The U.S. economy and markets are now the BIGGEST BUBBLES in history.  In 2000, we experienced  the Tech Bubble.  In 2008, we suffered both a Stock Market and Housing Bubble.  However, today… we are in the “EVERYTHING BUBBLE.”

This is an excellent video presentation by Mike Maloney at  Mike puts together some of the best quality videos in the precious metals industry.  This one is a MUST SEE.  If you are frustrated with the performance of gold and silver since 2012, this video shows just how insane the markets have become.

In the video, Mike provides charts showing how the economic and market indicators are peaking, even much higher than what took place in 2008.  For example, Mike shows a chart on “Margin debt” in the stock market and how it is the highest ever:

The indicators and charts in Mike’s video presentation provides evidence that the market is now one GIANT BUBBLE ready to POP.  While the insanity could continue a bit longer, the indicators are now a BLINKING RED LIGHT that something is seriously wrong.

I highly recommend my readers to watch this video and please feel free to share it with others who are still gambling in the broader markets.  Maybe it might WAKE THEM UP before it’s too late.

You can also find this video presentation here: THE EVERYTHING BUBBLE: Code Red

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33 Comments on "THE EVERYTHING BUBBLE: Code Red"

  1. Dow Jones has just broken up after forming a huge megaphone pattern lasting nearly 20 years. This indicates that several more years of bull market awaits us if it is not a false breakout.

    • pablo,

      You have to look at all the other indicators in Mike’s video. When we put them all together, the MARKET is beyond BUBBLE LAND.


    • DisappearingCulture | May 20, 2017 at 9:22 am |

      “Another big lie seemingly accepted as truth is the stock market. Never before in history has the value of the U.S. stock market been as dislocated from the underling fundamental reality than now. But as long as the Dow and the S&P 500 keep levitating higher, the politicians and economists can point to the stock market as evidence of a healthy economy and “success” with regard to their policies of money printing, credit creation an unfettered Government spending(Of course, don’t pay attention to the fact that the median stock that trades on the NYSE is below its 200 day moving averaging and stocks in certain sectors are testing 52-week lows).”

  2. Counterfiat | May 20, 2017 at 7:33 am |

    At what point does bubble become contained hyperinflation?

  3. Okay Steve–
    Having never been the ‘Sharpest Tool in the Shed,” I’d like to express some of the things I think I’m seeing and just plain don’t get.

    For starters there is the monster rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum presently going on.

    Then thinking back on interest rates on CD’s…when 10 years ago returned $50 some dollars on a thousand bucks…..and today brings back like $4.85……

    But what has me really shaking my head was learning this week that at a local produce market in my area a person using an EBT card can get $7 of produce for every $5 in purchases….So, yep, the person with the EBT card in front of me can get say 7 asparagus, while I can get 5 for my $5 cash…that I ran my ass of earning the old fashioned way….. Am I nuts, or just a dumb sucker that continues to work?

    OR more to the point… it…do these types of things provide glaring evidence that the USD is JUST PLAIN WORTHLESS?
    Does BTC –at the moment valued at over $2000 just clearly show the USD is worthless?
    Do the ‘effing banks show us exactly what the value of the USD is…every day…and have for years??
    It it possible that free-be money in the form of an EBT card truly IS worth 40% more than the USD???

    lol ~~~ talk about the “Everything Bubble!”

    • Adam Rickman | May 20, 2017 at 7:59 pm |

      You sound like one sharp tool to me

    • “For starters there is the monster rise in Bitcoin and Ethereum presently going on.”

      simple. (fiat debt) money is being created and distributed to the favored classes. they get it for free, it has to go somewhere, so it’s going everywhere, and you see prices go up.

      “Am I nuts, or just a dumb sucker that continues to work?”

      the “global elite” “international financiers” “deep state” are building their world. to them, you are a talking animal, put here by god to serve them. they are coralling you into your proper place in that world.

      “do these types of things provide glaring evidence that the USD is JUST PLAIN WORTHLESS?”

      oh, worse than that. the fiat debt dollar is not merely worthless. it is debt.

  4. Gov and cb’s have several plans lying on their shelves which they can use, emergency, smooth transition, crash, whatever. Of course, they communicate with eachother, on levels not seen in the media, msm, lsm nor alternative.

    The energy equation is a hardcore, undeniable main factor that makes all their plans rather useless. And they know. I think we will not see a 40%+ crash in the “value” of stocks, real estate or gov bonds. The fiat world will move on to infinity and irrelevance, while the physical world will deteriorate.

    Preparing for a localized physical world is my priority nr 1. Crypto currencies to transfer ‘money’ over long distances while the trucks are out of business is f*cking nonsense imho.

