MARKET & METALS UPDATE JUNE 13th: Stock Market & Commodities Topping?

It looks like the data is pointing to a topping in the broader markets and commodities.  Yes, this goes against the status quo that says we are heading towards massive inflation.  In my newest update, I provide charts showing the commodities are indeed topping and will likely go back to lows by the end of the year…

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MONTHLY WRAP-UP June 5th: Metals & Markets With SRSrocco & Tactical Trader

In our Monthly Wrap Up, the Tactical Trader and I discuss the importance of understanding the difference between the short-mid term cycles and the long-term fundamentals.  We also explain why we believe the market is heading more towards a disinflation or deflationary cycle, rather than the massive inflation…

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MAJOR MARKET UPDATE MARCH 7th: Inflation or Deflation Ahead??

This is an extremely important Market & Metals Update explaining whether we are heading into inflation or deflation.  As I have mentioned several times, it seems that traders are all on one side of the market expecting massive inflation and a continued rally in the markets.  While the markets could go higher…

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