SRSROCCO COMMODITY CULTURE INTERVIEW: Falling Energy Supply Is Bad News For Financial Assets

It was great chatting with Jesse from Commodity Culture on why the Energy Cliff will be BAD NEWS for financial assets.  Unfortunately, the market doesn’t understand this as they continue to purchase a record amount of U.S. Treasuries and global bonds of all flavors…

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Fortuna Silver CEO & SRSrocco Report Discuss Mining, Energy & Real Stores Of Wealth

It was finally nice to chat with Fortuna CEO Jorge Ganoza about the mining industry, energy, and what constitutes a “Real Store of Wealth.”  Chris Marcus hosted the interview, where he allowed me to discuss energy and why it is extremely important to invest in physical precious metals and mining companies…

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ENERGY MARKET UPDATE DEC 3rd: Europe Natgas Inventories Take A Big Hit While U.S. Continues To Increase

European natgas inventories took a Big Hit this week as a record Cold-Snap hit the region.  Could this be a bad omen for Europe’s natgas supply and demand situation this winter?  We will see… but the situation in the U.S. couldn’t look any better as natgas inventories hit a 5-year high…

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