will be right if he makes enough predictions, just as you and I would be if we made many predictions. Yet, many want to believe his horoscope-type predictions thinking he is a genius and he has been wrong so many times. Funny, they pump Bitcoin when now in a massive bubble, but they bashed Bitcoin when it was $10. It’s like they told everyone to buy $40+ silver when it was high, but now when silver is low, they bash silver by suggesting to buy Cryptos instead. In other words, they always pump whatever when they are at the top (which is the signal to exit). A fool and his money is soon parted by buying Bitcoin or Ripple XRP in the the frenzy bubble top. Avoid Ripple XRP if you are playing Cryptos as the insiders own 62% and it’s centralized. One should be buying physical gold/silver now, not Cryptos in their bubble-prices. There are 800 Cryptos now and there can be MILLIONS of Cryptos invented out of thin air in the future which can crash any Crypto down to zero quickly, as people will hop off one to go in another. Cryptos is simply FIAT bait to stop people from buying physical gold/silver instead, and many gold/silver pumpers that always bashed fiat Bitcoin, now praise and promote buying fiat Bitcoin now rather than buying physical gold/silver, which is what the ruling elite want everyone to do, knowing people will lose a massive amount of money quick. People wrongly compare Bitcoin as getting in early like email or the Internet. But like the Internet, there are billions of websites today, and there can be billions of Cryptos in the future as anyone can create them out of thin air and suckers will buy them. Yes, gold/silver has not yet gone up, but they trade in a stable range in the last few years. You don’t wake up seeing gold go down $800 like Bitcoin. Wake up people!

  9. I have been a stacker for years, however, when Bill Gates says Bitcoin is here to stay and they won’t be able to get rid of it…well lets just say my interest was peaked. Anything that continues to take money out of the banks control can’t be all bad. If we all view the central bankers as the evil cartel…then shouldn’t we be rooting for currencies they can’t manipulate? I bought some ethereum 2 weeks ago and made more profit on that small purchase than I’ve made stacking silver over the last 7 years. Call me crazy, but finally making a profit feels pretty good.
    I think of crypto currencies like I do silver…it’s about how many ounces or coins you can accumulate and what value you hope they will have in 5 or 10 years.

  10. As a stacker, I watched the crypto currency sphere with a baleful eye, listening to the doom monger’s talk of tulip bulbs, disaster and it will all end in misery.
    But bottom line is regardless, they are here to stay. So I have tentativley entered the sphere after doing sufficient research. I think there is room for both Cryptos and Precious Metals, the latter being the ultimate unshakable store of wealth.

    • Why precious meals would be superior than crypto : the markets already decided.
      Go full crypto 5% rise a day guaranteed !

  11. Steve,I want to express my appreciation of your outstanding work and what I deem to be by far the best website* and I immensely enjoy both of them, the latter also because of the lack of advertising, that in many cases are a terrible nuisance slowing the download etc. eg with RTG (however, I’m not well-versed with internet issues).
    Without wanting to diminish Clif High`s outstanding work and results, I seem to remember, in his Jan. or Feb. ALTAs he expected the run-up of silver to occur from the end of May as opposed to “What was also interesting about Clif’s interview was that he said the price of Gold & Silver would likely take off by the end of 2017 and into 2018.”
    Kind regards, Wilhelm
    *of the many I visit

  12. bitcoin really only has value if it can be converted into dollars as there is in reality very little real stuff you can by directly with it. So how does it work out if the CB’s one week buy 100 billion dollars worth of bitcoin (with money printed out of thin air) then proceed to push the price way up. Only to sell it weeks later to drive the price way down. The way to wreak with it is to create massive volatility so that there is no certainty in the market for at the end of the day those exchanging assets for bitcoin don’t want to be left holding a lower valued or worthless token.

  13. One day in the not too distant future Bitcoin and other crypto currency will recognize the true value of physical silver’s pricing. At that point it will be 1 Bitcoin for 1 ounce of silver in exchange. Bitcoin could be worth $ 5000.00 at the time.

