Black Swan Event Would Seize Up The Silver Market

Investors tend to forget that the situation in the market can change on a dime.  The last time this occurred was in 2008, as the entire U.S. Investment Banking Market went into crapper.  Few of the Investment Banking turds that survived the first flush, were absorbed by Commercial Banks.

This created an even weaker U.S. Commercial Banking system which has only survived due to the massive liquidity injections by the Federal Reserve.  While the majority of Americans believe the propaganda put out by the Mainstream Media and Financial Networks, a small percentage of investors continue to purchase a record amount of silver bullion.

I spoke about this and many other topics with interview with Crush The Street below:

This interview was recorded on Oct 2nd, right before some silver premiums started to fall.  The title on the video was created by the folks at Crush The Street.  While I do believe things can get very interesting in the silver market over the next year, it’s not a guarantee that the silver shortage will destroy the paper price within a year. 

I have always stated that owning precious metals is for the longer term.  Furthermore, I base my analysis on owning the precious metals (especially silver) due the upcoming Energy Crisis.  This is a much different reason than most precious metal analysts.

That being said, a Black Swan event would seriously disrupt the highly leveraged financial market and cause the silver market to seize up as physical investment demand skyrockets.  We must remember, less than 1% of investors are buying silver.  Furthermore, more than 50% of the volume of silver sales are due to wealthy investors.  It wouldn’t take much of an increase in the number of wealthy investors buying silver to overwhelm available supply.

You can also check out my interview by going directly to Crush The Street.

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6 Comments on "Black Swan Event Would Seize Up The Silver Market"

  1. Silvrwillwin | October 13, 2015 at 9:07 pm |

    Both DuPont and Dow Chemical have removed themselves from the silver manipulation business recently. That has got to have some kind of huge effect.

  2. Mark Fischer | October 13, 2015 at 9:53 pm |

    Thanks Steve for your insightful interview on Crush street’.I’ve been a full time coin dealer for twenty years and the demand for silver has been insatiable for the last three months.Only just recently have we been able to restock on our silver bullion supply! Our silver bullion bin has been nearly empty or totally empty. Our wholesale buyer has purchased probably 100,000 troy ounces of mostly one ounce rounds in that three month period.The last time I call such a demand was Y2K. Great job and service your doing!

  3. I agree, but still get nervous thinking about the amount i bought ahaha
    But i don’t need to think like that: i bought it to survive the coming currency crash NOT to get wealthy.

  4. Silver is currently (12:15 PM EASTERN) sitting at $16.10 USD per ounce.

    On the one minute chart today, silver has matched or gone above the sixteen dollar ‘line in the sand’ that the bullion cartel have drawn, sixteen times! The manipulator’s have pulled out all the stops, to attempt to cap the price at the sixteen dollar mark.

    Could today be the start of silvers big run? Stay tuned. Fun times.

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