Precious Metals

JP Morgan Continues To Drain Silver From The SLV ETF While Sprott PSLV ETF Inventories Surge Higher

Make no mistake, what is taking place in the Silver Market will turn out to be a HISTORIC EVENT when investors shun “paper” silver for the real physical bullion.  While the WallStreetSilver “Shortsqueeze” social media campaign will help get the word out on Silver, the real trouble will begin when just…

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Upcoming GOLD AND SILVER Market Opportunities

In today’s video update we focus on our expected gold and silver price movements ahead. We believe that we will see massive opportunities occur in the precious metals markets in the foreseeable future. We are also looking at the mining companies that might provide us with leverage in the future.

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AT AN IMPORTANT LEVEL: What The Gold-Silver Ratio Is Now Showing

The Gold-Silver Ratio is now at an important level, and if it breaks through, it could cause the silver price to continue even higher.  The silver price has been outperforming the gold price since the WallStreetBets “Silver Shortsqueeze” campaign. Also, it also seems that the “industrial demand component” is keeping…

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