    • Petedivine | May 20, 2017 at 4:47 pm |

      I agree with your crypto currency assessment for the long haul. Over the short run..I think cryptos are going to move much higher as “money” tries to flee the existing system and make it into the next. I believe we have a few more years before the EROI tipping point unfolds. I think 2022 was mentioned as a possible date. I see cryptos as a shortterm speculative play. 70% of my wealth is physical. 1% in goal is to get 2% in cryptos.

      • Fully Petedivine. Its your party, greed is your biggest enemy, watch out for it.

  5. Hi Steve,
    Well thought out video. Very informative. And thanks for all your hard work. I wouldn’t know what was going on if you weren’t here.

    I’m a bit confused about the coming ‘energy/oil problem’. From what I understand (and correct me if I’m wrong) the Saudi/Middle East/Russia oil companies can produce oil profitably at about $20-$30/barrel. And they have to keep the spigot wide open to fund their economies. Obviously they could outlast most/all of the American oil companies and crush them economically. So until that happens we’re going to have ‘cheap’ oil. Awash in oil. But as you stated below:

    “I guarantee we are going to experience the MOTHER of all DEFLATIONS. Again, this will be due to the disintegrating energy sector and its inability to provide sufficient profitable net energy to the market.”

    And this deflation is due to ‘cheap’ oil? I also see that oil company debt will play a roll. But when the U.S. energy sector can’t provide sufficient oil to the market won’t that cause the oil price to rise and give us INflation? Or can we just buy as much cheap oil as we need from the Middle east/Russia since they’ll be the only oil companies left standing AND the macro economy has been crippled therefore not requiring the amount of oil it needed previously? Also how do the imploding stock/bond market fit in to the ‘energy problem’? From what I’m gathering it’s the crushed American oil companies that cause that. Yes?

    I know economics is very complicated where one sector (especially oil) can drastically affect all the other sectors. I’d love to read your Interpretation of what happens first, second, third even though you touched on it in the video.
    Anyway, again, great job Steve.

    • Rich B,

      As I stated, we have to THROW OUT THE WINDOW all orthodox monetary and economic theory. They are INVALID.

      First… you have to understand that the NET ENERGY delivered to the market is our REAL MONEY SUPPLY. It has to be. So, if NET ENERGY from a barrel of oil continues to decline, so does that amount of REAL MONEY SUPPLY. We need to forget about or disregard the massive money printing or credit creation. This has destroyed the ability to gauge the REAL MONEY SUPPLY.

      Second… so if the NET ENERGY in a barrel of oil is declining, as well as the REAL MONEY SUPPLY, then the public CAN’T bid up the price of oil. The rise in the price of oil up until 2014 was due to the COST OF PRODUCTION, not supply and demand or the public bidding up the price.

      Third….. Saudi Arabia may have a lower oil production cost, but they are in serious trouble as they continue to liquidate their Foreign Exchange Reserves… 35% in just the past 2.5 years. Even with the higher oil price, they liquidated $25 billion more of their Foreign Exchange Reserves JAN-MAR 2017. This is Bad news.

      So… the GREAT DEFLATION is coming. While the Central Banks will continue to MUDDLE through it all, the ENERGY CLIFF will arrive and so will the end of a way of life.


      • Steve,

        I really appreciate your analysis and although it took me a while to really understand it, I think I finally got it.
        I think it is safe to assume that you are not the only one who has figured this out and that TPTB KNOW that the party is soon going to end and in the meantime they are just milking the system for as long as possible.
        Now this totally falls under “conspiracy theory” and we have no way of knowing if this is true, but there increasingly is chatter about an unlimited free energy source that could bring unprecedented wealth creation to humanity if it is allowed to flourish. Clif High from Half-Past Human has talked about this extensively via his Web-Bot reports. He claims that this new technology would require vast amounts of silver that would ultimately result in a silver/gold price parity. I wouldn’t be surprised if the global elite has kept this technology a secret until they have harvested as much of the global wealth as possible before allowing this technology to benefit everyone.
        If none of this is true or if we will never see this technology unleashed I am convinced that we will see some very “dark” days ahead.

        • AK,

          Honestly, I really have no idea what the ELITE are thinking and doing. However, my gut tells me that they are trying to PUT OUT FIRES as best they can. I imagine some understand what is happening, but I don’t know if many understand the falling EROI… same as the POOR ELITE SLOBS during the collapsing Ancient Roman Empire.

          I disagree with Clif High on his forecast that the world will turn into the JETSONS with technology all over the place. Technology needs a HIGH EROI to function. While many conspiracies state that we have acquired ALIEN TECHNOLOGY, I don’t buy it. I could be wrong, but I don’t believe in winning a football game being behind 28 points with 2 minutes left in the game. That is not the way to move forward… rather that SPELLS COLLAPSE to me.

