105 Trillion Reasons To Own Silver

There are 105 trillion reasons to own silver.  Very few investors in the world realize this, which makes it one of most undervalued assets in the world.  While the paper price of silver could go a bit lower, it’s forming a bottom while the major stock indexes are developing the BIGGEST TOPS in history.

You see, investors no longer understand what a “Store of Value” is anymore.  Back in the day, if a person wanted to save something for retirement, they would put away gold and silver coins.  So when they retired, they would cash in these gold or silver coins for goods and services.

Today, the overwhelming majority of individuals have their funds invested in DIGITS or PAPER ASSETS in one form or another.  Just how large are the total Global Conventional Paper Assets under management??  Look at the chart below:

Total Global Conventional Paper Assets 2014

According to the CityUK 2014 Fund Management Report, total global conventional assets under management increased from $97.2 trillion in 2013 to an estimated $105.1 trillion in 2014.  That’s a lot of paper and digits.

Investors have switched their faith from owning physical stores of value such as gold and silver to a more sophisticated highly leveraged system based on paper and digits.  The institutions that create, package and sell these supposed financial products (garbage) label them as ASSETS.  Unfortunately for the naive masses, these are not assets, but rather future IOU’s.

On the other hand, a real asset is a silver coin.  Here’s why.

The Two Ways To Value Silver

I’ve explained the two ways to value silver in several of my past interviews.  Unfortunately, most precious metal investors today do not want to listen to long interviews as they don’t have the patience for it.  I know this is true due to the views I receive on my articles compared to my interviews.

Furthermore, when I put out a tweet for one of my top articles, I might receive 1,500 tweet views.  Guess how many folks who view that tweet actually hit the twitter link to read the article?  Oh, about 30-50 on a good day… LOL.  Individuals today don’t even have the time to read more than few sentences, much less an article… forget about a 30 minute interview.

Regardless, there are two ways to value silver:

1) It’s Just-In-Time supply chain price mechanism based on supply-demand-cost

2) It’s true Store of Value

Currently, the price of silver is valued based upon the present supply demand fundamentals including its production cost.  If the cost to produce silver from primary silver mines was $50, the price would be closer to that figure.  As I stated in my recent article, 2014 FULL YEAR RESULTS: Top Primary Silver Miners Lost $1.9 Billion the average estimated breakeven for the group was $19 in 2014.  I would imagine with the cost of oil down significantly, the breakeven should fall a little further in 2015.

So, the market calculates silver consumption and investment demand versus the supply.  While this market pricing mechanism is manipulated, that’s basically how it’s done.  It’s based on the degree of CONSUMPTION, not VALUE.

The second more important way to value silver is its STORE OF VALUE.  Gold and silver have been the best stores of value and money over the past 2,000 years except for the nearly 45 years worth of fiat monetary insanity ever since Nixon cancelled the convertibility of the U.S. Dollar to gold in 1971.

Investors have been brainwashed to believe their monthly flow of funds into their retirement or IRA accounts are a store of value.  Little do they know, the financial institutions take these INFLOWS to guarantee the OUTFLOWS to individuals who have retired or are cashing in on their paper investments.

It’s basically the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME in history.  Why is that so?  Because if everyone asked to cash in on their paper assets (even with penalties), there isn’t the available capital or funds to do so.  We must remember energy has to be burned and economic activity generated to create the surplus capital to pay the retiree or individual cashing out.

Folks, we just can’t BURN ENOUGH ENERGY in a given time or year to pay back all these digit based paper assets.  However, if you own physical silver, you already have stored ECONOMIC ENERGY in that one ounce silver coin.  The energy and labor were already burned to create that coin.

The SILVER COIN is the highest form of value because it already contains stored economic energy while the $105 trillion in global conventional assets under management are ENERGY IOU’S.  This would be fine if the world planned on expanding its oil supply.  However, the opposite will occur in the future.

Very few realize if the United States expensive tight oil production was removed from the global supply, world oil production has declined since 2011.  Individuals who believe Shale oil will make the U.S. energy independent, will be in for a rude awakening when we start to see production dropping like a rock by midyear.

World Oil production minus USA

Whether or not the precious metal investor wants to hear it, ENERGY DRIVES THE MARKETS.  Gold and silver would be nothing without labor or energy.  The 1.2 grams per ton of gold which is the average yield of the top five gold mining companies would stay in the ground if it wasn’t for ENERGY… in all forms and in all stages.

When the world finally realizes that the peak of unconventional oil production is here (conventional peaked in 2005), the NET PRESENT VALUE of most paper assets will head south down the toilet and into the cesspool.  This is when the second and more important way to value silver will occur.

There will be a MAD RUSH out of paper assets and into physical to protect wealth.  When this occurs, silver will probably outperform gold due to it being more rare and more affordable.

I will explain this in more detail in my first two PAID REPORTS on the Silver Market and Industry.  I will be publishing the first one next month.

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96 Comments on "105 Trillion Reasons To Own Silver"

  1. The author of this article has no idea what he’s talking about. The United States has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Dollar will remain the number one currency for the next 50 years.

    • Mike either doesn’t believe what he is writing and is just trying to stir up comments, or he is a moron.

      • David,

        I tried to give Mike a chance by responding via his email but his replies were even worse. Which is why I don’t even waste my time responding to his comments here.


        • Wow,

          That means he is not a troll but a true believer in the integrity & infallibility of The Federal Reserve, the integrity & competence of politicians to do the right things, like [as one of many examples] forcing the CFTC to enforce its own bylaws & end commodities manipulation. That their are no psychopathic self-serving oligarchs on Wall Street. He would also have to believe the 18++trillion the U.S. is in debt and rising will have no consequences. And of course we need to go back and check again because all those exhausted conventional oil fields in Texas, Oklahoma, etc.? They have filled themselves up again. Hallelujah! EROI of 30+ to 1 again.

          BRICS and AIIB don’t matter to the dollar’s world dominance either. All those and many more things would have to be swallowed as true for his statements above to be true.

          The current paradigm is so strained that so many wondrous things would simultaneously have to be fixed to avoid a day of reckoning. And it won’t be the 50 years mentioned above.

          • Excellent reminder and recap of some of what is wrong. The man has clearly drank too much mainstream cool-aid.

      • I am surprised how harsh the comments are here. However, the bottom line is someone is supplying an unlimited supply of silver to the world’s markets. I do not pretend to know who but it has been rumored China has trillions of ounces going back hundreds of years. I say watch the supply and price charts and ignore all others.

