Gold Investing

GOLD & SILVER MARKET UPDATE MAY 9th: What Do The Technical & Fundamental Analysis Show

With the current broader market sell-off, investors want to know what is in store for the precious metals prices?  While we are likely to see lower prices in the short term, it may be difficult to access physical bullion when investor demand comes back with a vengeance. In this update, I provide my technical & fundamental analysis…

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TOM CLOUD UPDATE: Precious Metals & Alternative Hard Assets In 2022

Tom Cloud discusses how gold and silver will behave in 2022 with a weakness in the U.S. Dollar.  However, if we get a significant sell-off in the broader markets, precious metals investors may be experiencing higher premiums and longer wait times to buy retail bullion on any price dips.  Tom also discusses investing in another alternative hard asset…

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PALISADES RADIO INTERVIEW: Energy Crisis Will Drive Gold To New Highs

The ongoing global energy crisis and coming Energy Cliff will push the gold price to new highs.  This is not a matter of if, but rather a matter of when.  And, if we look at the energy data, the “when” seems to be fast approaching.  Thus, precious metals investors need to understand…

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