24 Silver Points: Facts, Conspiracies & Manipulations

(By Charles Savoie)

The price of silver is of such vital importance that the subject is a timely one for discussion at a convention of mining men such as this one. The subject is an intricate one with innumerable ramifications and at best only a few of the high spots can be mentioned. The literature on silver is extremely voluminous and while probably no one man has read it all, yet many of you have read a great deal of it.”

The China Weekly Review (Shanghai), September 27, 1930, page 122, we read— “Silver is very closely connected with the purchasing power of more than one half of the human race.”


An Appetizer Of Two Dozen Silver Facts

by Charles Savoie,

I have an extensive research documentary under way which I intend to present to any interested parties in the near future. This briefer presentation is meant as an “appetizer” to the “full course meal” which will follow. Two dozen silver facts today! That’s something many people could present. Let’s see what I found in the information resources I’ve been developing since the year 2000, many of which still aren’t available on the web, but in library archives. Frank M. Smith, smelter manager of Bunker Hill & Sullivan Mining, in “Silver—What About Its Future?” that appeared in the Mining Congress Journal, November 1930, page 800—

“When I was asked a few days ago to address this convention on the subject of silver, I realized the futility of attempting to cover such a vast subject in the short time allotted to me. Nevertheless the price of silver is of such vital importance that the subject is a timely one for discussion at a convention of mining men such as this one. The subject is an intricate one with innumerable ramifications and at best only a few of the high spots can be mentioned. The literature on silver is extremely voluminous and while probably no one man has read it all, yet many of you have read a great deal of it.”

1) Daniel Webster (1782-1852) remains one of the best known political figures in American history. Many in the hard money movement have seen quotations from Webster. On February 22, 1834, in an address before the U.S. Senate entitled, “A Redeemable Paper Currency,” Webster stated—

“All bank notes, to be safe, must be convertible into gold and silver at the will of the holder. Irredeemable paper money is miserable, abominable, and fraudulent—a fraudulent policy which attempts to give value to any paper, of any bank, one single moment longer than such paper is redeemable on demand in gold and silver.”

Sounds great, right? So what was Daniel Webster doing, arguing for the second United States Bank before the Supreme Court, in “McCullough Versus Maryland,” which decision, written by Justice John Marshall (an enemy of Andrew Jackson), affirmed that the State of Maryland had no power to assess any taxation on the Maryland branch of the United States Bank? Webster was also a member of the British connected Whig Party, which supported central banking. Ostensibly, the notes issued by the second U.S. Bank were convertible into precious metal. However, it rigged conversion to make note holders travel to the branch most distant from the issuing branch—to get notes redeemed in specie (gold or silver)! We had already had the first United States Bank (1791-1811) and its gouging character was well known. What was Webster thinking when in 1834, over 14 years after he defended the Bank, when he said notes should be convertible? Did he think it reasonable to not convert notes at the issuing branches? In fact, Webster was a director of the Boston branch of the second United States Bank (exhibit from 1824) —

Charles 1

Webster was also a political adversary of military and monetary hero Andrew Jackson. In the end, what people do matters more than what they say.

Charles 2

2) Merchants Magazine & Commercial Review, New York, September 1842, page 270, observed the matter of coinage debasement in Ireland—“The silver coins in Ireland had by this time (1804) become so light, that twenty-one shillings were not intrinsically worth more than nine.” The most recent case of silver coin debasement in our history is of course the step-down to 40% silver Kennedy halves starting in 1965 under the awful Lyndon Johnson (Pilgrims Society) administration. Then in fall 1982 we stepped down from copper to zinc cents, and even those now cost more to mint than their face value. We can’t even maintain a stupid cheap zinc standard!

