Green Energy

YOU’LL NEVER BELIEVE THIS: New York Shuts Down Indian Point Nuclear Plant & Replaces Power With??

On May 1st, New York’s Indian Point Nuclear Plant stopped producing electricity for good.  While many environmentalists are happy with the closure of Indian Point, what is being used now to make up for lost power, is completely HILARIOUS.  If you think New York has brought on either wind or solar power to…

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GEOPOLITICS & EMPIRE INTERVIEW: The Energy Cliff, Green Energy Myth, Gold, Crypto, & Mad Max Future

With the world heading into deeper troubles in 2021, I sat down with chatted with the folks at Geopolitics & Empire.  In the interview, we discussed the impact of the coming ENERGY CLIFF on the global economy and markets.  We also talked about how this would impact Green Energy, gold, and the cryptos…

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