November 2020

Equinox Gold Mining & Technical Chart Update Nov 23rd

Equinox Gold has retested the lows that I forecasted two months ago when I first provided my analysis of the company.  However, there still may be more downside for the share price as Equinox Gold’s Q3 Financials underperformed the industry.  As I mentioned in my initial analysis of Equinox Gold…

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The Silver Chart That Has The Federal Reserve & Central Bankers Extremely Concerned

For the first time ever, this silver market dynamic has the Federal Reserve and Central Bankers extremely concerned.  While gold may be the most important sound monetary asset on the central bank balance sheet, they hold relatively little silver.  Thus, the majority of investment silver held in the world is…

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MAG SILVER: Technical Chart Update Nov 18th

MAG Silver is one of the very few high-grade silver projects that will reach commercial production by the end of 2021.  MAG Silver is anticipating annual production of 12 million oz per year over the twelve-year period, but will produce approximately 17 million per annum for the first five years…

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