As the U.S. and global oil industry continue to cannibalize itself just to stay alive, the market is totally clueless because investors are being misled by the fallacy that technology will solve our peak oil crisis.  While technology has allowed more oil to make it to the market, it has done so at a very high cost.  Unfortunately, a significant percentage of the increased cost to produce this high-tech oil was subsidized by debt from unsuspecting investors.

Hundreds of billions of Dollars were invested in the U.S. Shale Energy Industry by investors who were looking for a higher return on their money than they could receive from banks or other financial institutions.  Sadly, most investors will not see the return of their funds as the U.S. Shale Energy Industry isn’t making the profits to pay back this debt.

However, many resource analysts aren’t able to understand the ramifications of the falling EROI – Energy Returned On Investment and Thermodynamics in the energy industry.  Thus, they believe in the fantasy of unlimited oil production and economic growth on a finite planet.  Analysts and the public believe this nonsense due in part to claims of new revolutionary energy extraction technology.  Once such company is Petroteq Energy that claims that it can produce oil sands at a low-cost of $20 a barrel.

Over the past several months, I have received countless emails from followers who provided links to articles promoting these amazing new energy technologies:

Clean Oil That Only Costs $20

Why The Next Oil Boom Will Be Fueled By Blockchain

This Revolutionary Technology Could Deliver $22 Oil… In A $70 World

Interestingly, all of these articles were promoting the same company… Petroteq Energy.

According to the company’s website:

Petroteq Energy is focused on value creation through the development and implementation of proprietary technologies for the environmentally safe extraction of heavy oils from oil sands, oil shale deposits, and shallow oil deposits.

Petroteq by way of its wholly owned subsidiary has a breakthrough, environmentally-friendly, proprietary oil sands extraction technology which is suitable for all hydrocarbon deposits. The closed-loop technology may also be applied for remedial project such as tailings ponds. After the launch of its first extraction plant in Utah, the Company now intends on scaling up its capacity with several additional, higher capacity extraction units within the state, which has over 30 billion barrels of undeveloped but recoverable oil.

In a nutshell, Petroteq supposedly has new cutting-edge, revolutionary technology that can process Utah oil shale-oil sands at a low price of $20 a barrel.  And with the 30 billion barrels of undeveloped resources in the state, the company could open up a new plentiful source of oil for the United States for the next 100+ years.

Because I received so many emails about this energy company, I decided to take a closer look at it.  At first, I was a bit skeptical about the company’s assertion that it could produce heavy oil at $20 a barrel.  However, the more research I did on Petroteq and its competitors, the more I was convinced that the company’s claims were too good to be true due to old fashion EROI economics as well as several RED FLAGS.

How so?  Well, let’s first start off with first Red Flag that takes place in many small-cap companies.  And by that, I am referring to the oldest trick in the book… changing the name of the company.  Petroteq Energy was previously called MCW Energy Group.  On May 4th, 2017 the company announced the name change:

MCW Energy Group Announces Consolidation, Name Change, and Trading Symbol Change
TORONTO, ONTARIO — (Marketwired) — 05/04/17 —

MCW Energy Group Limited (“MCW” or the “Corporation”) (TSX VENTURE:MCW) (OTCQX:MCWEF), is pleased to report that the Corporation is proceeding with the initiatives that were approved by its shareholders at the Shareholder’s Meeting held on April 6, 2017. Accordingly, MCW will be filing Articles of Amendment to change the Corporation’s name to Petroteq Energy Inc., to change its TSXV trading symbol to “PQE”, and to consolidate each of its issued and outstanding common shares on the basis of thirty (30) common shares for each one (1) common share resulting in 7,961,574 issued and outstanding common shares.

Not only did the company change its name, but it also executed a 30 to 1 Reserve-Split.  By doing a reverse split, Petroteq’s share price increased significantly.  Again, this should be a RED FLAG for any investor.  Now, if we also consider the miserable performance of Petroteq’s stock price, we can spot another RED FLAG:

As we can see, Petroteq’s share price fell from over $25 in 2014 to a low of $0.30 before the company began its promotional campaign at the end of 2017.  However, problems for Petroteq started a year before the company’s share price crashed to a low in 2017.