        • You are the only person, including those with decades of study and information resources, that have postulated China has massive reserves of silver, and would be selling it to the East.

          Not likely.

    • Head meet sand.

    • No facts to back up your view Mike

    • Why would the us be importing oil if it had so much oil?

      • we don’t import oil because we want to control all the worlds oil reserves…..or should I say the Elite bankers/ oil companies…. they need to control all of it to control supply and demand and create scarcity to boost their profits…

        if they allowed all the countries of the world to produce their own oil this would cause the price to drop to a $1.00 per barrel. think about it. who controls the middle east oil?

        BP, Exxon, Chevron, Royal Dutch Shell and maybe a few more… that’s it…these companies don’t want competition…so we allow those countries hand picked dictator to make some money as long as they sell in Petro Dollars…

        Oil is Not a fossil fuel either…it is Abiotic and the Germans found this out along with the Russian when they drilled below 10 thousand feet….

        The Elite are now doing it with Water…they are buying up all the great lakes and most of the fresh drinking water…

        • “Oil is Not a fossil fuel either…it is Abiotic and the Germans found this out along with the Russian when they drilled below 10 thousand feet….”

          An absurd statement not backed by science. Look up geothermal gradient and think about the probablye temperatures below 10,000 feet. That depth wouldn’t be economically feasible without high temperatures.

          Even if it was true the depleted oil fields are NOT filling themselves back up. And we aren’t finding new large conventional fields, with the possible exception of deep water or inhospitable climate.

          • Mayor McCheese | April 26, 2015 at 4:41 pm |

            Maybe, you spoke too soon, “And we aren’t finding new large conventional fields…”.


            “A major new discovery of oil has been made in Britain by Gatwick airport (as reported by BBC). They appear to have discover about 100 billion barrel supply of oil ONSHORE in Britain. The North Sea Oil has produced 45 billion barrels in the past 40 years. This may be significant for Britain.”

    • Will Tryharder. | April 25, 2015 at 1:37 pm |

      If anyone doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it’s you…

      The Capital, and energy costs to get fracked oil and gas from shale, is more than the energy created/released.

      When two things happen, the U.S. economy will go into free-fall.

      The first thing is the end of the petro-dollar

      The second is normalised interest rates. After that, the U.S. economy is toast – and overcooked at that.

      Oh, yes, and I forgot to mention – that WILL happen, sooner than you think.

      Demand for the dollar (and thus its strength) will collapse when people realise, they don’t need dollars to buy oil – and the Saudis, are about to kick that particular chair from under the U.S. body.

      The Fed has already put the rope around its neck – and the drop is a long way down.

    • North America does have lots of hydrocarbons, BUT the question is “do those hydrocarbons genertate a useful energy surplus when consumed as fuel after they are mined-transported-refined?”. This is a much more fundamental question than “can I make money refining greasy rocks into semi-tar that could eventually get refined into Diesel?”, because the answer to that is “YES-sometimes, when the price of a barrel of crude is above $150 in 2014 adjusted currency.”. This may only be possible with very-low-priced natural gas due to over-supply based on previous over-drilling because of central bank over-printing of currency. It is setting up to burn-down with almost no warning, all while “everything seems fine”.


    • Mike, you can’t have a number one currency if it’s plunging in value. Watch what happens when the market realizes the Fed will never raise rates again. Right now they are still partly convinced a June rate hike is coming, something they have targeted for a year and a half. It’s not coming, nor is it in Sept. By the next election, we will be in another full blown crisis.

    • The number one Fiat currency ?? hahahahaha…. dou you believe in santa too ??

    • Hate to drop one on you Mike…but OIL as a form of “Energy” will become OBSOLETE within months of the introduction of “Zero-Point Energy” (FREE Energy)…the one the “Bankoholics” killed Tesla over…Do some research about Tesla and see for yourself…Its ALL about to change BEFORE this year ends friend!

  2. Mike,
    If that were true, why would American Oil Companies bother with drilling tight oil in the first place? I can’t but believe they are trying to get it out of the ground and process it only because the easy oil is gone. Because oil is in a reserve doesn’t mean that is will be economically viable to extract and process. We can reserve oil in giant drums below or above ground. We can reserve it by not extracting it from the ground to begin with. While the above ground or below ground inside a giant system of drums may be quick and easy, that oil that is underground and simply capped off still has to be refined at a cost and much of it is cost prohibitive. In my humble opinion.

  3. Trolling for trolls … you guys keep spewing your dogma if you want but there’s too many people awake now. I hope you really believe the crap which flows from your pie holes. You keep stackin’ paper … i’ll keep stackin’ precious metals at these HUGE discounts … GOLD, SILVER & LEAD.

    • Ray say’s:

      Why did you say that for. That’s what I was gonna say. Keep on stackin metal now so I can laugh later.

    • Yeah keep stacking (rolls eyes)…considering that precious metals are price controlled and manipulated and attached to the Dollar,it doesn’t matter how much you invest in it…the day you redeem your metals,guess what you’ll get back for it? MORE federal reserve notes (paper)

      Plus the Bible warns what will happen to your stack

      James 5:3 “Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.”

      invest money in things you can actually use…Water/food/guns/bullets/fuel/generators/things that produce power….YOU CAN’T EAT YOUR METALS

      • Gold and silver values transcends the dollar, and will exist after the dollar.

        Anyone can take a Bible quote out of context in an attempt to back something they believe…or as a reason they do one thing and not another.

        If and when fiat currency, wire transfers of digits, and coins made of base metals cease to be accepted for “Water/food/guns/bullets/fuel/generators/things that produce power” what do you think is likely to be accepted? Other than trading one thing you already have and need for another thing you need, like food for fuel, how would you buy additional food and fuel? What would someone be willing to accept if they wouldn’t accept federal reserve notes? Silver or gold would fill that role.

        You may stockpile all the guns and bullets you need for the rest of your life, but not food, fuel, healthcare, etc.

        Gold and silver do not have storage issues. Silver may tarnish a bit, but silver has been found that was mined & refined before the Bible was written. And gold doesn’t rust or tarnish.

        • out of context??

          James 5:3 is telling you that your gold will RUST and won’t save you from troubled times

          99% of the brain dead population do not see metals as money..they want dollars or digits as payment…your brain dead neighbor does not care about a piece of metal…you better wake up to that!

          your metals will NOT save you in a collapse or SHTF scenariob….but FOOD,Water,and sources that will keep you living longer will..