3) In “Silver Mining In Spain” which appeared in Merchants Magazine & Commercial Review, March 1853, page 381, we note that during the first nine years after the end of the second Punic War (218 to 201BC), when the Romans drove the Carthagenians out of Spain, 111,542 pounds of Spanish mined silver was taken to Rome. Rio Tinto Mines (RTZ) a major mining multinational, started in Spain—

Charles 3

4) The North American Review, February 1889 had an article entitled, “Shall We Banish Silver Coin?” by Edwards Pierrepont (name sounds like an elitist!) He began by discussing the Royal Commission on Precious Metals in London which, after two years of alleged deliberations, reported in September 1888 (page 227) that the use of silver in the monetary system was—

“A chimerical proposal, unworthy of serious consideration” and warned that to use silver as money would be to “risk creating evils exceeding those which we at present experience.”

In response to their conclusion, Pierrepont reflected— “Of all the subtle devices which the wit of man has contrived to despoil the community of their property, nothing equals the contrivance of laws which limit the currency to gold and require all debts to be paid in legal tender money.”

Pierrepont (1817-1892) was Attorney General in the Grant administration (1875-1876) and in 1876 was named Minister to Great Britain, however while he was in that post he made trips to France, and was strongly influenced by the French people’s views favoring silver money. He may well have been a case in point in which the Money Power chose the wrong man—

Charles 4

The Atlanta Constitution, April 29, 1886, page 8, mentioned Pierrepont’s view that the use of silver as money would both alleviate poverty and prevent a few wealthy monopolists from using gold to seize wealth from the vast public.
5) Roger Quarles Mills (1832 through 1911) was a Texas Democrat in the House of Representatives, March 4, 1873 (after the bad act of 1873 was passed) through March 28, 1892, when he became a Senator, until 1899. He was chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee of the fiftieth Congress. He was a far better Texan for silver, than the repugnant President Johnson. In the North American Review, May 1890, pages 572 through 585, Mills, in an excellent article called, “What Shall We do With Silver?” commented—

“Some persons are easily alarmed by the danger of inflation; but the increase of the circulation by any addition of gold and silver cannot produce inflation. It is permanent, not vacillating. It is not, like paper money, suspended in the air—money which sooner or later must collapse and bring disaster to the whole country.”

Charles 5

However—oops! In 1893, when President Grover Cleveland, a Wall Street operative, sought repeal of the Sherman Silver Purchase Act, Mills defected and supported Cleveland’s position, which is the usual explanation as to why Mills was defeated for re-election in 1898, because his constituents felt betrayed. How sad to reach the end of your days, disgraced by wrong actions. Cleveland became a charter member in 1903 of The Pilgrims Society, New York branch—the world’s top banker organization.

6) Professor Hermann Von Holst of the Rockefeller sponsored University of Chicago, in the Review of Reviews, September 1893, pages 281-282, said silver advocates were “maniacs,” and said— “If in any manner and to any extent whatever the silver craze is to be retained as the basis of our policy, the catastrophe is inevitable.”

Charles 6

Yeah, he busted hell wide open!

7) In 1922, 1932 and 1933, no Mercury dimes were issued, probably as a “dry run” for the eventual ending of silver coinage. However, establishment economists would be quick to point out the unusually large number of Morgan silver dollars minted in 1921. Besides the fact that a $1 denomination isn’t performing the same function as a ten cent denomination, how would that account for the absence of new dimes in 1932-1933? They’d say, “Oh, the Depression made more dimes unnecessary.” Huh? Besides pennies and nickels, dimes were still low denomination coins, and could buy subsistence meals besides the bread lines and soup kitchens. No, 1932-1933 was a test run for the eventual ending of silver coinage. Additionally, no Standing Liberty quarters were minted in 1931, and the Washington series started in 1932. Apparently the Money Power was less bold about testing the cancellation of silver quarters, as they’re a bigger denomination.

8) The China Weekly Review (Shanghai), September 27, 1930, page 122, we read— “Silver is very closely connected with the purchasing power of more than one half of the human race.”