Petroteq produced 10,000 barrels of oil from its supposedly revolutionary technology in 2015 and 2016.  While the company brags that it can produce oil at a low cost of $20 a barrel, their financial results stated otherwise:

First, remember that Petroteq was still MCW Energy in 2016.  Secondly, the company received revenues of $204,735, about $20 a barrel for their 10,000 barrels of oil.  However, the cost to produce the oil was a staggering $1.4 million (highlighted in yellow).  However, if we include the additional costs such as General and Administrative, Professional Fees, Salaries, etc, t.hen the losses really stack up.

So, how the hell is Petroteq going to produce oil at a low cost of $20, when we can clearly see that their Cost Of Goods alone was nearly seven times what they received from selling their oil.  While it’s true that Petroteq was testing their new technology and planned to ramp up production to an ultimate 10,000 barrel per day operation, troubling signs began in the second half of 2016:

MCW Energy Group to Restart Its Utah Oil Sands Production in June 2016, and Generate Revenue at Sustainable Profit Levels

TORONTO, ON — (Marketwired) — 06/02/16 — MCW Energy Group Limited (“MCW”), (TSX VENTURE: MCW) (OTCQX: MCWEF), a Canadian holding company specializing in the development and commercial implementation of oil sands technologies, through MCW Oil Sands Recovery, LLC, (“MCW Oil Sands”) today announced its plans to resume revenue-generating oil production in June of 2016.

Prior to the decline of oil prices during the latter part of 2015 and the first quarter of 2016, the Company produced approximately 10,000 barrels of oil from its 250 bbl/day plant. The decision to immediately move forward into production mode was made recently, subsequent to the gradual rebound of oil prices to a level where MCW’s production is again economically viable. Production costs for MCW’s plant were confirmed at $31.00 bbl. (Chapman Petroleum Engineering Study, 2015)

The resumption of production will result in almost immediate revenue and will increase incrementally as the Company moves to a 500 bbl/day level and up to the 750 bbl/day with the assistance of Vivakor Inc. and the installation of its mobile 250 bbl/day extraction unit. (See Press Release, May 4th, 2016, “MCW In Discussion With Vivakor Inc. To Operate…”) (Vivakor) (OTC PINK: VIVK) MCW expects to resume production by the second week of June, 2016. The Company intends to obtain positive cash flow within the remaining three quarters of 2016.

According to the CEO of Petroteq, they planned to ramp up production to 750 barrels per day and to obtain positive cash flow by the end of 2016.  However, there hasn’t been any production at Petroteq for the past six quarters:

As we can see, total revenues from operations have been “Nil” since their last production quarter of $51,303 on Feb 28th.  So, why did operations at Petroteq not resume in the second half of 2016 as reported by the CEO of the company?  Well, according to their recent financial statement, they stated the following:

PQE’s technology has been tested at full capacity as of August 31, 2015 and an independent production evaluation was completed, shortly thereafter. PQE initially hired and trained its own personnel to operate the plant but has since laid off all employees due to the price volatility in the international markets reducing viable production at limited volumes. The Company is able to produce oil/hydrocarbon products which can be sold locally in Asphalt Ridge to the oil and gas distributors or refineries.

In times of high volatility, the Company expects to restrict its oil and hydrocarbon production to prevent the Company from realizing losses on barrels of product produced.

Due to the volatility in oil markets and the limited production capacity at the plant, no production took place during fiscal 2017, resulting in no revenue generation. The cost of sales during fiscal 2017 consists of advance royalty payments which expire at the end of the calendar year two years after the payment has been made. These expired royalties have been expensed.

The company claims that production of their oil sands operations did not resume in 2016 or 2017 due to extreme volatility.  This is quite interesting because the price of oil in the second half of 2016 was higher than the first half and the prices for 2017 were similar to 2015 and early 2016 when Petroteq produced their 10,000 barrels of oil.

So, what gives?  The company has put out PAID SPONSORED articles on energy websites stating they can produce low-cost oil at $20 a barrel.  With the price of oil above $45 for the second half of 2016 and averaging about $50 in 2017, why couldn’t they ramp up production of their low-cost $20 a barrel oil?  The reason is simple… they can’t produce oil anywhere near $20 a barrel.  Any buffoon who believes this needs to get their head examined.

