Precious Metals

THE SILVER BREAKOUT FINALLY ARRIVED: What Happens When It Hits This Next Important Level?

While demand for silver bullion continues to be very weak, the long-awaited Silver Breakout finally occurred.  So what’s next?  It was surprising to see how quickly the Silver price hit $27, but what happens when it reaches the next important level? IMPORTANT UPDATE:  Due to visiting and assisting a very…

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METALS & ENERGY UPDATE MAR 25th: Large Investments In European Silver ETFs & Uncovering Bad Analysis On The Bitcoin Mining Industry

Not ONE, but TWO European Silver ETFs saw significant increases in silver inventories and investment over the past two weeks.  Who are the entities buying silver in Europe?  Also, it’s time to put some light on the lousy analysis by members of our community on the Bitcoin Mining Industry…

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METALS & MINERS INTERVIEW: The Coming Energy Cliff Will Propel Gold & Silver Prices To New Highs

I sat down with Gary at Metals & Miners to discuss the Energy Cliff’s implications for the precious metals market and prices. Unfortunately, the market is totally unprepared for the massive Cost-Push Inflation that will occur as the global economy suffers from energy constraints in the years ahead…

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