British India started attacking the world silver money system in 1926 as documented at length in “The Silver Stealers.” As the purchasing power of silver skidded to an all time historical low in February 1931 of 24.5 cents the ounce, Chinese, Indians and the other Asian countries couldn’t pay for exports from America, England and Europe. That had the direct effect of idling many millions of workers. The Crash of 1929 is always cited by establishment historians as causing the Great Depression, while many goldbugs—either badly misinformed or lying by intent—assert that it was both Federal Reserve policies and the October 1929 Crash that caused the Depression; they ignore, or are unaware of, the British ambush against silver. Those things exacerbated conditions—as well as Britain’s repudiation of the gold standard in September 1931—but over 90% of the causation of the mass unemployment was a direct consequence of England’s assault on world monetary silver values. They couldn’t dump derivatives in those days; they had to dump the real thing. That is exactly what happened. The fall of silver caused the starvation of export industries, and they had to layoff most employees. Silver money is far more critically important than any dumbed-down gold only investors can grasp. Experience will take them to the woodshed, however.

9) The China Weekly Review, November 15, 1930, pages 394 & 396, “Cheap Silver Means Reduced World Purchasing Power” The British have taken steps to prevent the natives from hoarding gold and thus draining empire vaults. Indian currency is redeemable in gold but only in large amounts. If one has $8,000 in paper money he can go to the bank and get its equivalent in gold. But not many Indians are likely to accumulate as much as $8,000.”

As the British cancelled silver money in India and instituted a gold only system, it was in practice a fiat only system, as they erected a high hurdle to the conversion of paper rupee notes into hard gold. This was abominably dishonest and duplicitous on its face. The actual figure was $8,064 equivalent in American dollars.

10) Joseph Robinson (1872-1937), former Governor of Arkansas and Senator, was quoted in the New York Times, May 22, 1931, page 3— “Silver has been abnormally depressed and it should be brought back to normality.” He was actually a Democrat! Andrew Jackson was a Democrat, but of course the party is totally long since perverted from Jacksonian principles. Robinson was aware of England’s attack against silver money (England is the home base of central banking and fiat money) —

Charles 7

11) The New York Times, Sunday, September 3, 1933, section VIII, page 4, quoted Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman declaring— “We are faced with a fight in the next session of the Congress of the United States by those who are opposed to the use of silver in any form or in any manner as money.”

Charles 8

Senator Key Pittman (1913-1940) fought hard for Constitutional silver money. He was succeeded in that role by the great Nevada silver Senator Patrick McCarran (1933-1954). After McCarran there was Nevada Senator Alan Bible (1954-1974), who voted against the treasonous Coinage Act of 1965, eliminating most silver from our coinage. Compare those Senators with the incarnation of evil—Nevada Senator Harry Reid. All three earlier Senators wore the Democrat label, but acted and voted like decent men—not some raving barbarian who you wouldn’t sleep with your naked throat in the presence of!

12) The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 2, 1935, page 2820, quoted the New York Board of Trade as saying that silver has “no monetary purpose and no foundation in the country’s financial or economic needs.”

Everything of significance in New York City and State is controlled by The Pilgrims Society—the world’s central committee of fiat currency issuance. That any of their entities make such statements is as predictable as cockroaches being filthy.

13) The December 1945 Fortune Magazine, page 272, complained about Indians and “the ancient tendency of the population to hoard silver” as if that were a biological disease on their part. Nearly 69 years later and guess what? Indians still trust in silver and have no inclination to immolate themselves for the Silver Users Association and the synthetic money creators. The Silver Users Association has made disgusting attempts to get silver out of the hands of the Indian people.

14) The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, June 13, 1946, page 3249 reveals— “Senator Leverett Saltonstall of Massachusetts, another silverware and jewelry state, informed this correspondent of his hope that “the silver problem can be settled as soon as possible. Our industrial firms need silver to keep people at work.” Senator Abe Murdock (D. Utah) said “Silver cannot be produced profitably at 71.11 cents per ounce.” Yes, for many years, Uncle Sam officially dictated silver prices, hashed out in Congress. That of course, was pure Fascism—the government dictating to commodity producers what they could receive for their product. A price ceiling on fabricated silver? Are you kidding? That would be worse than leaving the baby Jesus on the train tracks!