          I get it…most of you are really stacking thinking you’re gonna get rich…not gonna happen.PRECIOUS METALS prices are controlled (like everything else)

          your sin is exactly what this verse means…Ezekiel 7:19 “They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.”

          • James 5:7 – Be patient, then, brothers and sisters, until the Lord’s coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop, patiently waiting for the autumn and spring rains.

            We are patiently waiting for our gold. The Bible was referring to rich men who cheated his workers out of their pay. Doesn’t apply to us stackers.

            Nice try though.

          • “your sin is exactly what this verse means…”

            So you are qualified to judge others as to when they are sinning or not? Including me, simply from a comment I wrote? Sounds like arrogance to me.

            You will have an awakening when you find out gold and silver don’t rust or corrode. Even though they never have in the history of mankind, and it flies in the face of science [which you may not understand or hold in disdain], apparently you believe God will start making them corrode away at some point so people have this medium of exchange?

            I’ve lived through the time silver circulated as money, and it will again; officially sanctioned or not. Try to recall history and silver has been money in more times and places than paper or digits. When the value of their stocks drops..when the buying power of their dollars [physical or in digits] erodes..they will rush into silver and gold. When that happens what will someone use as money [a medium of exchange]? Yes you can trade your cans of food for fuel. But what if you want to keep your cans of food AND obtain fuel? Will you trade a firearm or ammo to someone who may turn around and use that to rob you with?

            Do you think gold or silver accumulators only accumulate PM’s?? I’m sure some do; many have the other things you mentioned too.

          • Steven,
            You might be mindful to read the chapters you choose to post from in the future. The beginning of Ezekiel 7 is clearly addressed to Israel, and not the wise who choose to not be duped into thinking paper is a store of value. Though, any stacker who chooses not to store food and provisions before precious metals probably needs a lesson in priorities and choosing wisely with time and resources. I do believe food and life sustaining elements are more valuable than PMs, but certainly won’t be making a practice of calling wise men with enough food sustenance to last a while, who then choose to stack something valuable: foolish. And especially not with a verse about gold or silver addressed to God’s own people.

          • 22 But I tell you that anyone who is angry with a brother or sister will be subject to judgment. Again, anyone who says to a brother or sister, ‘Raca,’ is answerable to the court. And anyone who says, ‘You fool!’ will be in danger of the fire of hell.
            Matthew 5

      • If you’re going to give a single bible verse, without giving the context, you can read anything you want into the bible. This passage is about people who have acquired their wealth by oppressing others.

        • That is exactly what I was going to say Fazsha and Henry. I guess he forgot to read the entire verse because as you both point out James is condemning those who cheat the laborer out of his wages.

      • From one Steven to another smarten up! No body eats gold or silver on purpose and in the bible gold and silver are money. These days gold and silver are officially just a rock. Officially cyber cash and paper currencies are deemed to be money and guess what? They are failing in terms of value. The bible was referring to money when it spoke of gold and silver. Today money is cyber cash and paper. Also the majority of people have little or no awareness of gold or silver as money or even a store of value. Paper assets and real estate is where their heads are at. They practically worship such things and jack up the prices so high that at some point no man can pay for them. That is when you have a reality check and prices go into the toilet or lower. As long as you have had paper and electronic currencies gold and silver prices have always been in in the toilet or lower and have never been at or near the exchange rate between the GWP and the supply of monetary grade gold and silver coin or bullion. Metal prices are essentially nothing compared to where they should be if you had an unleveraged total fiat or GWP divided by real ounces exchange rate. In short existing gold and silver prices are not only almost nothing they are a fraud. Remember paper gold and silver is not gold or silver and therefore does not count.

      • Steven…You are in for HUGE disappointment if you believe the bible is the so-called “Word of God”..I KNOW because I used to be a Minister for over 48 years…Until I did some “Out-of-the-Box-Research” about its REAL origins, and about OUR Real history!

    • Jeff, Don’t forget about Platinum group metals and Indium too.

      • PGM’s are valuable, but they aren’t money for 5000 years. Silver and gold are the money to have when people don’t trust government paper (or the criminals who print it).

        150 years ago, aluminum was more valuable than gold. Metal light as feathers!

        +1 on having personal stockpile of stuff you need to keep alive. Not to trade, just life-support for the “bad times”.

  4. i have seen estimates by consulting companies showing the massive capital expenditures planned for Deepwater Drilling. I have also seen estimates that deepwater will account for 15 MBD by 2015, easily solving for the Shale Peak and Collapse in production.

    This is, of course, expsensive oil and need on average at least 70 a barrel (Gulf of Mexico is much cheaper though with most of the infrastructure already built out).

    If oil doesn’t start rising to account for future supply contraints, it only means gold and silver eventually go even higher. However, if oil starts rising again and hovers around 85-95 a barrel, i don’t think we will see peak oil for at least a decade.

    In any case, right now, net new production is already declining per day by about 60,000 barrels per day. While overall production is up, we are now seeing net new production beginning to decline which will balance out the current supply/demand imbalance. So the faster net new production declines, the quicker oil prices move higher over the next 1-2 years. Which gives Deepwater plenty of tie to continue to grow and develope with 100s of millions in cap ex spending planned.

    In other words, I believe gold and silver bounce as supply comes down toward demand–gold and silver will head higher, but then plateau as Deepwater ramps from 4 milion a day to 15 million a day in the next decade.

    Sometimes, markets just have it right.

  5. Opps. Meant to say 15 million barrels per day in Deepwater by 2025–not this year.

  6. Exactly. How are things in Tel Aviv tonight Mike? Troll.

  7. Ray say’s:

    Jeff is right on.

    The metal I stack has nothing to do with oil but the crash of the dollar. The crash of the dollar is on it’s way folks. Silver will be way up this year, next year for sure. No matter what oil does.

    • think it will make $45 again?

    • Dollar crash not happening anytime soon…we’ve heard this before since the past decade now

      • Yeah, well the dollar was 30% lower just 4 yrs ago, when you were sleepin’. Don’t think it can’t go back to 72 again; Yellen has another QE that she’ll be queing up soon.

      • What makes some people think that just because something they have heard about for a decade that didn’t happen means that it will never ever happen? These are the ones who are totally lost when the event really does occur..

