Peak Oil

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Global Economy Being Destroyed By Falling EROI In Many Sectors

In this video update, I provide examples of how the Falling EROI is negatively impacting several sectors in the global economy.¬† The Falling Energy Returned On Investment (EROI) is the number one equation that allows all living systems the ability to live or die.¬† When the EROI falls to a certain level, then the collapse…

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THE ELITE GRAND CONSPIRACY or THE ENERGY CLIFF: Which One Should You Be More Worried About?

Conspiracy theories, especially lousy ones, grab the attention of a lot of people.¬† So, if you want to acquire a lot of followers while making a nice buck doing so, then it pays to continue regurgitating the “GRAND CONSPIRACY” mantra.¬† I see this everywhere in the Alt-Media.¬† And, it…

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U.S. ENERGY INDEPENDENCE?? Still Importing Nearly 8 Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day

How is the U.S. is becoming “Energy Independent,” if we are still importing almost 8 million barrels per day of oil??¬† While the Mainstream media and the Whitehouse continue with the energy independent mantra, the U.S.¬†is still highly reliant upon a great deal of foreign¬†oil.¬† And, why would the¬†U.S.¬†import 8…

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