As the company’s share price fell below a $1.00, they got desperate and published these hyped articles to bring in as many SUCKERS as they could to purchase their stock.  However, the future does not look too bright for Petroteq.  If investors fell for the Petroteq hype, I gather they would have also done so for U.S. Oil Sands Inc.

U.S. Oil Sands Inc Disintegrates & Goes Bankrupt In Flying Colors

Another company that tried to make money turning GOLD into LEAD was U.S. Oil Sands Inc.  The company first came to life on April 19th, 2011 and had spent the next seven years trying to make a commercial operation from the very low-quality Utah oil shale-oil sands.  U.S. Oil Sands Inc states on its website that it is “Changing the way Bitumen is extracted.”

According to the company’s overview:

US Oil Sands is developing its properties by using a unique and environmentally friendly extraction process. This one-of-a-kind, patented approach to oil sands development allows the Company to achieve best-in-class environmental results along virtually any metric. This process utilizes a citrus based bio-solvent that naturally separates bitumen from oil sand. This approach completely eliminates the need for tailings ponds, is expected to require approximately 50% less energy input than traditional oil sands projects, recycles 95% of the water used and employs best practice mining methods to simultaneously mine and reclaim the targeted area. US Oil Sands is fully permitted by Utah’s Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining to construct the PR Spring Project on its Utah property and first-oil is expected in 2017.

Not only did U.S. Oil Sands Inc have the same sort of new revolutionary technology to produce oil shale-oil sands as did Petroteq, but it also planned to start its commercial operations in 2017.  Unfortunately for U.S. Oil Sands, things didn’t turn out as they expected.  Here were some of their last press releases:

June 28, 2017
US Oil Sands Inc. Announces Updates on Financing and Voluntary Delisting from the TSX Venture Exchange

September 13, 2017
US Oil Sands Inc. Announces Director Resignation

September 15, 2017
US Oil Sands Inc. Announces Appointment of Receiver

…. and finally,

CALGARY, ALBERTA February 23, 2018 – US Oil Sands Inc. (“US Oil Sands” or the “Company”), an innovator of oil extraction technologies, today announces that it has commenced a sale solicitation process (“SSP”) for the sale of the Company or its assets.

On November 16, 2017, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Utah, Central Division, issued an Order under Chapter 15 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code recognizing the Canadian proceedings as a foreign main proceeding.

As we can see, the “INNOVATOR OF OIL EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGIES” announced the sale of the company or its assets.  How could this be?  Isn’t technology supposed to solve all our problems??  Why did technology fail here?  It’s simple.  The one thing technology can’t change the COST to produce oil.  Petroteq and U.S. Oil Sands cannot produce oil for $20 a barrel… complete nonsense.

If we look at the price action of U.S. Oil Sands Inc chart, it’s quite similar to Petroteq:

U.S. Oil Sands Inc. lost 99.9% of its value by falling from over $10 in 2012 to $0.0003 currently.  While Petroteq’s sponsored articles have given a shot in the arm to its share price, I don’t believe it will last long.  Petroteq’s share price is already down 94% ($1.55) from the $25 level it was trading in 2014.

So, investors that are thinking about getting into the “Revolutionary new energy technology” of Petroteq, you had better take some time and do your due diligence.  From what I see, Petroteq’s little remaining future will resemble what happened to U.S. Oil Sands Inc.

Lastly, while oil production continues to reach new record highs in the United States, don’t get used to it.  The U.S. Shale Oil Industry, which accounts for more than 50% of domestic oil production, is in serious trouble.  I can honestly tell you we are likely going to see another ENRON type of event in the U.S. Shale Oil Industry within the next few years.  When this occurs, watch for rapid disintegration of the U.S. Shale Oil Industry.

Americans have no clue just how bad a disintegrating domestic oil supply will impact the Suburban economy.  As the U.S. economy implodes due falling domestic oil supply, those who hold most of their wealth in STOCKS, BONDS, and REAL ESTATE will wish they had diversified into precious metals.


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50 Comments on "BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGH IN ENERGY: Investor Warning"

  1. Maybe they do have crude on top from the energy tooth fairy? LOL Good one Steve!

  2. The US cannot compete in the global economy. It’s a fake economy.

  3. Silver buying Physical Silver here; Pretty beat up these days, yet still saying, “Thank you sir, may I have another….?”