          Furthermore, Clif High has also made an incorrect assessment on what he calls a NEW MINI ICE AGE. Due to extreme cold air moving south over the past year or two, putting snow in southern places like Greece, Clif mistakes this for the beginning stages of a new MINI ICE AGE.

          Clif couldn’t be more wrong on this one.

          First… for a new MINI ICE AGE to occur, the extreme cold and ice would have to extend from the Arctic down to the lower latitudes. This is not what is happening. What is taking place is a huge surge in warm air in the Arctic due to massive methane releases as well as falling ice cover which causes less light refraction back to space and more warming of the Arctic Ocean.

          Second… The Arctic region is heating at 3-4 times the level of the planet. Thus, the temperature gradient between the EQUATOR and ARCTIC is falling. Thus, this is totally screwing up the JET STREAM FUNCTIONALITY. We must remember our physics. When very HOT AIR meets very COLD AIR, we have fast moving winds. However, when the temperature difference between two WEATHER FRONTS declines, as is taking place between the EQUATOR and ARCTIC, then the Jet Stream slows down.

          Lastly... the slowing Jet Stream is making huge waves extended from the Arctic and now going down very far into the southern latitudes. Thus, very COLD AIR is now moving SOUTH and very WARM AIR is moving north. This is what is making snow take place in southern areas that it hasn’t for quite some time.

          What does this all mean?? Climate Change goes exponential… and that means lots of trouble.

          If we have been shocked by 10-20 inches of rain in a single place in a few days… THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING. As the temperature gradient between the EQUATOR and ARCTIC continue to decline as the Arctic heats up even more… this means the JET STREAM SLOWS down even more. Which also means that we can expect 1-2 years worth of rain to take place in a day or a few days.


    • “And this deflation is due to ‘cheap’ oil?”

      he conflates energy with money.

  6. When you use the term bubble, you are implying that it will pop, and then everything will clear at a lower level in the economy, and we will start another cycle of growth, etc. As has already happened multiple times.

    Not true! This is it, this is the final endpoint of our system. It’s actually happening right now, not 50, not 100 years from now. Nobody gets a pass this time, there’s nowhere to flee. That’s why central banks are throwing everything they have at this thing, because when it unravels, everything will break down simultaneously.

    Mind you, I think it will be a slow crash, but basically we are at peak.

  7. pennies onthedollar | May 20, 2017 at 9:45 pm |

    Odd this is being engineered the way that it has. In addition to how they are playing these strings we are also under assault from scalar tech and environmentally manipulated via air/food/water/social systems. There is only reason to perform such actions. New electrics are creeping out Spooky2. Take your harmonic frequencies back and protect your DNA.
    Always been here.

  8. Steve, Thanks for sharing a great video. By bringing all of the market data together it appears that he may have given us some insight into an expected timeline for the collapse of the almighty dollar. Maloney’s problem is that he believes there will be a recovery like all the times before because he fails to understand and incorporate any energy considerations.

    If you combine Maloney’s and Strauss and Howe’s projections, it looks like we may make it through Trumps reign and the SHTF within a year after the next presidential election. Coincides well with Arnoux and Hills projections.

    Maybe you should start a pool.

    • Steve W,

      Yes, a POOL might be fun to see how things turn out. However, I don’t know if the U.S. economy can continue limping along for another three years. There are way too many INDICATORS TOPPING NOW. But, it could go on for a bit longer…

      We will have to see.


  9. Mike’s got a solid viewpoint with good data. And he is even a crypto-currency convert as well!

  10. not discounting the information but how reliable can technical analysis be if it is based on faulty data from manipulation? all markets are manipulated and conclusions drawn from this can lead to incorrect conclusions. perhaps this might explain why the “big collapse” hasn’t occurred yet? regardless, i’m out of the market anyway preferring to watch from the sidelines.