    • Bitcoin will pass 5000 usd by the 4th july.
      I just remind that after the dotcom crash, there was still internet and in some way still changed the world but some companies out of there in that sector just disappeared. The same happened with railroads, automotive and radio communication.
      With crypto, it is different this time…

  14. One cannot but be scared of the exponential growth of the BTC price.
    2300 yesterday, today 2600 at the same time
    Tulip like…
    That will end badly

    • From Stewart Thomson newsletter : the first 1 million USD target for bitcoin from meryl lynch, very conservative in my opinion :

      “Please click here now. Double-click to enlarge. Bitcoin just blasted to another all-time high this morning. Respected ex-Merrill Lynch analyst Henry Blodget has a $1 million price target. A Saxo bank analyst has suggested that a price of $100,000 is realistic. My own long term target essentially sits between these two targets at $500,000. “

  15. What is to keep governments, billionaires, central banks and/or their surrogates from buying hundreds of billions of dollars worth of cryptos and “backdoor” control the systems to some degree?

  16. Eventually there will be a cryto for GOLD. If so, will it surge way past the actual metal? I would think so. Americans simply refuse to buy gold and silver except as jewelry or tableware. I would guess, but i think that 5% of the population has all the gold. Maybe even less. This is not the 1970s. Back then, there were few hedges to a dollar collapse. The stock and bond markets were real and actually went up and DOWN. Credit cards were not convenient for merchants.

    • It will in a few months, I have read a couple of projects which are moving forward.

      If this a complete flot it will show how unreal are other crypto like contemporary art.

  17. Steve, in all the research you have done over these years have you any idea as to why they put dollar denominations on the back Eagles and buffalos? I know they’re legal tender and states are slowly passing laws to remove capital gains tax on those specific coins and it just makes wonder if they saw the demise of this debt based fiat currency system and wanted something to gradually replace it.

  18. Steve one service that would be most helpful would be to find and recommend good exchange and good home wallet.

  19. Tom VanDerLaan | June 6, 2017 at 11:01 pm | Reply

    What i find strange that we threaten war on countries that manipulate or threaten to bypass the US dollar,like those that exchange their oil for anything other then the dollar but the US is totally silent when these crypto currency’s come out and allow anonymous transactions(terrorism?) the ability to avoid taxes,money laundering,,buying drugs and child porn online and whatever else,,i am super suspicious a form of payment comes out to challenge the Federal Reserve and all i hear is crickets from the US gov…im in the camp where i dont care how high they go up i think they should be shunned and ignored because to me its a bait and switch created by the CIA to slowly move from a failing FIAT over to crypto currency’s..
    i can understand people getting caught up in this get rich quick scheme with the allure of easy money to be made,so the hype makes for great news on sites like this.

    • Crypto is not out of the system because it is a sysem based on exchange and money, that’s just another asset, which can be manipulated like other traded objects.

  20. This time we are living in is a mirror of the 1860’s with the event of the railroad which brought out the railroad money (fiat currency) to the forefront of usage. At first paper money would not be accepted for a transaction but that changed as it took to long to get gold and silver coins to complete transactions. The railroad had changed commerce and communication! No one wanted to wait for weeks to get paid for their goods or services. Because there was not enough paper currency to meet demand the railroads themselves printed paper currency!
    An example of the challenge today is those of us who build custom websites. My programmer is in Malaysia I am in San Diego my customer required a custom website with blog. Through the internet I sent the requirements to the programmer with a deposit in Bitcoin. He finished the work in 8 hours, which I had the customer review 30 minutes later, all changes were done as the customer required and the site was up and operational 45 minutes, then I sent the balance of payment in Bitcoin to my programmer which he received instantly. Imagine trying to do this with credit cards (not an option) or send him a box of fiat or Gold/silver coins.
    So the question is, as a civilization are we becoming more globally digitized with instant communication and commerce or less? If more, then we need Internet currency that is as fast as our communication.
    The top digital currency is Bitcoin, Ethereum is not a currency but will take the place of what banks do, requiring no third party for contracts, mortgages, disbursements, etc.
    Here is The St Angelo of Bitcoin; Andreas M. Antonopoulos speaking about the difference between the two.

  21. P.S. Japan has all ready accepted bitcoin as an alternate currency and Australia is about to as well.

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