U.S. MINT: How Silver Eagles Are Made

If you are interested in how the U.S. Mint produces Silver Eagles, check out this short video.  James Anderson from JM Bullion sent this video my way.  What is interesting about the video is that it shows the upgrade in the manufacturing process from 2011 to 2014.  You will notice in 2011, the workers were actually loading the Silver Eagles in the tubes by hand.  However, by 2014 it was totally automated.

You can check out more information at JM Bullion.

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3 Comments on "U.S. MINT: How Silver Eagles Are Made"

  1. Thanks Steve for posting this video for your readers / viewers.

    Wether shortages are the fault of the U.S. Mint or their silver planchet venders… silver eagle shortages are not going to stop until this bull market runs its fundamental course.

    Many people don’t realize that in the Dodd Frank act a small clause was changed making the U.S. Mint’s requirement to fulfill Silver Eagle Coin demand not according to public demand, but according to the edict of the U.S. Treasurer. So now Jack Lew makes the call on how many Silver Eagles are sufficient.

    Rule by fiat even in the Silver Eagle Eagle market ladies and gentlemen 🙂

  2. That’s real free enterprise at work. What is the US government afraid of? We might use specie instead of no value paper!

    • Put on the tin foil hat. Silicon robots, with A.I. waiting for the 3d printer lab time to spin off a silver batch , like so much cotton candy.and the magic is we no longer need a press. ….Why not?
      As you buy,…which I have bought…an oz is still an OZ.Above..
      I say keep, (At these prices) loading up on silver now. Just do not be stupid and put it your eggs in one basket
      That aside, hell! put it on your cards, and load up on .10% gold fractionals, and .22 shells and
      water straws.

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