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The Collapse Of Fiat Money by a Falling Energy Supply

Each passing¬†day, the world gets closer to¬†a total collapse of the¬†global fiat monetary system.¬† After the United States unilaterally terminated the convertibility of the U.S. Dollar to gold in 1971, the world has¬†been¬†settling trade on borrowed time.¬† It was full faith in the dollar and¬†U.S. Treasury market that allowed global…

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University Endowments Cutting Their U.S. Treasury Exposure In a Big Way

It looks as if the some of the top university endowments are cutting back their U.S. Treasury exposure in a big way — in some instances down to zero.¬†¬† At one time, U.S. Treasuries were the core holdings in most of the university endowments. According to CNBC-Financial Times article: Many…

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