    • Silver? Yeah, I’m sure when things become tough the government won’t enact monetary confiscation law or super tax it out of existence or confiscate it as a strategic metal in times of need, yeah, Silver..

      • When things get real tough, what makes you think we will have a functioning government?

        • One way or the other You will lose it way before govt falls apart.. Question is what else can one do? Better to hold than not…

    • I am increasingly prone to believe in the theory of market cycles presented at Armstrong economics which holds that the predicted market collapse will happen in 2032. It is simply to early for the Steve’s theory to materialize and the current market turmoil is only temporary.

      • DisappearingCulture | March 17, 2018 at 12:15 pm |

        If you base your beliefs on Armstrong God help you.

        • Agreed. I too have found that Armstrong fails the smell test. Don’t mistake entertaining factoids and the fabled ‘Confidence Model’ for anything other than entertainment. IMO, he belongs in the same category as Cliff High with his mysterious black box “data” (to which he conveniently never has to commit himself) or a fortune teller’s crystal bell, which is cheaper and just as entertaining.

  4. Steve,
    Cited companies has nothing to do with shale oil – they are processing bitumen (tar) sands. “Shale-oil sands” is an oxymoron; it is either shale or sand, based on grain size. Both organic shales and butumen sands being processed but as your rightly point out, it is low EROI game.
    Shale oil and shale gas industry is entirely different – no processing is required and Oil is light (heavy just doesn’t flow through nanoDarcy rock).
    Sorry if you think this nuances of terminology are not important; feel free not to post.

    • Re: “no processing [of shale oil and gas] is required,” can you please cite a source in that regard?

      • Lore,
        What I mean to say is rock is not processed like in tar sands or organic shale mining operation. Shale oil crude still needs to be refined and issue there is shortage of capacities and need for blending with heavy crude. One would think that with abundant supply base refineries should of being build – but it is lower profit margin to deal with high API crude (some too light to make diesel); red tape to start new petrochemical plant and perhaps (speculating here) concerns on shale oil sustained production – legitimate one as when You adding up ~50% per year declines, it won’t take long for field production to start dropping ~vertically when no new wells are added.
        Hope this clarifies.

        • Understood. For what it’s worth, I see many new deep, tight shale wells being drilled across Central Alberta right now. Rapid depletion notwithstanding, I guess economic ends are perceived as justifying the means.

  5. OutLookingIn | March 16, 2018 at 10:37 am |

    These “fly-by-night cash-in-by-day” stock offerings, are nothing more than pump and dump schemes. The Toronto Venture Exchange and the Vancouver Mining Stock Exchange, are well known as the pumper’s and dumper’s stomping grounds.
    Diligently follow your “Due Diligence” and don’t be fooled by the snake oil salesmen that inhabit all global markets. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  6. “In your retail investor face” reporting. Awesome. The fleecing of mainstreet is unbelievable in the US.

  7. A couple “pump & dump” companies don’t make a sector. Canada’s largest oil co is just starting a massive new development project (160000bpd!) in the tar sands.
    Yes, that’s the tar sands that’s getting $35 for a barrel. Yes, the same Suncor that’s paying down debt.
    The highest cost jurisdiction is prospering at $35 oil (after the “bitumen discount”). If the EROI theory wasn’t Boloney, Alberta would be feeling the pinch long ago, instead of perpetually increasing production (the whole sector, not just Suncor).
    I’ve been away for a while, but still drop in for a bit of fact based skepticism:-)

    • Might look good on Paper Emil; we will see 12mths two years down the track. Maybe you should go away for a bit longer. You have been around this forum for awhile; you have seen Steve’s previous reports; these companies are in DEBT and going further into DEBT or rearranging it. I just don’t understand how people can continue to deny this. Maybe I am just a MORON!

      • Wow, what’s with the anger ? Well put though. After all, being unable to handle anything but one’s dogma, and name calling are a clear sign of intelligence… I’d make a gentleman’s (if it applies to both of us) bet with you – or anyone else on the site – but I doubt in a year or 2 (or more) if/when nothing changes you’d actually concede anything. Best wishes to all. I’ll be back:-)

        • @Emil

          Instead of asking anonymous strangers for a bet, I give you a better way.

          Go to any of the hundreds of websites that allow you to create a stock trading account. Create an account and send them whatever amount of money you feel comfortable losing. Then buy the stock of the company that will show us all the foolishness of our ways.