Saltonstall was descended from John Leverett, who became the Crown’s Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1673. Sir Richard Saltonstall, Crown loyalist, was with the Massachusetts Bay Company. Leverett Saltonstall (1892-1979) was Governor of Massachusetts, 1939-1945, when he became a U.S. Senator, until 1967. He was a reliable friend to the notorious Silver Users Association, who apparently feels that all the world’s silver should be theirs at throw-away, taxpayer subsidized prices that bankrupt mining companies. He was great-great grandson of Leverett Saltonstall (1783-1845), a Senator from Massachusetts who supported the unconstitutional, gold and silver suppressing, British allied second Bank of the United States. The modern Senator Saltonstall was an active enemy of the “Congressional Silver Bloc,” which used to have success legislatively thanks to voting alliances with the former “Farm Bloc,” until the rise of Pilgrims Society controlled agribusiness giants in the heartland who made the necessary expenditures to buy off many Congressmen and Senators. The goofy looking, deeply conspiratorial silver stealing Senator Saltonstall with his ludicrous Halloween smirk—

Charles 9

15) The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, June 27, 1946, page 3482, had New York Congressman Emanuel Celler, complained about so-called “wild West” tactics on the part of the Silver Senators because they sought a 19.39 cent increase in the Federal price ceiling on payments per ounce for domestically mined silver! Celler vomited out the following toxic blather— “The House is wild about this outrage, particularly iniquitous.” Celler (below) called the issuance of silver certificates “sheer inflation” and preferred currency redeemable in gold (only by foreigners) or not convertible at all! His definition of inflation was akin to a fireman calling rain “incendiary.” What do you figure was the per item profit to silver fabricators—19 cents per ounce of silver? Not hardly pal. He was an overbearing, silver looting boor approved by the Wall Street banking crowd—

Charles 10

Looking at Celler is like looking at some malodorous plate of rancid food, riddled with insect vermin in some Civil War era prison camp. He’d had obtained silver by slave labor and nationalized mines if he could have. What a horrible thief. Celler was in Congress for an unbearably long time, and was on hand to vote “Aye” on the sickening Coinage Act of 1965 https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/89-1965/h92

16) The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, July 25, 1946, page 492, by Sinclair Weeks, then chairman of the Silver Users Association, in a distorted article he contributed entitled, “Will There Be Another Holy Crusade For Silver?” had him quoting a Senate pal of his, who he didn’t name, as saying—“Silver has all the attributes of money, except value.” Weeks was a fill-in (partial term) Massachusetts Senator during most of 1944, and he became Commerce Secretary (1953-1958) in the Eisenhower years. From the leaked 1957 roster (these are in no sense normally available to any outsiders) —

Charles 11

As Commerce Secretary, do you suppose Weeks was still doing favors for the silver users at miner’s expense? Does a goose go barefoot?

Charles 12

17) The Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 16, 1961, page 2187 we read of a Treasury Department proceeding— “At this hearing, the Silver Users Association stated its position as being in favor of a free market for silver.” They wanted their statement to be taken at face value. But in light of their demonstrated character, what they were really saying was that the market should provide silver to them for free!

18) Business Week, September 29, 1962, page 122 commented— “Defense contractors must buy 600,000 oz. of silver within the next few weeks just for 10 new batteries being built for the Navy.” The former U.S. Strategic Silver Stockpile is long gone—most of it bled off in vampire style by the “nonprofit” Silver Users Association. The last of it went for coining silver Eagles, probably a ploy for them to cite later and blame monetary demand. To the Silver Users Association and their concealed banker sponsors—The Pilgrims Society—WE are the new stockpile. Obama, Hillary or other wheelhorse would just love to issue an Executive Order along the lines of EO 6814 of August 9, 1934, by the wicked Franklin Roosevelt, seizing our silver in the name of “national security, national emergency, and wartime exigency.” Want to block this from possibly happening? Spread word about The Pilgrims Society intending such plans. They have the top attorneys on Wall Street in their ranks. In nine and a half years of making public accusations against them, they have not sent me a single process server, and I am unconcerned about other measures. They don’t care for publicity nor for court proceedings that would spread awareness of their Secret Society.