  8. as soon as confidence is lost in dollar …. silver will skyrocket …

  9. Steve,

    The investment demand in PM’s for the last several years confirms to me that more people are getting the message of divesting from paper assets and switching to real money for wealth protection. Many still get their knowledge from MSM so I’m not surprised many are Johnny-come-lately’s as they finally figure out the propped-up financial markets bull run will end soon.
    My guess is that many are either ignorant (thanks to MSM) or are just trying to squeeze as much profit out of the stock market as they can before departure – good luck with that! As I’ve heard before ” The stock market goes up the stairs and down the elevator”. I’d rather before in position for the crash beforehand than to pay higher prices for PM’s and stand in line at the local coin dealer for hours!

  10. I read or listen to every word you say or write.
    Please keep up the good work.

  11. I purchase gold and silver mining stocks and physical silver based upon what these people have said .I saw my retirement account go from 110,000 to 25,000 and my physical holding of silver from 70,000 to 35,000…..great investment???? ….WTF

    • Gold and silver is NOT an investment Gold and Silver is Insurance against Governments world wide
      seeing as we have world wide debt based system. Though this site does a great job, it doesn’t bring the whole picture together. After 20 years studying its capital flows which are the kicker, Martin Armstrong describes it best that I have read. Yes PMs will have there day but the capital IS not ready yet. Period

      • Insurance is a form of an investment. It depends on your point of view. Whether gold and silver is insurance or an investment it matters not. Right now it is trading so far below its global exchange rate between the GWP and real ounces that the price is practically nothing especially with silver. When something is being given away or almost so it does no harm to squirrel some of it away.

        What should the price of silver be? Try dividing the Gross World Product by 1 or 2 billion ounces of silver bullion and or coin. You will get a price range in US dollars between $40,000 and $80,000 per ounce as a ratio between silver money and the world economy as expressed in fiat US dollars. That is why the powers that be fear silver prices going up. Their whole world is based on manipulation, lies , fairy tales and the gullible sheeple going along with what ever the banks ,governments and media tell them.

        If the laws of mathematics and truth were to prevail the world as we know it would end either as a Mad Max scenario or a Bolshevik revolution with its gulags/ death camps for those deemed to be enemies of the powers that be. It is a situation where the citizen will say screw you to the powers that be and organized society or the powers that be say screw you and you are under arrest and sentenced to death and or slavery to society.

        There won’t be any middle ground because the elites won’t admit error and clean up their act .

    • Well Jim you invested in gold and silver in a get rich quick scheme and didn’t do your homework which is obvious due to your ignorant bellyaching rant, now go out and sell your pm’s and stocks so that somebody else who actually does their homework and actually knows what they’re getting into can own them.
      Then you can stop complaining and live life with your head up your rear end all the way up to the day that you’ll have less than nothing and you can go out shopping for a cardboard box to live in for the rest of your life which will be to expensive cause there’ll be thousands of others out there looking for the same box.
      Good Luck bud

    • Be patient, don’t look at it for a few years and consider it a long term account.
      You can sleep better by not paying attention. This can’t go on for much longer.
      It becomes day just before it was the darkest.
      Hang on man.
      You took the smart choice.
      It’s impossible to buy at the lowest level.
      SIlver is way to cheap and thes metals will hold value for centuries.

    • Gold and Silver are not good investments because its price controlled and manipulated.As long as it’s attached to the COMEX,the price will NEVER reflect true value

      protect yourself with things that you can use and survive on,things that produce power etc…

      I wonder what get rich quick “metal pusher” wrote this article..Since metals are going to the moon,why would he be selling his stash to you…ha-ha

      • Every market is rigged. not just the metals…LIBOR, STOCKS, BONDS ETC…

        once they get everything to become “electronic” they will have all the power to control as well as manipulate as much as they can… having said this, I am wondering why JP Morgan has been shorting silver on comex and buying the physical in record amounts? I wonder why China has been buying gold in record amounts over the last 7-8 yrs as well as Russia. Hmm. if these guys are buying in record amounts maybe this should ask why? or follow along for the ride?

      • Silver and Gold PHYSICAL in-hand is the best deal ever, BECAUSE it is manipulated down below the cost of production (still slightly more than the cost of the lowest-cost producers, but not the majority producers!).

  12. Great spot on article. High-Ho Silver ! I always loved the way Clayton Moore said that.

  13. I don’t care if silver goes down to a dollar. I will just keep on stacking. It is just a beautiful thing
    to hold. I like to play poker with my friends using circulated Morgan and Peace dollars. No, they
    don’t get to keep them….I just use them instead of chips. That was the way it was back then. It was
    REAL money in your pocket. I won’t sell any of my silver until it hits at least $150 per ounce. I like
    it so much, I might not. I don’t just stack it, I LOVE it! Nothing is quite as pretty! Well, maybe gold.

    • Nope not even gold as complex and fascinating as silver… You can use it in so many application it’s not even funny. Did you know if you toss a silver coin in your water it will keep it fresh for a very long time? Or silver threaded clothing stops bo? It’s F-in crazy!

  14. The latest on making a cashless society where all bank security boxes will not permit ANY coins to be kept is interesting.A barter society emerges very quickly and guess what becomes the born again King?All those shiny things you’ve been keeping under the patio/water tank/mattress/dog kennel/wood pile etc. ZH for more info.

    • One step in awakening is not to keep currency or precious metals in a bank’s safe deposit box.

  15. PMs, specifically Gold and Silver are more about preservation of wealth – not investment, although with the devaluation of fiat currencies or possible collapse, Gold and Silver is REAL money AND at such time will appreciate in value. You have to be into PMs for the long haul – not short term gains.

    I am a Silver bug and add a little more Silver to my stacks when Silver prices dip (like right now). PM prices have been manipulated for quite some time now, but on day there will be no suppression of the price of PMs – Silver in particular.

    I used to play around with paper PMs but one day I came to my senses and divested myself of ALL paper PMs and have since stuck to physical Silver exclusively. Two days ago I added some more physical Silver to my stacks. Buy on the dips and stick to a long term strategy of preservation of wealth – not some get rich scheme.

    Remember, Gold and Silver are REAL money and always will be. As far as paper PMs go, remember the saying, “If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it”. In the meantime, I will continue to buy Silver on price dips and keep on stacking it!

    • it’s only money if the brain dead population accepts it. as money….way too many assumptions in these comments assuming someone will even want metals as payment or barter

      • People have been accepting and bartering with silver and gold for thousands of years, why would they stop now?