          This way, you won’t have to annoy anyone here and at the same time you will make money off your clearly superior mental capacities.

          You can even take a snapshot of your trade and post it here as an image and a memento for all the fools listening to stoopid Steve’s nonsense.

          Would that work for you, buddy?

  8. Is the market clueless or are you?? Time after time I hear It’s all going to blow, yet nothing !! The elitist war chest is bottomless and nothing you or I can do will stop them! Keep Stacking..

  9. Where’s Joe L? Where’s Dolph?

    Lemme guess, gulping coloidal silver? Or are they heavily ‘invested’ in the shale play like they were in silver?

  10. It’s typical , promise a lot and deliver nothing but in meantime spend all investors money.
    Then start again with more bullshit fooling more investors. They trying to survive and same time kill competition.

  11. The desperate ways to commit fraud to get investors to lose money is amazing. Oil is truly not getting cheaper to extract which is logical in this finite world. Same reasoning for gold and silver. So those not investing in the obvious and complaining about manipulated prices should sell because they can not see the forest for the trees as the saying goes. So we wait for the corrupt manipulators to fail as they surely will in this decaying government/banker (fascist) system.

  12. Clearly the EROI of Dog and Pony Shows at $434,000 is .5 to 1 but the Pump and Dump EROI at $3,000,000 is 15 to 1. Stellar for the promoters; not so much for the bag holders.

  13. I am right here, houtskool.

    So…U.S. companies lie. I am shocked! Shocked! I thought companies were paragons of responsibility, stewardship, honest business! Creating shareholder value, delivering products to the economy, and paying livable wages!

    Alright, so we know companies lie. But how does that make them any different than the gold and silver shills, who have lied to you for 7, 8 years now that gold and silver were going to the moon, the stock market was going to crater, the economy would fall apart, etc?

    Think for yourself, don’t buy the lies of anyone.

    • re: “Think for yourself”

      dolph, did you ever THINK that if all the people in the companies and governments DIDN’T lie then gold and silver WOULD have gone to the moon?

      It DID go to the moon briefly in 2011 before the LIARS stepped up their lies (and manipulations) and killed the canary in the coal mine – gold.

      I’m NOT buying your lies dolph. But thanks for offering.

    • Companies have promises, like future growth, Dolph. There won’t be future growth.

      Soon you will be on your own. No growth, no stock trading, no profits, no skimming. Not in dollars, not on this blog, not on your screen.

      On your own, searching through the fogs of fiat, looking for signs of continued lies, while the one big lie was there al along.

  14. They will find more wealth to steal to keep the energy industry alive. They don’t have a choice. “They” are planning to tap Australia’s $2 trillion pension fund as well as Norway’s sovereign wealth fund. Any large pool of capital available will be raided to keep the lie going.

  15. The Diesel Engine is outlawed in the town it was created! Why????? Connect the dots….You need sweet crude for Diesel; gasoline is a byproduct or waste product of fracking diesel/kerosene…They used to dump it in the river until Ford figured you could burn it in a combustibile engine… As Steve has so eloquently stated; EROI does not equate to the oil they are extracting from the ground; in essence, it sucks! Why aren’t they paying $100.00 dollars a barrel anymore? Because it is light! Get ready for the Oil Fizzle Dragon King! Great article STEVE!
    The Ocean floor is moving,
    Navire Monstre is snoozing,
    The Earth keeps on Shaking!
    People be not mistaken…

    The Ocean floor is moving,
    Navire Monstre is snoozing,
    The Earth keeps on Shaking,
    Come Navire Monstre…
    Come Awaken! Awake! Awake! Awaken!

    The Ocean Vast as is wide,
    Once United now divided,
    The Oceans void create create a great tide,
    Come back, come back and collide!

    Of all the beast of the forest,
    From the largest to the smallest,
    Arise and awake from your sleep,
    Come and Gorge ye wild beast;
    Ply your sickle and eat!
    Ply you sickle and Feast!

    Once alive and asleep,
    Navire Monstre of the Deep!
    They once lived but all say died
    Return and come back, Come back,
    Come ALIVE!

  16. The oil price chart for West Texas Oil is forming a coil, triangle, a tightening, what ever terminology you chartest want to use. The price formation is getting tight and will break out of it’s formation soon (April?). When it does it has two options but one choice. Either it slams down in price or sky rockets.

