SRSROCCO INTERVIEW: The Coming Collapse Of The Global Paper Ponzi Scheme

U.S. Economic Collapse

SRSrocco:  Americans continue to funnel a percentage of their income into the biggest Financial Ponzi Scheme in history.  The manipulation of the metals on the exchanges is a very small part of controlling Americans into staying into this system. Because, as you know, a Ponzi System continues to need further income, further inflows, for it to sustain itself. It’s in the best interest for the Fed to keep that system going. That to me is where the majority of this bamboozling or brain-washing is taking place.

I think events are starting to heat up. When you start adding the peak of production of U.S. production, oil production, global oil production, when you start to notice how the economy and the markets are behaving… The stock market is dealing with these huge convulsions in the last week or so of up and down of 200, 300, 400 points. There is a lot of volatility now. It looks like something is going to break. My view, and I’ll conclude this whole statement with this … You can purchase physical gold and silver up to the point when the paper markets crash and after that I think it will be very hard to find any.

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SRSrocco Interview With Mike Gleason at

I sat down with Mike Gleason at to discuss some recent events including the coming Collapse of the Global Paper Ponzi Scheme due to a peak and decline of cheap oil, global gold investment demand trends, First Majestic’s sales suspension of 35% its silver production, production costs in the primary silver mining industry and the reason why the Fed & Central Banks cannot continue to manipulate the paper markets for decades as many believe.

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to be joined by Steve St. Angelo of the SRSrocco Report. Steve is an independent researcher and investor who follows the precious metals and energy markets like few others and has one of the very best content-based websites in our industry and it’s great to get a chance to talk to him. Steve, thanks for coming on the program today.

Steve St. Angelo: Yeah, hey Mike, it’s good to be here.

Mike Gleason: I’ve got a number of things I want to discuss here and we’ll bounce around a little bit. I’m going to try to cover a lot of ground with you, but I want to start out by examining a mind-numbing theory that you have been talking about on your site, and that is the idea about how cheap energy is simply paramount to the existence of our current economic system. I’ll quote one of your recent articles here. You wrote “The peak and decline of cheap oil will be DEATH on the fiat monetary system, especially the U.S. dollar.” Expand on that and also give our listeners an idea about what your research shows about global oil production, and how close we may be to peak oil, and then the ramifications of significantly higher energy prices.

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36 Comments on "SRSROCCO INTERVIEW: The Coming Collapse Of The Global Paper Ponzi Scheme"

  1. I just have seen this same basic headline over the last few years. “The Coming Collapse Of The Global Paper Ponzi Scheme” in one form or, a close clone. I guess my point is, is this site and links to and like sites, have they all become web commercials to help metal sellers dump their inventory? Not that I am done buying at this level,…but….Jeeze, buy what and when you can. In the meantime also buy food and pay your rent. Maybe it is just me, but C’mon?

    • Have you ever tried to blow up a kids balloon until it pops?

      You keep blowing, it keeps getting tighter, you know it’s gonna blow, but it keeeps stretching, and streeetchiiinnng… Who knows which breath is THE one???

    • Mark,

      You bring up a worthy point to discuss. Yes, it’s true that many in the precious metals industry have been forecasting the collapse of the Paper Ponzi System for quite some time. However, we must remember Peter Schiff was on CNBC, Fox Business and CNN for many years before the collapse of the U.S. Housing and Investment Banking Industries warning of the impending collapse.

      Schiff was ridiculed by the majority of Financial Anchors as well as their guests. Well, after the U.S. Housing and Investment Banking System collapsed in 2008, I only saw one Anchor who had the decency to admit to Schiff that he was correct… all the rest were the typical NITWITS.

      So.. today we are in the same predicament that Schiff was warning about in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007… only 5-10 times worse. Things take time to unfold. Just because it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean it won’t. Furthermore, Americans will wish they had taken this time to prepare properly by purchasing physical gold and silver… as well as many other aspects of surviving a collapse of the Just-In-Time Supply Chain system in the U.S.

      I am not a Survival Blog… there are plenty of good ones out there if individuals are interested. I focus on how ENERGY will impact the precious metals, mining and overall economy.

      … and I do it from our 5 acres in the country in a remote area in the west.


      • Steve

        Since you brought prepping up do you recommend any sites to get information or products from?? There’s so many things that can go wrong into today’s world I want to have at least 3 months of food

        • Adam,

          Actually, I like Now, I don’t buy prepared items from any of these sites, I like bulk real foods such as grains, seeds, beans, nuts and canned foods… all organic if possible. We grow a lot of our own food, even though we live in a harsh winter climate. I actually like it better that way because if the SH*T HITS THE FAN, and we see a migration of people out of the city and to the country.. especially the Gangs, they won’t last a week in one of our typical winters.

          That may sound a bit harsh… but in the end, it’s always been about putting family and local community first over anything else.

          Furthermore, the folks in my area were brought up on using firearms respectively (for the most part), so I don’t have to deal with some NITWIT who thinks he’s cool by pointing a hand-gun sideways.

          I have to say… I really pity Americans who live in or around the largest cities in the country. These will be some of the worst places to survive when things get rough.


