SILVER STACKING = Simple Solution


Stack Silver and remember that the big picture confirms that time, government spending, massive increases in debt, war, and political stupidity are all “on your side,” making that stacked silver more valuable.

Look at our financial world over 30 years from 30 miles high – the BIG PERSPECTIVE.

  • Global debt exceeds $200 Trillion and is increasing rapidly. It will not be repaid at current value, and in the unlikely chance it is repaid, those future dollars, euros, yen, whatever will have been deeply devalued.  Debt created to fund current consumption, instead of productive investment, is dangerous.  Excessive debt is deadly.
  • Global spending on war, militaries, invasions, weapons and so much more is huge. Net productive investment and value produced from those expenditures is effectively zero.  Worse, wars are fought with borrowed “money” and the increased debt demands additional future revenue allocations to pay interest.  Our future will be more and more debt.
  • The war cycles are accelerating. War creates more debt, more commodity inflation, less personal freedom, and more profits for bankers and the military-industrial complex.  War will become more common and far more costly.
  • The process is simple – generate more warfare and welfare, more debt, more printed currencies, higher prices, more propaganda telling the populace that war is necessary, and repeat. It works, so don’t expect change.

Break the cycle in your life!

First, look at US population adjusted national debt and the smoothed annual price of silver for the past 30 years.

Stacking Silver #1

Then look at US population adjusted national debt and the annual price of crude oil for the past 30 years.

Stacking Silver #2

Simple Conclusion:  National debt increases inexorably – by 9% to 10% per year, each and every year, and will until the system is forced to reset at some undetermined future date.  Silver and crude oil prices will also increase, but very erratically.  They are currently quite low.  Note these examples of large moves in crude oil and silver.

Stacking Silver TABLE

 Yes, crude oil and silver are notoriously volatile, opposite to the inevitable government debt increases or the election of the next big-spending but impressively sincere politician.

So Stack Silver and remember that the big picture confirms that time, government spending, massive increases in debt, war, and political stupidity are all “on your side,” making that stacked silver more valuable.

No, it will not go up every year – as proven by the last four years of brutal correction in the ongoing silver bull market, or the last year of ugly correction in the crude oil market.  All markets boom and bust, in variable cycles.  Silver has been crushed for four years and will, in my opinion, rally substantially in 2015 and 2016.

Stacking Silver #3

Your stack of silver does not care that the powers-that-be have been manipulating the prices of gold and silver downward, or bonds and the S&P upward, because from the big perspective, silver prices will drive much higher, along with national debt, and most other prices.

KISS:  Keep It Simple – Stack!

KISS:  Keep Investing in Stacked Silver!

KISS:  Kindly Ignore Social Stupidity.

KISS:  Kleptocracies Invalidated by Stacking Silver!

Buy Low, Sell High.  Silver prices have been crushed – a gift from the financial powers-that-be to the patient stacker.  Yes, the correction has persisted longer than most “silver bulls” thought possible, but the value in silver remains, and the investment potential has increased in the past two years.

Final question:  Would you rather possess a stack of silver eagles, or a stack of $20 paper Federal Reserve Notes, issued by a dodgy central bank and backed by nothing but full faith and credit of a government in obviously shaky financial condition?  Repeat the question using euros, yen, pounds, or pesos and you are likely to come to the same conclusion.  Trust real money, real silver, in your possession or preferably in secure storage outside of the banking system.

Repeat:  Keep It Simple – Stack!  Governments borrow and spend, debt increases, and commodity prices inevitably follow.  Silver and gold have been money for thousands of years, and still are.  Paper substitutes have all failed, either slowly or rapidly, and they will continue to fail, unless governments and central banks responsibly manage the value of currencies (NOT likely).

This article was written by Gary Christenson at The Deviant Investor

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42 Comments on "SILVER STACKING = Simple Solution"

  1. People buying gold and silver have to be some of the most stupidest folks on the planet. The elite will never allow gold and silver to rise in price. Get used to the US Dollar being around for the next 50 years.

    • It depends what elite you are talking about. Yes the western financial elite will not allow Gold and Silver to rise but…

      1. The day will come where their manipulation will fail just simply because they are going to be overrun by a herd of paniking investors.

      2. The time where we have just one financial elite is over. Now there is also a powerful eastern financial elite following their own agenda. They are not buying all that gold just to be permanently devalued by a western dominated banker cabal. Not without reason do they recommend their citizens to become invested in physical Gold and Silver.

      I think stupid is the one who believes that this western ponzi scheme will go on forever.

      • Maybe we are stupid! However, I made enough on the first run to buy a 900k home and pay cash for it! I am now buying again at these levels. Yes, I may be stupid, but if I am correct one more time I will be buying that beach resort in Cozumel.

