June 2021

IMPORTANT ENERGY UPDATE: Oil Reserves & The Energy Cliff

The world is sitting on top of a massive amount of “Overstated” oil reserves.  This will also be a key factor in pushing the global economy over the ENERGY CLIFF.  Unfortunately, virtually no one is prepared for the implications of the Energy Cliff on the economy and asset prices.  In this Important Energy Update…

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MARKET & METALS UPDATE JUN 17th: What Happens When Everyone Is On One Side Of The Trade

The selloff in the markets and metals continued today as the U.S. Dollar and Bond Market Rallied.  In several past articles and videos, I had warned subscribers what happens when EVERYONE is on ONE SIDE of the TRADE.  Today, we saw what happens when the WHIPSAW hits and the market dynamics begin…

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TRADE UPDATE: We Added to Our Bitcoin Short Position

Bitcoin seems to be completing its massive head and shoulders pattern. Our initial short position is well in the money and so we have decided to add to our short position at a key level because we expect Bitcoin to keep moving much lower in the near future. Our initial target is a retest of the high made during the previous Bitcoin mania in 2017.

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