Energy Cliff

GLOBAL DIESEL FUEL SHORTAGE: Supply Chain Disruptions Will Increase If Diesel Shortage Spreads

If the European diesel shortage worsens, the world could see continued disruptions in the global supply chain.  Why?  Diesel is not only a heating fuel during the winter, but is also used in European automobiles and for truck, train, and ship transport globally.  Diesel prices in the United States hit ALL-TIME highs this week…

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MARKET & ENERGY UPDATE MAR 13th: European Energy Crisis To Worsen As Global Economy Shutdowns Rise

We are now seeing more parts of the Global Economy shutting down due to the worsening European Energy Crisis.  While the West believes it can “Reduce” its dependence on Russian oil and gas, the evidence suggests that would be suicide.  Also, the U.S. economy is also being impacted by rising energy prices…

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STRATEGIC REPORT: Real Geopolitics Behind The Russian-Ukraine War & Energy Cliff Dynamics

This is a must-watch STRATEGIC REPORT on the Real Geopolitics Behind the Russian-Ukraine War and how this will impact the ongoing Energy Cliff dynamics.  While the western press claims that Russian instigated an “Unprovoked” military action against Ukraine, there is more to the story…

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