        • Mike..show me PROOF of that! times are quite different now! brain dead people want paper and digits,they don’t see metals as money and never will

          sure,if you can find that 1% that will take your coin,then maybe you might get something for it….

          • You have no understanding of the history of what the world has considered as money [monetary history]. Again when ever-faster inflation erodes the buying power of the dollar people will go back to historical and in the U.S., constitutional money. That’s gold and silver. Also copper and other compact tangible forms of value.

      • No. G&S IS money as it has been for thousands of years. It has intrinsic value because of the considerable resources it takes to get it out of the ground. Fiat is worthless. And when the sheeple wake up to this very soon ANYTHING physical such as food, clothing, shelter and especially tradeable G&S will become immeasurably valuable compared to the quadrillion of $ in paper money which you want even be able to burn for heat.
        G&S are the best and cheapest insurance policy for when (not if) TSHTF.

  16. Mr Rocco, please , I’d appreciate your opinion, which currency is safer in order to buy gold silver stocks?
    US dollar or the commodity CAN AUS dollar? somone is forecasting the gold silver will soar with strong US
    dollar!!! there are also good stocks GBP in London, form euro point of view this is the prime decision to take. THANKS for your kind attention Angelo

    • No one really knows the how and when. G&S will sour in value relative to the collapse of whichever currency. Probably the U.S. Dollar first, followed by the Yen then Euro. Australian property prices are literally ten times the prices of the U.S. The Aussie dollar might be resilient though it’s an easy guess that it will be severely batterred.
      My guess is that ALL fiat currencies will collapse because the world will suddenly understand they are debt instruments and hold no intrinsic value other than the enslavement of the population through taxes. Look to Greece to see what happens when people wake up to the banksters. Money flees the country and the black economy thrives. With no one left to play the banksters monopoly games the country goes broke.

  17. Tom Collins | April 25, 2015 at 4:03 am |

    The knowledgeable ones KNOW that silver and gold are the stand-by commodities for when fiat money finally collapses. The huge world debts, plus personal debt, are unsustainable and the secret (or not so secret) manipulation of prices by the Elite, will finally smack them in the face, and the groin.
    Just look at Greece for how not to deal with debt. Not only the dollar, but the euro, are under threat, imminent or otherwise. There is safety in holding physical gold and silver – surely?

    • If Economy collapses,all hell will break loose…nobody is gonna give a damn about metals when you’re starving and in need of food and power….some just don’t understand the real ramifications of an economic collapse.There will be blood in the streets

      • Steven,

        You make some sense if we have total collapse. I doubt this will be a likely scenario. However, if it was have you given any thought what you would trade if you run out of FOOD, BULLETS or WATER?

        I would imagine even in the worst case scenario gold and silver will still be quite useful.


        • Steve, do you plan on bartering with your brain dead neighbor who doesn’t give a damn about precious metals?.Do you honestly think they will surrender their last little bit of food for a piece of metal they cannot eat?

          In bad times,people will be looking for use of things that will help them survive.Items that produce power etc….such as the myth that somehow your metal coins will magically put food on the table…I suggest having plenty of Seeds to grow your own food,have Food stored,and something that produces power.

          • “Steve, do you plan on bartering with your brain dead neighbor who doesn’t give a damn about precious metals?.Do you honestly think they will surrender their last little bit of food for a piece of metal they cannot eat?”

            It isn’t necessarily going to be a neighbor one would barter with. It might be someone 10+ miles away who had the foresight to, in his country home & land, have a productive farm and/or large stores of canned/dried/frozen food. He may also have firewood, a full 1,000 gallon tank of diesel, and all his other necessities. If I was that person I’d only let it go to non-family for money. Gold and silver are the gold and silver standards of money.

  18. We shouldn’t be looking at the value of silver (or gold) in terms of dollars. We should look at it’s value in terms of the tangible goods and services we can acquire with it at the point of sale. It doesn’t matter what the “market” says my silver is “worth”; it’s what I can get in exchange for it.

  19. Silverwillwin | April 25, 2015 at 5:38 am |

    Steve ,

    You are highlighting one of the most important pieces to the puzzle present day regarding physical precious metal. Without taking into consideration energy surrounding these true value sources of commodities , the equation is not complete !
    When the rubber meets the road , paper will evaporate.

    What is your take on the latest ideas surrounding the retrieval of gold and silver from asteroids ?
    It all sounds a bit out there to me. A piece of rock hurling through space with a mining Co. trying to extract , let alone refine such valuable material ? The lack of fuel alone to get up and out there should prove a problem.
    Even if the extraction of material were a success , the re-entry bearing so much weight could prove consequential .
    Every so often these kinds of dreams seem to fly across the boards. Looking forward to see what next may come along !

    • Amazing idea!
      Asteroids will be a great source for really, really cheap metals, along with sea water.
      All you need to do is… wait for them to fall on earth. 🙂

  20. Mike Wisdom is worth more than all the gold and silver in the world. By your own statement, you lack it .Do some research , base your decisions on logic not emotion. I will pray for you and sheep like you to wake up and to realize things are changing in are world. Gold and sliver have been used for thousands of years, oil for only a hundred 25 years. And HOWIE for you remember what happen in the Gulf and what is happening with Fracking, how soon man forgets what we bring apron are self’s, in are search for riches . And folks it all started with thirty peace’s of Silver. We can not take it with us in the end. Take this to GOD in PRAYER for the answers you need now.

  21. Steve-Great article, Thank You…..

    When I went to elementary school a Hot school lunch was 25 cents…Now $3.00
    When I went to college in the 70’s you could get a 4 year state school degree for $25,000 Now over 100K
    When I purchased those college textbooks in the 70’s for $50-90 they are $200-300 now.
    When I started driving in 69 I purchased gas for 25 cents a gallon…now $2.50
    When I purchased a townhouse in the 70’s for $26,000 that townhouse today is selling for 180K
    When I was a 9 my father took me to open a saving account that PAID you Interest to save. Can’t be done today and this is a CRIME in itself.

    This is what happens when your monetary system is based on FIAT paper money not backed by anything. This secret inflation that is destroying our dollar has destroyed our country.

    The FED known as the Banking Cartel has Broken the back of the middle class and the time is near for Moving back to a sound Monetary system that is NOT Managed by the Banking Cartel.

  22. Excellent article providing a great perspective.

    For those that may have missed it there was an good article “In Three to Five Years Gold Will Be Priceless” with credits to our fearless leader.