      • Mike is still at home in the old US allmighty world, where a (US) elite is ruling all. I wonder how one can still think like this, esp. if one has found already ones way to this place.
        Don’t you feel that f.e. the official 9/11 story is now receiving a widespread doubt? The Euro receives more and more scepticism. The BRICS – a word coined by a goldman banker for a certain bunch of countries – is now a strong reality of serious power.
        I feel and see the CHANGE!!!

        The other wrong implied asumption is, that these “some of the most stupidest folks on the planet”-guys are in PM for gaining something. (i.e. some bucks).
        And they are not stupid, just lazy!
        Allow me…
        When the Euro started the first thing it did was it fell down to around 0,83 USD.
        I said to my wife, if I could buy all the stuff (food energy, water, housing etc) for the rest of our lifes I would do it. She answered: “you want to store energy!”.
        So the ounce I buy today with spread and costs is not silver or gold, it is my future bred and butter. I cannot buy bred and butter for the next 30 years, so I use a “replacement”.
        It is NOT about getting rich or what people have in mind, when they ask how high the goldprice will rise – it is about locking in the bredprice. As history shows that PM always bought (more or less) the same amount of FOOD!
        [And is this not the unacademic way to explain (a part of) the SRS-EROI theory?]

        So I guess my dear Max, that we do not need to talk about stupidity at all. The truth is that Mike will exchange dollars and we PM for a future bred. As prices for all things are rising in the longterm, dollar holders need to have a way to grow their monetary base by interests or investment gains. i.e.they have to work.
        A PM holder is a lazy guy, as he is already locked in.

      • The only thing I would take issue with in your comment is that the “eastern” elite are NOT following their own agenda. They are following their part of the script. It all ends with the same scenario. The banksters establish a new world order under antichrist. “He causes all rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or forehead.’ That without which they can not buy or sell. Rev.13. Almost total control. The LOVE of money is the ROOT of ALL evil. This is why it is all connected. Satan is the one moving all these players around. Get right with Jesus.
        It’s fixin’ to get real bumpy.

    • There is also an eastern elite who will have tremendous gain to make gold/silver upside values, but when that’s the big question, could be many years away indeed.

    • Silverwillwin | April 14, 2015 at 5:37 am |

      One word will prove that someone other than physical gold and silver holders are the stupidest .

      That word is “derivatives” . Just take a wild guess what their going to take down when the derivative bubble bursts…..hint – begins with c and ends with h .

      • You all are the stupid ones here. You actually believe the government will allow the dollar to die. The derivatives situation isn’t as bad as you all think.

        • Max Meister | April 14, 2015 at 8:36 am |

          Really? The global volume of derivatives is estimated to be 10 up to 20 times as much as global GDP. So in other words. The real economy is papered over up to 20 times. Anybody who feels that this isn’t an issue must be hell of an ignorant person.

        • Every paper currency in history has died. Do you see a pattern?

    • It is possible you don’t actually believe what you just wrote; that you are just trying to get a reaction from the readers of this site.

      The alternative is that you do believe this and if so, are profoundly ignorant.

    • Head meet sand.

    • Actually Mike your the dumbass.. Bought gold at $364.. and its now worth $1192.. OMG I must be stupid.

      Bought silver at 6, 8, 12.. and today its worth.. $16.. you are clueless.

    • Mike- do you really use superlative adjectives in redundant conjunction “most stupidest” and think you have any credibility? Before you critique others you might want to learn how to grammatically construct a sentence. Also it would be worthwhile to understand the historic construct of the monetary system of which we have fairly good record dating back to ~2000 BCE. Paper currency was first used by two Chinese dynasties beginning around the 8th C ACE. It failed repeatedly and repeatedly was resurrected by the totalitarian leaders. Hope this helps.

    • What makes you the oracle of all bull?

      Please spare me, where do you get the facts to back up such a statement? Have you heard of BRICS nations? I ride by the theory when the masses in the West go one way I heard in the opposite direction.

  2. KISS – Kikes Incorporated Suck Satan

  3. silverfreaky | April 14, 2015 at 1:18 am |

    I think it’s not that easy.Even the chinese have a lot of Dollars and US-Bonds.So it’s not their
    interest to dumb the dollar.

    At the top of the governments all know what it means what happens when the dollar falls.
    Two hours ago i reat article about that subject.The article is in german otherwise i would have published it here.

    The miner loose all day.The production is at a peak.The simple thinking east against west is not true.
    When the chinese shift the gold in her direction, this doesn’t mean that they have interest in high prices.