19) Weekly figures published by The Wall Street Journal show that during the year 1968, 75,525,000 ounces of silver bullion from the Treasury Department (miners and taxpayers) was “auctioned” (bled off/siphoned away at unrealistic gutter prices) to the Silver Users Association, in closed criminal events staged by the General Services Administration. The ugly details are in “The Silver Raiders,” a 15,908 word report on the thieving activities of the Silver Users Association, originally released in September 2003 at Silver Investor site.

20) “Even Dollar Bills Cost More These Days” was a New York Times story on August 28, 1973, pages 45 and 50. The article was about the rising cost to Crane & Company, a Pilgrims Society owned interest, of cotton waste fiber, in the manufacture of currency paper for Federal Reserve notes. Did you know that some of the cash you’ve used over the years could easily have come from once soiled underwear that was boiled in a witches cauldron vat to create currency paper? “Paper Money Carries Thousands of Types of Bacteria” http://www.webmd.com/news/20140422/paper-money-carries-bacteria

Charles 13

21) The Wall Street Journal, May 1, 1991, page A-12, quoted Alonso Ancira, a Mexican national who was part of the ownership of Real Del Monte and Pachuca silver mines, as complaining in response to having to shut down operations and cut off miners employment, dispossessing entire families— “Prices are the worst in the century.” Actually he was wrong, as in February 1931 silver careened to 24.5 cents the ounce, which led to American silver mine owners in Mexico being murdered by unhappy laid off miners, and forced jobless miners to turn to banditry as the only alternative to starvation when the Mexican government ran out of corn to send to them for subsistence survival—courtesy of British actions out of India, staged by Pilgrims Society conspirators led by Viceroy Irwin and Sir Henry Strakosch. Full documentation appears in “The Silver Stealers.”

22) American Metal Market, July 5, 2002, quoted Frankland of the Silver Users Association, in reference to his expressed belief that the government had another 25MOZ squirreled away someplace, and that they got it back in the 60’s at $1.29 an ounce— “As long as they’ve got silver not being used for any other purpose, it makes sense to use the $1.29 silver and not go out into the marketplace and purchase silver at today’s prices.” Hell, that’s like someone telling you “I’ll buy your wife’s diamond ring way below market from a fence after the burglar breaks in and steals it!” I did a write-up on Walter Frankland, “Have You Seen This Man?” in December 2004—

Charles 14

In Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, February 1981, page 55, Frankland admitted that the retail price for sterling flatware was around five times the price of the contained silver. As always, the silver users religion was that miners get a parrot size meal, if anything, while the morally superior silver users get the entire banquet hall. These are the same industrial parasites who rave like ripped off con men when silver has a penny uptick! I know the image leaves much to be desired, but this is the only image I can currently access. Or did he really have yellow streaks all over his face? I chose to not “adjust” the image—it somehow fits him. Psalm 139:22 fits—“I hate them with perfect hatred.”

23) In the March 2003 through March 2004 campaign cycle, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo received, from opponents of miner-healthy silver prices, $2,000 from Lehman Brothers—$5,000 from Morgan Chase Bank—$5,000 from NYMEX Political Action Committee (COMEX is a NYMEX subsidiary) —and $10,000 from the American Bankers Association, which in 1965 called for silver accumulations (“hoarding”) to be outlawed (Banking Magazine, April 1965, page 117). However, on Thursday, May 26, 2005, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo’s office put out this news release— “Washington, DC – Citing inequities that now exist in federal tax code, Idaho Senator Mike Crapo has introduced legislation to lower the tax liabilities for people who invest in precious metals such as gold and silver.

The “Fair Treatment for Precious Metals Act” would treat the investment of gold, silver and platinum, such as bullion coins and bars more like equities or mutual funds.” Did the Senator do a jiu-jitsu
turnaround on the price suppressors? Actually, there should be no capital gains taxation on gold or silver, because people shouldn’t be penalized for sensibly defecting from unlawful trash “money because statute says it is” currency to lawful, Constitutional money mediums!