    Current Gold & Silver Bubble – Priceless

    The last bull market in precious metals will be dwarfed by the next one which I expect to start later this year. Over the next 3-5 years currencies, metals, stock market, new policies in the USA, etc… are likely to change more than we ever thought possible.

    Source: SRS RoccoReport & GoldChartsrus.com

    Priceless Gold Conclusion:

    What does all this mean? It means money is going to move out of dying currencies and into physical assets like gold, and silver.

    There are three different forecasting models for gold I have created. Depending how things play out in the next couple years the low target is $5,000 oz, and highest is $12,000 oz.

    Starting to accumulate physical gold and silver as a long term investment and as insurance for your portfolio is critical. Small denominations are best because when prices sky rocket it will be tough to sell/trade a $12,000 oz gold bar compared to a gram of gold that will be worth $450, or better yet an ounce of silver worth $150.

    With that said my key focus is on trading for income and growth through the use of exchange traded funds. And if precious metals are about to start another bull market there will be big gains in gold stocks which I will be trading.

    Chris Vermeulen

    For the full article: http://www.kitco.com/ind/Vermeulen/2015-04-24-In-Three-to-Five-Years-Gold-Will-Be-Priceless.html

    Buy for cash and stash


  23. by the time you are able to buy anything with silver, there will be nothing to buy.

    I’ve heard some people are buying beans instead of gold/silver. sounds reasonable to me ….

    • Silverwillwin | April 25, 2015 at 8:21 pm |

      gman , you wrote ” by the time you are able to buy anything with silver, there will be nothing to buy.”
      Physical gold and silver are real money. It won’t take people long to get the concept of what attaining some of the physical will do for them in terms of streamlining along the bartering route.
      America is rich in assets …make no mistake about that. There will be ample resources to pull from. Using ones imagination will surely help and that’s something most stackers have.

      • Even IF the population “woke up” to “real money”,there is not enough Silver to go around….but even then,when people are starving or have actual need of necessities or things you can actually use to survive,you gold and silver isn’t going to do anybody good.

        If we have economic collapse (which isn’t happening anytime soon)…there will be panic,civil unrest,and EMPTY FOOD SHELVES….nobody is going to care about precious metals and certainly won’t save you

        • Steven, if things get to the point you describe, all bets will be off. You’re talking about a total breakdown in trade. You’re talking about a total breakdown of the division of labor. If those two things happen, you’re going to see 90% or more of the population gone in a short while. You may think it’s possible to get by without trading, producing everything yourself, but I guarantee for the overwhelming majority it’s not. You have to trade with others. You have to have access to the skills and knowledge of others. If you plan on having cooperative interaction with others you have to have something to trade. For millenia, gold and silver have been the number one items for trade. Now you can have something else as “money”, but it won’t be as good. And without money, you have to have what’s called “correspondence of wants”. In other words, you find someone who just happens to have what you want and want what you have. That’s a tough task. It’s easier with a medium of exchange. That’s where money comes in. And gold and silver are the best money. Period. No sense in reinventing. the wheel

        • Silverwillwin | April 26, 2015 at 7:09 am |

          Steven , You wrote : ” Even IF the population “woke up” to “real money”,there is not enough Silver to go around ” > all the more reason as to it’s increasing value !!

          The nice thing about it is that we can have differing opinions on the subject about the physical.
          The central bankers with their minions of mislead believers such as yourself , pump out and enact manipulative crap in order to help keep the debt note known as the U.S. dollar going for as long as possible.
          That debt note currency slave driven piece of paper has pretty much run it’s course my friend ! You had better head for cover soon !

          Your effort in trying to persuade , or be convincing that physical gold and silver is useless proves meaningless in and of itself , with me .

          The phyz. has proven it’s worth for CENTURIES and I’m sure will have no problem picking up where it left off once the truth about the greedy and selfish currency whores are revealed for who they really are !

          Oh and speaking of revealing , just read a very telling piece put up on Reddit about how we millions are getting shanked by the banksters. If you aren’t aware of Reddit , it’s a forum that caters to the younger set. The 20 y.o.’s are waking up too !

          Who knows , good chance they’ll noodle a good reason to get themselves down to their local c.s. and pick up some of that shiney as insurance for the near future.

          My only advice to you is take cover my friend , take cover.

      • “Physical gold and silver are real money.”

        money is a medium of exchange. if nothing is being exchanged then money is irrelevant.

        “America is rich in assets”

        it is. but resources are not consumables, and translating resources into consumables requires work organized into an economic system. right now everyone is highly specialized in their work and are unable to function in any other manner, and the economy organizing this work spans a vast physical area and relies on an electronic infrastructure using electronic dollars. physical gold/silver cannot be accommodated in this electronic system, and the present economy cannot function without this electronic system, and the electronic system specifically and intentionally excludes any replacement system. thus the switch from dollars to gold/silver will not be a mere transition, it will be a full-on step-change reboot during one phase of which dollars will be absent, gold/silver will play no role, and most people simply will fail to survive.

  24. Gawd. This Steven guy is a hoot. I can’t imagine someone so pathetic and desperate to convince everyone how gold and silver are just useless sh*t, wasting all their time and energy trolling a blog. L is for LOOO-ser!!!

  25. Greetings all, lots of good comments, however, some people are really sensitive and touchy. I go here to get educated and to take away something positive, not to be attacked by people like Mike. Relax, share your opinion and provide evidence or something rationale to back up what you say and not the black helicopter everyone is in the illuminati or some other such secret organization.

    The world will have a reset of debt, but that does not mean a zombie apocalypse is coming. The chances of a total collapse of society are about zero. America will still have streets, farmers, cars, energy production on and on and on. People will still be educated and not resort back to the stone age, except in the Muslim controlled countries. There will be economic upheaval and probably in the big cities, there will be riots and bloodshed, but that is happening now, it will only be worse.

    America may even reset its debts and cause an economic catastrophe, but we are still a country of law and order. All of America was once a frontier and it became “civilized”. The question is, will the masses blame “Capitalism” and business for the collapse, as the liberal progressives will claim or will they blame the welfare state that has bankrupted the entire Western World? Unfortunately, it will probably fall out along the lines we have today?

    Germany after World War I is most likely the scenario that will take place, only not as bad, for we have natural resources that dwarf anything ever had by the Germans. Additionally, even in Zimbabwe, we do not have a zombie apocalypse scenario, so I think those who think along those lines are out there somewhere and not one of them I have spoken to, can explain to me how things could ever get that bad?

