War & One World Currency

War & One World Currency

There seems to be a great deal of debate as well as conspiracy theories that the world will have a One World Currency.  I agree with Mike Maloney as he explains in this short video that it is highly unlikely that the world will have a single currency.

The reason why Maloney believes there will not be a One World Currency has to do with the ability for countries to wage war.  Countries like the United States, China and Russia for example would not be able to print massive amounts of worthless paper money to pay for a war against each other or another country.


To be honest, I actually didn’t think about the reasoning why a one world currency wouldn’t be feasible for the individual nations until I watched this short video.  Mike goes onto to say that fiat currencies lose their value when someone tries to exchange them in another country.   However, gold and silver spend the same in every country.

Lastly, Mike believes the world will go back to a physical backed currency, but warns a gold standard is not the way to go.

I highly recommend watching this short video as Mike Maloney shreds the theory of a One World Currency.

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23 Comments on "War & One World Currency"

  1. the indian ppl have been using gold in private transactions for a long time.

    no matter what the elites dictate, gold/silver will always be my currency of choice!

    anyone who says that gold standard is not feasible is standing with the politicians!

    • Not really. The problem with a gold standard is that once again, the central bank can have all (most of) the gold and the people have a paper certificate redeemable for gold. At first. Of course, this soon turns into fractional reserve and the whole bullshit starts over again.

      Why did Nixon have to close the gold window? Because they printed too much paper and other countries caught on. There was a gold standard, but the people had no control over them cheating it.

      • sir, you have a wrong definition of gold standard!

        a true gold standard is free banking with no central bank. any private bank can issue gold certificate, but if it over-issues(uses fractional reserve, it is at the mercy of bank runs.

        the market will ensure that only the most honest bank that uses 100% reserve will survive and flourish.

        gold standard doesn’t have any problem. it is the ppl who wants to cheat that have problems with the true gold standard!

        i’m amazed that many gold/silver bugs don’t understand what a true gold standard is!

        please read two booklets by austrian economist, murray rothbard: “mystery of banking” and “what has government done to our money”

        even our dear steve got this wrong, but this issue is much more important than EROI!

        • Even a true gold standard like you speak of does not work without a MORAL society. At this point, we have no such capability. We will likely have to wait until after WW3 for this renaissance but you and I will be dead by then.

          • but in reality, gold is used in private transactions in china exactly because average ppl don’t trust the system, which is amoral.

            ppl accumulating gold/silver don’t care about what that one world currency will be. if the future system is amoral, gold/silver will be hoarded in private vaults!

          • private transactions in india, wow, i made so many typos. i was watching the market while i was typing.

  2. This whole globalization and one central bank wet dream of theirs is going to shatter like a million shards of glass resulting in a more localized world. For this NOT to happen would be a violation of the 2nd law of thermodynamics.

    When the corporations setup their globalization model (slave labor), the cost of transport was negligible. It had to be for it to work as well as it did (until now). It can’t work right with high fuel prices. For that matter, facism appears to be quite expensive. The checkpoints, the prisons, billions to the NSA, payoffs to the information companies, purchasing the politicians/media, the ammo, the entitlements….It’s all deficit spending. Greedily grabbing control, power and wealth while leaving the energy debt to be defaulted upon at a later time.

  3. but i’m happy to see more turdites migrating to steve’s website!

    • Yes. Since TFMetals has gone “commercial” the content has suffered, as has the commentary. For those who don’t want to ‘pay’ the reason for participating is gone. I still drop in to peruse the main board, only to be disappointed each time.
      Enjoy your comments and others here on Steve’s site. Very knowledgable.

  4. the world has had one world curreny all along, i.e., gold/silver!

    • If we (those who are enlightened about gold & silver) are to stop confusion and spread the word, then our terminology must change.
      There is ONLY one TRUE money – which is physical gold and to a lessor extent, silver.
      ALL other other forms purporting to be “money” are currency.
      Currency and money, are two entirely different things.
      Stop the confusion.

  5. gold/silver was money from the ancient silver road down to the opium trade. even nowadays, central banks accumulating gold are trying to settle international claims in gold unofficially! ppl accumulating gold/silver bullions are recognizing them as store of wealth.

    politicians are losing credibility very rapid. by the time they will have reached agreement on one world curreny, i’m afraid that the market will alread have the final verdict: gold is money!

    • lastmanstanding | September 5, 2013 at 6:48 am | Reply

      “Central banks accumulating gold are trying to settle international claims in gold unofficially?”


      The fuckers want it all and they want it now. Those with strong hands are the end of their reign and they know it.

      They had their asses handed to them when we broke free from the bank of England nearly 240 years ago…and they have never gotten over it and have been working to enslave the only free bastion of people in the world…and I’ll leave it at that along with the politician comment as I agree with it.

      Try not to read to much into this whole deal. Look into the way that the earth works and you will see that this shit comes and goes in time…and it is about to go again.

    • typo, i meant to say silk road.

  6. Yep, I recall in the ’90s when the CAD was hitting record lows against the USD that the CBC (our national broadcast radio) had a phone-in discussion about “dollarizing” Canada with the one to the south…I recall that there was some discussion about sovereignty problems with the idea but all too many rather welcomed the idea…Our dollar at the time was about .62 of the US one….

    I wasn’t focused on monetary matters nearly as much as I am now, but I remember how my guts clenched listening to those pitching those wacky reasons about how much more wonderful it would be to share in the “American Dream”. I was nauseated by the idea that we would be in fiscal control of the Federal Reserve and Washington foreign policy…So on an gut level, somehow I understood even then…

  7. @ OutLooking.

    Respectfully disagree. Invite you to read Green Lantern at http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/5023/argentina-thumbs-its-nose-us-courts-vulture-funds-and-white-house -at the Turd site. But do agree that I do miss Turd direct. I do not even agree with him to the extent that I think the Cartel knows the score and sees a failure soon (relate COMEX drain) and this game will be extended in increasingly public display until every last ounce is emptied from the official West. Why should these criminals stop until they break down? And they may control the nuclear response to some extent. In other ways the USdollar is everything and everything will be risked to preserve the Empire. Lots of churning out there!


    • Yes. A good guest post. However I don’t go to the site to read guest posts. As stated in my previous reply, “the reason for participating is gone.” As in TF now posting behind a pay wall, effectively shutting out those who don’t wish to pay. I fully realize internet sites have costs associated with them, and if the site owner does not have the resources to meet those costs, some offset must be found. I just don’t feel that a pay wall is the way to go. It has a “ripoff” feel to it. JMHO. Cheers.

  8. A bit of a flawed premise really.
    If there was one world government and currency, of COURSE there’d still be war.
    Just it’d be called “police action” against “terrorists”.

    • Buckaroo Banzai | September 6, 2013 at 5:57 am | Reply

      Exactly. One world currency requires One world government. Once those are in place, then it’s a never ending war between the government and the governed.

  9. There is only one peaceful solution for a new start:
    A not-fixed gold standard after an overnight revaluation of gold to 45k to get rid of debt worldwide.
    Nothing else will do!

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