THE GOLD REPORT: Investment Flows Point To A Big Future Move In Gold

Something has seriously changed in the gold market this year and I believe that most investors are unaware of how explosive this shift could impact the price of the yellow metal going forward.  Not only did the price of gold jump 19% in the first two months of the year, the flow of physical metal into the Mainstream Gold ETF’s and Funds surged into record territory.  This has put severe pressure on the gold market, a huge topic discussed in detail in this report.

Gold Report Cover Graphic 3D


The Gold Report: Investment Flows is a digital report that provides up-to-date information on the gold market that is invaluable for analysts and investors to presently understand.

While many precious metals analysts publish articles that focus on individual aspects of the gold industry, this report combines all of the relevant investment flows to show how significant trend changes are now putting serious strain on global gold supply, elevating gold’s average global value.


The Gold Report: Investment Flows is the first in a series of short SRSrocco BULLET REPORTS.  It contains 16 charts, graphs and tables on different aspects of the gold market, focusing on the following three:

  • Central Bank Sales & Net Purchases
  • Gold ETF’s & Fund Flows
  • Physical Gold Bar & Coin Demand

I have focused on these three segments of the gold market because they have been the driving forces carrying the price of gold to new heights.  Again, by analyzing these individual gold market forces together, we see a drastic change in overall gold investment demand… and thus a much higher price than typically known before.

As a preview, here is one of the charts in the BULLET REPORT:


When Western Central Banks dumped 663 mt of gold onto the market in 2005, the net effect on total gold investment demand that year was a negative 58 mt.  Compare that to the 2,174 mt of total gold investment demand in 2012.  This was a stunning 2,232 mt (71.7 Moz) swing of total gold investment demand in 2012– versus 2005– which helped to push the price of gold up to an annual record of $1,669.  Simply put: on average, various market factors have sent the price of gold on the rise.

Very few analysts and investors realize the impact that these three gold segments have had on both the market and the price of gold.  Furthermore, one of these gold investment factors will cause heavy stress on the gold market in the future.  Which one?  To find out, read the BULLET REPORT.

The Coming Crash Of The U.S. Stock Market Will Force Investors Into Gold

I believe that the next big downturn in the U.S. and global stock markets will force a lot more investors to move into owning gold– a proven, safe investment during shifting markets.  This phenomenon will increase gold’s value. Unfortunately, most investors continue to hold most of their wealth in the stock and bond markets, a dangerous move during economic downturns.  If you are a mainstream investor, you will benefit from reading this report.

Why should you purchase The Gold Report: Investment Flows??:

1) It provides information and data about the gold market that few analysts and investors have seen before in a concise and easy-to-understand report.

2) It discusses past and present gold flows in the market and their impacts on price.  This is important, as the present trends could put serious pressure on the gold market

3) Because the data and factors presented in this report show that the fundamental reasons for owning gold are becoming more favorable each passing day.

Gold Report Cover Graphic 3D


Interested in learning more about the current state of the changing gold market? The Gold Report: Investment Flows provides accurate information, charts and graphs in a way that is easy to understand and follow.

While the gold market has been evolving over the past 100+ years since the creation of the Federal Reserve, there has been a significant change in the gold market over the past decade. I believe the present conditions are leading to the dawn of a new age in the value of gold.



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11 Comments on "THE GOLD REPORT: Investment Flows Point To A Big Future Move In Gold"

  1. Steve, where I think we differ is that when you talk of ‘gold investment’ you are, basically, referring to paper gold (which is where most ‘investment dollars’ will seek). The price of gold (denominated today by the paper market) only matters to the creator/seller of paper gold. The price of gold does not matter to the producer/saver, only the flow of gold matters. To the producer/saver the price doesn’t matter because it is a simply a currency exchange. Said another way, if you are saving in gold the fact that you can buy it is more important than the price. You are buying the ultimate store of value – for that moment, whatever the amount of gold is pricing the currency you are utilizing is less relevant than the ability to exchange it.

    If you are timing your purchase of gold – it is to resell it – and you are a trader, not a saver. You are looking for a currency exchange not a store-of-value to deposit your excess. The idea behind buying gold is not to MAKE MORE currency – in another way – it is to protect you FROM currency. Timing, therefore, becomes irrelevant.

    Since you cannot determine the paper-to-physical ratio at any future date – there is no guarantee that massive paper investment supply/demand paradigm will move the price! You should some assuming it will. It hasn’t in the past, and there is no reason to believe it will in the future. Demand AND price, for paper gold, are mutually exclusive.

