(By Charles Savoie)

Two ideas about the silver accumulation of JP Morgan Chase—one, it may be used for price suppression at higher levels. That’s exactly what happened with a much larger silver hoard—that of the U.S. Treasury—as a consequence of the Silver Purchase Act of 1934 and Franklin Roosevelt’s “Pilgrimized” executive order 6814, causing Americans to forfeit 113 MOZ silver bullion at 50.01 cents the ounce.


Once Treasury had a colossal pile of silver, it was used for global price suppression till it ran out (allegedly by year end 1970) and at that time, 165MOZ silver was allocated by Congress for the now vanished national silver stockpile for defense. Two—Morgan Chase may have accumulated silver in order to have it to dispense to members of the Silver Users Association, especially Du Pont and Dow Chemical, the two biggest silver users—when shortages and screaming prices transpire. Whatever Morgan Chase’s purpose, it’s completely dirty, like everything else they do.

The Independent Magazine volume 74, 1913, page 261—“There are really two Pilgrims Societies in existence. They are closely affiliated. One has headquarters in London, the other in New York.”

“The activities of what has been identified as the most powerful international society on earth, the “Pilgrims,” are so wrapped in silence that few known even of its existence since 1903.” —“The Empire of The City—World Superstate” by E.C. Knuth, 1946, page 9, privately published at Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The top financiers in Wall Street and London were noticed to be members in leaked rosters from 1914; 1924; 1933; 1940; 1949; 1957; 1969; 1974 and 1980. There is no reason to project any different situation today. If we had a list, Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase and William Dudley of the New York Federal Reserve Bank would appear. Add to them others including David Rockefeller Jr., Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, John D. Rockefeller IV, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Timothy Mellon, Matthew Mellon II, Michael Corbat, chairman of Citigroup—I anticipate would all be members—plus their counterparts in The City of London.

This is the top level circle of precious metals price suppressors behind the USA and UK central banks. I can’t presently document any of those men to be members; consistent past patterns dictate it. After this item, the following releases will focus on others who can be adequately documented. The tally will be around 7 percent of current members based on the last known stats seen in the Encyclopedia of Associations. The influence of this 7 percent is off the scale. Add the other 93 percent in; you’ll have a concept of the immense influence that has been united into this shadow organization.


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9 Comments on "SILVER SQUELCHERS: Series Update"

  1. Worry not, these filthy scumbags will be running for their lives in due time. The world today has more than 3x the citizens, than the early part of the prior century and we’ll see to it they’re held accountable one way or another. Fiat is doomed, there’s no one left that trusts any banker/bank note and TSHF hasn’t even happened yet.

    • Indeed.

    • “Worry not, these filthy scumbags will be running for their lives in due time….we’ll see to it they’re held accountable one way or another”

      I think that is true for some oligarchs. But an individual or entity that has substantial holdings in gold or silver will be empowered when “fiat is doomed”. Some in JPM will be greatly elevated in power when “fiat is doomed”….the scumbags included. I doubt financial blessings will extend to all employees or stockholders of course.

      And I think it would be a mistake to think some other corporations & the many of the top 0.1% of asset-holding individuals don’t own PM’s. Scumbags or not they will maintain power & stature.

      But at least the centralization/collectivism will be decreased.

  2. I appreciate their nefarious deeds. It allows me to buy alot more for alot less until the time comes that they can no longer control it.

    The bad news is, based on the sounds of FOMC, that we could be headed for another, even more insane QE4. This would postpone silvers ascent and make the ultimate crash even worse.

    I had believed that something would cause a crash before one caused by the decling EROI, now I am no so sure. They may conive and contort the markets until peak oil and its concequence can’t be manipulated.

    Buy for cash and stash


    • Each round of QE has a diminishing effect, and it is non-linear. So it is questionable what size of QE would be required to have any perceived effect….even with government, fed reserve, and media spin.

      “Two ideas about the silver accumulation of JP Morgan Chase—one, it may be used for price suppression at higher levels.”

      If TPTB decided to cap the price at $25 or $30, they could do that for a while with physical to “backstop” the current commodities futures market games.

  3. Although recent history would make one wary of beleiving it, JPM may be positioning to profit from a stratospheric price rise. Why now? Because the loss of purchasing power of the dollar is now in its terminal phase. The Federal Reserve , as a fuel tank on the rocketship , is after 100 years ready to be jettisoned.
    Why do I say this?
    Its because there is NO PATH LEFT to financial stability, let alone growth, without extinguishing the collossal global debt. And the only way to acheive that, given that their ‘indirect attempts at inflation’ (read QE) is a direct attempt at inflation – revaluation by dictat.
    You can only do that one of 2 ways – keep the old currency or introduce a new currency – but either way – gold & silver being revalued massively higher are the only historically tried, tested & guaranteed ways of extinguishing that debt aside from jubilees. But a jubilee only works in a closed system (a king in his kingdom), not in an open/global one

    • I don’t get the logic here. Say I have 20 million oz. Silver. I am waiting for the economy to crash, PM value to go up. Why would I then give away Silver for worthless fiats? What can I then do with bunches of silver except either give it away or put it into circulation by trading them for Assets. With Silver selling at a relative value of say, $150/oz, what Asset(s) would be worth buying for $30 Trillion fiats worth of Silver? Don’t try to hand me some BS about Silver being used as a backing for some other fiat system. PM’s are only valuable when they are circulating in a free market.

      At what point will the miners start putting their production into circulation to acquire assets such as labor, and materials just to keep production running?

      The only people worth trading with at that point are the industrial manufacturers who will likely also use their production as assets in exchange for needed Silver, then destroy it fast. What Assets will the industrial buyers be willing to use for collateral for obtaining Silver??? Maybe inflating fiats but to the seller, they will be just about useless unless there is a third party with assets that the seller can use his fiats to purchase. At which point, someones lonely Silver roll will make them happy that they got 20 pieces at rock bottom prices.

      My point being that Silver can only be used to trade for assets. There is no other alternative. The faster the industrialists use up the Silver inventory, the higher a given asset value will be in relation to Silver. Demand / Supply = Value

      • what you suspect is true, but we bear in mind that its a see-saw effect. PM’s will rise in value probably coinciding with a collapse in paper/digital/derivative asset values. Because thats the time-honoured cycle – talk up paper assetts while talking down the value of PMs, then position for the snap-back when it all becomes too fragile and unsustainable. To answer your question – DONT trade your silver for worthless fiats – or do, but only as a very temporary stepping stone to conversion to other hard assetts. European oligarchs have ridden these successive waves for centuries.
        Its true- gold (not so much silver) is only valuable in its ability to be exchanged for things you want and need. But also take the time to appreciate: The very uselessness of gold in virtually any capacity EXCEPT FOR a durable store of account is precisely what makes it the universes best medium for storing energy/wealth. Because it isnt being deployed for alternative purposes.
        Silver has uses. Its industrial demand will therefore crater in an economic collapse, potentially mitigating some of its rise.

  4. The current ‘price’ of silver at $16 is so stupid cheap it’s not funny. Think about what $16 actually buys today. Not too much of anything at all. Even gold, also ridiculously cheap, is today 28% higher than it’s 1980 high while silver is 67% below its 1980 high! The only reason people everywhere are not selling everything and buying silver is due to the insanely low ‘price’ and their universal, terribly misguided, belief and faith in ‘authorities’, ‘experts’, scientists, ‘free’ markets, governments, the media and academia. All of which are ‘owned’ by banking families, those friendly folks who possess the exclusive right to create money from nothing and then charge the world ‘interest’ on it.

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