  17. One critically important thing I think people are not looking at or not mentioning enough:

    “Why the next oil boom will be ruled by blockchain” (link to article above).

    The fiat currency fraud will apparently be fixed by blockchain. Crypto pumpers everywhere touting that crypto has value and is untouchable by banks/governments/etc. Kodak’s woes are to be fixed by blockchain. The oil industry’s problems will be fixed by blockchain. Flying taxis (RT article?) will apparently operate on blockchain. And many other examples.

    It looks as if blockchain is being presented as the fix to all of our problems or the perfect solution for any industry for any and every reason conceivable. (Translation: blockchain appears to be the way to paper over and cover up and financial anomaly or to fudge and hide finances in any area.) Watch out, blockchain is looking to be the biggest scam in the history of mankind.

  18. Hi Steve, Which large US shale companies are in the worst shape?

    • He has written about them at length in the past. Check out the other articles under the ‘Energy’ heading.

  19. dylan murphy | March 17, 2018 at 7:42 am |

    Hi Steve, well said. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.
    I would be very interested to hear your opinion of how a post oil price crash/stock market crash economy might look like. Keep up the good work.

  20. Billy Lone Bear | March 17, 2018 at 10:46 am |

    Metals are manipulated down via fiat metal that could be potentially as much as 500:1 for silver but I lean towards 150:1.
    Remember manipulations come to an end at some point and Two things can’t be manipulated. Cost of production and physical delivery.
    If you’re a silver investor you should be loading up below $20. The price level you should be frustrated at will be $20 – $40 where you should be holding.

  21. Petroteq and us oil sands are not shale producers.

    These two stories as outlined above are good examples of “buyer beware” as well as the fact that 95% of startups or new technology companies fail in the first year or two.

    The same can be said for the drug industry, wine producers, software developers, etc.

    Don’t understand how they are proof of imminent collapse of the USA shale industry.

  22. Braniac…! That’s all I can say!

  23. Dear Steve,

    the articles in your blog tell the story of the grave financial conditions in shale business, but in the same time – for example – currently – heavy invests are going on into the expansion and developing new capacities of LNG liquefaction in US. How it goes together?

  24. The nations able to acccess remaining cheap conventional oil can continue life as we know it. Those farther from the tap see their circumstance decline. Tillerson was CEO of Exxon Mobile for forty years before becoming Secretary of State. He was supposed to use his influence to keep American influence over oil exporting nations like Saudi Arabia.. When he was fired it signaled a change in approach. I think the velvet glove is coming off the iron hand. America is being boxed out of the energy market by China and Russia. I think alot of the big support for the shale and fracking industry is coming from the U.S. government. The big money flows attract additional investment that follows market trends without considering fundamentals. I see that Mexico is falling off the Seneca cliff at a rapid pace.
    Soon it will affect Mexican exports like silver and food. We are seeing the collapse on the periphery and it will continue working it’s way toward the center. A couple of interesting notes. Starting last July, U.S. oil imports from Saudi Arabia decline by over 300K barrels of oil on a monthly basis. The U.S. imported over 1million barrels of oil a month from S.A. for over 30 years. Then starting last July we’re importing 300k fewer barrels since. I don’t know why we stopped importing so much starting last July. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is the U.S. isnt getting as much oil from a major low EROI producer of petroleum. We will have to get by with less of the good stuff. I think we will start to see major conflicts escalating as nations defend or secure access to the remaining low EROI oil deposits.

    • We’re in overshoot on per capita surplus energy. Catching up on us. Watch for periphery and fiat currency problems, indeed. Complexity doesn’t add anything to sustainability.

      Hell, we’re in overshoot on surplus energy on average, we waist it on blogs and building nuclear weapons.

  25. Steve or anyone else who would like to comment, are there any energy companies out there worth investing in.

    • I don’t know about energy companies but I’d suggest a derivative of energy (food) that man can’t live without should warrant investigatation as an investment.

  26. Utah company = don’t invest.
    99% of the time a company from Utah won’t last 5 years. So many scam companies come from Utah. They are the Masters at setting up companies with promises without actually delivering results.

  27. Energy companies worth investing in… Bicycle powered generator companies… LoL. You’ll want to power your ham radio somehow when the SHTF.

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