    The physical flow needs to cease – and that will happen at the upper levels (tonnes not coins and bars)….

  2. Joe Lindell | March 30, 2016 at 8:19 pm |

    What affect will this have on silver? Will the ratio go to 125 to 1? I’m a silver stacker for my grand
    children. The short term i.e. the next 5 to 10 years looks bleak for silver. It may seem crazy but at
    one time I kept reading that primary miners had $20+ in production costs. Now they can mine
    silver for $12. This is why it is so amazing to read these articles. It’s a game? You have doom and
    gloomers who speak of a collapse and those who will not see that demand over supply is and always
    will be the answer. I don’t give a rats butt whose shifting silver from country to country. I only care about
    people buying more than is produced. If silver did go to $20, ” How many more mines would pop up
    to produce at that level?” The higher silver gets the more mining there will be. It’s a rock and a hard place for silver investors unless you can look out to 2025 to 2030 and think that production cost will
    rise significantly and that the earth’s crust is running out of silver.

    • ” If silver did go to $20, ” How many more mines would pop up
      to produce at that level?” The higher silver gets the more mining there will be…”

      This keeps getting stated and the factual response is the same: Yes when silver goes to $20 and above and STAYS THERE FOR SOME TIME more primary silver mining will start up or resume, but investors in these primary silver mines will be reluctant to allocate long term funds for the uncertain results down the road. It is a VERY slow process from capital allocation to the first dore bar produced…YEARS for a new mine. And if shortages are occurring and price is escalating to $30 or above that does not make the mine come to fruition any faster, unless a mine goes from 12-16 hours a day to 24/7.
      But as has been noted about 70% of silver is a byproduct of base metal mining. Unless copper, zinc, etc. go up in price [unlikely with manufacturing slowdowns and deflationary pressures], the silver production stays low.
      But silver isn’t so super-abundant that mines coming online flood the market with vastly more silver. Oil would have to stay low while silver is steadily going up to increase annual production over 2014 or 2015, and I’m skeptical silver production will ever be higher.

  3. IMHO the future price of Gold will be determined by the East, China in particular. It is also my guess that the price of Silver will be up to J.P. Morgan, seems they have all but cornered the market. I’m not a trader nor stacker per se, I buy insurance policies that just happen to be in the form of PM.

    • Something in term of technology (high earnings) or finance determined by the east ?
      Thanks for the joke ! We will see in half one century if capitalism still exists at that time.

  4. silverfreaky | April 1, 2016 at 8:20 am |

    After years another crash.Why does nobody buy the “so called” cheap silver?

    • Obvious, western central banks have not the control of anything like all the clowns have said a couple months ago. In fact quite the opposite, as they have not even begin to put their weapons on the table.
      Every bond and stock markets shorts will be destroyed immediately by trillions of QE.
      Brics are still 50 years below the west and will be bought just for a bigger stake of the pie.
      When you see that one billion+ country needs one year just to put in place of yuan gold fix, it just shows the complete lack of balls and intelligence : I am sure for this purpose thy had to hire only western “experts” !
      Western countries will also be able to produce as much debt as required for the 0.1% with no consequences on their currencies while emerging currencies will be destroyed by the western club.
      Regarding gold/silver, it will depend for the next few years of western speculators and I fear that if a breakout happens, the western powerz will destroy longs immediately.

  5. silver formed a perfect cup and handle and finally it broke down instead of going up. the resistance holds. no future for silver.

  6. howdy! off-topic but in this column …

    … you said Silver Will Break $50 In 2016, I said no it wouldn’t, you said keep in touch. so, here I am keeping in touch. as I write this silver is now [$14.84], up from $13.89 at the time of your column. it’s up a dollar, 35 more to go.

    I’ll check back again in three months.

    “You are buying the ultimate store of value”

    unfortunately this is false. gold stores nothing. no currency of any kind or quantity is ever worth more than what is available for purchase at any given time. ever.

    “I’m a silver stacker for my grand children.”

    you -they – would be better off buying beans and learning how to farm.

    “It’s a game?”

    pretty much. until you go to the grocery store and it’s out of food and full of rioters.

  7. silverfreaky | April 1, 2016 at 11:31 am |

    It’s different.In a physical way it’s easy to corner the silver market.But as I said, the central banks work all together.

    For china it’s easy to buy all physical silver.No problem.But they don’t want to do it.

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