    One day, I saw an old guy at Wal-Mart, who was probably about 50, but looked about 70, way overweight and out of shape. We were looking at guns and ammo, he was talking about having 50 to 60, 000 rounds of 22 ammo., my question was why? I am 100% disabled US Army Special Forces Vet with about 10 years in Combat Zones, what could anyone ever need that much ammo for? I have a lot of ammo, because I can and do teach firearms, but even a few thousand rounds of ammo is a lot. Even in combat, you do not use a great deal of ammo, unless you just pray and spray like the jihadists do.

    The most anyone should need in a home invasion, is a full mag or two and that is really pushing it. I would recommend practicing some and learning how to shoot if you think you need 50,000 rounds of ammo. Why would anyone else need thousands of rounds of ammo? In the small towns, things will be pretty much normal. The farmers will still farm and the people will not eat their neighbors. The govt. is not about the let the thugs from the cities to bother the productive members of society. Think about it, the outer belts and main crossroads of any large city make it very easy to control the whole city and bring in MRES in case of a natural or man made disaster.

    Look at New Orleans, did the crazies make it outside of the City and in the smaller towns, they banded together and took care of each other.

    I have no problem with storing food, some water, and some extra fuel and have a back up generator, I have all of those things, it is called common sense.

    I have put aside some silver and Gold as an insurance policy, not so much as an investment. I have a few retirement checks coming in, but they depend on the govt. so I needed some type of back up in case of a financial collapse due to debt collapse, to many welfare programs (and everyone who gets a govt. check will be cut back) and the money becomes worthless, inflation or whatever?

    Remember everyone, there is no difference, economically, whether you get money for welfare or because you are a 100% disabled combat vet like me, it is still the govt. giving money to those who do not work and take it away from those who do. I believe I have earned it, but lets face it, my Social Security Disability is going bankrupt next year, just like the drug addicts, scammers, and alcoholics who draw it, as well.

    Thanks for listening to my dribble, to those who take things personal, take a step back and elicit information from others and leave your attack dog behavior at home, maybe you will learn something?

    That is a big maybe, unfortunately, I have met many who can’t back up what they say, they only open their mouths, talk louder, and prove that they are idiots, if there was a doubt to begin with?

    Take care, God bless and please keep on sharing, but try to provide something useful when you respond and don’t waste our time. Respectfully, JEFF

    • Jeff,

      Being a military VET what is your opinion of the JADE HELM 15 story? I’ve heard different opinions on this matter and some say it’s simply an exercise for Middle East incursions while others say it’s a prelude to Marshall law domestically. I’m hearing more about this online and on radio. This may be what is driving people to start stocking up on ammo. The concerns of a dollar collapse and what comes after is also a driving force for those to protect themselves and accumulate PM’s, etc.
      If you still communicate with those currently serving what are their thoughts on this issue? Much thanks for any input you have and thank you for serving!

      • Mark, to be honest with you, I had no clue what Jade Helm 15 was, until I looked it up after you asked me your question. I am still little confused as to what that are claiming the govt. wants to do to us? I have had 4 sons in the Army over the past 13 years, 3 served in Iraq and 2 served in Afghanistan. I had one son who just got back from Hawaii last, nice place. So, yes I am still in touch with many people who are associated with the military. I have not heard anything about civilians being rounded up, just the opposite, when they have an excuse to round them up, i.e. Ferguson and now Baltimore, they do not? They had hundreds of looters on video in Ferguson, but last I heard they have not prosecuted any of them? Now some would say that is because they are Black and are the Democratic Party’s back bone? However, remember my friend, 80 to 90%. of the military vote and lean conservative and virtually 100% of the Special Operators. Additionally, the vast majority of police vote or lean conservative. They will not go up against their families and friends, that I can guarantee you for some trumped up crises.

        I can tell you, I had an SF Team Sgt who was in Detroit in the late 60’s for the race riots back then. Yes, the military will be deployed against the agitators, but only against those in the inner cities who persist in destroying their own neighborhoods, families, jobs, business’, etc. The powers that be, Democrat or Republican will not let the suburbs burn and business outside of the cities. They will never allow the farmers be touched or other infrastructure and destroy the tax base.

        I spoke about the inner city violence the other day and now we have more, it is easy to predict. When you destroy hope and the possibility of success for young men, then you will always have violence. The liberals have made a pact with the race baiters, you give us votes and we will keep the welfare money flowing. All they had to do was destroy the Black family and it guaranteed the dependence on welfare forever. In the past 40 years 20 million Black children were aborted and not one Black was killed by the KKK. Now they are destroying the Hispanic family the same way. Someone may or may not have a legitimate grievance, but the rioting is just another way, or method, of wealth transfer. They loot the stores of whatever and then burn it down and then petition the govt. to rebuild it and the cycle continues and always will as long as people are trapped in the inner cities without any hope of escape from the govt. welfare state.

        They can’t believe the police will not arrest anyone, that is a zero sum gain for them, they lose either way. I admire the police in the inner cities, especially white ones, they are targets, no matter how honorable they are.

        So, my friend, the inner cities will only get much worse and it is another excuse to pump money into them, as they collapse and if you say enough is enough, well you hate Blacks, you hate children, you are a racist, blah blah blah.

        One thing to note, whenever you watch these videos, notice how many young people there are. Only in the large cities do you have that many people idle and doing nothing. In small town America, people are working hard or sleeping after getting off of work, they have no time for such foolishness. Additionally, the inner cities look like Baghdad or other destroyed cities in the Middle East. What few business’ that can be talked into going there are destroyed every few years. These young men have no future, none, the govt. has absolutely destroyed the Black family in the inner cities. If you go down South, there are many nice small towns that are mostly Black and they are little if any different from the mostly White small towns.

        When the economy does crash later this year or so, these inner cities will explode if they have any budget cuts to the welfare programs. The people outside of the big cities will struggle and take care of each other. My advice is for anyone who lives in the inner cities to leave, if the value their lives or those they care about.

        Mark, I know that I have digressed, but the govt. will have its hands full with the inner cities too much to worry about picking up 75% of the population that may not agree with what the govt. does. Unfortunately for us, so many conservatives refuse to vote, because the conservative candidate does not walk on water. The liberals would knowingly vote for the devil if he gave them more so called free stuff. Just look at Obama and Clinton if you doubt me.

