(by Charles Savoie)

“Who are these Pilgrims? I have since made a study of them. Their organization is one of immense power, and just now they hold our country in the hollow of their hands. They control the banks, they control the press and can sway public sentiment by means of their corrupt news services from one end of the country to the other. They are determined to force this country into war.”

“A powerful and unscrupulous aristocratic plutocracy has seized upon the strength and resources of our nation. Great English bankers have been plotting here for years to seize the reins of government. So far, these men have succeeded.”

“The Society of Pilgrims is operating to promote war between this country and the Central Powers of Europe.”

 “We have become subjects of a pro-British group of plutocrats who sneer at the wishes of the public and force it to their will.”

 “Enough has been shown here to demonstrate the great peril to our country of this sinister organization, the Pilgrims of the United States. I address my fellow countrymen to caution them and to warn them of the dreadful consequences that will ensue if this English banking group of Wall Street is permitted to continue in power. Their coordinated operations are of so menacing a character, their combined power is so vast, their control of funds so immeasurable, that if we do not combine against this association, a catastrophe will certainly come upon our country that has no parallel in history.”

—Charles Albert Collman, “War Plotters of Wall Street,” (1915) pages 91, 92, 94, 96 and 97.

Charles First

Once a working grasp of The Pilgrims Society is achieved, the feeling evoked is like seeing a lit wick sticking into your automobile gas tank!

 Bankers Assassinating Monetary Silver For Generations! The Pilgrims Society—The Top Banker Organization!

Charles 1

 “They represent the most powerful combination of men of wealth and influence on both sides of the Atlantic.”

—August 20, 1940 Congressional Record John J Whiteford, “Sir Uncle Sam, Knight of the British Empire,” cited by Montana Congressman Jacob Thorkelson.

The globalists, warmongers, overseas interventionists, silver suppressors, gold grabbers (and we can justify many other infamous credits to them including gun grabbers, Big Pharma and mandatory vaccinations, anyone who disagrees is mentally ill and so forth) are organized in a sense, along military lines. There is a chain of command, but it is unofficial. An archery target is designed with concentric circles similar to a dartboard.

If you think of the smallest circle within rings of circles, that would be where the leading elites are. Those are groups by invitation only, whereas groups in the outer circles are mass membership organizations which misguided people can freely join. These MM organizations have as directors or trustees, members of the elite by invitation only groups. They are there to misdirect persons who are often well meaning, to manipulate them and draw funds from them.

SRSrocco:  Charles Savoie also discusses Prince Charles association with the Pilgrims and silver suppression shown in an excerpt from the article below:

Charles 6

So? What does Prince Charles have to do with silver suppression you ask? Didn’t you just hear about him meeting with a Rothschild and an International Monetary Fund official? You think the IMF wants to see silver remonetized? Charlie founded The Prince of Wales World Business Leaders Forum in 1990 with people like Joseph Hooley of State Street Corporation, a major NYMEX shareholder (Hooley is probably a Pilgrims member).

Charles 5

Charles has plenty to do with silver suppression, and this shadow group he’s a leading member of is the source of silver suppression. The Pilgrims Society has been damn unfriendly towards gold also as I detailed in May 2006 at Silver Investor. His mother’s image is stamped on Royal Canadian Mint gold maple leaf coins which are officially alleged to be worth a mere $50 Canadian, and also on Canadian silver Maple Leaf one ounce rounds that are supposed to be worth a paltry $5 Canadian in cheap currency paper.

The deadly prospect is that they will arrange another regional war, or even another World War, in an attempt to continue having their way. We have to assume they intend to have renewed warfare coincide with the end of COMEX price depressive actions against gold and silver, so as to give them excuse to have their outer circle puppet member, Obama—issue Executive Orders citing Franklin Roosevelt’s gold and silver seizures as precedent. The more we can expose their intentions before the fact, the more protection against such events we tend to achieve—therefore please—spread this around. I am a work without pay researcher in the public interest, seeking only the reward of improved conditions in my nation as reward for my efforts.

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  1. Silver Curious | July 11, 2014 at 4:21 pm | Reply

    Rumor: Wealthy Mexican citizens demanding the Mexican Govt. back it’s currency with Silver;

    • Silver Curious | July 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm | Reply

      If the Central and South American countries went back to a Silver standard of some type, they’d quickly create thousands of high paying domestic mining jobs (direct & indirect) … and as a spin-off; they eventually wouldn’t need to send their kids to the US illegally.

  2. Hello; first time poster-years’ long reader here. Noticed a-mention of the pilgrims’ society. I haven’t for reasons goofy, viewed the “PS” thru the lens of silver/monetary skullduggery. When I came across the group, I hadn’t seen an ASE, or silver coin (bouillon) of any kind in real life- there was [simply] no association. After several years combing the inter-webs for interesting content, I managed to gather thousands of documents, many of which fit into the tin-hat category. Regardless, I ended up with a few gigabytes of genuine material. Most of the stuff is no longer available; swept off the web.

    Anyway…related to your article: after reading it about an hour ago, I went thru old HDDs, trying to find documents I remember having about the Pilgrims. Voila! I found them. As you know, the Pilgram S was/is what’s known as the eastern establishment- an analogue in the US to the crown-related Brit “original”…came from the Episcopalian Church.

    I have partial member lists, up to 2003 and a lot of background/history. All well sourced, The group is mega-powerful, but there are others (no reptilians), in particular some nasty French and Belgium bankers which fit in to the whole mess.