    • Max Meister | April 14, 2015 at 2:09 am |

      The chinese think in longer terms than the average western investor or government. You are right that they don’t want the US$ to crash for now. Nevertheless it’s very unlikely that they will be able to establish the RMB as a world currency without doing harm to the Dollar. However i think that the next big crisis may likely originate in the west without China being the trigger. At some point China will either have to protect itself by changing the rules or they will take advantage of the mess on their own behalf, or both. Such sudden action by the chinese could be enough to change the world forever. The question is: who is best preparred to handle the side effects of that inevitable and drastic change? Logic tells me that the one with the most gold will be on the safer boat. If not, it wouldn’t make sense for central banks to hold or accumulate gold.

      • silverfreaky | April 14, 2015 at 3:26 am |

        Maybe this will turn.But in the last years PM was a “shit investment”.
        The reference of a later time when all currencys are crashing is boring.
        At the end each year since 2011 the predictions of the permabulls are wrong.
        In the meantime the stockowner make100% win in the last years and we loose
        60%.In minerstocks even more.
        I know no company whose product loose 60% and is still not broken.So what does it mean?
        The sheeps where 2011 driven in PM and than they have been shaved.It’s simple, we payed to much for silver.
        It’s better to admit that.

        • That’s always the problem with you : it is 0 or 100% PM.

          PM are a hedge against the rest so one shojuld have IMO at least 10 but maybe more than 20% in Precious metals (with very little miners IMO) in a Financial portfolio.

          I noted that in the eighties and even in some of the nineties 5/10% gold was very common and advised for example in big swiss banks for wealthy investors.

        • Max Meister | April 14, 2015 at 5:27 am |

          Since April 2011 Silver was indeed a horrible investement. That’s a fact that nobody can deny. I’m also affected with a heavy loss measured in paper currency so i don’t want to talk things nice here. But even when it is frustrating to see others win while you loose i always try to remember why i have started to invest in PM in the first place. Then i’m asking myself, if something about these reasons have fundamentally changed to the better during the last couple of years and i come the the conclusion that i hasn’t. If the current price of silver is lower than the average mining cost, then we can’t say silver was too expencive then. It’s rather that silver is too cheap now. O.k. that doesn’t change the fact, that our investment ist currently in a loss but what are you going to do about it? Nobody can see the future. It wasn’t possible to see in 2011 how things are going to evolve. Another 2008 type of event (or worse) could hit at any time and when it happens you are probably unable to shift your investment fast enough from stocks into physical PM if you still could get any at all. Just to assume that such an event is not in the cards because it didn’t happened in the last three years is probably not a prudent way of thinking if you ever desided to become invested in PM. Would you wan’t to sell now and get into an obviously totally overvalued stockmarket? No way…, I’ll continue to buy my PM now at much lower prices and reduce my average purchasing cost per ounce as much as possible. I still believe to be on the right side of the trade and obviously i’m not the only one. Just need to have a look at the silver investment demand since 2011. But yes, i don’t know how long i will have to stand the losses until my silver investment will become profitable. I see it as an insurrance or a hedge against monetary insanity and that is not likely going to change regardless of the paper currency price.

    • Of course your correct about Chinas possible reasons to hoard gold, as you say it may not be to increase its price. However, it may in fact be as an insurance policy for the next orchestrated financial crisis brought upon the world by the western banksters. PM are the real deal, the paper are promises, those are often if not always broken. Regardless of where you stand on the subject, it is prudent to hold a portion of ones wealth in physical gold and or silver.

  4. Max Meister | April 14, 2015 at 6:22 am |

    Nope i’m Swiss;-)

  5. TimeTraveler | April 14, 2015 at 7:14 am |

    Gold and silver have been around for thousands of years as a stored value of trading for goods and services. Every fiat currency known to mankind has failed. the dollare will be no exception!

    It is mathematically impossible for the United States to pay off its debt. As China, Russia, and India gobble up the rest of the worlds gold and silver supply they are about to flip the switch on a system of gold backed trading that will not include the dollar, and if you don’t have gold, which the US doesn’t, you wont be invited to the card game.

    The AIIB was the final piece to this new economic system. Most countries have joined and thumbed their noses at the dollar as the reserve currency. Swap facilities are in place. According to Jim Willie,, China has over 20,000 tons of gold, Russia right around that amount, then India. They are done with US tyranny, wars, and ruining the world.

    It is game over for the dollar and the petrol dollar. When the trigger is pulled on this new system, the United States will be rocketed back to the dark ages. The Feds will not be able to print their way out of it this mess. As the tsunami of liquidated bonds comes ashore,hyperinflation will be coming with it.

    The US will have no choice but to hit the button on WWIII, their only way out. Welcome to Mad Max.