        Also, I know that I will be called a racist and other such crap, but I am from a multi-diverse background and my children are bi/multi racial Hispanic and whatever. I have lived and worked overseas in third world countries much of my life and worked in the prison system as a registered nurse, when I have seen the results of our family destroying welfare state.

        The riots will not move from the inner cities, this I can promise you, for I know most people around where I live, if they were surrounded by a bunch of animals trying to hurt them or their families, they will unload on them and then reload. So, this rioting can and only will happen to the helpless disarmed sheeple who live in the inner cities or close to it.

        One last thing my friend, the Chinese have put 75% of their saving in real estate, now that is crashing, so those who can are taking that money and throwing it into the stock market. Have you seen the pictures of old ladies in China sitting in front of computers betting on stocks? It reminds me of Vegas. When it comes tumbling down, ask yourself, what is the last place left for them to put their money? Only Gold and Silver. Think about several hundred million Chinese in a panic trying to keep what savings they have left from being destroyed? The Chinese, India, the Middle East and nearly all of Asia have a history of using Gold and Silver as a store of value, so ask yourself, where else or what else is left to place your savings?

        The next year or so will be bloody, but we will come out the better if we stick together and stand up for what is right. For surely if we do not hand together, we will hang separately, as Ben Franklin once said.

        Respectfully, JEFF

  26. Another great SRS article, keep it up.

    The dollar index is indeed high, in fact, the last time it ticked the 100 mark was 2003. Just think, that was twelve years ago when gold was only $ 350.00 per ounce! Ha Ha. How can people be so stupid.


  27. Silverwillwin | April 26, 2015 at 3:19 pm |

    Just want to put this out there and see what the consensus might be for PM stackers …

    For those who take the fallout seriously , no matter the size or hard hitting result > Are you preparing techniques and maneuvers in your head as to how to handle your new responsibility with
    precious metals ?

    Any ideas to share ?

    Have you checked with any vendors , farmers , livestock owners , seafood handlers , etc. to see whether or not they would be wanting PM’s for trade should it come to that ?

    How many out there are sailors ? That has to be one way to go…Get a 40 ft yawl or ketch and be able to get around by the wind all the while moving your living quarters around with you !

    Hey , a guy can dream , can’t he ?

  28. Jeff gets it and puts it vey well : a complete collapse of society leading to a Mad Max world is not going to happen in any kind of financial reset. Why? Because no physical assets are destroyed and people with real jobs will continue to produce those products and services that people actually buy. Short of war that does destroy physical assets it’s not realistic to think farmers won’t farm and food distributors stop operations or that entrepreneurs will not strive to meet market needs. Of course anyone dependent on government or working within a fake bankster created industry such as insurance, leasing, banking, etc. will be hurt. The free shit army is gonna get banged hard, preppers and self sufficient folks not too much, imo.

    • “Short of war that does destroy physical assets it’s not realistic to think farmers won’t farm and food distributors stop operations or that entrepreneurs will not strive to meet market needs.”

      they’ll stop if they can’t get paid and pay their own bills. would you work for free just because the assets exist? if you swipe your credit card at the gas station and it comes back “we’re having technical problems, stand by”, and the station attendant won’t take your cash, what will you do? drive on?

      you’re right, the system is unlikely to collapse outright, there will be intermediate steps. one of those will be universal work assignments accompanied by universal welfare. corveé, bread, and circuses, assigned electronically.

      • Silverwillwin | April 27, 2015 at 12:06 pm |

        ” there will be intermediate steps. one of those will be universal work assignments accompanied by universal welfare. corveé, bread, and circuses, assigned electronically.”

        You make it so black and white. I highly doubt it will turn out that way. Survival may be difficult but man is by and large quick to learn if under certain circumstances. Already having the understanding of how it works, by living with the freedoms and privacy of using cash throughout ones life , will see to this. The opportunity of attaining physical gold and silver will offer such privileges to continue that luxury. For those who are so fortunate as to be in ownership of such things as food supplies , land , buildings , fuel in tanks , vehicles , tools , seeds , boats , clothes , drinking water, guns, ammo, furniture , wood burning stoves , etc.,etc., etc. , etc., such transactions will take place .

  29. James Hoobler | April 26, 2015 at 6:34 pm |

    When the precious metals do peak, (it will be much higher than it was in 2011) that is when you take your precious metals and trade for cash flowing assets like Real Estate! It’s really not that hard to figure out. Very simple.. I own cash flowing Real Estate now and I invest heavily in Gold and Silver. It’s crazy to me when I see some people on here are very insecure and sensitive. It’s quiet amusing to me actually. It’s just history repeating itself… No drama involved…. Buying physical gold/silver is better than buying paper assets anyday!… Ask the people who jumped out of buildings after the stock market crash a few years back… I’m sure they would agree that having control of your money is a very important priority and if your primary vehicle is the stock market I believe your taking a huge risk!

    • if PM is peaking it will be because cash is becoming unreliable and scarce. “cash flowing” assets will be problematic, not the least of which will be laws requiring you to provide housing regardless of tenants’ inability to pay.

  30. US dollar index measures one garbage against other garbage. It is used in wild algos trading platforms. Lately It is noticeable becoming less correlative to gold price.

    All fiat currencies are garbage with average life span 30-40 years. Since precious metals are in direct competition with central banks garbage- fiat currencies it is suppressed in many ways. Keynesian economics teach new generation gold is an old relic. This is one of many crimes elite commits against humanity by misinforming to their advantage. By removing gold as a barometer bankers can print-create unlimited quantities of fiat garbage and call it money.
    In medieval times for a king to wage a war on his neighbor he had to pay his army with gold coins. The war was very expensive. Today mercenary forces of United States of America constantly float their war fleets, harass and kill millions of people worldwide. Who pays for all these hundreds of military bases? Everyone. If you use energy anywhere in the world it has built in PETRODOLLAR tax. Thank you Henry Kissinger.
    This is why White house is so mad at Russians and China saying no to Petrodollar.
    Watch US neocons (neoconservatives) . These bastard believe they can win nuclear war against Russia.

  31. silverfreaky | April 27, 2015 at 12:50 am |

    It looks like that the US-Economy goes to deep recession.Good night silver and gold price.
    The miner stocks are falling like a stone, like all day.

    In the morning since weeks only one direction.Down.When the officials say that the US-economy
    is weak than you can bet that the silver price goes not to 14$.Miner investors loose nearly
    all.The gold they mined is away.Forward selling.

    That’s the safe haven PM.Funny!

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