IMPORTANT VIDEO: Energy Cliff & Why The U.S. & World Are Heading Into A Depression That Never Ends

If there is one video you should watch, this would be one of the most important.  The world has no idea of the coming ENERGY CLIFF and leaders and citizens push for more high-technology and supposed renewable energy to solve our energy predicament.  Unfortunately, “GREEN ENERGY” as they…

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MARKET MELTDOWN & METALS UPDATE OCT 26th: Gold & Silver Holding Up Nicely, Oil & Shale Stocks Getting Crushed

What an interesting day as the broader markets are selling off while the precious metals and mining stocks are holding up rather well.  Unfortunately, the oil price is back in the $38 level which is destroying the value of shale oil stocks.  I’d imagine Concho Resources is quite happy today…

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World’s Top Mining Companies Fuel Consumption Equals How Many Earth’s Population Of Human Energy?

In a never-before-seen chart, the world’s largest mining companies’ amount of fuel consumption would equal a staggering amount of human workers.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough people on the earth to provide the same amount of energy consumed as fuel by the top miners.  Not even close…

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