Peak Oil

24 Years Of Oil Production Remaining & Preview Of Global High-Tech Semiconductor Supply Chain Collapse PART 2

Does the world only have 24 years worth of current oil production remaining?  Well, if we go by more realistic data, it suggests that the “Official Energy Agencies” are seriously overstating world oil reserves.  Also, I have included a preview of the Global High-Tech Semiconductor Supply Chain Collapse Part 2…

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Global Economy Being Destroyed By Falling EROI In Many Sectors

In this video update, I provide examples of how the Falling EROI is negatively impacting several sectors in the global economy.  The Falling Energy Returned On Investment (EROI) is the number one equation that allows all living systems the ability to live or die.  When the EROI falls to a certain level, then the collapse…

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THE ELITE GRAND CONSPIRACY or THE ENERGY CLIFF: Which One Should You Be More Worried About?

Conspiracy theories, especially lousy ones, grab the attention of a lot of people.  So, if you want to acquire a lot of followers while making a nice buck doing so, then it pays to continue regurgitating the “GRAND CONSPIRACY” mantra.  I see this everywhere in the Alt-Media.  And, it…

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