    If you (anyone) is interested, just say the word. The last time (as far as I know) the 1 site which had the material was up was in 2010, started in 2007. I’d like other people to get whatever they can out of the stuff, people around me have zero interest in that sort of thing.


    (Have a decent weekend)

    • “I have partial member lists, up to 2003 and a lot of background/history. All well sourced… If you (anyone) is interested, just say the word.|

      By all means yes -even if absent reptilians! … anything that can help Sir Charles in his quixotic quest is good grist for the windmill! As our knight errant himself explains the situation…the closer we get on the “trail forward to the recent past” … the “more information becomes very scarce.” Recent lists would be a considerable improvement over cold campfires and much blurred markings in the dust.

      Now that our distinguished author has taken up a suitable format from which to lay waste to “termites,” “philosophical nihilists,” and other riffraff bold enough to challenge his perspicacity, I’m looking forward to seeing him do just that…

      by responding directly to my taking up his challenge (, whilst calmly demolishing, one by one, his pretended reasons for standing pon his ‘dignity’ as a published author, and refusing to come out from the dark. But judging from this piece… I suspect he’s going to need all the help he can get… you may be just the aide de camp he has been searching for!

  3. Thank you,thank you, thank you. For my part the sooner a silver standard is implemented the better. If currencies were backed by silver and gold it would bring sanity to the world monetary system. How then,to keep the same manipulators from again gaining control of us is my question. I greatly appreciate your work,peoples are better off for it.

  4. Thank you, Charles! Your analysis fits well with the findings of Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor. In their book “Hidden history – The secret origins of the first world war” they describe the activitities of a Secret Elite that established itself in the 1890s which was initiated by Cecil Rhodes (Soth African Gold and Diamond magnate, “British race partiot” and prime minister of the Cape Colony 1890 – 1896). Key memberw were Nathaniel Rothschild (International Banker and Financier, used J.P. Morgan as front to cover family involvement in America / Wall St), Viscount Reginal Esher (permanent member of the Committee of Imperial Defense and personal friend and advisor to King Edward), 1st Viscount Alfred Milner of St James (acknowledged leader of the Secret Elite from around 1900, created the Boer War, High Commissioner for Southern Africa 1897 – 1901), Lord Rosebery (leading liberal, British Prime minister 1894-95) and Rt Hon. Athur Balfour (conservative, British Prime minister 1902-05, foreign secretary 1916-19). From the book cover: The book exposes those responsible for the First World War. It reveals how accounts of the war´s origins have been deliberately falsified to conceal the guilt of the secret cabal of very rich and powerful men in London. For ten years, they plotted the destruction of Germany as the first step to take control of the world.

    I have just started to read this book which I would like to warmely recommend to you. To my understanding there was not event since then that would have caused an interruption of this secret network, I believe that it sill operates behind the scenes, of course with the successors of those men mentioned above. According to the views conveyed in this book, our deomocracies are just a stage play meant to entertain and deflect the attention of the public from the genuine masters of the play, those behind the curtain.
    Nonetheless, we also have power when we observe, learn, understand and – very important – don´t let us manipulate through fear and agitation.

  5. What a pitty that you have decided to cancel my comment.
    Would you please be so kind and give my a reason for this?
    Greetings from Germany!

    • Thehun,

      I did not cancel your comment. All new comments have to be moderated. Once moderated, your comments will be automatically published, unless there are a lot of links or other items that throws it into the spam filter. Then I have to take it out of spam and approve it.



    There has been some comment regarding the possibility of a Mexican move to monetize silver, caused by a report which mentions my activity in that regard.

    During the previous government adiministration of the PAN, a party generally friendly to business, there was a moment when a favorable vote by the Congress was possible, and only derailed by accidental events. The Central Bank of Mexico was always against the move, as abhorrent to it as incest. But the Congress saw the measure in a favorable light.

    At present we have a PRI administration, the old party which ran Mexico in a dictatorial fashion for 70 years – and sometimes did a good job, I must say. But the present administration is young and very ambitious to have Mexico put on a pedestal for the world, and attempting too many things at once. Its ministers are all schooled in the US and faithful disciples of Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Yate, etc.

    There is not a snowball’s chance in Hell that the PRI will monetize a silver coin. This adiministration runs until 2018, so don’t hold your breath.

    Best regards and keep up the excellent reports!

    Hugo Salinas Price

    • Hugo Salinas Price,

      Thanks for stopping by and providing that information. Yes, I have seen that “SPECULATION” being thrown around the internet… however, my gut told me it wasn’t true. Your insight in the matter reinforced my assumption.

      Yeah… amazing how the same mindset from the Orthodox schools of American spread throughout the world.


    • Dear HSP:

      In my most recent piece(the unabridged version) I mentioned your name along with that of Malaysia’s Ahamed Kameel, as doing stellar work in regards to detailing the mechanics of re-institution of a Silver Dirham.

      The piece in question, is well worth a read for anyone wishing a foretaste of what is likely to come very soon, in the aftermath of the collapse of the Petrodollar system. Changes about arrive in the geopolitical spectrum will be breathtaking, convulsive, and irreversible. Very very few westerners have any idea of the implications of these changes for their situations.

      This is one of the very few spaces where any such hints do appear. With Koos apparently throwing in the towel, and nestling under the wing of BullionStar as a paid scribe, that short list has just gotten even shorter! Savvy folk who realize just how much value is presented here at zero cost should be barking up Steve’s tree for him to get one of those paid reports published as a means of recompense for having the cojones to present a uniquely INDEPENDENT perspective.

      Wonder if we could be treated to a guest post by Senor HSP in the future here? One more paving stone in the road to making this site even more uniquely informative!

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