July 2021

Crucial Gold & Silver Mining Stock Update July 3rd

This is an extremely important Gold & Silver Mining Stock Update explaining my short-term trend of the industry.  This analysis provides subscribers with my fundamental view of the top gold and silver mining shares not found anywhere else on the internet.  It is crucial for precious metals investors to understand…

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WHAT’S GOING ON WITH GOLD & SILVER COIN PREMIUMS: Check Out The Premiums From Leading Online Dealers

Gold & Silver coin premiums have fallen a bit recently because this is typically the slowest time of the year for the retail bullion industry.  However, official coin premiums continue to be extremely elevated compared to normal prices before the pandemic shutdown.  For example, Silver Maple Leaf premiums were…

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PALISADES RADIO SRSROCCO REPORT INTERVIEW: Stock Market Bubble, Inflation-Deflation, Precious Metals & Energy Cliff

As the U.S. stock market bubble gets even larger, Americans are totally unprepared for the coming ENERGY CLIFF.  I sat down with Tom at Palisades Radio.   I discussed the inflation vs. deflation debate, Americans being the most exposed to the stock market than ever, details of the Energy Cliff, and why…

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