Shale Oil Production

EXXONMOBIL SHALE OIL PRODUCTION: Utilizing SuperFracks By Running Faster & Faster To Stay Alive

ExxonMobil is counting on using SuperFracks to increase its Permian shale oil production… or that’s the hope.  This is a terrible sign because these SuperFracks may add more production on the front end, but the decline rate at the backside is much more severe.  As ExxonMobil pumps in a record amount of fracking sand…

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Top Shale Oil Fields Lost Half Billion Barrels Of Oil Production Per Year

The top four U.S. shale oil fields lost more than a half-billion barrels of oil production since their peak.  At the current oil price, that’s a loss of $30 billion a year of oil revenues.  Just think about that for a minute.  The oil production loss from these top four shale fields would have supplied the United States…

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