Charles 15

24) On November 6 and 7, 2007, the Silver Users Association held its annual meeting in the District of Columbia at the Army-Navy Club, a slap in the face to enlisted personnel who need the best technologies for their protection—technologies that are silver dependent—and this users cartel bled off most of the former national military silver reserve! Speakers at the Silver Grabbers Association sessions included Jerry Kilgore, former Virginia attorney general and advisor to the Giuliani for President campaign; and the ever rascally Jeff Christian of perma bear CPM Group.

Isn’t it cool how they can draw into their influence, people who may be able to “help” them with their intentions? I issued a release on Jeff Christian in October 2013 entitled, “Jonathan Frid Vomits On Silver,” which paradoxically, received little coverage just ahead of the annual Silver Summit in Idaho, seeing how I raised points more sensitive and more penetrating than the questions he faced in his debate! Read the item if you feel otherwise! Jeff has been a director of the hokey International Precious Metals Institute, at the same time as Alex Patel of Du Pont, who was also an executive committee member of the Silver Users Association. At the same time there were two other SUA interlocks at IPMI and someone from the NYMEX. Jeff proves that a hooligan can be happy—

Charles 16

I offer these 24 factoids as an appetizer for a much larger documentary I intend to present hopefully by early July at as many sites as possible, entitled, “Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark.” Please ask your favorite sites to post or link it. It will of course be heavily documented and have a great deal of information I haven’t previously covered. I wish that sites who won’t carry my free documentaries would state a public reason as to why—we all have differences of personal style, but why shun naming the single organization responsible for our monetary and other major ills? If my facts aren’t challenged, what valid reason is there for the blackout?

I appreciate all the sites who have allowed coverage. Please plan to read “Silver Suppressors Hiding In The Dark,” and you can do so in several sessions if that’s easier than a nonstop read. Please don’t “skim over” it—you’ll miss important details. It has taken me many times longer to amass the details and organize a presentation, than it will take any of you to read it. Till later—Charles Savoie.

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thank you for carrying mr. savoie


Mr. Savoie,

You perseverance and your devotion to learning as much as possible about crimes against silver is just amazing.

It may be very difficult to believe you at first but over time the statements that you make will be verified by more and more people and the light that you provide will be invaluable in improving the world.

Great work even if I still have problems to accept the facts that you uncover. Damn silver stealers.



Thanks for putting this up. I started to read it yesterday and lost it and the format was choppy. This looks like the original format.


Mr. Savoie I’d like to thank you for your work. I greatly appreciate it, and Good Luck getting it out to the masses. Again,Thank You !


Your research is fantastic! There are so many people in the precious metals circles that get lots of air time simply rehashing known facts for emotional impact. They are fun, but what we really lack is genuine research and analysis from the ground up. Dimitri Speck’s new book is one example of genuine research that we all thirst for. Keep up the great work! Get yourself out there and replace some of the cheerleaders. You deserve more. Do some entertaining interviews if you can get them. Introduce others to your research while pushing the usual emotional buttons of the stackers.

yuan abet

Thanks Charles for your diligence and quips,and to Steve for posting,thank you.


in 2004 I borrowed money from a local bank to buy silver. they held it as collateral. I used my personal stash to make sure the loan to value was more than the loan. never late on payments, always on time and good credit. in 2013, with 26,200 ounces of silver (bars, silver eagles, morgan dollars, 90% halves) and 38 ounces of gold (maple leafs, gold eagles, swiss bars) the bank sold all the silver and gold at scrap to pay off a $486,000 loan. during the time of the loan I bought the bank pres 1000 ounces of silver,… Read more »


Are you saying that your gold and silver was stolen from you by a bank? Silver is up considerably since 2004, so I do not understand the need to sell the metals they held for you, especially if payments were on time. Did you violate your loan agreement in some way??


The bank always renewed the loan, I was never late always paid on time. I also had 2 home mortgages and 3 vehicles with them I never violated the loan agreement.


Steve, just in the past day or so Armstrong has covered climate and silver in past circulation. I guess you really put him on point.

I’m glad you wrote what you did. Armstrong seems desperate at times.


Hey I’m pretty sure that guy Jeff works at a money exchange in Naples.