          • lastmanstanding | October 25, 2014 at 7:03 pm |

            I hoped like hell that a man who writes such logical articles regarding real earthly items did not live in NYC, DC or Chicago.

            I like a harsh winter as well, only those with conviction can handle it. Fall here in the Rockies has been mild giving those of us with a garden and grit fresh food…I still have fresh lettuce, spinach, kale, beets, carrots, chard and cabbage in the ground outside.

            Got a big pot of tomato sauce cooking down on the stove right now to be canned, a fire in the wood stove as the sun sets over the nearby mountains.

            Thanks for sharing a bit of info about your life brother.

          • Steve

            Thank you for the response.. Everyone has concerns from earthquakes to financial collapse but our agricultural system is the real house of cards in my opinion from its “just in time delivery” ,it’s centralization, and the fact it’s a net energy looser… All this to me is just a disaster just waiting to happen!!

          • Adam,

            You are correct. Here are some simple EROI values for FOOD PRODUCTION:

            Hunter Gatherer = 10/1
            Human Labor Farmer = 5/1
            Human & Animal Farming = 1-2/1
            U.S. Modern Food Production-Distribution System = 1/10

            Basically, our modern FOOD PRODUCTION-DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM is a huge net energy loser. It takes 10 calories of energy to put 1 calorie of energy (calories in corn as an example) on Americans dinner plate.

            This horrible food production-distribution system worked fine when we had 20-50+/1 EROI, but shale oil at 5/1… doesn’t pay the basic minimum requirements.


        • Yes, I am getting fatigued as well – Paper ponzu scheme will fail! Maybe tomorrow! Gold will rocket to the moon! Buy your gold from me right now before it’s too late! It’s a giant coiled spring! And on and on. And on

          I will give a bit more credibility to a forecaster that doesn’t first make a prediction then try to sell you something right after. Anyone out there do this?

      • Any where close to the willits Grange? Might have something to talk about!
        And power, “POWER”,…..
        and why do people go to jail for selling milk, goat, cow?!
        That’s human energy< white oil!

  2. Good summary Steve. Until i read your articles i thought it was just another (in this case major) bubble that blows up. Peak growth is around the corner, obvious not just by reading stuff, but looking around in daily life. It’s not about looking at things, it’s about seeing things. You improved answers i thought i already had.

    • Outlookingin | October 25, 2014 at 2:32 pm |

      Not singular “bubble” but plural “bubbles”.

      There are so many bubbles that are all concurrent, that any one that blows will deflate the others in short order. Steve is quite correct when he says “it will be very hard to find any.” Which indicates not only gold and silver, but food (3 day supply in the system) petroleum products, ammunition/arms, etc.

      This ending of this Ponzi system is slowly occuring as we watch (as anyone with a few active brain cells can see) with the absolute end happening very suddenly. More than likely overnight, so the herd doesn’t stampede until the elites have bled off the last dregs of wealth.

      • Outlookingin,

        I think you are SPOT ON. Americans will hold onto their paper assets like a DEATH-GRIP until the day the Dollar get’s devalued, Markets implode or the U.S. Treasuries default. Of course, it could be due to many other BLACK SWANS, but in the end.. Americans will be the last ones to the LAST GOLD SUPPER… and it will be too late.


      • Read ‘Trade off’ by David Korowicz. Google it and you get it in pdf. Can’t post a link for whatever reason. It’s about cross contagion in markets, but also in other ‘hubs’ like energy, food etc. I’m preparing for a few years now.

    • houtskool,

      Glad you enjoyed the interview. It’s a growing-learning process for me… especially in the speaking-interview circuit. My first few interviews I absolutely hated… however, this one wasn’t too bad.

      I am simply amazed at how CLOSE-MINDED Americans are when it comes to investing in gold and silver. I talk with several people in the industry, and its an ongoing joke how easy it is for so-called financial planners to sell ANNUNTIES, LIFE INSURANCE, STOCKS & BONDS, but forget about mentioning gold or silver. Totally off the radar.

      Americans have been totally brain-washed into believing their DIGITS in an account are wealth. This will work up until the time the paper markets go MADOFF.


  3. silverfreaky | October 26, 2014 at 2:42 am |

    When you look to the Gold and Silver-Chart, you can see a very clearly downwards trend.
    The number of selled coins means nothing.

    You must not be a Chart expert to see that.The chart looks awful.The confidence in the PM is totally destroyed.Everything else means dreams of the hardcore silber/gold bugs.

    • silverfreaky,

      In the end, supply and demand figures will mean nothing… so you are correct. I don’t pay much attention to charts anymore except for comparing trends in certain instances. Of course gold and silver charts are going down while the broader stock markets go up…. that’s all manipulation. I wonder if you even listened to the interview.

      Stocks such as Bear Stearns and Enron fooled the markets by being HIGH FLYING VALUES one day, and then totally bankrupt the next. This is the MODEL for the entire system today. I find it interesting that you have been BAMBOOZLED by it… with that screen name of yours.

      So… you are free to have an opinion just like everyone else on this planet.. however, I don’t see much COMMON SENSE-FUNDAMENTAL reasoning in your opinion.