    Bottom line, when China sets the price of gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange to back this new system, gold and silver will rise like a rocket ship in warp drive. Anyone in paper money will lose, Being invested in physical gold and silver will make you very rich, or at least to barter for anything you want. Gold will be pegged to the yuan, ruble and other countries gold and silver backed certificates, not the dollar!

    • Max Meister | April 14, 2015 at 8:16 am |

      Yeah but do you really think anybody would benefit from a Mad Max scenario? I think the day the Dollar collapses the US will have enough problems inside the country. A WW would make things even worse. But yes you never know which retarded fool will hit the botton first.

    • Aren’t the mega rich well invested in PMs? Like George Soros and those who sit on the board of the Fed. Res.? They must know something, right?

      • silverfreaky | April 14, 2015 at 10:43 am |

        When you are mega rich, you make diversification with your money.
        You never set all money in one assett class.

      • “Aren’t the mega rich well invested in PMs? Like George Soros and those who sit on the board of the Fed. Res.? They must know something, right?”

        The mega rich have some or a lot of physical gold. They may have a bigger position in gold ETF’s because they have, or believe they will have insider information to get out in time. Just like they have in stocks.

  6. Gary Cristenson,

    Good article; often the best articles are ones like this that can be read quickly by busy people.

    For people that post drivel like this however, if he actually believes it, no length of article would be sufficient to make him understand how “uniformed” a statement like this is:

    “People buying gold and silver have to be some of the most stupidest folks on the planet. The elite will never allow gold and silver to rise in price. Get used to the US Dollar being around for the next 50 years.”

    He is however right about the last part. The dollar will be around 50 years from now. What it will buy in the future is quite questionable, unless it is a silver dollar.

  7. There are way to many paper promises that can be supported by the real economy. When the pendulum swings away from those empty promises things will get messy. Growth is over, cheap oil is over. I’m still stacking, they don’t fool me. Billions in iou’s on the hunt for hard assets is what lies in the near future, $350 easy for an ounce of silver, but i won’t sell, because it will get worse on this planet. The system is overstretched beyond imagination.

    • Silverwillwin | April 15, 2015 at 5:52 am |

      houtskool , you wrote : ” There are way to many paper promises that can be supported by the real economy. When the pendulum swings away from those empty promises things will get messy. Growth is over, cheap oil is over. ”

      Growth maybe over for now but it is never over for good unless we go and do something “STUPID” like wipe each other out by nuclear destruction !

      Always remember :
      necessity is the mother of invention
      phrase of necessity
      1. proverb
      when the need for something becomes imperative, you are forced to find ways of getting or achieving it.
      synonyms: source, origin, genesis, fountainhead, inspiration, stimulus; literary wellspring
      “necessity is the mother of invention”

      We humans didn’t get this far without learning and creating allot of useful and worthwhile opportunities along the way , which this reader happens to believe will be bridges to bigger and better opportunities in the future ! Americans by and large are the owners of valuable resources and assets in the form of commodities , etc. . This is all due to a couple hundred years of being the strongest country in the world.

      And just as a side note physical silver will play an important part in future growth so don’t go and throw the baby out with the bath water so quickly.

      • We’re approaching a transition imho, before 2020/25. There will be new and maybe even better opportunities during and after that transition. How it will play out, i don’t know. But it could be total collapse of the west, when supply lines break, it’s party time. I agree with you though, i see opportunities, and a better environment than this crappy ratrace in the future. May your generational wealth be with you.

  8. OK , I cant stand it anymore, I promised my wife I would not point out when people were acting like morons……………….I just cant help myself. Mike have you ever heard of the continental dollar, that was the first one we printed out of existence. How about the greenback that would be the second one we printed out of existence. Your mind has been damaged by the indoctrination you received from the “Progressive Liberal Democratic Machine” . Holding fiat currency is a big mistake for any one, the dollar is losing value at an alarming rate. Keep a little cash, hold your savings in gold and silver, you can cash some in when you need it. Let your income flow through the bank only enough for your lively hood. This is the only way you going to survive the coming crisis financially. Heed my words or you and your family’s will suffer greatly.

  9. Anyone who says”most stupidest” must be one of the “most stupidest” people on the planet.

  10. Gary Christenson, I enjoyed your article very much. I also enjoyed reading all the comments, it seems as though a civil debate concerning PM vs Fiat isn’t possible. Emotions aside, history has shown fiat currencies always without exception have failed. Silver and Gold on the other hand have always been the last man standing, so to speak. So why argue, trust and learn from Father time.

  11. Hi Steve,

    I just read this informative article:

    I am unable to comment on that article so I am commenting here. You mentioned that “Using my formula, break-even for the group was $24.05”. Can you please tell me what your formula is?

    Further, the estimated break-even per ounce & net income break-even per ounce is calculated for 2013 in the article. Do you by any chance have these numbers for 2014?


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