    • Petedivine | May 21, 2017 at 9:34 am |

      At some point large scale manipulations will cause the system to crash. Example 1: Decades of silver manipulation have caused silver production to decrease substantially, and silver consumption to occur without economic constraint. Future deficits of silver will impact many sectors of the economy simultaneously. What will happen when we can’t manufacture quality TVs, cars, phones, health care equipment, solar panels, military equipment, repair infrastructure..etc because there isn’t enough above ground silver, and the easy stuff has already been mined. The repercussions of silver manipulation are just starting to become reality. I believe silver depletion could end the information age and if bad enough the technology age. Example 2: Decades of artificially controlled interest rates have caused unsustainable bubbles in the debt markets which extends to housing, the stock market, cars, education, food, etc… I would even argue that the rise of crypto-currencies are directly related to the manipulated economies of China and Japan. Desperate citizens, government officials, and under ground enterprises see the risk to their savings. They are looking to protect their wealth in a myriad of ways, which causes distortions in the economy such as foreign real estate bubbles, crypto-currencies sky rocketing, gold hoarding, etc. Too many markets to count. Too many bubbles too easily control. A crash is assured. There are only three questions remaining… when, how much pain, and for how long. Mike Maloney is saying a crash is coming soon. He demonstrates his conclusions using logic based on real information impacting the economy. Manipulation works until it doesn’t. It’s been used to forestall economic mother nature many times in the past. Yet, we always get a crash once the imbalances get too large to control. It’s like driving a car without brakes. Sure you can steer, and accelerate, and coast, but without breaks, at some point you crash. If you use Steve’s logic which I think is beyond compare, then we probably don’t have the EROI to climb out of the next crash. Prepare…Prepare..Prepare…reader beware.

      • “What will happen when … there isn’t enough above ground silver.”

        nationalization and confiscation of all silver. probably a general metals registry – silver, gold, brass ….

        • Petedivine | May 22, 2017 at 4:30 pm |

          Confiscation creates even more scarcity and an underground market where price discovery will take place. I don’t rule out force, but think it more likely that silver market makers will just pay the higher price.

          • “Confiscation creates even more scarcity and an underground market”

            in the past, sure. now, with universal surveillance of finances, travel, utilities usage, gasoline purchases, and tracking of individuals including proximity counts, no. sorry, there no longer are any sherwood forests, any catacombs, or any speak-easy’s.

  11. Regarding the EBT card comment. I wouldn’t shop at a business redistributing income by subsidizing those on welfare. Also some states don’t tax EBT food sales but, tax non EBT sales.

  12. AnotherSteve | May 21, 2017 at 6:07 pm |

    Currencies have been on the oil standard ever since the Saudis signed on with oil for gold via the FED exchange of t-bills for gold. Managing gold prices manages and maintains oil prices because the dollar is so “elastic”. Does the current copper-washed US zinc cent coin remind anyone else of Rome’s silver-washed zinc denarii? The Saudis figured out the dollar devaluation game, along with DeGaulle, a long time ago. When will Joe SixPack figure out the link with gold?

  13. Thanks Steve, I watched that one from Mike…great work from him, like yours, as always.


  14. OutLookingIn | May 22, 2017 at 11:29 am |

    The problem that most do not see, is that in this post – 2007 world, there has been no cyclical recovery. Instead, we are in a structural depression defined as a sustained period of negative/below trend growth with no end in sight.
    Structural depressions are not amenable to monetary solutions, they require structural solutions. Structural reform at a foundational level is required, before there is any progress toward solving financial/energy malfunction in the world economy.
    The central banks may print all the currency that they like, along with governments issuing all the bonds that they like. It will have no effect. Until meaningful reforms are instituted and put into action, the present financial/energy situation will continue to degrade. This degradation has now reached a critical crises point. Time is VERY short.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t see any hope for structural reform. All politicians, bureaucrats, bankers, military bosses (the so-called ELITES :)) behave the same way Joe Sixpack does. They overspend and overborrow because they believe that we are living in a new economy.

      I find it very funny when people assume that these ELITES have some kind of super knowledge, plans for the future, and so on. No, they don’t. Though, they love it when ordinary folks believe that they do. But that’s just part of the subtle propaganda.

      The only way is total systemic collapse due to negative EROI. Several years of slow deterioration followed by a more swift fall (once here, once in Europe, once in Japan, etc.). And this happening several times over until we reach a point of balance. Of course, by that time there will be almost no modern technology and much less people left on the planet.

  15. DisappearingCulture | May 23, 2017 at 6:10 am |

    On the topic of where the U.S. stock markets are [status]:

  16. For those who believe in elite taking over and other similar conspiracy theories… they are mostly rubbish. Yes, I think the price of gold is controlled by the IMF, and Yes, during a crisis, the government will likely cut off your ATM card, and YES, global warming is real. However, after 30 years working in the government, I can tell you there are very, very few credible conspiracy theories. There is just too many people in the loop. The elites will suffer just like the rest of us. The government makes elaborate plans for this and that, but implementing them on the eve of a crisis, will not be done. When the stock and bond markets break, the government will be powerless (initially). Something will be done after the horse has bolted from the barn… so to speak.

    The FED and others can paper over the EROI crisis, but they cannot solve it with paper promises. It will hit someday. Probably gradually. In the distant future, electric cars will rule. However, there will NOT be as many as we have today (i.e., gas cars). There is not enough electricity generation available and definitely not enough distribution. Our standard of living will go down. In fact, the process has already started.

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