      Let’s wait around a while and see who was more correct.


  4. I think I may-doff my tin foil helmet to you all from the castle walls.Good to read the comments today.I knew that most of you MUST have the sense to be preparing.5 acres,tomato sauce,armed and ready,good on ya all.
    steve,kudos for your work, I know the PM sites hold you in high regard,andy H etc,excellent !! as monty B would say. The black swan has been born I feel.Learning to fly right now.Cue tom P.

  5. Steve,

    Do you look at the Keith Weiner’s weekly update ? It looks as if the the basis in silver indicate not much as physical demand and supply tightness than in gold ie a coming new rise in gold/silver ratio up to 75 or even (much) more ?

    What do you think of that horrible situation for silver regarding gold ?


  6. there’s a simple flaw to the EROI calculation of food production in USA.

    Hunter Gatherer = 10/1
    Human Labor Farmer = 5/1
    Human & Animal Farming = 1-2/1
    U.S. Modern Food Production-Distribution System = 1/10

    food under the hunter gatherer world is very much different from food under modern distribution.
    it’s not the same food.

    EROI is not the core driver of the collapsing currency and economy.
    the Paper ponzi scheme is.

    • Judejin,

      It doesn’t matter… its energy returned on invested. Actually.. the hunter gatherer’s food was a much higher quality than ours.


  7. It seems that the decay of the silver and goldprice is even more worse than I thought.
    Miner stocks are in an free fall modus.It looks really bad.

  8. You don’t like the truth?Look to the miner stocks.They are at the lowest Level since years.
    My experience ist that the miner stocks always give the direction for the PM-Price.

    You must accept that in a deflationary time the Fonds sell paper- silver.The physical buying is strong,
    but until we have no shortage the Price is falling.You can see this all day.What is wrong with you?

    My motivitation is to analyze the reality, not my or yours wishful thinking.

  9. “The manipulation of the metals on the exchanges is a very small part of controlling Americans into staying into this system.”

    I would argue it is a huge part of controlling how and where Americans invest. True, by and large they are very ignorant of the historical monetary metals. But if gold and silver in particular were allowed to reach free market price discovery, fiat would pour into silver as it wet up 10% per month or more…at an increasing rate…until there was no more to buy. Then there would be some awareness beginning of what is valuable, when ever-greater quantities of their fiat currency simply can’t find much to buy.

    Due to the very small amount of silver available to buy compared to the currency available for investing…even from the beleaguered middle class… this would be a major wake up call.

  10. I think the sentiment is so bad for silver and gold that it is due to resume their secular bull markets literally any day now.

    The last time QE1 ended the markets went up 5% in the very next day. This is all planned by the Presidents Working Group. The market HAS to go up immediately following QE so to give the impression that it really isn’t about QE. But that is complete non-sense as we know.

    The markets will begin to fade not long from now—after these Hail Mary charades from the Presidents Working Group.

    I don’t personally like gold or silver though. I’ve decided to go long oil service stocks that are near 20 year lows! Long before PEAK PRODUCTION hits, there will need to be a magnificent run in any oil service stocks that will service the companies on the drilling treadmill. And oil will HAVE to go higher. THAT WILL ALL HAPPEN LONG BEFORE GOLD AND SILVER have any take-off.

    The Swiss Referundum, while interesting, won’t do a thing to the gold market. There can be literally zero gold left for delivery but the crooks will still not let gold or silver go up a single tick.

    So, I’m buying oil service companies and related stocks. That will be the next bull market. AFTER that has run its course, gold and silver will be a BUY BUY BUY.

    Do NOT believe the hype that YOU HAVE TO BUY NOW. Bullshit. You will be able to BUY much later and and much cheaper with your oil gains if you play it my way.

    • Outlookingin | October 28, 2014 at 6:02 pm |

      As Steve says “it will be very hard to find any”. Better to be early, rather than an hour late.


    BTW, the video above around the 11 minute mark is what tells me gold and silver are near a bottom. I mean, almost everyone now in the world believe gold and silver will never head higher again.

    While I think there are better investments than gold and silver right now, I must admit the sentiment is so sour and negative and dismal that even i might have to buy some.

    Worst part of it all is that does anyone care anymore about what is right for America? I believe Schiff does care–but for crying out loud, even the ancor in the link doens’t care about whether policy is right or wrong to put America on the right path…..but whether or not the stock market will keep going higher regardless of what is best for America.

    The moral compass is long lost. We are screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Outlookingin | October 28, 2014 at 6:10 pm |

      What a great interview. Reminds me of Laffer in 2006 calling Peter totally wrong on air, ridiculing and laughing at him!

      Almost an exact repeat today, with the CNBC ‘talking heads’ speaking out of the top of their heads! lmao Today’s video clip will go down as classic. Can’t wait!

  12. silverfreaky | October 29, 2014 at 2:11 pm |

    It seems that my predictions where correct.It will be interesting what the Silver and Gold pumpers say next.Manipulation,Manipulation,Manipulation,…….

    • silverfreaky,

      Go ahead and continue regurgitating that silly line of yours while the Fed props up the entire Paper markets. We all know your real motivation here….LOL.


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