U.S. GOLD EXPORTS: Almost 130 Metric Tonnes During Jan-Feb 2013

There seems to be a great deal of the yellow metal heading out of the United States and into certain foreign countries lately.  According to the USGS, the United States exported 129 metric tonnes of gold Jan-Feb, 2013.  At this rate, total U.S. gold exports could reach 700-800 metric tonnes this year.  With the recent take-down in the price of gold in April & May, I would imagine the United States is more than likely going to reach that figure.

If we look at the chart below we can see just who received all this gold:

US Gold Exports Jan_Feb 2013

The figures in the chart represent gold in refined bullion, Dore’ & precipitates.  The U.K. received  7.4 metric tonnes in Jan and 11.5 more in Feb for a total of 18.9 metric tonnes.  Hong Kong came in second by importing a total of 40 metric tonnes (Jan-Feb) from the United States, while Switzerland received 43.5 metric tonnes.

In total, the United States exported 129 metric tonnes of gold (refined bullion, Dore’ & precipitates) in the first two months of 2013.  The U.K, Hong Kong and Switzerland accounted for 102.4 metric tonnes or nearly 80% of all U.S. Gold exports during these two months.

Furthermore, the U.S. only imported 50 metric tonnes of gold during this time period, while domestic gold production supplied an additional 35 more.  With a total of 85 metric tonnes of gold imports and domestic mine supply, the United States suffered a net deficit of 44 metric tonnes in the first two months of the year.

As I mentioned, if the rumors are true that supplies of gold are in short supply, I would imagine the United States will be exporting a record amount of gold during the remainder of 2013 … that is, if there is the available gold to export.

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5 Comments on "U.S. GOLD EXPORTS: Almost 130 Metric Tonnes During Jan-Feb 2013"

  1. great site, keep up the good work!
    thanks, mike/ loup-garou

  2. Great info graphic , now if only we knew what was happening to the Gold when it got to Switzerland!!

  3. nice post, thanks for sharing on my website, good stuff. very soon should be up to 500 tons. looks like we wont have any gold soon. what can we do to put the crooks away that got us in this position?

    • russ hunt.. you’ve got a nice site there. Crazy deal isn’t it. Gold moving West to East. Something else… the East buys gold and the West prints money and fabricates derivatives.


  4. Interesting. If Jim Willie (and others) are correct about daily gold deliveries out of the LBMA at 15-20 tonnes per DAY, spiking to 40 tonnes, that 129 tonnes represents around five days supply going east.

    Supposedly the LBMA is delivering 100 tonnes per week, or some 5000 tonnes per business year. This is mostly going east we are told, and we are also told that China may already have 4000 tonnes in its central bank vault…Given that world production is stated as about 2700 tonnes per year and the LBMA is shipping almost twice the global annual production per year, it is not difficult to understand why some of us think that the end is in sight for the paper markets and the looting of gold from the banking sector is at a high rate. We should probably assume the US gold (and other foreign gold) is going out of country to ward off defaults…It is also not that difficult to believe that China has that much gold.

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